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    Peter Tauber – Modern Germany’s Stauffenberg? 

    When the leader of a country is overtly bent on its ruin, it’s time for patriots to take drastic action.
    We have more than once referred to the heroic German soldier, Von Stauffenberg, who paid the ultimate price for attempting to do just that, in 1944.


    He played a key role in the unsuccessful plot to terminate Hitler’s reckless prosecution of the war.
    In today’s existential crisis, fortunately, there’s no call for assassination. The German constitutional structure affords the democratic resistance to Mama Stasi various non-violent means of removing her threat to the country.
    And now we have a new champion stepping forward, Peter Tauber by name, a leading light in Merkel’s own party, general secretary no less. And he’s talking sense!
    —————–CDU-Generalsekretär Peter Tauber. Quelle: dpa

    ‘If one in two asylum claims is rejected on average, the states have a duty to deport 1,000 rejected asylum seekers a day.’ Peter Tauber


     That’s a perfectly practical target. Germany has Hamburg and other port cities with plenty of large container vessels forever coming and going.
    For a fraction of the cost of feeding, clothing and housing undesirable aliens (not forgetting the ridiculous ‘pocket-money’ they get given, probably often spent on porn-mags to read in beween sex assaults on German women)…
    …these big ships could be loaded up with lying ‘asylum’ parasites and despatched to the sunny shores from whence the swine arrived. A thousand a day is not unrealistic, if other forms of deportation are included.

    Merkel’s cultural marxist junta is facing increasing opposition from her own party. Another CDU MP, Christian von Stetten, is demanding internal party democracy instead of the current diktat system.


    “If so many of our party speak out in favour of partial refusal at the border, we should all be able to vote on it.” Von Stetten


    Interestingly, I see the petition also offers critics of Britain’s  craven Cameron some useful ammunition, reminding us all that ‘asylum’ is not legally available crimmigrants, those “who wish to enter Germany illegally via a safe third country”.

    As the Express writer notes, refugees must claim asylum in the first member state they reach.     

    http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/634535/Merkel-another-mutiny-germany-open-door-refugee-immigrant-policy .

    And THAT puts Cur Cameron right on the spot, since he has done NOTHING to kick out Calais savages who have oozed through the Chunnel.

    We learned late last year he’d been using secretive flunkeys to house the scum in tax-paid English hotels.


    • 0d8e4-kingcameronarrogant 
    • ————
    • Now he’s not lifting a finger to overturn a ridiculous ruling that some Sudanese parasite  – arrested and charged after waltzing illegally through – be granted ‘asylum’ in the UK.
    • This green light will be seen and followed, like a satanic inversion of the Bethlehem Star, by hordes of Jungle brutes lurking on the French coast. And this despite an outrageously fallacious interpretation of asylum rules.
    • —————
    • The ‘lawyers’ who made the crimmigrant’s case in court argued his  ‘refugee rights’ required the UK to grant him ‘asylum…’
    • BUT he never sought ‘asylum’ in the equally ‘safe’ country he entered the UK from. Failing to apply in France surely should invalidate his claim altogether.


    british money

    Oh, for your information, his case was put by –Kent Defence, 14 The Centre, Margate, Kent CT9 1JG Phone: 01843 227631 Email: info@kentdefence.co.uk –  you might want to ask them, since it’s a matter of public interest, who paid their fees?.

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    Corbyn, ‘Kippers’ And Silly ‘Entryism’ Stories! 



    Ha, a slow start this morning, despite noises from without, a babbling tukang sayur,  veggie vendor, talking to my neighbour’s wife at a volume as if they were a mile apart…

    However, now catching up on my media reading, and here’s Henry Hill, who often writes useful stuff on Conservative Home.

    But this time he’s way off the mark with a weird rant about ‘entryism,’ which to him conjures up a ‘scary movie’ scenario where some Kippers could still favour entryist tactics, whether they be People’s Army loyalists hoping to destroy a rival or former Tories trying to ‘reclaim’ their old party. 

    As Cameron shows his true ‘cast-iron’ mettle by failing to deploy marksmen at the Chunnel to defend the country against a savage horde, why on earth would any UKIP member want to join or rejoin the party which tolerates such a worm at its helm.

    But that’s BTW.

    Entryism is the term for infiltration of a party by outsiders trying to take it over. 

    • It happens. Back in the day when Labour were a fairly social democratic party, lots of Reds from the Militant Tendency attempted a take-over. They were head-case commies, and lacked the skill that the cultural marxists later showed when they succeeded in doing what Militant (admittedly narrowly) failed to do.

    Now, says Mr. Hill, ‘entryism’ is under way again.

    He’s talking about ‘Conservatives’ joining Labour for a special fee and voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

    But then he immediately makes the word meaningless by saying – about the Tory Party – that it’s almost unthinkable that a moment of complacency or indulgence might see someone slip through the net as Corbyn did… .

    Jeremy Corbyn didn’t ‘slip through‘ any net! He’s not my cup of tea, far from it…


    Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 



    …but he’s been a Labour Party member for donkey’s years, a borough councillor when I lived in London’s Haringey in the 1980s, and has subsequently as an MP for quite some time too.



