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    Bilderberg – Something Wicked This Way Comes! 

     If anyone doubted the truth of assertions that the Bilderberg Group is Enemy Within personified, you only need to look at who’s showing up at the fancy hotel they’ve booked in Dresden this week.


    • It’s a gathering of, to identify but one element among them, Europhiliacs.

    Lagarde of the IMF, the evil Dutch EuroCommissar Timmermans…Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power! …and this year’s new kid on the Bilderberg block, none other than that arrogant rat O’Leary, of Ryan Air…


    Hasil gambar untuk Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive, Ryanair O’Leary The Thinker


    Pro-Independence UK Patriots – No Flyin’ With Ryan! 

    …another alien who has stuck his uppity snout into Britain’s referendum debate.

    Their main UK puppet, formerly an honoured guest at their conclave..Cast-Iron Cabals with Bilderbergers – HMV?  ….is preoccupied with doing their dirty work back home, and the report doesn’t say if their stalwart subversive Peter Sutherland will be there…


    • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/multicult-or-else-bilderberger-spurs-eussr-to-erase-national-identities/


    …but it does give plenty of other names, banksters, media moguls, big business plutocrats – http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/participants.html

    – many of their names infamous for declaring that, in the battle between Britain and Brussels, their allegiance was with the collaborationists of ‘Remain.’

    But it’s not just undesirables with an axe to grind against UK sovereignty.

    That worthless RINO Lindsey Graham will be there, and no surprise.


    During last year’s conference, Bilderberg was rather supportive of Hillary Clinton in her presidential claim, which leads to the conclusion that Donald Trump’s success in the GOP primaries will come under the Bilderberg spotlight. Bilderberg 2016: World’s top brass meets in Dresden to talk migrants

    • trump
    • Bilderbergers out to get Trump?
    • ———–
    • Moreover, anti-Trump Senator Lindsey Graham’s name on the guest list hints that the Group is to brood over how to prevent Trump from defeating Clinton.

    How dare these self-perceived ‘masters of the universe’ seek to impose their will on America, or Britain, or any sovereign nation?

    Last year, huge demos occurred as these supranational schemers plotted behind closed doors, where every meeting is held under the Chatham House Rule that allows participants to use the information they received, but bans them from disclosing the identity and the affiliation of the person the information came from.


    • Hasil gambar untuk bilderberg
    • ————
    • Since the report tells us that ‘former CIA and MI6’ spy chiefs will be there, this is not reassuring.

    To stage their caballing this year in Dresden, an East German hot-spot where people are up in arms about what the elite are doing in terms of the crimmigrant tsunami, seems to be a deliberate act of provocation.  

    Mama Stasi’s cops have certainly sprung into action to keep their secrets safe  EXCLUSIVE: Journalists — including me — harassed by police but I hope thousands will still turn out to denounce this evil in Dresden’s midst.

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    Global War on Free Speech – Scheiß Antifa! 

    Waving foreign flags whilst targetting real Americans, the Red Nazis of the anti-Trump movement ran amok yet again last week Disgusted’ police condemn violent protesters at Donald Trump rally  and at last the Clinton campaign felt obliged, by public dismay, to deplore violence…

    Clinton Campaign Condemns Protesters’ Violence at Trump Rally


    But with typical Crooked Hillary style, she also chorused along with the left-liberal stance on storm-troopery Hillary Blames Trump for Rally Violence: ‘He Created an Environment in Which It Seemed Acceptable 

    That hogwash was also to be heard on CNN on Friday,  a panel of nifty chicks discussing the issue, a blonde bint opining it was Trump’s words that were to blame.



    I can’t recall her exact rant, but the same excuses for thuggery are available on the New York Times web-site, which specifically blamed the violence on Trump’s exercise of his constitutional right to free speech.

    It is, wrote Alan Rappeport and Nick Corasanti, the result of a combustible mix of the candidate’s fiery oratory and the passion of the anti-Trump movement.  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/04/us/politics/donald-trump-protest.html


    One of those quoted in the NYT, who invited/incited Un-Americans to show up at the San Jose Trump rally to ‘Send Donald Trump to Hell,’ provided this articulate justification of his behaviour’ – 

    “San Jose is very based on immigrants and stuff like that.”

    That moron’s name is Mathew Gonzales. ‘Mr’ Gonzales, according to the NYT, ‘avoided the violence that ensued.’

