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    Horrid Humanist Hypocrites, Paragons of Intolerance! 

    C4M has sent this out – it’s very good!

    I’ve not amended or edited it. If you agree with C4M, you should help them. 

    …you can do so using the button below.



    Humanists UK has criticised the appointment of Conservative MP Fiona Bruce as the Prime Minister’s new Special Envoy on the Human Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief because she is an opponent of same-sex marriage.
    The non-religious organisation, which was founded in 1896 and known as the British Humanist Association until 2017, expressed “alarm” and “disappointment” at her appointment.
    It presented a lengthy charge sheet that included her being “a strong opponent” of “the human rights of LGBT people”.
    “Ms Bruce also voted numerous times in Parliament in 2013, 2014, and 2019 against extending the civil right to marriage to same-sex couples, both in England and Wales, and in Northern Ireland”, it added.
    The organisation says it aims to represent “people who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs” and is currently claims to have around 100,000 members and supporters.
    Long an advocate of liberal social policy, its effort to discredit a well-regarded MP because it disagrees with her stances on various matters including marriage does its ‘humanist’ credentials no credit.
    It talks a good game on human rights, stating: “As humanists, we support the right of every person to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be allowed to speak, and believe, as they wish.”
    Where, then, is its respect for Mrs Bruce and its support for her right to speak and believe according to her conscience?
    Or does it reserve this support for those with whom it agrees?
    It is all too common today for opponents of same-sex marriage to be denied positions and opportunities because their beliefs do not conform to the fashionable orthodoxy.
    It is a pity that Humanists UK fails to appreciate the irony of joining in with the crowd baying for the scalp of one more ‘heretic’.
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    Westminster Pro-Freak Pinkos At It Again – Fight Back! 

    C’mon Brits, Fight Back!

    I commend this message from CfM and hope every British reader will make use of the link they provide.

    Pandering to the trans-freaks has gone far too far, and for far too long.

    ,Without an understanding of what “man” and “woman” mean it’s impossible to hold to the definition of marriage as being only between a man and a woman.

    So the idea that gender can be changed almost at will strikes at the heart of what the Coalition for Marriage stands for.

    Marriage supporters must speak out against changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 proposed by a committee of MPs.

    It’s only two months since the Government ruled out extensive changes after its own consultation. But now the Women and Equalities Committee has taken it upon itself to revisit the issue.

    The Committee’s call for evidence runs until November 27th.

    We have published guidance on responding.DOWNLOAD GUIDANCE ON RESPONDING (PDF)

    Changes asked about include:Ending the two year waiting time rule requiring a person to live as a member of the opposite sex before they can change their sex in law;Scrapping any need for the involvement of a doctor and a psychiatrist before you can change your legal gender.

    This removes a key patient safeguard in the current system;Removing the requirement that a married person who changes gender may only do so with the permission of their spouse, thus potentially forcing people into ‘same-sex marriages’.

    The present law is far from ideal. However, the proposed changes would be even more harmful to marriage and the family.

    Please respond today.

    If you would like to support us financially, you can do so using the button below.


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    A Small But Significant Victory for Decency In UK 

    I truly admire brave people like CfM, the steadfast opponents of the gaystapo agenda in Britain.

    They must, under the rule of Theresa Transgendria…



    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    …..feel sometimes that civilised values are a lost cause.

    But last week’s CfM bulletin shows that it’s always worth fighting.



    Dear marriage supporter,

    Last year the Government proposed what amounted to a ban on disagreeing with same-sex marriage in all independent schools in England. Debate was going to be closed off.

    I am delighted to say that the effective ban has been reversed. Debate is explicitly protected in the final version of the independent school standards guidance. The position of teachers is now much safer. A real achievement for C4M supporters.

    The draft had said that official school standards were breached if a curriculum “suggests that same-sex marriages or civil partnerships should not be recognised as being lawful unions under civil law”.

