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    Tearing Down USA – American Liberal Talks Sense On Antifa Red Nazis! 

    In January, we launched a fiery verbal attack on a left-liberal American academic, after he made what seemed to us a very bizarre comment about President Trump’s immigration policies.

    Wicked America! ‘We Kept Out Communists!’ 

    Gambar terkait

    His name? Alan Dershowitz.

    At that time, we had hard words to say on his suggestion that it was somehow wrong for the USA to have kept out Communists in the 1950s.

    As our post seven months ago put it, why on earth shouldn’t America, or any sane country, do all in its power ‘to exclude evil people addicted to an evil supranational ideology?’

     As Trump is trying now to do.

    But fair’s fair.

    If you have a go at somebody who talks nonsense, it is only honest to offer a pat on the back when he or she starts talking sense.

    And what could be more sensible than this?

    “Do not glorify the violent people who are now tearing down the statues,” he said. “Many of these people, not all of them, many of these people are trying to tear down America.


    =Hasil gambar untuk durham statue confederate


    “Antifa is a radical anti-American, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard, hard left censorial organization that tries to stop speakers on campuses from speaking.” 



    “They use violence. And just because they’re opposed to fascism and to some of these monuments shouldn’t make them heroes of the liberals.”   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/22/alan-dershowitz-violent-antifa-movement-is-trying-/

    “I’m a liberal, and I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals just like it’s the obligation of conservatives to speak out against the extremism of the hard right,” he added.

    Well said!

    Donald Trump has condemned those ‘hard right’ groups AND the vicious thugs of Antifa, and it’s precisely that even-handed approach that has got the media creeps in a frenzy.

    The ‘hard right’ in America is insignificant. We here have derided the KKK in the past by comparing them to local IslamoNazi gangs.


    • kkkflying Racist KKK

    fpikkk Islamist FPI


    The sickos of CNN  – and the rest of the Media Democrat party –  nevertheless keep trying to promote moral equivalence between the miniscule ‘hard right’ and the ever-growing menace of red nazi violence –



    – which we saw again in Arizona this week, their outrageous attack on the police outside the President’s rally..

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    Fake News = Hate News, So Stop CNN Incitement! 

    Just as CNN is probably the most bigoted element among all those biased left media that are waging war on President Trump, so too is SPLC one of the worst hate groups in the USA.

    You don’t need to take our word for it, just read this WT report.http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/17/hate-group-map-lists-mainstream-conservative-organ/


    Tell #FakeNewsCNN to stop putting AFA in danger

    Neither is less contemptible than the other, and now CNN is just as guilty as SPLC in the matter of endangering innocent people.

    Please read on.

    This week, CNN listed the American Family Association as a “hate group” in a sham news article that could easily incite violence and place AFA employees and supporters in harm’s way. CNN has since issued a correction and removed AFA by name off their website. Instead, CNN links to the Southern Poverty Law Center website which falsely lists AFA as a “hate group.”
    AFA is urging CNN to stop using the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a source when reporting real news. The SPLC is a radical organization and its hateful rhetoric was implicated in a 2012 shooting at the Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington, D.C..
    Today, we need your support to sustain our efforts in this important and lengthy battle.
    By citing the SPLC, CNN underscores why many Americans don’t trust it for honest reporting.
    The SPLC has been widely discredited over the years because of its false labeling of Christian organizations as “hate groups.”
    In fact, even the liberal Obama Department of Justice quietly reprimanded SPLC and its attorneys because their conduct “overstepped the bounds of zealous advocacy and was unprofessional.” 
    Hasil gambar untuk ben carson
    Ben Carson
    Many remember when the SPLC placed world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, on an “extremist” watch list. Why did they do this? Because Dr. Carson believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.
    CNN knows SPLC materials are specifically anti-Christian and falsely label many faith-based organizations like American Family Association because we take a strong stand defending natural marriage and resisting the aggressive, radical, homosexual agenda.
    CNN should stop using SPLC’s discredited “hate” list immediately. Add your voice to ours!
    1. Join AFA by signing our petition to CNN, urging it to stop using the Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource.
    2. After signing the petition, please make a donation to help us sustain our efforts in this important and lengthy battle.
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    Gargoyle Leftist Griffin – Too Grotesque Even For CNN – Blames Trump! 


