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  • ross1948 16:25 on November 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Allons, Tous Le Jours! Fire The Moron! 

    One learns something new every day, and this week I have learned that a posh cake store named Tous Les Jours is ‘South Korean,’ or so the Jakarta Post tells us.

    Why a French name?

    Lord knows, but mention of The Lord brings us to His Big Day, namely Christmas, and that’s why the cake store’s in the news this month, when people are preparing to celebrate the major Christian holiday.

    It’s a weird story, for the store is not located in some benighted village in Aceh Province but in one of Jakarta’s glitziest malls, Pacific Place.

    Yet there appeared therein a nasty notice blaring Islamist bigotry  – that it would ‘reject requests for Christmas greetings to reportedly obtain halal certification.’

    However, one’s natural disgust at such news fast became confusion….

    Image result for mui"

    ….for the Islamic authority responsible for such ‘certification,’ the MUI, quickly dissociated itself from any such sectarian nonsense – and the head office of Tous Les Jours also disowned the notice – it was not an “official policy issued by the management.”

    Image result for toujours bakery indonesia l"

    The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), which is in charge of conducting the halal assessment, however, claims no companies were asked to refuse to write holiday greetings of faiths other than Islam to gain halal status.


    So the MUI didn’t require the store to indulge in crass bigotry, and the company’s bosses didn’t either?

    WHO DID?

    Unfortunately, sometimes, a lot of these stories just slither down the drain of public amnesia and nobody is held to account.

    I used to try to keep attention focused on the scandal of businesses collaborating with fanatics, as in the shameful way Gramedia worked hand-in-glove with, yes, the MUI, in its notorious book-burning…


    …but nobody here gave a tinker’s cuss, or if they did, they never organised a well-deserved boycott of the book-burning media magnates.

    On this occasion, however, it shouldn’t be hard to nail the moronic individual who authorised the notice.

    I hope all the media attention doesn’t melt away, not until the SOB is identified and fired.


    • JazPen 19:02 on November 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, this will be swept under the carpet and the moron/jihadist responsible will keep his job or at best get transferred.
      Nobody here likes a public fuss about these problems.
      That was why Gramedia got away with their Hitler copy-cat stunt and why you should write another book about our good times in Indonesia, so people will know it was fun while it lasted.


    • Kezia 21:08 on November 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Of course what you say is true.
      Somebody must take responsibility.
      The notice did not appear by magic.
      Who put it there in the shop must be found out and punished.


      • Santi 09:35 on November 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I think same like you Kezia.


        • Jim Ex Jakarta 16:25 on November 26, 2019 Permalink

          And I think as you and Kezia do, Santi, but must agree with JazPen.
          The Indonesian media are mostly lily-livered and although they could door-step the company till disciplinary action on a named culptit is revealed, they will not.
          It’ll just blow over.
          Unless Ross shows the same persistent determination to shame the guilty as he has with the Gramedia book-burners.
          The trouble is, people like those Gramedia executives have no shame.


  • ross1948 16:00 on November 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Malevolent ‘Dutch’ Multicultists Target Kids’ Christmas Fun! 

    I see that the annual PC ( pinko creep) ranting against Holland’s Black Piet has begun again!

    black-pete Black Pete, who is presented in colonial attire with a black face and large red lips, is celebrated as part of Dutch Christmas.   https://euobserver.com/tickers/130050

    We’ve covered this kill-joy caper by far-left multcultist malevolents FAR too many times to have to go over it yet again in detail.


    Black Piet OK! Parasite State Media V Dutch Xmas Fun! 

    Suffice to say that if some immigrants and their off-spring don’t like it, tough.

    It’s a new-comers’ duty to adapt, not demand the host nation change customs it doesn’t wish to change.

    The undesirable alien crowd has in the past not hesitated to try hoodlum tactics…

    = kids_alone01 We reported some  years ago how Dutch left extremists waged their heroic multicult war on little children.

    Intolerant Leftists Disrupt Dutch Kids’ Party 


    …to impose their uppity arrogance on difficult Dutch people who breathtakingly believe that they have a right to enjoy their own cultural traditions in their own country.

    So it’s no surprise that some of the uppities, having sown the wind, now find they’re reaping a little bit of whirlwind in response.

    .   Last week, police arrested four people in The Hague after they stormed a building where anti-Black Pete activists were gathered, smashing windows and throwing fireworks in an apparent attempt to intimidate them.

    Well, my heart goes out to them!

    I mean to the arrestees, not the far-left f-wits in the building!

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of Europe’s oldest democracies. So whatever whining minorities may say, what counts is what the majority want.

    And a recent opinion poll showed 59% of Dutch people wanted to keep “Zwarte Piet” in blackface…

    Another 26% said the tradition needed to be changed gradually.

