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  • ross1948 00:13 on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – Remedy Injustice! 

    Imagine if you were a parent battling in a custody conflict with a sexual maladjust!

    Wouldn’t you do all in your power to save your child?


    ‘Exclusive Interview with Lisa Miller, Ex-Lesbian Fighting for Custody of Own Child against “Civil Union” Partner’ – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-interview-with-lisa-miller-ex-lesbian-fighting-for-custody-of-own

    Now SIGN THE PETITION, please!



    • Lois Wadden 13:18 on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I’m almost ashamed to admit I knew nothing at all about this poor woman and now I have read all about what happened, I hope President Trump will pardon her.

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  • ross1948 19:53 on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Want To See Some Unfit BLM Parents? 

    These foul BLM slags should be deprived of custody and control of these children.

    Black Lives Matter Militants in Portland March Toddlers and Children Outside of Federal Courthouse Carrying Signs Saying “F*ck the Police” (VIDEO)

    Assuming of course that the sows are the children’s parents?

    • Amanda Adams 20:08 on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Of course the women accompanying these kiddies should never be allowed access to any child ever again.
      That’s the serious point..
      However to be flippant, I couldn’t help noticing what a fat pig one of the adults is.
      I have seen this before and I think you drew attention to one similar hog in another BLM demo photograph.
      Too generous welfare payments allow some people to eat too much or too often.


    • Vicki 23:30 on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply



  • ross1948 00:02 on September 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Diversity That Makes All Europe Shudder! 

    Take a look at the unremarkable German building below, then shudder at the primitive so-called ‘refugee’ that dwelt therein.

    Syrian hurls kids out window 'because wife wants freedom'


    The trial begins in Bonn this week of a Syrian man who threw his three children from a first-floor window, allegedly because he disliked his wife’s desire to enjoy the same freedoms as German women.


    Allegedly, so let’s see if, in this case, it turns out to be true.

    Sadly, most people in most European countries, will tend to believe it’s entirely possible, because  the bulk of the crimmigrant population which Mama Stasi so maliciously unleashed on her fellow-citizens hail from regions of the world where uncivilised codes prevail.

    I refer to codes by which women are second-class citizens, to be controlled by men, as this pathetic propaganda poster demands…

    • .aurat-mereka-dosa-anda-2
      • ‘Husbands and fathers, their private parts are your responsibility!’
      • 0000000000000

    …something akin to slave status.

    We read only a few days ago of a dreadful crime against an Englishwoman, in Sunderland.

    Silhouette weeping

    Police have since arrested and bailed six men, aged between 20 and 30, for the attack on September 4.  The men, who are on bail until October 17, are all said to be migrants from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain.




    The ‘values’ of the ISIS rape gang are now flourishing in the West. Polygamy, head-shrouding, unfair inheritance rules…


    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    …and that’s just for starters!

    And the worst thing is that so many of them behave as if it’s Germans (and the rest of us) who have to adapt to their barbarous so-called ‘cultures’ instead of the horde having to adapt to civilised values.  

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    Another Brat Exposes Mama Stasi’s Folly! 

    That poor woman, with whose plight we began tonight’s post? Her offence was simply that she ‘no longer wished to accept the roles they had at home.’

    ANY ‘refugee’ or ‘migrant’ or ‘asylum’-seeker who prefers the backward ways of whence they came has any easy option.

    There are numerous parts of the world, Saudi Arabia, Iran, to name but two, where they could go and enjoy the joys of shariah.

    Hasil gambar untuk middle east map

    Whether they’d be as foolish as European leaders and let them in is another matter, of course.

    Saudi, for sure, is unwilling to take any significant number of ‘refugees’ from right next door, from Iraq, or from Syria. One of the richest nations, with plenty of room for migrants, but absolutely lacking in any spirit of brotherhood for their neighbours. 

    But that’s another issue we can look at another day.

    What is needed in Western countries is intensive interrogation, vetting, call it what you will, to screen out in-comers for primitive attitudes.


    Some will lie successfully, of course, but in due course they will expose their real thinking, as we have seen in those barbarous rabbles marching through the streets of civilised cities…



    …and the proper course of action is immediately to detain and deport ALL such savages, regardless of where they were born or what passports they have got hold of.  

    If no other country will accept them, indefinite internment is the obvious solution.



    Anyone who proclaims his or her allegiance to alien ideologies, the obvious current example being that best represented by ISIS, should instantly lose all rights of citizenship of whichever country they pollute by their presence.



    Anyone who is found to be raising children in swamp-think of that sort should be deprived of custody, care and control of those children.

    Anyone who preaches barbarous death threats against ‘apostates’ or ‘blasphemers…’.

    Sectarian Pig Gets Less Than Life! At Least Arrest Its Fans! 

    …should be taken out of circulation.

    Free speech is not to be confused with incitement to murder.


    • Wynton 06:39 on September 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Agree 100%, and the sooner something’s done, the better.
      They’re turning Europe into a quagmire.


    • Kenny Jameson 09:19 on September 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you.
      You sum up the problem, which is not that they cannot adapt but that they will not adapt.
      They bring all this jihadist thinking with them and then march about our streets telling us that they haven’t given up on the death-cult. That bunch in the photo are dangerous.
      Then they input it into children’s minds like with that little boy, being taught to grow up to murder?
      He would be better off in an orphanage than with the adults who gave him that placard.
      There’s no changing people like that, because they don’t want to be civilised.
      You’re right, diversity’s bad and deportation is good.


    • Rob Kellen 21:59 on September 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Merkel should be dragged into the International Criminal Court. She very openly broke the Dublin Rules of her own EU and she refused to give her own country any say in her violation of German and European law.
      She should be put on trial just like the Nazis at Nuremberg..


    • Nathi 03:11 on September 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I am Indonesian studying oversea.
      I met an Australian guy who told me I should come to his city, I think it was Adelaide, and see how wonderful and multicultural it was.
      I said to him that I like going to countries to see their own culture, not everybody else’s.
      I would go to Australia because I want to see Australian culture.
      He only stared at me.


  • ross1948 00:42 on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    A Little Bit of Brit Good News – Jihadist Bitch Jailed – But Hardly For Long Enough! 

     The face of evil, a woman who knowingly sought to give aid and succour to the ISIS terrorist she married.


    Sentencing El-Wahabi, Judge Hilliard said that there was clear evidence that Davis had gone to Syria to fight under the black flag of Isis and also that he had “no true regard” for her.

    Nor any true regard for Britain, more importantly. If he’s caught, he should be hanged for treason!.

    “I am also satisfied that you knew he was engaged in violence with guns for extremist religious and ideological reasons and knew the money you were sending was destined for that purpose.”  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-30041625

    So the judge gave her 28 months. Hardly enough, but better than nothing, I suppose.  

    Yet this vile vixen will only spend half her sentence in prison, the other half ‘under license,’ i.e. loose! Why? Because she has two young children.

    Madness! Such scum should not be allowed to have care and control of young children!  


    • enemy-within
    • =================================
    • The British Government is supposedly taking steps to stop children being brain-washed by sectarian fanatics  who inexplicably are permitted to hold teaching jobs.
    • =========================================
    • indoctrination
    • ================================
    • What sense is there in that, if pro-terrorist parents are permitted custody of kids whose minds will be subjected to indoctrination in an evil, alien ideology – every moment they spend under their own roofs?
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