    This raised the prospect of Ofsted failing a school if a teacher said they backed the repeal of same-sex marriage. If it was merely ‘suggested’ in lessons that some people disagreed with gay marriage there was a risk that too could fall foul of the guidance.

    The wording was completely unacceptable and had to change. We expected even more draconian plans for state schools.

    Thank you if you responded to the consultation or emailed your MP. Your hard work has had a positive impact on the final version of the guidance.

    Now, the equivalent paragraph says there would be a breach if the curriculum: were to facilitate debate on same-sex marriage, but teaches pupils that the parties to such a marriage do not merit the protection which the legal status of marriage or civil partnership affords in law – although teaching that the faith position of the school is that marriage is only between a man and a woman is acceptable” (see paragraph 2.15).

    Young people will learn that same-sex marriage exists and carries all the protections which marriage affords. No surprise at all. And of course, all people must be treated with respect. Obviously. But just because same-sex marriage exists doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. So we’re very pleased the guidance now allows room for argument.

    Schools with a faith position are now given a clear assurance. They can teach that “marriage is only between a man and a woman”. This seems to have incensed Humanists UK, but they also campaign for the abolition of faith schools.

    The final version is significantly better than the draft, though we would have gone further. The key test is how the guidance is understood and applied in practice. In the coming months, we’ll be keeping a close eye on that.

    Thank you for getting involved and making a difference. It shows once again what we can do if we stand together for marriage. We rely on your financial support.

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    The Spectre Of Cast-Iron Cameron’s Deceit Looms Up! 

    Even though Cast-Iron Cameron was forced to resign when Brits saw through his Project Far and voted for freedom from Brussels, we still have a few likenesses of the creep on file.

    So once more we present the most relevant, and pass on the latest CfM bulletin for your perusal.

    In February 2013, David Cameron wrote to a constituent who was concerned about the redefinition of marriage:

    “You raise particular concerns about the role of teachers. Teachers will continue to have the clear right to express their own beliefs, or that of their faith, in a professional way. This includes the belief that marriage should be between one man and one woman.



    No teacher will be required to promote or endorse views which go against their beliefs.”

    But now, David Cameron’s assurance is being flatly contradicted by draft Government guidance for England.

    An independent school is to be failed if its curriculum “suggests that same-sex marriages or civil partnerships should not be recognised as being lawful unions under civil law”.

    If schools have that threat hanging over them, it’s inevitable that teachers who believe in traditional marriage will be prevented from expressing their beliefs. The same goes for pupils. Debate will be shut down.

    Many of those who voted in favour of same-sex marriage weren’t expecting disagreement to be forbidden. They weren’t voting for traditional marriage supporters to be gagged. They took promises about free speech – including David Cameron’s – at face value.

    But it seems the Department for Education has forgotten those assurances.

    We need to remind the Government to keep its promises.

    Coalition For Marriage

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    Brits! Fight The Gaystapo! Make Your Voice Heard! 

    An important opportunity for decent people in the UK to show what they think of the gaystapo – or should we say the Maystapo.

    YOU can lodge objections to the disgraceful scheme to turn schools into indoctrination centres.

    Please read on…




    Draft Government guidance will see schools in England assessed on their support for same-sex marriage.

    This will greatly strengthen Ofsted’s hand in policing political correctness. Initially this guidance will apply to independent schools, but the approach will inevitably be extended to all schools.

    This is the greatest threat we have faced since same-sex marriage was legalised. It is vital that it is faced down and defeated.

    Please respond to the consultation today. You do not have to provide any personal information if you do not want to. The key question to respond to is question 7, which is on page 3 of the online response form.

    The consultation closes on 5 June.

    Our short guide to responding to the consultation is below. There is more background detail in our new briefing.

    You can also read the key piece of the draft guidance, paragraph 20, here.


