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  • ross1948 11:29 am on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo! Texas Mounties Herd Illegals Back! 

    ‘I can’t imagine how that could be acceptable! ‘

    That was Biden’s tiresome lackey Psaki, on the inspirational footage screened by the BBC World News at 11am Jakarta time today.

    So what did we see?

    What did she see, that evoked such dismay in her leftist soul?


    A United States border patrol agent on horseback tries to stop a Haitian migrant from entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande near the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, on Sunday.

    Pity they didn’t have lassos!

    White House criticizes border agents who rounded up migrants on horseback  – Guardian today

    United States border guards doing their best to stop illegal immigrants getting into the USA! .

    BBC’s Will ‘Gay’ Grant droned predictably…

     (we’ve noticed him before!)

    BBC’s Pro-Queer Hack Now Shrills Against Gitmo

    Will Grant on Muck Rack

    ‘Gay’ Will Grant

    Honduras Horde – BBC Hack Can’t ‘Present Any Evidence

    …far from gaily, in the background, as UK Pravda had us watch excellent scenes, which must have had millions cheering….


    …the guards on horse-back doing their job, herding packs of crimmigrants back across the frontier which the arrogant swine had breached.



    Betcha millions of Brits were envious, as they pondered the effete UK “Border Force’s” contemptible behaviour…

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

    Priti Useless Patel


    …serving as a pick-up service for lawless aliens engaged in incursions from the French side of the English Channel!

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 5:39 pm on September 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      These men were doing what they get paid to do and well done too.
      Psaki should be ashamed of herself. We need more good Americans who are ready to do their duty and defend our country.


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    Shove Yer Mitres Where Da Sun Don’t Shine! 



    “The proposals are not so much undermining criminal activity as reinforcing it as the only available option for those seeking asylum in the UK.'”



    You can choke on that ignorant guff or read the whole letter from a fatuous flock of bleating bishops –

    • yes, alliteration always indicates my incandescent wrath!

    – in ( of course) the Guardian, which is more or less the C. of E. hymnal these days.

    The only available option for those seeking asylum in the UK?!?!? ‘

    On what imaginable grounds can anyone in France or Belgium claim they merit ‘asylum?’

    Those countries may have their downsides

    ( many such downsides arising from the presence of undesirable aliens!)

    But they are, like the UK, civilised democracies.

    Nobody flees their shores in search of sanctuary!

    Step 1 – ask your MP to bring in legislation to disestablish the Church of England.

    That would deprive the dog-collared dorks of their comfy seats in the House of Lords.

    Step 2  – use the C of E website to get the prattling prelates’ email addresses…


    …and tell them off, STRONGLY!

    Here they are!

    Rt Revd Paul Butler Bishop of Durham
    Rt Revd David Walker Bishop of Manchester
    Rt Revd Jonathan Clark Bishop of Croydon
    Rt Revd John Perumbalath Bishop of Bradwell
    Rt Revd Sarah Mullally Bishop of London
    Rt Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin Bishop of Dover
    Rt Revd Rachel Treweek Bishop of Gloucester
    Rt Revd Christopher Chessun Bishop of Southwark
    Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani Bishop of Chelmsford

    Rt Revd Tony Robinson Bishop of Wakefield
    Rt Revd Vivienne Faull Bishop of Bristol
    Rt Revd David Hamid Suffragan Bishop in Europe

    • Mack The Knife 9:30 pm on September 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Blithering idiots.
      I would like to use stronger words about these bishops but that might make you censor me.
      The Church of England is like a zombie, dead but still staggering along with fewer and fewer bums on pews as normal parishioners give up on them.
      I am not going to email those fools as you suggest, it’s a waste of time.
      If I thought my MP might pay attention, I would email her but she is a dead loss.


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    Even Iraq’s Better For Brits Than Macron! 

    One hopes Priti Patel will stick to her guns, given she says France won’t see a penny of the huge sum Britain promised to beef up French anti-crimmigrant patrols…


    UK voices anger at France over migrant boat-crossings

    Macron is a slimy sort, unwilling even to stand up for his own people against Strasbourg’s ECHR Soros slugs, just like his predecessor…


    Crimmigrant Arson In Calais! Savages Still Amok! Thanks Again, Euro-Court!

    …content to allow hordes of ‘asylum’ brutes and illegal aliens to prowl French streets…

    Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic! 

    BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France! 

    ….committing all manner of crimes from the pettiest to the most heinous.

    Le Muppet’s flunkeys’ response to Patel is pathetic.