    A great pity, one might think. And a shame too that the NYT hacks were not caught up in the mayhem. But even had they got a black eye or two, they’d probably still blame free speech rather than the hoodlum left who hit them.

    Anyone can get angry about others’ opinions, on either side of the Atlantic.  

    • Reading the lies of Camoron and the arrogance of Juncker and the downright wickedness of the EUSSR’s Mogherini, or Mama Stasi Merkel’s appeasement of Erdogan on the satire issue, it’s hard not to explode with fury.
    • ooooooooooooooooooooo


    Free speech works, as proven by Camoron’s demolition on Sky News last week, by everyday folk who cut through his waffle and weaselling. 

    EU referendum: David Cameron condemned for ‘waffling’ by student

    But free speech in Europe is under dire threat not just from the European counterparts of  San Jose’s ‘Mr.’ – surely ‘Senor’ – Gonzales, but also from the Brussels Commissars.

    An excellent article on Spiked.com a few days ago talks you through the Commissars’ determination to stomp resistance, not only to their crimmigrant policy but their so-called LGBTI hogwash too..and that crap-concept ‘Islamophobia.’ 



    New plans to tackle online hate speech pose a threat to us all.   http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/the-eus-relentless-attack-on-free-speech/

    Please read it – the grand design of the oligarchy is frankly horrific.

    But if the peoples of Europe liberate themselves from Brussels rule, they will still have those masked thug mobs, who nowadays go by the name of ‘Antifa’


    Hammer_sickle_svastika Same lunacy, different flags


    ….though 1930s Germans would recognise the same phenomenon in Hitler’s Brownshirt gangs.


    ‘F-ck Germany, Viva Antifa, For Communism!’


    And since we mention Germany, woe betide anyone there who publicly says anything which offends the Antifa, whose banner, above, sums up their absolute enmity to their own country.

    In case you don’t know the meaning of the German Scheiss, which literally means ‘sh-t..’ or…

     Scheiss in general is often used the same way, as ‘f-ck’ in US English… Urban Dictionary: Scheiss

    …in other words, the Red swine, not content with their hoorahs for Kommunismus, consider their own country isn’t worth a f-ck, is worth no more than faeces, fit for flushing. 


    And it’s not only Germany, and America, that are afflicted by Antifa evil. That’s them in London’s Tower Hamlets!


    Their arrant intolerance of free speech even extends to leftist dissenters, like the Links (Left )Party’s’ Sahra Wagenknecht.

    Perhaps stung by the plight of her young fellow-citizens…Young Germans and migrants compete for city housing  … she briefly remembered the ideals which once appealed to German workers in the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne in January.. 

    Whoever abuses their guest’s rights has also forfeited their guest’s rights.”

    By so doing, she triggered much internal party dissent, because she actually talked sense. This statement of the obvious caused uproar?  


    Because it suggested Germany should effectively disregard the Geneva convention on refugees’ rights…

    Good for Sahra! ( one hopes her kameraden don’t read my blog, since any praise from here to her will surely have her purged stalinistically!)

    Of course Germany, and all Western countries, should disregard that obsolete convention, or at least stick to the definition of ‘refugees’ which was enshrined its original document.




    That definition would have excluded a huge percentage of the parasite horde. Weird, though, that concern for victims of ‘rape-refugees’ should get her into so much hot water?

    But not weird that she u-turned and  took back the remark a few days later.  http://www.dw.com/en/right-wing-afd-poaching-voters-from-german-left-party/a-19285067

    Germany Opposition Leader


    This repentance did not prevent a Red hoodlum from attacking her, at the party’s congress in Magdeburg. 

    Assaulting women is never beneath these Antifa scum – as we saw in San Jose too!  

    The men celebrated after physically assaulting the woman, waving Mexican flags…http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/03/hispanic-male-protesters-physically-assault-white-female-trump-supporter-wave-mexican-flag/

    Antifa are cowardly vermin, unleashing thuggery of every sort on anyone who gets in their way.

    Well…no, that’s not true.


    • Jackboot
    • ————-
    • YOU don’t have to get in THEIR way.

    Wherever you may choose to embrace your right to free expression, THEY will be there, to get in YOUR way. 

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      The antifa are dangerous only because the police do not force the cowards to take off the masks. Like robbers and bandits they hide the faces from the victims for fear the crimes will catch up to them.
      We have them in our country too.
      Communists all of them or as you say Red Nazis.
      There is no difference. , .