    =   =appeasement

    Sadly, this appeasement mentality seems to be growing, and it’s time to challenge the drips who want to kow-tow, like the municipal leaderships in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and –

    -the national public broadcaster

    who have decided to ditch blackface in favour of figures smeared with soot – from the chimneys they are said to go down to bring children their presents.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/16/dutch-anti-racism-activists-plan-protests-blackface-character


    How soon will it be that some pinko creep starts pushing for poor Piet to have his faced smeared with pink soot?

    Image result for rainbow face

    Or, given the ‘orientation’ of so many of the pathetiques who get their kicks by being kill-joys, RAINBOW soot!

    • Jan K 17:12 on November 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Since when do multiculters care what the majority thinks?
      They may begin to care, when the Dutch are the minority, outbred in their own country.
      Between 15- 20% now, more coming in, reproducing all the time.
      Wilders is right.


    • Martin Van G 01:32 on November 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Dutch ‘national public broadcaster’ has thrown its support behind the small minority of Dutch who want to change Black Piet?
      Like the BBC they use public money to pay the salaries but do not ever respect the wishes of those who pay them.
      State media are a bad idea.
      Better to privatise them.


  • ross1948 07:19 on December 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Christmas Is Coming – Give To Good Causes! 

    Scarily, it is already almost the end of November – when I wrote this, tomorrow was  Saint Andrew’s Day!


    And already we here in Jakarta are all discussing each other’s plans for Christmas.

    A lot of my foreign friends are going ‘home’ for the Festive Season and the trees and lights have been on display for weeks –  each big posh store in Jakarta having a magnificent tree..


    In fact, Christmas Trees were already on sale here in October, for Pete’s sake.


    …which will, until the New Year, attract admiring crowds, folks of all faiths flocking to ‘ooh’…’

    So I would like to remind readers that Christmas involves goodwill not only to family and friends, and even strangers, but also to good causes. 

    Certainly some so-called ‘charities’ should feature on NOBODY’S list! 

    No need to create an anti-list, but…

    Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

    Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA

    If You Welcome The Crimmigrant Tsunami, Donate To Oxfam

    …and  – soawful it’s worth naming twice – most unbelievably of all, there’s Amnesty…

    Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

    My readers know very well which ghastly gangs deserve no more than a dirty look.


    But let me suggest a few movements and media to whose meritorious service you might pay attention.

    GATESTONE! donate today,


    Obviously, Brits should recognise the freedom fighters, like Get Britain Out and LeaveEU.

    In Canada, there’s the True North Initiative. Not to forget Ezra Levant’s The Rebel!

    And there’s Lifesite.com, recently victimised by the left-bigots who deprived the Christians of their internet platform, though they are now back!

    Americans could do worse than donate to Mass Resistance, who unflinchingly fight for decency.

    As for Australia, I invite suggestion from my Oz readers, though this new organisation, Advance Australia, sounds promising…

    …, and similarly from other readers in other countries.

    Oh, and as an afterthought, how about spiked.com, as an ecumenical gesture to some honest leftwing thinkers…


    ….who do honestly think differently from me on a number of issues but who never show the sort of hateful intolerance one has sadly come to expect from left-liberals in general.

  • ross1948 12:00 on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Old Argie Dope! Jesus’ Folks Were NOT Crimmigrants! 

    Spending ten days with loved ones, to enjoy Christmas and New Year together, I was tempted to ignore that vile and vacuous clown in the Vatican’s offensive likening of The Holy Family to the lawless savages whom his sort call ‘migrants.’


    Gambar terkait

     Today’s migrants just like Mary and JosephPope Francis

    They were NOT ‘migrants’ at all, legal or illegal!!

    I’m no expert on Catholic teachings, but a quick check reveals my memory of the Bible ain’t quite as dodgy as his.


    ‘Si, si, Senor Ross knows his Bible better than me, I confess!’


    …in the Gospel of Luke (2: 1-7) it is stated that the reason Jesus was born in Bethlehem was because his parents were ordered by Emperor Augustus to return to their ancestral village… 

    So, far from them being law-breakers, sneaking across borders, they were following the law, doing their civic duty.

    If only that obnoxious Argie would do HIS duty, as self-proclaimed titular leader of Christendom, and give a thought to the many, many European victims of the predatory horde.

    • Jillian Serrenza 13:40 on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Damn right.
      His comparison was truly offensive.


    • Jacko 18:38 on December 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Even I knew that Joseph wasnt a crimmigrant.
      Francis is a fool.


  • ross1948 11:14 on December 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Christmas In Jakarta?Another Option, Mal Ciputra 

    Hasil gambar untuk mal ciputra desember 2017

  • ross1948 08:29 on December 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Sympathy With The Devil? Laughing Cats There Ain't! 