    Britain would look bad if it placed new conditions on a previous deal to pay £54m (€63m) toward coast-guard patrols to stop migrants crossing the English Channel

    France urges UK to stick to Channel-migrant deal

    What kind of country extorts millions from a neighbour  (and ally!) as the price of doing what any government worth its salt should do in any case – control who gets to cross its borders?

    That’s not a rhetorical question, BTW…..…

    Thanks, Erdolf? Despite Billions In Bribes, Aliens Flood In! 

    Hasil gambar untuk erdolf

    Erdolf Leeches On, But Won’t Turn Off The Tap!

    because we know what kind of country operates that sort of racket – Erdolf’s Turkey.


    Macron may be hoping by dumping on les Anglais he can distract an angry populace from his own betrayals.

    But I have to think the French are smarter – they know the best place for crimmigrants is…



    …back where they came from!

    What makes his perfidy even more stunning is the contrast between his louche regime and, of all countries, Iraq!

    EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell has thanked Iraq for its help in stopping migrants being flown from Baghdad to Minsk and sent over the EU border by the Belarusian regime. ”

    This is of course welcome news for Brits too.

    Once illegals get into the EUSSR, they can swarm on, using bludger boats to rhe UK via Macron’s channel coast.

    But where’s Evil Ylva?

    Red Euro-Commissar To Obstruct Greek Anti-Crimmigrant Moves 

    The marxist Swede Euro-Commissar hates it when undesirables are subjected to ‘push-back’ by responsible countries like Greece.

    Croatia too gets abuse from parasitic ‘NGO’ leftists for defending its borders.

    There seems to me to be no significan distinction between pushing unwelcome visitors back from one’s door-step…



    …and pin-pointing their origin in order to nip nefarious odysseys in the bud.

    • Mack the Knife 10:49 pm on September 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have been thinking about what you say.
      It is strange, when the Iraqis are more helpful than the French.
      But in my opinion it isn’t only Macron that’s the problem.
      There is a lot of Anglophobia in France.


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    BBC Won’t Tell! Why’s The Afghan In UK? 

    An Afghan man suspected of being a leading member of an international people-smuggling network has been arrested in north London.



    OK, if he’s found guilty, shoot the swine!

    Oops, no death penalty allowed, as Jellyfish won’t risk scowls from the Soros Court.



    But where’s the famous UK Pravda ‘investigative reporting’ they devote so readily to the welfare of crimmigrant brats?

    BBC’s Bleeding Heart Brat Special

    Or to other topics of scant interest to most folks, like…

    Going undercover to infiltrate Chinese-American far-right networks https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57587364

    Funny how that intrepid investigator hasn’t done a similar hatchet-job…


    Twitter’s Lady In Red – Dorsey’s New Censoress ? .

    .,..on Dirty Dorsey’s Red China links!

    But back to this new cover-up!




    How did that Afghan get into Britain?

    Is he yet another fake-‘refugee,’ or one of the many ‘asylum’ parasites…

    ….enjoying free room and board in a nice hotel despite his case being rejected?

    We are not told!

    Because BBC don’t know?

    Or didn’t bother to ask?

    Or did ask and don’t think the public should know?


    • Ned A 6:49 pm on July 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What did I just say in my last comment.
      BBC is SO bad


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    “Up To 4 Years?” Just Flog And Deport! 

    It all sounds great, Priti’s proposal to imprison crimmigrants for ‘up to‘ four years, but if that’s the route taken, there should be a minimum…


    …not a maximum sentence set, and a lot more than just four years, and with automatic deportation afterwards.



    That would prevent courts presided over by wigged weak weasels opting for silly little wrist-slaps, 30 days or such-like.

    Although when you think about it, why not just give them a taste of the lash..

    ….then deport the wannabe parasites right away…



    …all the way, back to their country of origin.

    It costs a fortune to keep crims behind bars, so jamming them into a straight-jacket, then straight onto an RAF flight, whence the swine may descend gently…

    …by parachute, into the arms of those who miss them, would save British tax-payers a fortune, surely?

    No, I realise Jellyfish Johnson would never take any step as salutory as that, so just routine expulsion would suffice.

    However, no show without Punch, and no sensible discussion about vermin control would be complete without some Shamnesty berk gibbering!

    Listen to this fatuous klutz-babble, from Steve Valdez-Symonds…

    Amnesty International UK’s refugee and migrant rights director said: “While the Home Office continues to make no safe and legal routes to the UK available for those claiming asylum…



    Would he argue that a  great way to cut violent crime statistics would be to legalise mugging?

