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    More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again! 

    On Tuesday, that BBC hack Mike Embley was at it again…

    Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 


    …feeding an anti-Trump ‘guest’ leading ‘questions’ like ‘some people’ say Donald Trump ‘has a problem with women..

    Given that Trump has only recently been criticised for allegedly giving sympathetic support to a female journalist at odds with the White House pinko press corps….

    …Embley’s ‘some people’ are presumably leftist natterjacks like himself.



    Of course the carefully selected ‘guest’ chorused along enthusiastically.


    Does Embley crib his script from the Guardian? Because here’s the G-Rag’s take on the same story…

    Trump has frequently been criticised for adopting a particularly harsh or patronising tone at press conferences to women in general and women of colour in particular. Jiang was born in China but immigrated to America at the age of two. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/11/trump-us-latest-coronavirus-reporters


    That’s Weijia Jiang, an immigrant who’s now got a plum job, a high salary from the ( of course left-liberal )  CBS News.

    In complete contrast to the patriotic background in the famous WH Rose Garden – ‘signs that proclaimed: “America leads the world in testing…” … 


    ‘Blatant boasting,’ as the BBC World News at 11am Jakarta time….

    ….impartially reported!

    Not ‘stating,’ not ‘noting,’ but ‘blatantly boasting!’

    The BBC is worse than Pravda used to be!


    …in snide, nasty contrast to the pro-American messaging on the WH lawn, Jiang asked…

    ‘…why the president constantly emphasises that the US is doing better than any other country when it comes to testing.

    “Why does that matter?” she queried.’


     Journalist Weijia Jiang reacts to Trump's comment

    Weijia Jiang

    What an offensive little bint she is!

    Every country in the world should be taking proper pride in its achievements, and every good citizen should see it as his or her duty to cheer on the national effort.



    Of course, it’s ANY American President’s responsibility to protect his people, Americans, first and foremost, just as here in Indonesia…


    Indonesia’s Jokowi


    …it’s President Jokowi’s duty to look after Indonesians first and foremost!

    No wonder Trump was exasperated.

    As everyone is well aware, he has pinned the blame for the Chinese Virus Crisis fairly and squarely on Red China.

    And again today, he pointed Little Miss Nasty in the right direction.

    Well, they are losing their lives everywhere in the world. Maybe that is a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me. Ask China that question. When you ask China that question you may get a very unusual answer.”

    Fair comment.

    But not to little uptight Jiang.


    Sir, why are you saying that to me, specifically?”

    Ms.Uptight played the race card!

    Was she sitting lop-sidedly, with that big fat chip on her shoulder?

    I couldn’t say.

    But The Donald promptly put her in her place

    The president replied: “I am not saying it specifically to anybody. I am saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question like that.”

    The CBS hackette, as an immigrant who has it good in the USA, should be even more pro-American than home-grown Americans.

    But not Little Miss Uptight!

    She should be replaced by a patriotic reporter, but she won’t be.

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    Tell CBS To Fire Scumbag Ariel Dumas! 

    It’s about time the good people in America started to counter-attack.

    No forgiving, no forgetting.


    This is from AFA!

    Contemptible late show writer should be fired for this!

    After a historic vote Saturday—and a process that divided both Congress and America as a whole—Judge Brett Kavanaugh has officially been confirmed as the next United States Supreme Court Justice. Read AFA’s press release here.

    In a Twitter post on Saturday, CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” writer Ariel Dumas boasted about her part in trying to ruin Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation.

    “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life,” Dumas, posted on Twitter. Although public backlash forced her to delete the evil tweet with “regret,” it certainly didn’t hide her true feelings after the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by a 50-48 vote.

    On several occasions lately, Dumas has taken to social media to spew her vile and putrid hatred against Judge Kavanaugh. She also tweeted on Saturday, “Brett Kavanaugh is 100% gonna ask Justice Sotomayor to fetch him coffee.”

    Urge CBS to fire Ariel Dumas now!

    Dumas has disparaged Kavanaugh for referencing his family in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, saying, “it is not automatically a moral achievement to be a son, a husband, a dad. It is biology, a legal decision, and biology again. Plenty of a–holes are all three.”

    Through Dumas’ writing, Colbert’s show has mocked Kavanaugh repeatedly. On September 20, she bragged about how hating Kavanaugh and writing insulting jokes has been “helpful” in relieving “stress” in trying to cope with life in the real world.

    And, Dumas has apparently thrown her support behind the angry and potential violence against Republican senators who voted to confirm Kavanaugh, suggesting they should avoid using public elevators.


    CBS should immediately fire Ariel Dumas for her despicable and contemptible actions. By not taking immediate action, CBS is agreeing with Dumas’ tweets and hate-filled rants on social media.

    Urge CBS to fire Ariel Dumas now!

    If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation. The easiest way to do that is through online giving. It is easy to use, and most of all, it is secure.

    Tim Wildmon, President
    American Family Association

    • Ben Baniek 14:22 on October 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, we should not be turning the other cheek with people like this and I would like to see more of us calling Blasey out for the liar she is too.


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