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    BBC’s Sly Bias On USA Election… 

    Illegal immigrants in the US often get better care than the nation’s military veterans, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said.  Donald Trump: Migrants treated better than US military veterans

    And then, for no apparent reason, the BBC News report went on – Mr Trump – who has made controversial comments on a number of issues..
    trump The Donald
    The BBC is thus implying that the Vets V Illegals assertion was controversial.
    Well, suppose a vet breaks the law?
    Police will bring him in and once he’s arrested and charged, he will probably end up in court,
    Crimmigrants are only in the USA because they’ve broken the law. The police can check their documents anytime and bring them in.
    Or is that how it really works?
    No, very often, the cops cannot!
    Entire cities have ORDERED their police forces NOT to detain aliens for illegal immigration offences, and NOT to alert federal agents who might see to it that the wasters are punished for their  violation of US immigration law.
    That’s just one example of the way these sleazy queue-jumpers are pampered under the reign of the loose-cannon poser in the White House, who has made it very clear he’s on the side of law[breakers rather than law-enforcement.
    So illegals are treated better than vets, so Trump’s comments were TRUE, hardly controversial.
    Certainly, in a rough, tough election campaign, Trump has made and will make  controversial comments on a number of issues…
    His foolish comments on North Carolina, that he’d allow that wretched man/woman Jenner to use the women’s restroom, sure caused controversy.
    But why does the BBC single out Trump as the candidate who is note-worthy for making controversial comments...

    As if Crooked Hillary hasn’t?

    Hillary Clinton Endorses Obama’s Decree on Transgender

    The BBC’s bias is as glaring as a skull-and-crossbones flag on a sunny day on the 17th century Caribbean Sea.  
    Not a word about Clinton’s controversial comments, not least about her wealth…

    …nor about her brazen U-turns ‘Will you say anything to get elected?’ …nor about her own controversial aka scary pro-crimmigrant comments.


    Instead of saying in fairness that she too makes controversial comments on a number of issues, the BBC ignores her readiness to endorse the enormous and escalating sums lavished on crimmigrants and ignores her refusal to condemn the dozens, hundreds maybe, of municipal authorities that operate the subversive ‘sanctuary city’ system…

    Those are deliberately designed to shield undesirable aliens from the consequences of their illegal activities.
    The BBC rounds off its ideology-driven jihad against Trump ( and for illegals) by adding only that many states have written an assortment of laws and policies designed to restrict government services to people in the country illegally.
    Selective journalism, a key characteristic of the dishonest media. 
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      Sometimes I think you are a little naive, Ross, although maybe it’s just your way to make the point.
      What I mean is that in cases like this, you write as if the BBC sees the world the way most normal people do.
      To BBC journalists, a promise to amnesty over ten million illegal immigrants is not in the least controversial. \
      To point out the factual truth that illegals commit rape and murder. is controversial.
      When a President orders schools to let men into women’s restrooms,and and a presidential candidate supports him, that’s not at all controversial.
      When another presidential candidate says that vets deserve more help than illegals, and that they’re not getting it, that’s controversial.
      In America, it’s been surveyed and proven that most journalists hold a leftist world-view, so naturally they think most Trump opinions are controversial.
      Most normal Americans are not leftist, so they are delighted when Trump does what few presidential candidates have ever done and not only disagrees with the media but attacks their shibboleths in the bluntest possible way.

      I personally would prefer somebody who is truly conservative, which Trump isn’t, but he delights me when he infuriates the media class. They are the most Un-American people and Americans therefore dislike them intensely. .


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    Sexploitation – Ya Wanna Safeguard Women? Anyone But Clinton! 

    It’s hardly news that The Donald married a model, and models often appear as interestingly as Mrs. T does in the top photo.
    What is much more relevant to sexism in the US Presidential election is another spouse of another candidate
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    Canada’s Enemy Deep Within – Un-Civil Servants Who Despise Democracy 

    One of the hall-marks of Canada’s British constitutional heritage is the concept of an impartial civil service, the requirement that government employees understand their duty is to implement the policies of the elected government. A pen-pusher in a ministry may dislike those policies, but tough!

    His or her job is to get on with what the Prime Minister and Parliament elected by Canadians have chosen to enact.