    Oh, and then he starts to lie.

    …some people will continue to be forced to risk their lives to do so – including in small boats across the Channel


    There is NO evidence that the illegals are ‘forced’ aboard their bludger-boats at gun-point.

    On the contrary!

    They swarm over the Med, or the Aegean, like the Syrian gent we quoted a while ago…

    “We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

    ….then up through France, eager to use any means to get across the Channel…



    …and stick their dirty snouts into the British public purse.

    Now – ask yourselves if Amnesty’s status as a registered UK ‘charity’ should be de-registered.

    • Fiona 9:39 pm on July 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Amnesty should never be treated as a ‘charity.’
      They are a leftwing pressure group.
      The flogging idea is not bad at all but until we get a government that listens, not very likely.
      Deportation would be much cheaper than keeping these illegals in prison.
      It would be popular too.
      Two good reasons to make it mandatory.
      However, I’m willing to wager a sizeable sum that somehow the legislation will be weakened, not strengthened by the time it gets through parliament.


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    Vive La Flagrance! Clever Calais Cops Quell Uppity Illegals! 

    The Guardian’s silly headline warns us there’s going to be a lot of B-S to wade through…


    ‘Like torture’: Calais police accused of continued migrant rights abuses


    …but it’s worth the effort!

    According to figures from Human Rights Observers (HRO), a non-profit that monitors police evictions in northern France, there were 973 evictions in Calais in 2020 – nearly three a day, and more than double the 452 recorded in 2018. In December alone, 526 tents were seized and 41 arrests were made..”


    Then we get some whiney bint named Isabella Anderson, ‘an HRO field coordinator.

    “These constant evictions are part of a policy by the French government to wear down asylum seekers, to fatigue them and take away their hope. It’s like torture.”

    Well, no, Big-Mouth!

    it’s nothing like torture.

    Torture is what Captain Robert Nairac suffered at the hands of Sinn Fein/IRA…


    Body of Captain Robert Nairac may have been found

    Tortured to death by Irish Republican scum – Captain Robert Nairac


    …and is a word that should never be applied to a bunch of no-goods getting shifted from their squats.

    What the admirable French police are doing is a small but useful reminder to these swaggering undesirable aliens that they can’t park their sorry asses wherever they like in somebody else’s land, in somebody else’s country!

    Reported cases of police violence have included minors being teargassed, a tent with a refugee inside being dragged by a tractor and an Eritrean shot in the face with a rubber bullet from 10 metres, hospitalising him for two months.

    Well, boo-damn-hoo! I weep for the poor French tax-payers saddled with the hospital bills.

    The clever aspect is that these excelent police actions are carried out on a rolling 48-hour schedule to prevent refugees acquiring limited rights and the police requiring a court order to clear the land.

    Incredibly, the parasites interviewd by the Guardian make no secret of the fact that they are not refugees at all, because, having reached France, through however many countries, they have never applied for ‘asylum’ but only want illegally to cross to ‘soft touch’ Britain.



    One mangy Sudanese skunk named Abdul not only says that ‘in Sudan there is war, people are killed, women are raped. But in some ways, it is better than here.”

    So death and rape are contrasted to legitimate evictions?

    Another arrogant upstart, Nasser*, an Afghan refugee who turned 18 in December, gets very uptight because the police are diligent despite bad weather!



    You would think maybe if it rains they would not come, but they do. They even came on New Year’s when everyone was happy and it was a holiday. They take our stuff and we have to be outside for many hours – sometimes 10 to 12 hours. They don’t care if I’m a minor.”

    What an insolent lout, fully-grown, old enough to serve in many countries’ armed forces, and the slug whines that he’s a ‘minor!’ 

    Oh, and my headline is not a misprint for ‘fragrance!’

    Most evictions are carried out using “flagrance”, a measure which allows police to remove occupants of private land if there has been a complaint and they have been there for less than 48 hours.

    NB – ‘Private land!’

    So finally the Guardian acknowledges it’s private property that’s being abused by the odious aliens. Although it would be just as bad if it were public property, owned by the French people, not by illegal aliens.

    But listen to another moaning NGO Minnie, or Margot, whose agitprop outfit seems even to provide musical backing….

    Concert à L’INTERNATIONAL pour le soutien de l’association La Cabane Juridique / Legal Shelter  https://www.teckyo.com/evenement/we-need-to-cross-concert-de-soutien/


    ….for wannabe nborder transgressors.


