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    Javanese Voices Heard – ‘No Fanatics, Thanks!’ 

    In Kendal, not the English Lake District area but the Indonesian regency, in Central Java, there’s a man named Nanang Supriyanto.

    He’s the coordinator of Kendal Community Alliance and this week he was speaking to other citizens concerned about the antics of Rizieq the Fanatic, who has rarely been out of the news here…


    The Fanatic Returns! Indonesian “Scholar” Offers Warm Welcome!

    …since his return from Saudi Arabia.

    Nanang Supriyanto didn’t mince his words!

    There are many scholars and ulama who always give lectures in a polite and cool manner.

    Unlike Habib Rizieq, who always speaks in a provocative tone that can cause division in the Republic of Indonesia.’



    Kendal rejects Rizieq!


    That Kendal demo was on Tuesday, and the crowd who cheered his words dispersed peacefully at the request of police concerned over the distance rules prescribed against the Chinese Virus.

    No childish anger against law enforcement.

    As Pak Nanang said,.“We fully support the steps taken by the TNI-Polri in upholding the rule of law, especially against HRS….”

    He said they didn’t want Rizieq in their part of Indonesia.

    We hope that people throughout Indonesia will also take action like this,” he added.

    Their demo sounds like it was not just responsible but fun, too!

    The demonstration was followed by a theatrical action which tells of Habib Rizieq coming to Kendal and being rejected by the Kendal people….



    …the crowd then carried a float of a poster with a picture of Habib Rizieq to the Kendal River…

    Kendal is far from unique.



    In Bandung, West Java, an enthusiastic crowd burned Rizieq propaganda material.

    Here’s a link to a video. https://jabar.inews.id/video/video-massa-di-bandung-bakar-poster-habib-rizieq-depan-dprd-jabar

    This is all a reflection of widespread concern over the behaviour of Rizieq and his vigilante gang, expressd in forthright terms, so different from mealy-mouthed ‘intellectuals!’

    Good Job Well Done! Yet Jakarta NGO Nags Find Fault? 

    More about all this tomorrow…and the next day!

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      Keep it up, Ross.
      There is not enough coverage of what the good Indonesians are doing.
      Too much attention to the bad ones.


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    Rabid Bigots Mob ‘Un-Islamic’ Wedding – Media Can’t ID Scum? 

    This past weekend, I think it was, a young couple were getting married in Solo, Central Java.

    But a pack of pig-ignorant sectarian hoodlums decided the ‘traditional procession had violated certain Islamic principles.’

    So because, in the minds of some intolerant swine, the procession was not consonant with ‘shariah’ rules, a vicious mob attack was launched.

    The police escorted the wedding guests to safety during a lull when members of the group were performing maghrib (sunset prayer). However, the group finally noticed the evacuation and responded by physically attacking the guests…


    The terror gang took a break for prayers, then resumed their violent onslaught?

    To whom were they praying?


    At least three people were injured during the conflict…victims have since been treated at Indriati Solo Baru Hospital in Sukoharjo regency.


    SO many questions!

    Why did the police, who are armed in Indonesia, not use their guns to put these terrorists down!


    Why is neither the Jakarta Post, nor detik.com….


    …from whom there’s a video link..

    …WHY is nobody prepared to name the scumbag gang  – except to describe it as an ‘ormas’ ( ‘community organisation!’ ) –  whose vile antics shame this beautiful country?

    PS  In retrospect, I should admit that any comments I make about the police here need to be put in perspective, for the police in Britain are open to comparable comments.

    The so-called ‘top cops’ in a variety of UK constabularies, notably in Bristol (where the police stood by in a cowardly and irresponsible manner as leftist hooligans engaged in criminal damage) and in Kent, where a clown of a Chief Constable knelt in obeisance to the racist BLM, are unfit for purpose.

    They should be replaced with officers who understand that their duty is to be impartial and enforce the law fairly…and squarely!


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    Densus 88 Continues War On Indonesia’s Other Virus! 

    While everyone here in Indonesia is focused on the fight against the Chinese Virus, it’s important not to ignore good news in the war on the other dangerous disease, sectarian terrorism, which has long afflicted this beautiful country.


    From Central Java, today, there’s a report…



    …that Densus 88, the special anti-terrorist police detachment, have taken out a person identified as..

    MT...shot because he tried to fight officers with sharp weapons when he was about to be arrested.”


    The good guys also arrested two more suspects and –  ‘...secured a number of items of evidence…. 4 boxes explosives, liquids…samurai, as well as several religious books.’