    A lot of my pals here are planning trips to Bali for the holidays, but await Mount Agung’s decision on whether or not to erupt or go back to sleep again.

    So it seems timely to remind all those using local airlines to tuck in before they board their planes, lest the arrogant staff seize any edibles they may have in their hand luggage.

    The idea is to force passengers to pay exorbitant prices for snacks they can get in their local eateries for half the cost of the airline food.

    For my part, I see little need to stuff my gob on such a short flight, a good book more than enough to alleviate the tedium of travel.


    Yet my own travel plans have encountered an obstacle, details of which shall be preceded by an anecdote..

    My old Latin teacher, Mr. Johnson, when confronted with feeble excuses for our academic shortcomings, used to say –

    ‘That would make a cat laugh!’


    My cat, now in her 16th year, and going strong, sometimes seems to be rolling in the aisles, but despite her many talents, I have never seen or heard her chortle.

    Even so, I was tempted to read her the story of a Russian man previously given a lifetime ban from Sweden  who said he had come to Sweden in order to fetch his cat, a pet named Gosoya…   https://www.thelocal.se/20171103/russian-man-sentenced-after-returning-to-sweden-to-get-his-cat

    which in his absence (due to deportation!) had been residing at a ‘cat hotel’ for no less than THREE YEARS.

    If his tale was true, he must be a wealthy Russian, for having a cat boarded is not cheap, even here in Jakarta.



    However, there are plenty of cat-lovers about…

    Kafe Kucing2? Miau Dong! A Cat Cafe in Jakarta! 

    another agreeable but mostly irrelevant photo


    ….and I always find a friend or one of the local maids to feed mine when I go out of town – the friends get beer bought for them afterwards, the maids get financial reward.

    The cat cares not how she’s fed, as long as she is.

    Now that time of year approaches again. I am leaving town for a week in December.


    Gambar terkait


    Unlike many of my friends who say they are going ‘out’ for the Festive Season, inexplicably heading for cold climates in Europe or North America.

    …when I leave town, my range of destinations is restricted to places where the weather allows a daily wardrobe of t-shirts and shorts!

    However it transpired that the usually reliable maids are heading home to their kampungs too!

    A desperate search commenced. And now, lo, success!

    A volunteer stepped forward, and once a day, half the contents of a can of cat-food will be tipped into the plastic dish, a further fifteen minutes of that volunteer’s time will be devoted to guard duty…


    Gambar terkait


    …watching out for the wicked strays that prowl the complex, ever-ready to raid the plates of respectable honest felines like mine.

    Now I can start packing.

  • ross1948 00:18 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    K-Pop Christmas, Jakarta 

    Hasil gambar untuk christmas jakarta desember 2017

  • ross1948 18:28 on November 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    God Rest Ye Merry Freaky Swedes? 

    Church of Sweden to stop referring to God as ‘he’ or ‘Lord’


    I note the Godless Guardian denies God the capital H for ‘He’ that the rest  of us, having been properly brought up, tend to use, However, they have not yet deprived Him of the capital L in ‘Lord,’ so maybe they’re hedging their hellfire bets!

    The move is one of several taken by the national Evangelical Lutheran church in updating a 31-year-old handbook setting out how services should be conducted in terms of language, liturgy, hymns and other aspects.

    A notable nutjob, Archbishop Antje Jackelén. not even Swedish but German, notorious in Sweden for her pro-crimmigrant ranting…


    Hasil gambar untuk Archbishop Antje Jackelén. migrants

    ‘…if one requires that immigrants assimilate into the country after their arrival, it is contrary to a Christian view of humanity..’

    Sweden: Who Do Christian Leaders Serve? – Gatestone Institute

    … is the high priestess of this new theology.

    I suppose it’s natural for heretical head-bangers to go after God Almighty on this ‘gender’ issue, since they can hardly try to make out that Jesus was anything but a bloke..


    …though that has been attempted by some obnoxious queers.


    Gambar terkait

    This was about the LEAST offensive picture I found when Google searching with those key words. I advise you not to look at the others Google has, unless you want to vomit.


    Some normal Swedes, happily,  are fighting back against the German bint’s redefinition of God. .

    Christer Pahlmblad, an associate theology professor at Sweden’s Lund University, told the Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper in Denmark that the move was “undermining the doctrine of the Trinity and the community with the other Christian churches.”

    But this is only the escalation of a campaign to scramble up traditional Christianity.



    Last Christmas, I kept singing along with the proper words to  ‘Good Christian Men, Rejoice,’ while some other members of the congregation read from the church hand-out about ‘Friends’ rather than ‘Men.’

    Some silly sods have set about subverting Christmas traditional songs wherever they offend PC creepoids.

    It’s been going on for years!