    • Canada_Coat_of_Arms
    • Any who can’t or won’t accept that responsibility are free to resign. And any who actively seek to subvert the elected government’s polices should be fired, without pension rights or any other perk or privilege – they are enemies of democracy.

    And there seem to be a lot who need to be fired!

    Here’s a US official expressing his shock, part of an email released by court order in the latest Clinton scandal.

    “In my many years here I have never seen such open disloyalty with a change of administrations…”


    The dynamic described in that email was on public display recently after the federal election, when employees at the foreign ministry cheered during a visit from their new Liberal bosses.

    British readers may remember that the Foreign Office scum similary cheered, as did the ‘impartial’ BBC hacks, when Mrs. Thatcher was forced out of Downing Street.

    • thatcherenoch-powell-was-right-national-front-union-jack1



    Sounds like the Ottawa rats-nest is no different.


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    ‘F–K The Police!’ Clinton’s Pussy Riot Pets Shrill for Crimmigrants! 

    Remember all the fuss about those extremely unpleasant women who call themselves ‘Pussy Riot?’

    All the usual rat-bag pinkos lined up to demand Putin turn them loose, both before and after their conviction for particularly obnoxious mayhem in that Moscow  Cathedral.


    • ——————
    • It was not an exercise in legitimate civil protest –the women staged a flashmob-style performance of their song close to the altar in the cathedral..with an obscenity-laced performance…

     They were convicted of ‘hooliganism based on religious hatred.’ An apt description. Refesh your memory here.  Pussy Riot members jailed for two years for hooliganism – BBC

    But it wan’t just run-of-the-mill ratbags, not Amnesty agitators who’d likely attend any concerts the harpies might stage in their vicinity, who were up in arms on the loutesses’ behalf.


    • EUSSR

    And now, in a supremely offensive gesture of ingratitude  to the fools in the West who championed their repulsive antics, Pussy Riot are ululating more hate…




    .. a “F— the police” message, in response to even the current feeble efforts undertaken in Europe to contain the crimmigrant menace. 

    • John Boy 15:27 on November 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Nice to see somebody out there so far away taking aim at those Clintons.
      She has just sworn never to tell the truth again – won’t call illegal immigrants ‘illegal immigrants,’ EVER again!


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    Is Castro-Symp Sanders Wilfully Ignorant? 

    I haven’t paid much attention to the US elections for a while.

    Yet although everyone is repelled by the hypocrisy and mendacity of Clinton, there’s always a tendency to give outsiders like Bernie Sanders the benefit of the doubt…



    …yeah, he’s a nutter, but at least he’s honest.

    Not anymore.

    The man is clearly well-educated and into politics in a big way, so either he’s deliberately lying or is wilfully ignorant when it comes to Cuba.

    All the more when you notice he’s been laying into Clinton for her hypocritical u-turn on pervert weddings.

    Sanders called her out, rightly, for trying to rewrite history over her wriggling on that issue… .http://townhall.com/tipsheet/cortneyobrien/2015/10/26/sanders-accuses-hillary-of-rewriting-history-in-her-support-for-doma-n2070902?


    So howzabout Sanders’ own efforts to re-write Cuban history?


    In 1985, Bernie Sanders went to Nicaragua, where he was much taken with the marxist regime. But his highest praise was reserved for the despotism just across the Caribbean.

    “In 1959 everybody was totally convinced that Fidel Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro…They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society…

    ..So they expected this tremendous uprising in Cuba, but it never came.”


    • fidel2
    • However, Humberto Fontova can be relied on to keep us up to date with American folly and deception about ‘that imprisoned island,’ as RFK accurately described it.
    • As Senor Fontova points out,
    • ………In fact, the only genuinely popular rebellion and genuine guerrilla war in Cuba in the 20th Century was waged against the regime co-founded by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara….


    • …This ferocious guerrilla war, waged during the early 60’s only 90 miles from U.S. shores mostly by Cuban rednecks might have taken place on the planet Pluto for all you’ll read about it in the mainstream media.
    • You see, this anti-Stalinist rebellion, involving ten times the number of rebels, ten times the number of casualties, and lasting twice as long as the puerile skirmish against Batista, found no New York Times’ “reporter” anywhere near Cuba’s hills. And as Che Guevara snickered in his diaries:

    “Much more valuable than recruits for our guerrilla force, were American media recruits to export our propaganda.”