    There are dimwits about who decry D88…

    Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?

     …so it’s important to mention these small victories and give due credit to the anti-terror forces.

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    Indonesians Speak Out Against Islamist Fanatics! 

    Further to our previous post, it’s interesting to read that ‘dozens of people calling themselves the ‘Alliance of People Who Care for Banjarnegara’ are urging that the  FPI mass organization be dissolved.



    They assess that the Government should not allow groups threatening the diversity and integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    Banjanegara is a city in Central Java, which, judging from the photo, has its share of genuinely nice girls.

    The crowd carried banners that read ‘Dissolve FPI & HTI’, as they paraded around Banjarnegara city centre.

    The FPI  (self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’)needs no introduction to our readers…

    Nightmare – Indonesian IslamoNazis Get Armed Forces Training! 

    …and indeed we wrote about them just an hour or so ago today.


    Fanatic Indonesian Islamists Plan Myanmar Jihad! 

    …and HTI of course refers to Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia!


    Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia declares that ‘Charlie Hebdo is proof of how rotten democracy is.’


    It’s surely note-worthy that while the British and Australian Governments have been shilly-shallying for years about outlawing HT in their countries…

    Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban


    Hizbut Tahrir – ‘Erase Israel from the world map!’


    …concerned Indonesians are out on the streets calling for a ban.

    The organiser, Setya Bangun, said FPI has provoked hatred.

    “The situation in Banjarnegara is very peaceful and respectful of differences – if there are organizations that provoke hatred, that’s dangerous.

    Puluhan Warga Banjarnegara Menyerukan Pembubaran FPI

    We are still waiting for President Jokowi’s Government to decide how or when to implement proposals to dissolve HTI.

    As for the FPI, he has yet to say anything about banning them.

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    OMG! Now Beer-Drinking = Harassment Against Muslims? 

    Indonesia is a genuinely multicultural nation, not like the gestapoid multicult in countries like Britain or Germany, where it’s based on arrogant immigrants who refuse to adapt to their adopted homeland.
    Here we have a variety of disparate peoples, Balinese, Javanese, Bataks, etc., who came together via the independence struggle and stayed together afterwards.
    garuda pancasila (lambang negara Indonesia)
    the national symbol of Indonesia’s pluralist ‘Pancasila’ ideal

    But the harmony of the archipelago is under constant threat from IslamoNazi fanatics who refuse to recognise that other creeds, and indeed other Muslims, are content to live and let live.

    We have often reported on vicious Islamist bigotry against other creeds, church closures etc.

    But today it’s not about any theological issue but a matter dear to my heart…

    Hasil gambar untuk beer


    VIVA.co.id described how the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ Front (FPI)  thwarted a beer-drinking competition in the Coffee and Beer Garden, in Semarang, Central Java last Thursday ( September 22)

    Hasil gambar untuk zainal petir fpi
    Zainal Abidin Petir

    Chairman of Legal Advocacy FPI Central Java, Zainal Abidin Petir had accused the competition of being a form of harassment against Muslims.

    Downright bizarre, to talk of boozing thus!

    Nobody was forced, or in any way pressured, to enter the contest. 

    But get this, his expanded justification..

    If later  beer becomes a culture for adolescents, then alcohol is no longer a taboo, let alone illegal,” said Zaenal..  http://nasional.news.viva.co.id/news/read/822751-fpi-gagalkan-lomba-minum-bir-sepuasnya-di-semarang
    But there was a clear age restriction, nobody under 18 allowed to participate!  

    Go figure!

    This extremist even had the gall to complain that various criminal acts stem from the consumption of liquor.

    Which is no doubt true.

    But there are plenty of criminal acts that stem from the FPI and other anti-social Islamists, including openly blood-thirsty exhortations like this…


    fpi kill busddhist


    …and more.

    FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’ 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    Zany Zainal, needless to say, informs us that he’s got the backing of a number of community organizations (CBOs), including the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).



    That’s the state-sponsored council of so-called “scholars” whose own record is fascinating.
    Just check out our previous posts.



    …for example when their high-up, Amidhan, warned people unwilling to comply with Islamist demands at Ramadhan… 

     Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    And don’t let’s forget this fine fanatic fellow!