    • You can respond online.
    • Question 7 is the key one to respond to: “If you have comments on the advice in relation to the Quality of Education standard (Part 1), please insert them here”
    • Some suggested comments for question 7 are below. You may wish to use one or two of these comments.
    • Specify that your comments relate to paragraph 20 of the draft guidance.
    • If you feel able to respond to other questions, please do so.
    • Your response will be far more effective if you use your own words.

          Suggested comments:

    • Say that the Department for Education is acting as if Parliament has outlawed belief in traditional marriage.
    • Say that the draft guidance breaks promises made by Government ministers that teachers who disagree with same-sex marriage will be respected.
    • Say that teachers will be gagged. Even teachers who give views for and against could fall foul of this approach.
    • Say that the draft guidance is deeply offensive. It implies that disagreeing with same-sex marriage is like being racist.
    • Say that this guidance will further encourage Ofsted to ask intrusive questions of schoolchildren, as has already happened in Jewish and Christian schools.
    • Say that in a democratic society people should be free to disagree.
    • Say that same-sex marriage is a political issue that schools should treat in a balanced manner.


    • The consultation closes on Tuesday 5 June, at 11.45pm.



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    C’mon, Brits! Pen To Paper! Defend Your Country’s Kids! 

    Passing on an appeal for YOUR active support to fight May’s  – aka  St. Theresa Of Transgendria– malignant manouevres.

    After her predecessor’s bogus ‘consultation’ on homo-weddings…

    The Coalition has been accused of running a “sham” consultation on same-sex marriage by discounting the views of more than half a million opponents.

    …participation was not limited to UK residents despite claims that lobbying groups in the US had been attempting to recruit people to submit responses.

    Opponents of the plan have cried foul, arguing that the consultation’s finding of majority support amounted to dishonesty.

    Ministers accused of ‘sham’ consultation over gay marriage – Telegraph

    …it’s very likely that normal people’s input will be somehow subverted or otherwise ignored, but no matter, you have a duty to do all you can!


    This afternoon the Government announced the first stage of a public consultation which will help formulate its proposals for Relationships Education in primary schools, and Sex and Relationships Education in secondary schools in England.

    All parents, teachers, and children now have the opportunity to tell the Department for Education to stop the sexualisation of our children.

    The Coalition for Marriage has been campaigning vigorously against the Government’s intention to teach five-year-olds about homosexual relationships and transgenderism.

    This morning we featured in coverage by the BBCThe TimesThe SunThe Daily Mail and The Telegraph. We have also spoken out on national broadcast media, including ITV News.

    Now, we need your help. The sections below explain why and how.

    What is the consultation about?

    The consultation covers the content of the Relationships Education at primary school age, and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools.

    It is the first part of a two-stage consultation process. Submissions will help inform proposed guidance to be issued in 2018, which will then be subject to a further consultation exercise.

    We view it as a positive that the Government is consulting at this early stage as it indicates a willingness to listen to parents and others.

    At present, the Government’s proposals include compulsory lessons for children between five and eleven covering homosexual relationships, including same-sex marriage, and transgenderism.

    This is too much, too young. It would sexualise our children before they hit puberty. The consultation is an opportunity for all parents to ask the Government for education, not indoctrination.

    In secondary school we would also like to see the Government recognise that marriage is a gold-standard for adult relationships, rather than just one option amongst many.

    How do I respond?

    The consultation takes the form of seven questions aimed at those with knowledge or experience of English schools. It is available here and open until February 12th. Responses are limited to 250 words per question.

    We will write to all of our supporters early in the New Year with a detailed breakdown of the Government’s consultation questions and what they mean for traditional marriage supporters.

    Once we have sent this information, please encourage all parents to respond. We have worked with a very broad coalition on this issue. If we speak in large numbers the Government will listen.

    Thank you

    It has been a privilege to be able to speak on this issue knowing that, whereas the proponents of measures like these receive thousands of pounds from the public purse, the Coalition for Marriage is run on hundreds of small donations made each year by people who care deeply about its work.

    Thank you for making me welcome in this role over 2017, and I wish you and your family every happiness at Christmas and through 2018.