    And as Fidel Castro snickered while visiting New York Times headquarters in April 1959 and pinning a medal on their Latin American reporter Herbert Matthews;

    “To our American friend Herbert Matthews with gratitude. Without your help, and without the help of The New York Times,the Revolution in Cuba would never have been.”

    Having quoted RFK above, it remains for me to let the Cuban patriot writer remind readers how his elder brother pledged to the Soviets that the U.S. immediately pull the rug out from under Cuba’s valiant and desperate freedom- fighters.

    Raul Castro himself admitted that at the time of the Missile Crisis his troops and their Soviet advisors were up against 179 different “bands of bandits” as he labeled the thousands of Cuban anti-Communist rebels then battling savagely and virtually alone in Cuba’s countryside, with small arms shipments from their compatriots in south Florida as their only lifeline.

    communism tyranny

    Kennedy’s Missile-Crisis deal with Khrushchev cut this lifeline. It’s a tribute to the power of Castroite mythology that even with all this information a matter of public record for over half a century the academic/media mantra (gloat, actually) still has Castro,” defying ten U.S. Presidents!”


    As for Sanders’ other nonsenses, the same old hogwash we hear about Cuba’s wondrous health-care, here’s just one refutation of the lies spun to the gullible by the monstrous tyranny in Havana.

    Dr. Juan Felipe García, MD, of Jacksonville, Fla., interviewed several recent doctor defectors from Cuba. Based on what he heard, he reported the following: 
    “The official Cuban infant-mortality figure is a farce. Cuban pediatricians constantly falsify figures for the regime. If an infant dies during its first year, the doctors often report he was older. Otherwise, such lapses could cost him severe penalties and his job.
    • Alejandro 13:14 on October 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You are a friend to Free Cuba. I wish more people knew about the Castro dictatorship and how it has ruined Cuban prosperity.
      Please continue to spread Fontova’s writing.


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    Trump Makes Waves – In Jakarta! A Clinton Connection? 

    While The Donald Effect rips through America’s political landscape, Mr. Trump’s campaign has, more surprisingly, led to uproar here in Indonesia, after two prominent politicians made a surprise appearance at one the billionaire candidate’s press conferences.


    • trump


    I won’t go into detail on the blow-back, suffice to say there are threats of law-suits raging – sadly, law-fare is a frequent occurrence in this lovely archipelago – and I simply attach a link to one English-language news story on the subject. 

    Politician threatens lawsuit against critic over Trump saga

    But once more I must regrettfully report that the Jakarta Globe is plucking obscure far-left American academics to fill its pages, a lamentably biased article by some pinko prof from Drake University, wherever that is, railing against Trump’s sensible view on anchor babies…



    ….that phenomenon whereby any illegal immigrant, or anyone else, who gives birth in the USA, fondly expects that the offspring are thereby entitled to all the rights and privileges of American citizenship. Hence if my pregnant cat crawls into the neighbour’s dog’s kennel, its kittens are somehow categorised as puppies?

    So how come?

    • jakarta-globe5-300x246
    • Why is the Jakarta Globe publishing vicious anti-Trump diatribes? The candidate is surging, gathering support even among minority groups whom the race-obsessed left-lib media in the USA have been trying to turn against him.  

    Maybe that’s why! He’s up against a Clinton, after all!

    This geezer Professor Anthony Gaughan is entitled to his opinion – he minces his words a lot, though, unable to being himself to use the correct description ‘illegal immigrants,’ instead substituting ‘unauthorised’ etc., a sure sign of pinko infection.

    He quotes numerous ‘authorities’ to refute things Trump did or didn’t say, and appears incensed that most other Republican candidates agree with Trump, and even more outraged that most Americans agree with Trump, that these kids are no more American than I am.

    Another gem is his allegation that ‘immigrants’ (does he mean honest immigrants who waited their turn, or illegals?) are more law-abiding than Americans.




    Surely not the illegals, because they are ipso facto law-breakers.

    Never mind – my grouse is with the Jakarta Globe for publishing this lefty rant.  http://jakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/international/commentary-donald-trumps-battle-birthright-citizenship/

    There’s no obvious reason why the JG chose to splash all those column inches on this man, who  just snarls down from his ivory tower, part baffled, part enraged, by the fact that he is so utterly out of step with his fellow-citizens.