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta


    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.
    Zainal concludes by graciously telling us that the FPI will not engage in sweeping and anarchy…
    ‘Sweeping’ is the euphemism for raids against everything form bars to little street stalls that serve lunch during Ramadhan.
    But shrill sectarian rants can have the desired effect, too, as most people are all too aware that too many cops play ball with IslamoNazis.   
    If people DO stand up to them, then it depends on the numbers. These white-shirts are brave enough when they’re mob-handed.
    But if enough courageous souls resist their vile bullying, they scarper sharpish, as happened in Sukorejo a couple of years ago.
    fpi skulk in mosque
    The FPI ran for sanctuary to the nearest mosque! 
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    Terror On the Run, IslamoNazi Grilled by Cops 

    Lovely sunny morning, so I’ll go out soon, because late arvos here in Jakarta have recently brought heavy rain.

    But first, local news…

    Hasan Al Rashid, a 35 year old member of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ – yeah right…IslamoNazis Who Fled Angry Java Town – Now Off to Fight in Israel? Ha-Ha-Ha! ) from Karanganyar in Central Java, was detained for questioning in Solo this week by those good guys, Densus 88, the special anti-terrorist police unit.

    Taking Out Terrorism – Indonesia’s Densus 88 Doing A Fine Job! 


    Densus is detested by the bad elements here, because they have done the world a favour by shooting quite a lot of jihadist vermin.

    Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?

    This follows a suicide bombing at Solo Police HQ this month and investigations into the movements of the murderous gang behind the crime. 

    Hasan was suspected of financing the departure of Nur Rahman and Arif Hidayatullah from Solo to Bekasi with money amounting to Rp300,000

    Bekasi could be a fairly safe haven for undesirables.

    I lived there for three years, and disliked it. It’s notorious for Islamist intolerance.

    Bekasi Bigots V Religious Liberty, Again! 

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 


    Anyway, back to the scene at Solo cop-shop, where Hasan made his appearance this week, along with another dozen white-shirts just to keep him company. On the IslamoNazis’ arrival, the cops deployed armed Mobile Brigade members to watch over Police HQ. 

    Poor Hasan Al-Rashid has been whining that, since the suicide bombing at the police station, the police always followed him and watched his house. That makes him and his family feel uncomfortable and disturbed.

    Oh dear!

    Probably nowhere near as uncomfortable and disturbed as the many citizens of all creeds here who have been bereaved by sectarian atrocities.

    Hassan is indignant – “I was not involved in the suicide bombing in Solo …” 


    But he admits to acquaintanceship with suspected terrorists – and no wonder – it transpires that Arif, alias Abu Mushab ( how many of you honest citizens require an alias?) is his younger brother!

    We must wait and see what befalls Hasan. But what will be much more interesting is what happens if and when any rabids get put on trial.


    • jokowi
    • —————-
    • President Jokowi has made it clear he wants to see capital punishment for drug-traffickers.

    Why No Terrorists On Indonesia’s Death Row? 

    But will he also use his power and influence to ensure proper justice is meted out to satanic jihadist terrorists too?

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    Blasphemous Savages Wreck A Mosque in Java 

    Once again the peaceful and utterly inoffensive Ahmadis have been the target of pig-ignorant blasphemous brutes.

    “All was destroyed, the walls of the recital room knocked down, and the roof,” said Ecep, the Ahmadi imam.


    Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada

    Koran burned by Islamists in Cisakada, 2011



    In an unholy echo of a previous attack five years ago, in Cisalada, West Java, when a Koran was burned, even the holy books in the mosque were vandalised.

    A swarm of savages caused Rp.200 million worth of damage to their mosque in Kendal, Central Java, the cowardly swine launching their onslaught in the wee hours when nobody was around to bear witness.

    Typical of sectarian fanatics here, who do not respect houses of worship of any creed, even their own!.Jakarta Mosque Mayhem – IslamoNazi Louts Silence Moderate! 

     To their great credit, the local youth wing of the mainstream Muhammadiyah movement condemned the outrage in unequivocal terms.


    Dahnil,of Pemuda Muhammadiyah


    Their chairman, Dahnil Azhar, called on the police to  investigate the attack thoroughly so that the culprits are prosecuted.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/05/24/muhammadiyah-youth-condemn-attack-on-ahmadi-mosque.html

    “I do not share the same beliefs as the Ahmadis, but I believe that they have the same rights as other citizens of Indonesia.”


    But although the reports quote senior cops saying they’ll do right by the victims, many previous cases don’t make some of us overly optimistic.


    • alubis
    • The FPI’s Sobri Lubis who shrilled ‘Kill, kill,kill!’