    Yours sincerely,

    Thomas PascoeThomas Pascoe
    Campaign Director
    Coalition for Marriage (C4M)



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    May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

    If ever we had hopes, and let’s face it, some of us did, that Theresa May might shape up and return to the conservative principles she once espoused, that pitiful party conference speech dashed those hopes irreparably.

    Same sex marriage on the statute book, so that two people who love each other can get married, no matter what their gender

    Theresa May Just Delivered the Worst Political Speech of All Time


    And THAT gaystapo sloganising got her a standing ovation?

    Next year she’ll be winning cheers from her fatuous flock by extolling incest, or bestiality.

    Or not.

    Her performance was so pathetic that she’ll likely be out of office by next year. Or next month.

    Or next week!

    But will any likely successor be better?


    Who’s going to miss her?


    Yes, it’s true, as the email sent by Leave.EU this morning says –

     …the concessions Mrs May has made thus far to Remainers…and the prospect of deeper surrender to Brussels now that the conference has been and gone, it is becoming less clear what Brexiteers have to lose from a change in leadership…


    Gambar terkait


    And yes, I believe Rees-Mogg is a decent and principled man!

    But I don’t believe he’ll succeed her, because the poisonous decadence May represents has spread throughout her party.

    Here’s a clip from the C4M newsletter sent to me this week, about an exchange between them and one of her rat-packs, the Wycombe Conservative Association –  using its official Twitter account,

    ….the Association went on to say that in respect of polygamy it had, “no objection at all.” If that’s how people want to live their lives… who am I or who is anyone to judge?”

    Wycombe Tories


    That certainly reflects the ‘liberal values’ May adores.

    Okay, you say, but it’s just some dumb local bum of no significance at all.

    Or not.

    Would you trust a party that doesn’t act to expel those irresponsible ignoramuses in Wycombe?

    May was VERY quick to remove an honourable MP for defending decency.


    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune! 

    As the C4M man says, May’s implication that supporters of traditional marriage lack compassion is deeply unjust.

    But who’d expect justice, or conservatism, from the likes of Theresa May.

    If such concepts existed in today’s Downing Street, that sicko pro-polygamy pinko ‘Tory’ in Wycombe would long since have been purged from public life, instead of that Isle of Wight MP whose only crime was being normal.


    If you want to help C4M, press that ‘donate’ button below.

    • Pamela 19:24 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She has supported ‘liberal values’ AND shariah law.
      You are of course right to condemn her but you should not be in the least surprised, Ross.


    • Mel Henderson 20:13 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      All in favour of getting rid of her but like you I don’t see her replacement being any better. The Tory Party is a lost cause.
      We need a UKIP revival..


    • Diana 20:23 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Those Tories!
      Churchill must be looking down from on high in fury. Margaret too.
      I will only add that I am overjoyed I don’t live in Wycombe.


    • Planter 22:05 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She is as bad as Cameron and for me that is as bad as I can say about anybody.
      I think the DUP should pull the plug on the deal they did with May.
      She is a symbol of all that’s sick in our kingdom.


      • Billy King 20:17 on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Right you are Planter. She has to go.
        If the DUP keep supporting her they do themselves no favours.
        Corbyn is IRA all the way and if he gets in then it means we in Ulster may have to fall back on direct action but May is a millstone round the whole UK’s neck and the longer she hangs on then the more danger there is that Corbyn will win the next election. .
        The Tories need somebody who will take a stand. That Rees Mogg seems to know what he’s talking about


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    Today, 16/8, In UK, BBC Evil On Display! 

    I just got this from C4M, and am passing it on to readers in Britain, with no need for any comment, except to say that the BBC is sick and evil and should be dismantled and its foul regime tarred and feathered.




    This coming Wednesday, August 16th, BBC2 will screen a documentary titled No More Boys And Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?

    In the programme, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim sets out to prove that there are no significant physical or psychological differences between young boys and girls.