    • elite arrogance-s
    • =============
    • Of course, umlike the over-paid college elite, the lumpen-proletariat ( aka decent hard-working Americans) MUST have been manipulated by wicked Trump (oh, yes, and remember, almost all the other candidates for the party’s nomination!)

    Funny how Trump’s challenge only picked up when he RESPONDED to normal people’s natural concern with the serious issue of illegal immigration, the monstrous crimes committed by the undesirable aliens, murder, rape…

    Illegal Aliens Account for More than 30% of Murder Convictions in Several States  

    Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

    …WHICH WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO AMERICANS if those crimmigrants were not in America.

    As for exploiting issues, how about the arch-race-baiter already in the White House? 
    But I leave it to American readers to refute Gaughan’s gabbling. 

    Again, what appalls me is the Jakarta Globe, ever-eager to find a prominent place for fanatics of the left, just as they push pinko propaganda in their endless effort to rehabilitate the totalitarian hypocrites of the Indonesian Commuunist Party.

    Any pretence at objectivity would demand an article of equal length and position in the next available issue of their newspaper.
    There are plenty of American conservatives able to write one – if invited to do so!
    That won’t happen. If it does, I’ll eschew partying for a week.
    Oh, and BTW….
    Who owns the JG anyway?
    Is it some limousine liberals, some folks with long-standing connections to the Clintons?
    Depends how you define Lippo Group, but Lippo Group owns the Jakarta Globe.

    Dig this report, from Radio Australia http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/international/2014-07-13/prabowo-camp-urges-bill-clinton-to-cancel-indonesia-visit/1342346  which concerned certain Indonesian politicos who wanted Boisterous Billy Boy to stay away from Indonesia during last year’s election season – it seems the reason the welcome mat was whipped away is because Mr Clinton’s visit is sponsored by a tycoon with links to the rival candidate and they may set up a meeting.


    • —————–
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    Pelacur2 Suka2 Hillary! 

    A group of Nevada sex workers, Hookers For Hillary, have come out in favor of the Democratic contender for president



    What’s behind this pledge of allegiance?


    Has Bill Clinton been round canvassing for support?

    • Mark 13:40 on April 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Plenty of good reasons for not leaving Indonesia.
      Not one to compare with the Blok M blossoms!


    • Terry 15:20 on April 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      My God!
      Bill’s door-to-door approach is the way to sway voters in Nevada!
      But seriously…

      The last time you touched on this topic https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/bills-bordello-broads-why-the-fuss/ you wrote that ‘an honest hooker is more reliable any day then a serial predator,’

      Now we need to consider if a second serial liar like Hillary can possibly do more harm to America than the one sitting in the Oval Office right this minute. .


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    Predators Thwarted – Trans-Freak Toilet Ban In Arkansas! 

    Congratulations to LifeSiteNews and to the people of Fayetteville, Arkansas, where citizens have vetoed an ordinance aimed at giving sexual misfits access to bathroom, locker room or other sex-segregated facilities of their choice, regardless of their biological sex. 

    LSN gave stalwart support to the cause of decency, and to the Duggar family, stars of the tv show TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, who played a key role in the battle.

    Ordinance 119, passed by the city council in August, barred the city, employers, property owners, and business owners from discriminating based on a range of categories, controversially including “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression.” https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/duggars-help-arkansas-town-roll-back-gender-identity-privileges?-





    Why any civilised community leadership would seek to foist that kind of pro-freak fiat on its people is beyond me. Have they no regard for the safety of their own children?

    After Michelle Duggar did her civic duty by spreading the word on its implications, the TLC company faced demands to shut down the family show – a petition on Change.org criticizing her and asking TLC to cancel the Duggar’s reaity TV show earned 180,000 signatures. However, a counter-petition launched by LifeSiteNews earned 210,000 signatures.

    The voters of Fayetteville turned out to make their decision, and it was a victory for the forces of light.

    referndmlet peole vote


    But a narrow one -. 52% against 48%…

    Strange! Surely any sane city would dump such garbage by 100 to 1!?!

    Too many weirdos in Arkansas?-




    – Clinton country, I guess!


    LSN have a Christmas appeal for funds – why not check out their site and make a donation. https://www.lifesitenews.com



    • Anita 11:12 on December 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Americans must be crazy. Why would so many of these Arkansas people vote to let men go into lady’s toilets?


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