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –

    No arrest was made when the IslamoNazi, Lubis, was recorded inciting murder against Ahmadis, the infamous ‘Kill, kill, kill’ video.

    The Cikeusik Pogrom in Banten Province, near Jakarta, was carried out under the gaze of armed officers, who never fired a shot to quell the blood-thirsty hoodlums involved in that atrocity, when three innocent Ahmadis were martyred by a mob.


    Islamist pig revels in sectarian slaughter at Cikeusik
    – Watch it on video..


    ahmadis transito 
    Bigot louts in Lombok destroy Ahmadi homes -100 cops just watched               In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights 

    Again, in Lombok, Islamist savages enforced ‘ethnic cleansing’ of an entire Ahmadi community, a hundred well-armed officers standing idly by. 

    But the root of the problem surely lies deeper than the constabulary’s inertia.

    Despite loudly proclaiming his commitment to pluralism, President Jokowi has done nothing to revoke the iniquitous Tri-Ministerial Decree, which formalises anti-Ahmadiyah discrimination.




    To be fair, he has also declined to uphold religious liberty for the Christians in Bogor.

    The Yasmin Protestant congregation won a huge victory at the Supreme Court against jihadist bigots who closed their church, but the ruling remains unenforced, though Jokowi could order the cops to move in tomorrow, if he wished.

    What’s been done to Ahmadis in particular is monstrous.

    At least the Protestants get to vote and send their kids to school, and qualify for what little welfare exists here. Check my search engine, over there to the right – so many wretched examples of oppression. 

    Very sad, the plight of the persecuted in Indonesia.

    I write about it so often. I get weary of doing so, but it’s a dreary duty that may not be shirked. 




    • JazPen 22:23 on May 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Back to vintage Ross! I like it!
      Like Ive said it before but there are a lot of blogs and other media attacking the illegals in Europe and Australia but we dont have anyone in Indonesia, I mean English-language, who really gives the bad people merry hell like you do. .
      The Jakarta Post talks the pluralist talk but as you at least once a month tell us, they are just Gramedia men and Gramedia works hand in hand with the MUI for bookburning and such, so who trusts anything they say.
      Oh. I see I have made a much longer comment than I usually do but thats because I want to persuade you to produce more blogposts like this.
      With Ramadan coming up then I think you will have lots of raw material to work with.


    • Prita 10:41 on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Iya, they must be punished for doing this that shames Central Java.


    • Irafan 13:23 on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is terrible crime.


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    Minol Dilarang? Bright Morning Here But Dark Age Looms! 


    It’s a fine morning out there, and in here breakfast is being prepared.

    Later I must get going and find a computer store, to install my latest Kapersky anti-virus. These modern computers don’t have a slot into which the disk fits, so I need the assistance of somebody who knows his (or preferably her!) way around technology.

    However, before heading out, a word on some news spotted in Republika.com.




    Although I’m sure there are some sensible people among the ranks of Indonesia’s PPP  – United Development Party  – (the current Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman, is a member and he’s a vast improvement on his predecessor, the unspeakable Suryadharma Ali, who was and is also PPP) its followers rarely say things which meet with my approval.

    Thus no surprise to read the outburst from Arwani Thomafi, who sits on the House of Representatives Commission V.


    Arwani has just declared that the introduction of nationwide prohibition is the responsibility of the public and law enforcement officials.

    Infantilising the population, denying that they are mature enough to decide for themseleves what they wish to drink, is, alas, only to be expected from the political establishment here.

    We have, even in Jakarta, civic leaders who reckon all good little boys and girls, including adults, should be tucked up in their cosy wee beds by midnight! 



    ‘You’re Only An Adult! It’s Past Your Bedtime!’ Jakarta Rules, OK? 

    But Arwani did surprise me by denying that the Prohibition Bill, now reaching its final stage in committee, is sectarian.

    The principle of the prohibition of minol by Parliament is not because of the religious aspect, but in of health, social and economic terms.

    ( minol  = minuman alkohol = alcoholic beverages)



    • The impact of these negative effects, in the field of criminality, that is what concerns us, not a matter of Islam and non-Islam..

    Well, that’s like banning cars because some drivers are reckless!

    So that’s not how others see this pending legislation.


    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


    Creeping Shariah is one alternative perception, dragooning grown-ups by a Big Brother state which perceives a glass of cold beer on a hot day as haram – and is not satisfied with the normal age-restrictions on beer-sales and the already draconian restrictions on where we can buy such appealing products.