    Which is uglier, the mock-up of a beheaded Trump, the grim bint holding it, or her shameless bid to blame her victim for the outrage she provoked, outrage so widespread that even far-left CNN felt they had to fire her.

    It goes without saying that most people want this fatuous fool to learn a lesson, but no way, instead she’s whining about how the disgust she generated is symptomatic of misogyny and authoritarian repression…http://www.realclearlife.com/politics/kathy-griffin-offensive-against-trump/

    Hasil gambar untuk belly laugh


    • Ben Baniek 7:19 am on June 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She says she’s sorry?
      That’s a joke but a mean joke. Its now come out that she had plans to go after the President’s 10 year old son and told everybody she was going to do that last year.

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    Obama’s Pet Freak Unleashed! Why Refer To “IT” As ‘She?” 

    So the traitor thing is out of jail.


    • ===
    • Just got home and see that France24 describes it as a ‘transgender icon,’ which is a pretty fancy way of saying a filthy freako traitor.
    • F24 also relates that the thing tried twice to kill itself, so it is clearly no more of a success at suicide than it is at living life as a decent human being.
    • No doubt it will appear on CNN soon…


    ….fawned over by other maladjusts, like Don Lemon or that ‘cute’ Anderson.

    One hopes normal Americans will do all they can to make it regret its despicable disloyalty.

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    Brit-Hating Bigot Yank Echoes HMV – US Election Was “Sabotaged!” 

    Spent a bit of Sunday’s sunny morning watching a BBC discussion show, Global Questions, staged in Riga, capital of the Baltic republic of Latvia. It was interesting.

    But the highlight had to be a demented outburst from a former Clinton flunkey named James Rubin.


    Gambar terkait



    It seems he lives nowadays in a luxurious Manhattan residence, having spent time in England, alleging that Russia had ‘sabotaged’ the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.


    Whoever leaked Crooked Hillary’s emails, and those of her lying Democrat freak-show, whoever did that HARDLY ‘sabotaged‘ the election. What was done by the leakers was a great service to the American people, informing them, most helpfully, on the character amd morality of the Clinton clique.

    And even if left-liberals don’t like that truth…surely no ‘sabotage’ took palce? No damage or destruction to the electoral process.

     Was the election prevented, or even delayed, or was the vote tally falsified?


    Interference, if you like, for the good, if you agree with me, for the bad, if you’re a pinko, but NOT sabotaged.


    But i was intrigued by his repeated and venomous contributions to the chat, intrigued enough to look him up.

    And lo, he’s a bigot!

    He has publicly insulted Protestants and demeaned conservatives as UNIMPORTANT!

    I quote from his wikipedia entry.

    …he described Lord Trimble, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of Northern Ireland, as a “crankpot” for stating that Hillary Clinton’s claim to have been “helpful” in the Northern Ireland peace process was “a wee bit silly.” Rubin also stated that Trimble’s opinion was not important as he was “a Protestant”, and so “traditionally conservative…”   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Rubin


    It may be that Rubin’s religious slur was not meant to be religious but ethnic. Many people use the term ‘Protestant’ to mean the Ulster British.  

    But does that exculpate the creep?

    If he had said somebody’s opinion was ‘not important’ because he’s a Muslim? Imagine the uproar.

    Or because he’s Mexican?

    Outrage would ensue. There’s no excuse for abuse against any individual either because of the person’s ethnic or religious identity.


    • Gambar terkait

    David Trimble

    David Trimble merits a lot of criticism for his role in that shameful sell-out process.

    But it is rank irrational prejudice to attack him because of his religion. And for a leftist pip-squeak like Rubin to assert that all the millions of British (and by logical extension, American etc ) conservatives areNOT IMPORTANT simply because they dissent from Rubin’s rancid leftism…


    Or rather not! Because my check on this creature reveals that his base sectarian and ideological prejudices are mere echoes of those engrained in the woman he wed!



    Amanpour Calls For Media Jihad Against Trump | Daily Wire


    Yep, it’s the she-devil of media bias, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour!


    Were he not such a shrill bigot, I’d almost feel sorry for him!

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    Clinton Cash – A Petition for Justice! 



    Lock her up?

    It’s an appealing idea.

    Yet I suspect obliging other convicts to share her cell or even her canteen table at meal-times would be construed as the constitutionally forbidden cruel and unusual punishment!