    To this end a classroom of seven-year-olds is subjected to an experiment in which books with characters “squarely aimed at boys” are thrown away, distinct male and female toilets abolished, and a male make-up artist is brought in to persuade boys to aim for less masculine careers.

    Girls vulnerable

    The children themselves are horrified at having to share lavatories, with Dr Abdelmoneim admitting that girls feel particularly uncomfortable as a result of the new arrangement.

    This is the latest in a series of programmes by the BBC which appear determined to promote transgenderism as a positive, natural development in children.

    Last week the Victoria Derbyshire programme renewed its coverage of two pre-pubescent children living as members of the opposite gender.

    A nine-year-old boy who uses the name ‘Lily’ is featured along with his friend ‘Jessica’ who is a ten-year-old boy, and ‘Jessica’s’ step-mother who has decided to live as a member of the opposite sex named ‘Alex’.

    Sorry, must comment here…


    “When dealing with ‘controversial subjects’, we must ensure a wide range of significant views and perspectives are given due weight and prominence, particularly when the controversy is active. Opinion should be clearly distinguished from fact.”



    Raising pre-pubescent children to have no gender or to believe that they are members of the opposite sex is clearly controversial but there is no discernible effort to balance any of the Corporation’s output on the subject.

    We believe the BBC’s decision to dispense with editorial impartiality on this issue is a breach of its legal duty. In the coming weeks, the Coalition for Marriage will continue to do all that it can to push the Corporation to demonstrate the balance and neutrality required of it by law.


    C4M do useful work.

    Help them, please and donate to Coalition for Marriage


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    Whose ‘British’ Values? Ofsted = Gaystapo? Email Your MP! 

    With ever-fewer MPs prepared to fight back against the gaystapo agenda…



    ….Brits really need to push them.

    So I’m more than happy to relay this message from the organisers of a group that cares about real British values.

    There’s to be a General Election on 8 June. The PM’s announcement probably took us all by surprise.

    Parliament will be dissolved in the next few days. So now is the last chance to contact your sitting MP who is likely to be asked for their views on the party manifesto.

    I believe the most pressing issue is to stop disagreement with same-sex marriage being classed as ‘extremism’ or a breach of ‘British values’. Ofsted’s school inspectors have been caught out blatantly promoting same-sex marriage in schools. The current Government wants to extend Ofsted powers to cover youth work, including church youth groups and Sunday schools.

    Please email your MP today, if he or she is standing for re-election, and ask: “Will your party drop plans for the state registration and Ofsted inspection of youth work?”

    We understand that Ofsted inspectors have systematically interrogated teachers in one school about their personal beliefs on same-sex marriage. The school has asked to remain anonymous.

    You may already be aware of Ofsted’s hostile ‘British values’ inspections of Jewish and Christian schools, where children have been asked intrusive questions behind the backs of parents.

    Ofsted has never apologised or admitted wrongdoing in any of these inspections.


    Gambar terkait


    Inspecting children’s clubs

    Despite Ofsted’s political correctness, the Department for Education wants to hugely expand its powers. Under the plans, there would be inspections of youth activities all around the country.

    Any group which teaches children for more than six hours in any week will be required to register and could then be inspected by Ofsted: scouts and guides, church youth groups, sports clubs, music lessons, drama groups… If a young person attends a Sunday school, choir or youth group and this adds up to more than six hours in a week, then Ofsted could wade in.

    Inspectors will be on the lookout for signs of ‘extremism’. But to some Ofsted inspectors, believing in traditional marriage is a sure sign of extremism.

    The Government’s integration tsar, Dame Louise Casey, expressed similar thoughts, though she has been forced to back-track.

    We face a long-term battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation. Young people deserve to hear the truth – that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Today Ofsted is one of the main obstacles to young people learning about the real meaning of marriage.

    Please take action. Email your MP today while there is still time.