    Creeping Shariah,’ Warns Prof. Muhammed, As Jakarta Dims! 

    And thanks to Arwani, we learn that it’s not so ‘creeping.’ He boasts that there are numerous regencies (local government areas) all over the archipelago that have introduced such intolerant diktats, including Papua Manokwari,  South Jogjakarta, Sleman, South Kalimantan Banjarbaruand provinces...


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    …and of course let’s not forget the focus of brutal bigotry in Indonesia, Aceh, where the joys of shariah law are displayed to perfection in our photograph of a cowardly masked fanatic beating a young girl before an audience of baying savages. 

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    Bravo, Banyumas! Decent Muslims Stand Up To IslamoNazi FPI! 

    Good to read in Seruu.com that the IslamoNazi FPI is facing significant resistance in Banyumas, Central Java.

    ‘Organisations affiliated to the NU reject the intended arrival of Habib Rizieq,’ says the report ,http://utama.seruu.com/read/2016/02/15/272680/antipati-pada-radikalisme-agama-meluas-fpi-ditolak-di-banyumas.

    The Nahdlatul Ulama is the largest Muslim movement in Indonesia and they they see his appearance as a prelude to a formal launch of the white-shirt thug gang in their area.


    Habib Rizieq (left) with Abu Bakr Basyir (currently doing time!)


    Rizieq was in the news only a week or so ago, when he attended a case review hearing to speak up for the evil old brute Abu Bakr Ba’asyir, who’s currently behind bars for involvement in terrorist activity.

    Neither of these men should be given house-room by any responsible person, Indonesian or not.

    Nor should the organisation of which Habib Rizieq is the ‘high priest.’


    • fpi kill busddhist
    • ——————-
    • The self-styled “Islam Defenders’ Front” is notorious throughout the archipelago for its vandalism and violence…and its frequent displays of arrant cowardice…

      IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

      – note the way most of the howling savages in the photo below hide their identities behind bandit-style masks.


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    So no wonder respectable people want nothing to do with the noisome outfit.

    The report notes that the decision is based on concern that establishment of the FPI, known for its violent actions and intolerance, will disrupt the peaceful situation in Banyumas.

    This is seriously good news. And not unique – we saw recently a massive demo by decent Muslims in Purwakarta, when Rizieq’s appearance there had to be protected by police.

    Bravo, Purwakarta! IslamoNazis Cower Behind Cops – Again! 

    It’s only a shame that police in numerous parts of Indonesia lend these hoodlums respectability by ‘escorting’ them on vigilante raids. And some cops have done much worse than that. . Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids! 

    Better to arrest them and lock them up. 

    I’m sure rank-and-file cops in Jakarta could enlighten any pro- IslamoNazi colleagues elsewhere on the true character of the sectarian louts. 

    Where Jakarta’s top brass stand, alas, may be another matter. 


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    IslamoNazis Rally Bigot Horde to Quell ‘Disobedient’ Poor! 

    The arrogance of the IslamoNazi FPI is hardly news, but mass resistance by their victims is!

    Klaten is quite a large town in Central Java. I spent a few days there some years ago, attending a Muslim wedding. The people were friendly and tolerant, well aware I wasn’t Muslim but nobody cared. I enjoyed their welcome and their chat.


     Central Java, Klaten in red

    Admittedly, I didn’t visit the neighbourhood in the news this week,  what might be called an ‘economically disadvantaged’ public housing area called Bareng Lor, but I salute those poor folks today, as they face INVASION by a horde of fanatic louts.

    The trouble started on Saturday, when eight FPI members told a group of people having a pesta miras (drinking party) to stop their disobedience. http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/daerah/16/02/09/o29r9w377-berawal-dari-anggota-fpi-yang-mengingatkan-pemabuk-bentrokan-pun-pecah

     These intolerant fanatics are in the habit of sticky-beaking around town (any town) telling people what they may or may not do. Here’s a picture of their benevolent advice being dished out in another Indonesian town.


    • FPI_13 ‘Please stop eating!’ – was that how they put it?


    This time, lo and behold, their ‘disobedient’ victims figured their party was none of the bigots’ business. When ‘the group of people fled toward their residential area shouting that the FPI were thieves,  suddenly residents and security guards immediately beat eight FPI members, four of whom were injured.’


    The report doesn’t explain that accusation, but to yell ‘thief’ is a common way of bringing loads of locals rushing out their doors to deal with anti-social threats – which the FPI certainly is!