    • Image result for american horror story
    • —————–
    • Imagine being in close proximity to her all day, or even while you’re just trying to digest your breakfast, lunch or dinner!
    • YUK!
    • =====
    • However, it’s absolutely right and proper to demand an intensive investigation.
    • ======
    • My Indonesian friends, former students and even casual acquaintances here in Jakarta, who often innocently tune into the mainstream fake news media like CNN etc…
    • …………………
    • clinton_news_network
    • ………
    • …frequently ask me about President Trump.
    • ———
    • I explain to them that the USA was lucky not to get saddled with such a rotten regime as that which a Clinton victory would have imposed on decent Americans.
    • =====
    • =====
    • b5689-hillaryclintonugly-bmp


    • My response is invariably to recommend they locate and watch that fine film ‘Clinton Cash!’
    • First look at explosive Hillary documentary, ‘ClintonCash 
    • ========
    • As I’ve said before, it’s an eye-opener for those who think the Clinton clique is any better than some of those Indonesian politicians whose greed for power and money lands them in hot water here.
    • =
    • Image result for korupsi tikus=
    • Later, wiser by far, these young Indonesians tell me they’d no idea how dreadful the woman really is.
    • ======= 
    • Here’s a link to a very good petition.
    • http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/poll/demand-answers/
    • I seem to be passing on petitions every other day, but since the Enemy Within is in a perpetual state of war with President Trump, I suppose one must be as active as one can be in helping all the many good American patriots who are fighting back! 


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    Biased CNN Becky Reckons ‘Grafitti is Art?’ And Worse! 

    Try as I might, I have found it impossible to find any tolerable person among CNN’s hirelings, whether it’s…

    That queer little Lemon, who outdid himself by saying…


    Hasil gambar untuk don lemon not evil

    … that the Chicago torturers were ‘not evil!’

    Though I bet the simpering drip is very upset with Trump’s ideas about torturing terrorists.

    And then there’s the unrepentant communist Van Jones…

    Hasil gambar untuk cnn van jones bias communist


    We have noted their unpleasant existence already.


    But tonight?


    How about this Becky Anderson, who looks down her supercilious nose at her viewers from her fancy residence in Abu Dhabi.


    Hasil gambar untuk becky anderson



    Every hour or so, near enough, there’s a plug on the pinko channel for her ‘Connect’ show, and the plug consists of her telling us how –

    Where YOU see grafitti, I see art…’

    She then warbles on in her expensively elocuted accent, with a series of fatuous comparisons – all sorts of things where SHE sees everyday stuff much more perceptively than we mere earthlings do.


    elite arrogance-s


    What a stuck-up wally!

    Well, today, she told us that she sees the American Dream – but NOT in America.


    It’s alive, she said, ‘IN CANADA!’

    Yeah, right!

    That’s what she said, about an hour ago.

    I’m sure Canada’s current unfortunate incarnation as Turdostan is indeed her dream country. 

    Hasil gambar untuk cnn bias

    Why do these people hang onto jobs in journalism when they can’t keep their personal political prejudice out of news broadcasts?


    , ,

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    Alternative CNN Universe? Illegals Never Voted – Why? ‘It’s Against The Law!’ 

    I wonder why CNN doesn’t just change its name to something else, Pravda perhaps.

    But usually they get ‘persuasive’ pinkos, like that unrepentant communist Van Jones, to present their whining against whatever America’s President may say or do.


    Hasil gambar untuk cnn bias

    I just watched one of their clowns, still smarting from the slap-down suffered last week…Slap-Down! Trump Tells CNN – ‘You’re Fake News!’…telling us that the assertion by President Trump, that millions of illegals voted, cannot POSSIBLY be true.

    Illegals, the CNN ding-bat bleated, ‘can’t vote, because it’s against the law.’




    Oh, of course! How silly we are!

    So muggers don’t mug, because it’s against the law. Tax-evaders don’t evade paying tax, because it’s against the law.  Cop-killers don’t kill cops, because it’s against the law.

    For God’s Sake!

    Do these Un-American propagandists inhabit an alternative universe, where criminals never engage in crime because it’s against the law?

    Bad people break laws.

    Laws don’t prevent their bad behaviour –  police and vigilant citizens prevent them – or bring them to justice!




    If ANYONE is likely to go against the law, SURELY it’s those arrogant aliens whose very presence in the USA is due to their contempt for American law.