    “It is a complete abuse of the system,” said Margot Sifre, who specialises in evictions for legal support charity Cabane Juridique. “Under normal circumstances, an eviction requires the authorisation of a judge, a social diagnosis to identify vulnerable people, and preparation to provide rehousing solutions. But under flagrance, which should be a short-term measure, there is no legal basis and no opportunity to appeal.”

    As said already, clever cops!

    Even a leftist lawyer admits their tactics are adroit.

    Bastien Roland, a lawyer working in Calais, said the tactics were “deliberately vague and difficult to contest”. He added: “The government spends millions of euros to slow these refugees down. They will still try to cross to England, but with how many traumas?”


    With enough ‘traumas’ round their necks, will they sink?

    Better news too for the long-suffering French townspeople in the area, because alien layabouts infesting Calais could be getting an overdue boot too.

    About 150 people now sleep under bridges in Calais city centre, where charities are banned from distributing food, but on 24 December an order for eviction was granted by the administrative court of Lille, which is expected to take place imminently.

    Last word to “Mohammed”( I use inverted commas because, as with the other crimmigrants named above, the Guardian’s collabo reporter admits he’s hiding their real identities!)


    He’s an Algerian currently sleeping under the Mollien Bridge.

    “Their strategy is to weaken us. But if everything was fine in our countries, we wouldn’t have left. We don’t have the choice.”

    Have you seen the unrest in Algeria? It’s arguably less violent than some of the scenes we have witnessed in European or American cities.

    Unpleasant, but no excuse for crimmigrant incursions to other lands.

    Is France, or the UK, expected to take in all the thousands of dissastisfied denizens of the casbahs there?

    Of course there’s a choice. 


    Stop leeching on the French public purse, give up the quest to violate British borders.

    GO HOME!


    • Jeanne 10:27 pm on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So very true, what you write.
      Thank you!


    • Sam Drury 11:37 pm on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Torture is a word much abused.
      Getting tear-gassed is not torture.
      Getting hauled off somebody else’s land in a tent you illegally set up is hardly torture, more like a comedy turn!
      These illegals have a cheek to complain.
      They deserve any trouble they find themselves in, because they are trouble-makers .


  • ross1948 4:09 pm on October 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Send This Arrogant Ingrate Back! Now! 

    What a disgusting newspaper the Guardian is!

    Despite having some fun at the pinko rag’s expense yesterday…


    Young pigs piled in a stall on a battery farm in Lamballe, France

    It’s not often I praise the Guardian….

    …it hasn’t taken me long to stop smiling at its content, after I read their attempt to make everyone sympathise with an arrogant, ingrate Yemeni bint, whose identity the Guardian hackette hid but whose whines she let rip at full volumes!

    .By the way, the hackette is a certain Diane Taylor, who ‘has a particular interest in human rights, racism and civil liberties.’

    She’s no beauty!

    But that wouldn’t matter if she had just told off the lousy ingrate bint she was sent to interview!



    Take careful note, please!

    This obnoxious, undesirable alien, by her own admission, illegally traversed no less than SEVEN sets of sovereign borders to get her dirty snout stuck in the UK public purse.

    Yet now she whinges that the free food was very unfamiliar to her so she couldn’t eat it.

    What did the uppity vixen expect?

    Haute cuisine fit for the Queen of Sheba?



    Oh, the laundry service isn’t up to standard either.

    They took away our wet clothes and then returned them in a garbage bag.”

    Nor is that the end of her whining!

    She wasn’t given a room all to herself. 

    ”I had no privacy when I was there and wasn’t able to have a shower.”


    Maybe she should have stopped in one of the other half dozen or so countries she oozed through on her way to Her Britannic Majesty’s parasite trough!



    But her arrogance and ingratitude did not go unrewarded by Priti Patel.

    She spent a mere two days in the Kent facility before being given that hotel accommodation which was obviously the least she reckoned the dumbo Brit tax-payers owed her…

    ….for avoiding any attempt to enter their country the way honest decent foreigners do.



    • Jacko 7:04 pm on October 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is pot ugly. If the scrounger gets sent back to Yemen they should send the reporter with her. She might find a husband.


  • ross1948 4:29 pm on August 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    If Bad Laws Disadvantage Honest Brits, FIX Them! 