    Overseas readers need to understand that there are no bars, pubs, cafes or anything like them, in poor areas here. There are tiny warungs and wartegs, like where I will be eating again tomorrow…


    kkwarung rizky


    … but they’d be at risk of harassment if they sold alcohol. You can’t even buy a bottle of beer in a mini-mart here anymore, after the government caved in to wearisome prohibitionism.

    And poor people have tiny houses, which aren’t big enough for parties, as a rule. So they may well choose to sit out in what pass for ‘parks’ – small squares of greenery – and socialise there.  And if there’s ructions? 

    In the poor kampungs here, folks don’t hang about waiting for cops to come strolling by. They yell out. And residents rush out to help – which the dwellers in Bareng Lor did. Would they rush out if it were dreadful disobedents yelling for help? Or did they see whay was afoot and decide the white-shirts deserved a come-uppance for sticky-beaking?

    Whatever, ‘unaccepting of such treatment, the FPI sought vengeance on Monday afternoon. They brought mob support from various Islamic organizations, ranging from the FUI, JAT, the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, the Assembly of the Islamic Jihad, and Kokam Muhammadiyah Klaten.

    In this reprisal, three local residents were injured.

    That’s just typical FPI.  Start trouble, harass people, then run for cover, squealing. We saw that not long ago in Purwakarta.

    Bravo, Purwakarta! IslamoNazis Cower Behind Cops – Again! 

    And Sukorejo was much the same,when they scuttled to a mosque, terrified of local citizens’ righteous anger after an FPI vehicle killed a local housewife.


    fpi skulk in mosque

    IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

    The thugs needed a police escort out of town at dead of night, back then. This time, they ran away and are reportedly coming back mob-handed.

    I’ve not heard of the KMK but the other organisations mentioned comprise the worst sort of jihadist jerks. If you put the names or letters into our search box you’ll be able to study their shameful record.

    Now of course the police are taking an interest. Access to the area is being blockaded. Such a pity they hadn’t been there in the first place!

    If they’d ordered the intruders to mind their own business, the trouble would never have started, nor escalated to the point where thousands of are reportedly ready to even the score…Islamic organizations from around Klaten are also touted ready to invade.  http://m.harianindo.com/2016/02/09/80172/mencekam-bentrokan-antara-fpi-dengan-penghuni-rusunawa-dan-warga-bareng-lor/

    That last word shows clearly who’s in the right.


    The Islamist thug gangs are outsiders, intruding into areas they don’t belong.

    Police Senior Commissioner Alfian, who has been trying mediation by bringing together the components of society, housing managers, scholars, and other Islamic organizations to find common ground, would be better to tell the sectarian vigilante  gangs to get lost and leave people to enjoy themselves as they please.

    As I’ve said before, why should police ‘mediate’ between trouble-makers and those they trouble.


    • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). IslamoNazis offering social counselling
    • ——————————————————–
    • Curious to learn more, I turned back to to Republika.com, which is a notably Islamic media source. And it turns out that the FPI’s local gauleiter is, to say the least, not top of the pops in Bareng Lor.

    Several groups of residents and tenants want Bonni Azwar, FPI leader, to be put out of Klaten territory. He is reckoned to have  frequently performed actions that are considered disturbing to the public.   http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/daerah/16/02/09/o29r9w377-berawal-dari-anggota-fpi-yang-mengingatkan-pemabuk-bentrokan-pun-pecah

    Bonni, to be fair, has denounced the original scoldees as preman -thugs! And he doesn’t like a ‘thug’ guy named Suli, whom he claims was involved in the original fight. But he says the police aren’t ‘brave enough’ to prosecute Suli for his alleged misdeeds. Interesting. 

    Interesting, too, that so many people are up in arms to support a ‘thug.’

    But what about Bonni’s own disturbing actions? What might Bonni (a singularly inappropriate name for an IslamoNazi killjoy) have got his knickers in a twist about?

    Righteous Republika tells all!

    According to the observations of Islamic organizations, Taman Lampion, a leafy park there,is commonly used for immoral events. Many young couples are dating until late at night.”


    OH NO!

    “In fact, it is often used as a platform for binge drinking. No wonder if the Islamic organizations target the perpetrators for eradicaion.”

    Heck, and some people say I’m not the most objective reporter!

    • Intan S.erayu 08:50 on February 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      FPI always make problems. FPI always violent and bad for Indonesia.
      I am proud to be a Central Java person. Sukorejo and Klaten show Indonesia people are not scared of this gang.


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