    As to how many illegals voted, we don’t have precise figures. It’s not a problem unique to the USA…

    London Cops – Undesirable Alien Voting Fraud Untouchable?


    “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!” 


    • c5f28-fraud2b2
    • ===========
    • But certainly the Obama Administration did all it could to hinder the fight against voter fraud.

    U.S Elections – Citizens Out-Voted by Obama’s Illegals? 

    Meanwhile, here’s a useful link –

    …some states are so notoriously slipshod in their controls (California, Virginia and New York — all of which have political movements to legalize voting by noncitizens — come to mind) that it would be shocking if many illegals didn’t vote.

    Trump Is Right — Millions Of Illegals Probably Did Vote In 2016

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    BBC Bat Badgers Far-Left Yank, For ALL The Wrong Reasons! 

    I watched BBC yesterday, in a masochistic moment, and witnessed a haggard blonde Beebette hectoring Glen Greenwald.


    • BBC-bias-alert
    • ============
    • I had to laugh at her increasingly desperate efforts to force the recalcitrant American leftist to toe the official cultural marxist line about the ‘revelations’ so widely discredited that even CNN seems embarrassed at their effort to help spread them.
    • I have been pretty savage in my previous descriptions of Greenwald.

    Glenn Greenwald: Raving Leftist | Frontpage Mag

    ….but unlike the fat-heads at Broadcasting House, he understands that more and more people are getting smarter at spotting fake news.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to debunk the myth that Mama Stasi Merkel’s alien horde comprises ‘poor desperate refugees.’

    Any more than I’ll expect to see any BBC hack or hackette deploying such an aggressive interview style when facing Euro-Commissars on the migrant menace, unless the Beeb thinks that Brussels is not splashing out enough UK tax-payers’ money on ingrates!

    Nor will I ever hope that the BBC might show disapproval of criminal activity at Britain’s borders.

    Cacaphonous Calais Crimmigrants, Blatant BBC Bias 


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    Murderous Prison Riot – Brazil Needs To Get Real! 

    I have rarely had much to say about Brazil, except when they had that interesting event a few years ago…


    Miss BumBum Is Back! Search For Brazil's Rear Of Year Returns As Voting Begins OnlineKontes Bokong2 Bagus Buaanget? Di Brazil, Dong! 

    …although I have occasionally considered that I ought to do more to promote the monarchist cause there.

    But the horrific prison riots this month, blood-thirsty drug gangsters amok, beheadings and other ghastly mutilations galore, prompted me to have a look at one reason why there is such widespread mayhem there.

    Capital punishment is a long unused form of punishment in Brazil, last reported in 1876, not having been officially used since the proclamation of the Republic…

    Now I don’t know how many inmates at those decrepit Brazilian penitentiaries are behind bars for non-violent offences, like banking fraud or pick-pocketing…



    … but it seems to me that if Brazil simply restored that long-absent measure of sanity to its penal code, simply took every savage gangster straight round the back of the court-house after conviction…


    …and shot him or her dead, the violent percentage of the population of prisons would soon drastically decrease.

    It certainly makes more economic sense than a near-enough bankrupt country spending millions to build new, improved, comfy prisons! 

    Aaah, but there would be an outcry.

    There are no doubt plenty of pinkos in Brazil, who would plaintively whine, about how the poor wee things just had a tough up-bringing…

    Hasil gambar untuk don lemon not evil

    …the Brazilian counter-parts to CNN’s simpering little queer Don Lemon, who outdid himself this week by saying that the Chicago torturers were ‘not evil!’


    • JazPen 5:42 pm on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You did a great job with this one, Ross, not just sexy girls in bikinis but also your royalism AND a plug for firing squads.
      You must be having a nice weekend.

    • Ewan T 10:07 am on January 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it would solve much of the prison-overcrowding problems and not only in Brazil. Why does the British Government not bring back hanging?.It’s a reform that would be popular.

      The French and Germans and Italians can blame their failure to resume executions on ‘Europe,’ that stupid EU rule against capital punishment.
      But since the Brexit vote, what’s stopping Theresa May?

      I will answer my own question, and say that it’s because she is a Europhile, and has been bullying her own MPs into complying with that EU rule, MPs like Priti Patel, who lost everyone’s respect last year when she u-turned on the death penalty purely to gain ministerial office.under May.
      I used to believe Priti was pretty gutsy, but she is just another Tory toady.

      We cannot trust Tories.
      Vote UKIP!

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