    Much uproar about undesirable aliens being foisted on England’s West Midlands, understandably…

    ….but is it not fascinating that the noisy complainers are people who have never, so far as can be told, demanded that the incursions of fake-refugees, aka ‘asylum-seekers,’ be blocked from entering the UK…


    ….nor have they been often, or, probably, at all, heard calling for the expulsion of the thousands upon thousands of parasites…



    …whose claims for ‘asylum’ have been rejected as baseless but whose lying snouts yet continue to root about freely in the tax-payers’ pockets!

    Leeching Off Brit Tax-Payers, ‘Asylum’ Aliens Complain! 

    But you may read about the latest culprits via the link.

    Today I want to focus on just a few sentences almost hidden away in the middle of the report.

    The UK has a legal responsibility to settle anyone claiming political asylum while their cases are assessed


    Firstly, if it’s a legal responsibility, there is a law somewhere on the statute book.


    Find it, and repeal it.

    Same for supranational courts…



    Sorosoid ECHR


    ….or conventions that tie British hands! Bojo and Priti have a majority in the Commons. There is huge popular back for a clamp-down, over 70% in a poll last week. Speedy legislative action would be cheered nationwide!

    Pending such overdue legal reform, interpret the existing bad law intelligently.

    Never let leeches be put up in luxury.


    Nigel Farage


    Nigel Farage has done useful work recently, but while what’s happening is bad, it’s not really bad ‘news!’

    Such outrageous misuse of public funds has been reported here and elsewhere for years, e.g. this in 2015!

    Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! 

    If, and I emphasise IF, Brit tax-payers have to have these mangy albatrosses hung around their necks, then the budget per ‘asylum’ slug should be pared to the most basic level.

    Food? Bread and water!

    No hotel-style menus from which to pick and choose.

    Take it or leave it.

    Any complaints, as Italy heard from similar ingrate swine there…

    Crimmigrants Seize Italian Cop-Shop – Punishment? ‘Specialised African Cuisine!’ 

    …..should be met not with appeasement, as happened there, but with a prompt withdrawal of rations – when they get hungry enough, they’ll eat.

    When my six-year-old self refused to eat his asparagus, that approach worked.



    After all, containers are multi-purpose!


    Buy or hire unused containers.

    Shove ‘em in.

    Such lodgings would be handy for deportation too.


    No Man's Land

    One of Britain’s offshore and uninhabited islands

    ….as suggested before, give ‘em tents and stick ‘em on those old off-shore fortifications, a patrol-boat circling to make sure nobody swims ashore!

    Word would get out!

    Channel incursions would dry up, tout suite!



    • Mack the Knife 5:16 pm on August 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You made my day with this.
      I had to think a while before I got the right word, compendiun.
      A compendium of cracking good ideas and if Johnson and Patel dont get cracking on at least some of what you suggesr, it will be the end of them at the next election, if not before.


    • Vanessa Reilly 4:35 pm on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The governnent is gradually catching up to your positive approach. Not containers yet but ferries.
      IMHO ferries are far too nice.
      The illegals must be made to regret they ever came across the channel.
      But at least the government is inching towards a more sensible policy.
      An uninhabited island still makes the most sense to me.


  • ross1948 4:18 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Giorgia On My Mind! UK Should Heed This Wise Woman’s Words! 

    Have you been wondering how many of those primitive crimmigrants crossing the Channel, and immediately housed and fed by Priti Patel, are infected with the Chinese Virus?



    I see at least some MPs are prepared to raise the issue at Westminster.


    As I considered asking my readers why diseased aliens should not be kicked out, I had an email from a good friend who, unlike me, has not been defenestrated by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo.



    Hence I have been able to read what that splendid Italian beauty, Giorgia Meloni, a frequent source of wise words…

    …has just put on her Facebook page.



    As you may have heard, Conte’s Cabal has just outlawed dancing.

    If the government believes it is appropriate to close discos to face the emergency, in the same way it must close ports to illegal landings as soon as possible.


    Bellissima! Will Italian Voters Opt For A Right Beauty? 

    We can’t keep ignoring the link between increases in infections and illegal immigration while our production sectors are on their knees and our companies fail. This unholy government… Italians don’t deserve it.

    And so say all of us!

    • Noreen P 4:39 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I had just finished typing my comment on Hard Talk when this appeared and so say all of us indeed!
      I know you are a big fan of Giorgia Meloni, Ross, and although I don’t keep up with Italian politics I can’t blame you.
      She has a knack of speaking in ways that go right to the heart of what’s wrong and she has positive policies to address problems.
      I wish we had somebody like her in Britain. I used to think Priti Patel was what we needed but I have given up on her.