    Verses are being changed by clergy and teachers to remove supposedly chauvinistic references to men, sons and kings, making them “gender inclusive.”

    Even the word white is being censored for fear of racism accusations, while some schools and churches no longer sing about the virgin Mary. God rest ye merry ladies and gentlemen…


    This Christmas, FIGHT BACK!


    • Mort 22:10 on November 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I had a look at the Google pages you advised us not to and you are right, it makes you want to vomit, the way the perverts try to coopt Jesus Christ.
      They are wise to avoid trying the same disgusting tactic on any figure revered by at least one other creed.


    • Diana 22:41 on November 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sad sick people !
      I think He will have something to say about it when they finally meet Him!.


  • ross1948 15:40 on December 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Xmas On Street For Victims of Indonesia’s Islamists 

    Even a God-awful newspaper can sometimes do something good.

    That was my reaction when I saw that the Jakarta Post had reported on the Sunday service opposite President Jokowi’s Palace downtown, held by two congregations that have suffered and are still suffering persecution by the nastiest Islamist bigots in the land.



    Churches hold public service as reminder of their struggle


    Mind you, as far as I know, these oppressed Christians hold such protest services every second Sunday, so while the JP’s interest is welcome, it’s a pity they don’t report on the shameful state of affairs on a twice-monthly basis.  

    That report at the top of our page was published way back, several months ago. The oppressed Christians were there again today – I was in town but saw no sign of them, only to get home at 1.30pm and see on the internet that they planned a 2pm kick-off. 


    The churches concerned, GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia, are denied access to their places of worship by a combination of brutal fanatic gangs and local governments which either lack the guts to stand up for religious liberty or are in cahoots with the vilest jihadist elements.

    Bekasi’s Islamist Regime – ‘We Won’t Allow Religious Liberty If Bigot Thugs Object!’ 

    That report concerns Bekasi, one such local authority, but another, Bogor, also in West Java, right next door to Jakarta, has recently shown its continuing contempt for civil and religious liberty…  

    Bigoted Bogor – City Seeks IslamoNazi Link-Up! 

    …and its mayor, once described, in all seriousness, as a ‘moderate’ Muslim, has shown himself every bit as coldly indifferent to the rights of these poor Christians as his avowedly Islamist predecessor who kicked off their oppression years ago.


    bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan Bogor Mayor Bima Arya

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    As for the other church, HKBP in Tambun, our reports on what they’ve had to go through in recent years are horrific to read.

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

    Nor was that the only occasion these peaceful Protestants faced that sort of stinking barrage from a stinking rabble!

    • Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    • But while IslamoNazi thugs and benighted local local bigwigs are deplorable, what’s most distressing, perhaps, is the national government’s failure to enforce the law – in GKI Yasmin’s case, a ruling from the highest court in the archipelago.
    • ————
    • SBY


    • President SBY’s indifference to their plight was perhaps unsurprising, but I’m sure everyone who voted for Jokowi believed he was genuinely committed to the religious pluralism which was bequeathed to Indonesia by the nation’s founding fathers.
    • ——————————
    • jokowi
    • ooooooooooooooooooooo
  • ross1948 12:53 on November 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Is Bloomington Worth Saving? Mayor Spits On America’s Heritage! 

    A thoroughly enjoyable Thanksgiving get-together in posh uptown Jakarta last night, turkey and all the trimmings, especially STUFFING!   

    I love that stuff, as readers of my Christmas piece last year will recall.


    • SAM_9218

    My Home-Cooked Xmas Dinner – New Career In Catering? 

    But it may well be that America’s well-loved November holiday will soon be discontinued, at least in Indiana, or at least renamed…


    • Hasil gambar untuk angry atheist
    • —————
    • …in case atheists and agnostics feel that there’s something ‘un-inclusive’ about saying a word of thanks to God.

    I went to bat for Bloomington, Indiana, earlier this month…

    Race Against Time – Can Trump Save Bloomington

    …an American city facing one of Obama’s implanted migrant infestations.

    But now I wonder if the place is worth defending, after reading about this appeasement monkey.

    Hasil gambar untuk john hamilton mayor bloomington

    Blomington’s Hamilton

    •  The Mayor of Bloomington, Ind., is changing the names of the Columbus Day and Good Friday holidays in order to “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.”
    • In a memo to city employees on Friday, Mayor John Hamilton announced that the Columbus Day and Good Friday holidays — both days when city employees get paid time off — would now be called “Fall Holiday” and “Spring Holiday,” respectively.
    • http://www.nationalreview.com/article/442375/indiana-city-changes-name-good-friday-be-more-inclusive
    • I won’t go on about it. The National Review article’s author does so, very splendidly.
    • However, in view of my reference to stuffing, above, here’s a short message for Hizonna!

    Gambar terkait


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