    Going over Henry Hill’s article, his obession with being ‘mainstream,’ whatever that might be, appears to have led him to say that anyone who doesn’t chime in with the elite’s mindless ‘consensus’ politics is an interloper, an unwarranted intruder into the governance of Britain.

    Hogwash, Henry!


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    Brit Rail’s ‘Wrong Kind of Snow?’ French Cops’ ‘Wrong Kind of Ammo!’ 

    British readers will undoubtedly remember that wonderful outburst from a bigwig in British Rail, trying to explain why grand designs to avoid winter delays had failed – ‘It was the wrong kind of snow,’ he wailed…


    cat -Snow…-By-lenazlair-150x214

    The wrong type of snow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    … even stranded commuters had to laugh…albeit grimly!

    This came to mind after viewing a photo in the UK media.


    calais cop-18


    Faced by a mob of savages, that poor chap in police uniform appears to be using something similar to the spray I use to deter Jakarta nyamuk,  mosquitoes!

    Certainement, they likely are infested with bugs of various kinds, but if Hollande and Cameron were serious about solving the Calais problem…



    That silhouetted soldier appears to be more sensibly equipped!

    However, having just read a relevant article in Conservative Home, I was struck by the writer’s assertion that ‘just as Italy has effectively passed on the Mediterranean migrant issue by allowing new arrivals to pass into France, the French are merrily turning a blind eye in the hope that the people involved will now cross the Channel into Britain.

    No doubt that thought has crossed the minds of many Brits, and it may or may not be an accurate perception.

    But while Hollande, and his non-socialist predecessor, should of course have used maximum force to round the rabble up and expel them, not only from Calais but from La Belle France, there’s an old saying about people who ive in glass houses.

    What, after all, have Cameron, or his Conservative predecessors, done to excise the ‘asylum’ cancer from the Sceptred Isle?


    They are subservient to the ECHR, and frit, as Maggie might have said, of the Fifth Column shrills in papers like The Independent, who roar and rant and go nuts on behalf of any undesirable alien deported from the UK.

    They always do. They always will. They are not on Britain’s side.

    What’s needed is solidarite!

    Coming from an entirely opposite angle, even that Tory journo recognises that merely raging against Paris won’t solve it! 

    We should feel sorry for the French cops who would very probably like to use their handy handguns but are not allowed to, by politically-correct senior officers. The French people are as disgusted as Brits by the scum marauding across their cities.

    But the next words in the article are much more disturbing, and have the ring of truth. …with a renegotiation to attempt, Cameron and Osborne are evidently not in the mood to rub other EU governments up the wrong way too much  .http://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2015/07/immigration-is-toxic-at-the-best-of-times-but-now-the-government-faces-a-crisis.html

    What that boils down to, plainly put, is that these top Tories won’t take needful action to safeguard the UK if it might jeopardise their scheming to keep British people subject to Brussels.

    That is damnable disregard of their duty.  

    If other European governments, notably Germany’s Merkel and those sorry clowns in Stockholm, want to inundate their countries with savages, up to them – if their citizens let them get way with it, sad, but again, up to them.


    Any Brit leader worthy of the name should be taking a stand, an action replay of the Gates of Vienna, turning the alien incursion back.

    If that might involve a higher ‘risk’ of Britexit – hurray!


    • Ewan C 09:15 on August 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like what you say about not falling out with the French. The invasion is too big an issue for petty national rivalry. All our nations are up against it here and those illegals in Calais deserve nothing but brute force, because it is the only thing they understand

      As if they have any rights to come into England, when they do not even have the right to be in France.
      I heard them on the tv shouting Open the Border and that made me so angry.
      We did not open it for Hitler, or Napoleon and why should we open it for wild animals like them.


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    Another Calais Crimmigrant Dead? Electrify the Fences! 

    It is incomprehensible, the fuss being made because some undesirable alien caused his own death by his own criminal conduct, attempting illegal entry into Britain via the Channel Tunnel. 2000 Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel, One Dead



    It is even more incomprehensible that the authorities in Calais are so damnably supine in the face of repeated amok-runs by these dirty savages.

    Surely it’s time to act. UKIP has talked sense, to some extent…‘Shut Calais down if France can’t protect its border’ say Ukipbut there are precious few other voices of sanity to be heard from London, despite  the swarm of brutes massing on the French coast. 

    According to the last official count in early July, around 3,000 migrants, mainly from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan, were camped out in Calais, waiting for the right moment to try to make a dash for Britain, seen as a haven. –  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/07/29/one-dead-migrants-storm-eurotunnel-terminal.html

    • a22ee-snoutsintrough

    Yeah, a haven because the troughs are tasty, and free!

    Three thousand too many in Calais!

    Easy short-term solutions?

    Kick out the do-gooders providing food and other services to the savages. That nonsense only attracts more, as we’ve said before, just as leaving food scraps around the house attracts vermin.

    No more freebies until they apply for repatriation.