  • ross1948 9:04 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bare-Faced! BBC’s Mind-Boggling Brand Of ‘Information!’ 

    I do miss out on a lot of the BBC’s rotten bias output, simply because there’s so much of it!


    High-volume BBC output.

    One needs to take a break from the box, to enjoy life, as I did on Saturday arvo, a couple of beers with friends downtown.

    Yet now and then I chance upon an unexpectedly sly slice of propaganda, like this one….

    Asylum seekers, migrants or refugees: Which word is correct?


    …which I missed then belatedly spotted….

    …a purported piece of explanatory information, ostensibly aimed at helping viewers understand the nature of the alien horde.

    It’s written by a typical BBC creep named Rick Kelsey, whose biased approach is quickly identified by his reference to the Channel crimmigrant crisis as…

    Wait for it!

    a small spike in the number of people crossing the English Channel to get to the UK in the last few months…


    Kelsey’s characterisation of the Channel tsunami as ‘a small spike’ must be deemed ‘unfounded’ ( as the left media like to describe any argument they dislike) because the big, not small, row arises from hard fact – namely..

    Five times as many migrants crossed the Channel to the UK in the first eight months of this year compared with the same period last year, Sky News can reveal.

    English Channel Satellite.jpg
    Analysis of the data found that at least 4,343 migrants have landed in small boats or been rescued between 1 January 2020 and 11 August, compared with at least 857 between the same dates in 2019.https://news.sky.com/story/revealed-channel-migrant-crossings-five-times-higher-than-last-year-12047812

    But it’s the BBC’s choice of source that reveals their real agenda, when UK’s Pravda asks this question about in-coming aliens!

    is there a correct way to describe them?


    Most of us, most Brits, probably, don’t need to be told that..

    Illegals are illegals.

    But Comrade Kelsey has an impartial ‘expert’ to direct us towards the path of what is objective…or should we say orthodox…vocabulary!


    Photo of Dr Charlotte Taylor


    Dr. Charlotte Taylor is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Migration at the University of Sussex.

    So does this wench provide objective definitions of the words above, or is she dictating something more like orthodoxy?

    When we read what she actually says, we soon see that ‘objective’ and ‘impartial’ are not necessarily the words that spring to mind.


    In fact, she likes to instruct her audience on how NOT to speak on the subject, her aim less to do with precision than with her leftist fear that straight talk gets the invaders a bad name!

    Charlotte Taylor says a migrant can be a safe term: “It is at the moment, but it won’t necessarily continue to be a safe term. They change over time…”


    Oh yeah?

    Who determines when a word becomes no longer ‘safe’ to use?

    And the lady from the Word-Police has more concerns about people saying what they think!


    ….Charlotte does have concerns about words used around migration such as “wave, flow, flooded by”.

    She believes this type of language can mean people in a country where migrants are regularly arriving can see them as “products not people”.

    No, my dear lady, it’s not that we see crimmigrants as products.


    It’s that we, like the people of other countries all over Europe, have seen what they produce.


    I’m taking a break so I can publish these initial comments on the BBC’s idea of an impartial expert, but there’s a lot more Taylor Twaddle, like this particular gem.

    Asylum seeker is the term Charlotte feels comfortable with using for people coming on these small, often unsafe, boats across The Channel.

    “If someone is seeking asylum, they are seeking asylum.

    Not at all, dear.

    If one of that lot SAYS he’s seeking asylum, he is a dirty lying louse!

    We know for a fact that the illegals crossing the Channel are NOT seeking asylum, because if that’s what they really, truly, madly, deeply, wanted, it was available in France!

    “I was very surprised to see that distinction between genuine and non-genuine asylum. It may be rejected but the seeking [part] is a fact.”

    No, it’s not, any more than the smile on the face of a tiger is a genuine smile!


    • JazPen 10:43 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Typicak, as you say. The BBC make out that they are getting an expert to clarify the categories of migrant but all they really wanted was somebody ready to back up their own prejudice.
      I thought you were taking the weekend off, Ross, but you did a good job exposing this dishonesty


    • Noreen P 2:47 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It is so insulting, the way the BBC takes us for fools.
      This leftist Kelsy tells us he is goimg to provide an ‘expert,’ when his ‘expert’ turns out to be an arrogant leftist like himself, telling not what is factually correcr and incorrect, but what is politically correct and incorrect, and even tells us that we may use the word ‘migrant’ until she and her ‘intellectual ‘elite tell us we may not.


    • Mack the Knife 4:34 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Well spotted


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