    Tips for what to say

    • Please be polite but firm.
    • Ask your MP to ensure that their party drops plans for Ofsted to carry out ‘British values’ checks on youth groups. Say that the whole state registration idea should be dropped. If this issue will affect how you vote, then say so.
    • Mention any youth group that you know about.

    Using your own words, you may wish to include one or two of the following points:

    • Say that requiring youth group activities to register with the state is an over-the-top reaction to the problem of extremism.
    • Say that young people who attend a church could easily go over the six-hour threshold by attending different activities at the same church.
    • Say that Ofsted has a track record of confusing support for traditional marriage with extremism.

    • Say that Ofsted should have no role inspecting teaching in youth groups. Ofsted inspectors have failed to respect people who believe in traditional marriage and are not generally able to properly assess ‘British values’.

    • Say that Ofsted has never apologised for its inspectors’ hostility towards pupils and teachers who believe in traditional marriage.

    • Say that there is no law saying you have to agree with same-sex marriage, yet some school inspectors and public officials act as though there is.

    Please consider making a donation to support C4M’s vital work:


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    Lloyds Bank Exalts Gaystapo Agenda – Protest, Brits! 

    The war on decency, public decency indeed, goes on in Britain, with a revolting ad recently released by Lloyds Bank! 

    Just in from the Coalition for Marriage…

    Hasil gambar untuk coalition for marriage

    ….and the proper response must surely be – 

    If you have an account with this Lloyds lot, perhaps it’s time you didn’t.

    If you happen to be a share-holder, demand this issue be put to you and all the others who own the bank!


    Dear marriage supporter,

    Lloyds Bank is pursuing a sustained campaign to promote same-sex marriage and trample over the beliefs of people like you and me.

    The bank has a past record on this issue, but in recent months it has been waging a systematic and ‘in your face’ campaign for same-sex marriage.

    Its “He said yes” advert has been on TV and billboards, online and emblazoned on Lloyds branches:



    Lloyds was rescued in 2008, during the financial crisis, when the Government bailed out the bank with over £20 billion of taxpayers’ money. Without that support, the bank would almost certainly have folded. We still haven’t got all our money back. Surely it should show more respect to taxpayers and stop pushing offensive political campaigns like this.

    Please email Lloyds to complain:

    EMAIL: OnlineComplaints@Lloydsbank.co.uk

    If you are a Lloyds customer, please state this at the start of your email. You may want to consider moving to another bank. NB: do not quote any sensitive account information such as your account numbers.

    The activists who are suing Ashers Baking Co. in Northern Ireland say the infamous cake is part of a political campaign – this fact has been upheld by the courts. And two separate High Court cases in England and Wales have found that beliefs about same-sex marriage can be considered political beliefs.

    Perhaps Lloyds is trying to keep its award from Stonewall (announced in January this year) for being the “most inclusive employer in Britain”?

    Please let Lloyds know today how you feel.

    EMAIL: OnlineComplaints@Lloydsbank.co.uk

    Using your own words, you may wish to make one or two of the following points:

    • Ask why a bank is engaging in a controversial political campaign like this. It’s using customers’ money to promote causes they oppose.
    • Say that Lloyds was rescued with public money and should not denigrate the beliefs of many taxpayers.
    • Say that you believe marriage has always been the union of one man and one woman and that Lloyds is showing deep disrespect for your views.
    • Say that same-sex marriage is not popular – only a few thousand same-sex marriages have taken place.

    At C4M, we will keep on defending your beliefs about marriage.


    Your donations are secure and confidential.

    • Charles McKenna 07:51 on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Banks should use advertisements to present a respectable image. Lloyd’s choosing this dubious pair to promote their services does precisely the opposite and I hope their share-holders as well as account holders do protest about this.
      incidentally, they are not the only bank who are on the gaystapo side. I think you took a swipe at an American or Canadian bank a year or two ago.
      You must also know that Donald Trump has a poor record on this.
      That was why I was not prepared to cheer his victory last year. His judgment is unsound, although I think that is more through indifference than wickedness.



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