    • Herd the swine back into one or more detention centres, ring them with electrified fences.

    If police are over-stretched, recruit the French equivalent of ‘special constables.’


    • special-banner01
    • And arm them, after suitable back-ground checks to make sure they are patriotic citizens, and not unreliable pinkos who might be crimmigrant sympathisers.
    • Give these volunteers carte blanche to take any action needed to prevent escapes. 
    • —–
    • —–
    • Additionally, martial law for the port area.
    • Any unauthorised incursions subject to a ‘shoot-to-kill’ order.


    But while that would certainly cut down the numbers a bit, all these common-sense measures would be to no avail unless and until Paris and London announce agreement on joint deportation exercises.

    Commandeer enough container vessels, load the scum aboard, confined below deck, bread and water diet until a handy desert shore in Africa – save fuel costs, no need to go as far as Asia –  is found to dump them on.


    That European naval force off Libya, currently acting as a flunkey ferry bringing parasites into Italy, could be told to escort the containers’ cargos ashore, using whatever fire-power is required.


     That’s how the Barbary Corsairs were sorted out!


    None of these proposals is remotely unrealistic.

    So why won’t Cameron and Hollande act?

    Because they regard their ‘obligations’ to the UN and the ECHR and the EUSSR as more important than their duty to their own countries.


    • G. Struthers 07:53 on July 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hollande’s Interior Minister was meeting T. May yesterday and admitted on tv that 70% of the aliens involved were just ‘economic migrants with no right to come to Europe.’
      That supports your contention and makes me ask why if they have no right to be here, they have not been deported months ago, which you suggested months ago.
      I see one of your British newspapers has called for Cameron to send in the Army. Using the troops is not a bad plan but defending the British Isles from invaders just a mile from their shores is not something Cameron’s type is going to go for.
      I can’t see anything wrong with any of your ideas on this but here’s another thought.
      If there was a moratorium on British gun laws to let the poor lorry-drivers carry weapons and a promise of immunity from prosecution if they had to take down any illegals attacking them. that would be another way to stop these illegal immigrants.


    • uncle oz 12:18 on July 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      All good Ross.
      Bet the British wish they had Tony Abbott instead of Cameron!


    • C.Mathey 18:39 on July 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The problem is simple to solve.
      France has got an AirForce with huge Transat transport planes. Make a deal with Uganda or Rwanda as Israel do and fly the lot back.
      If they have no documents send the parasites for parachute training. That will soon straighten their mind.
      At the time of the Canary Islands invasion I wrote to the the PM and told him to just dump them anywhere in Africa. After all they tell us that they are all brothers.
      It seems that it worked as the Spanish govt. made a deal with Mauritania which needs money to set up airfields and a camp some 50 km from the Senegal border. Any illegal is dumped there and given a ticket for a bus to Senegal.
      The Canary problem was soon sorted out. Nobody goes illegally to the Canary Islands anymore.


    • Mike Shaw 13:48 on August 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I believe that an electric fence would be the best deterrent plus arming the gendarmes with machine guns and cs gas.

      As for the German POW camps the only solution for the illegals would be a tunnel and their digging would soon be spotted.


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    Calais Cops – Under Orders To Play Vichy Role? 

    A ‘marauding mob’ of crimmigrant savages ‘stormed’ the Channel Tunnel Terminal in Calais yesterday, according to the BBC. . 


    civilised man v savage

    • Their report quotes Dan Cook, operations director at Europa Worldwide, a transport and logistics business “This isn’t in lay-bys off the beaten track at night, this is in broad daylight on the motorways approaching Calais and what you see, to be blunt, is marauding mobs around trailers….


    Savages amok in Calais


    … climbing on board, breaking open backdoors with broadly no sign of any sort of policing to prevent it.

    Of course these barbarous brutes should be rounded up at gun-point, herded onto container-trucks and the containers loaded onto ships, for return to whatever savage lands they oozed out of.

    So why is this not happening? More immediately, why was there no sign of policing to prevent the latest amok-run?

    I don’t believe for a moment that the Calais cops are cowards.

    In fact, as they are local cops, I dare say they share what must be an ever-rising tide of revulsion by decent people in that port city, disgust at these squalid parasites who have descended on Calais, laying waste its environs, scheming to use it as staging-post for illegal incursions against the UK.  

    So how come the conduct of le flics resembles an eerie echo of the Vichy mentality that let alien invaders occupy much of France in 1940?

    This inaction can only be explained by orders from on high, from Paris, to lay off the scum. Already examples have been made of some officers who tried to sort the alien swine out.Vive Les Calais Cops – ‘Brutality?’ No, Just Common-Sense Crimmigrant Control! 

    Is Cameron in on this? My bet is yes, he is – he never shows any guts when dealing with the migrant menace. He may soon enough pop up with a ‘solution’ to the Channel Crisis – surrender!

    What’s the betting the Liar agrees to take some scum from the Calais cur-pack into Britain? 

    Brit readers should be pressuring MPs on this sloth, as I’m sure Marine Le Pen’s  people are doing in France.


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