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  • ross1948 7:40 pm on January 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    An Important Call To Arms from LeaveEU! 

    Treason is a strong word.

    But the betrayal of democracy by Westminster Europhiliacs, with the collaboration of Slimy Speaker Bercow, surely merits that description.

    Leave EU has issued this action alert and I am happy to pass it on.


    Dear Supporter,

    Our withdrawal from the European Union has reached a critical stage. MPs are breaking every constitutional convention, rule and tradition to thwart a sovereign Brexit mandated directly by the people. Letters have been flooding into Tory associations calling for deselections. Leave.EU is calling upon supporters to do the same.  


    Last week saw a spate of shameful amendments designed to obstruct Brexit. That was just the beginning. This evening, a treasonous faction of MPs – just one of several – will publish a ludicrous alternative to the EU (Withdrawal) Act to enable Parliament to take the lead in renegotiating May’s deeply flawed settlement with Brussels, while the government stands aside. A no deal would also be outlawed.The leader of the insurrection is Nick Boles who has become deeply unpopular in his constituency. Speaking on BBC Radio 4 last night (click to listen, 35 mins in) Boles outlined his idiotic plans.

    “I have always said that I cannot support a Brexit with no deal, and I have been voting with Labour MPs, Lib Dem MPs and SNP MPs to stop that and rebelling against my government,” was his riposte when asked about the letters from angry constituents calling for him to stand down from his Grantham seat.

    Nick Boles isn’t fit to be a Conservative MP. Those former Kippers who joined his party did so because they expect the Tories to honour their manifesto pledges to Leave the EU, which Boles is doing the utmost to avoid. He and others need to be forced out.
    The motives of Boles and his allies, Nicky Morgan, Oliver Letwin and several others are sheer lunacy. However their plan is workable, for the simple reason that most MPs voted to remain in the EU. More worryingly still, the more Boles’ proposal looks like a genuine threat, the more ammunition the Government has to rally support behind May’s Deal. It’s either that, or Remain, so the scare story goes.

    We need to fight back and forge a clear pathway to a WTO withdrawal.

    Please click the link and support our campaign.

    Kind regards,
    The Leave.EU Team

    • Penny 10:44 pm on January 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Whatever it takes!

    • Pamela 10:51 pm on January 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      God bless them!
      I’m not sure, that LeaveEU strategy will make a difference. Most Tory locals are forelock tuggers, with no backbone to stand up to the little cliques that run their constituency associations.
      But it’s worth a try.
      Our country is facing treason in the House of Commons and we have to take the fight to the enemy every possible way.

      • Bob Cresswell 11:06 am on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Quite right, Pamela.
        In every possible way.
        Any MP who defies the people’s decision should be driven out of political life

    • Munro 1:57 am on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      May has been hammered, her sell-out rejected overwhelmingly tonight.
      If she had stood up to Brussels, we would not be in this pickle, with the people’s decision at the mercy of anti-democracy MPs.
      She ought to resign and give a patriot a chance. There are still a few in the House of Commons.

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    Smart French Court Convicts Crimmigrant Collabos! 

    A court in Gap, a small French town in the Hautes Alpes region, not far from the Italian border, has gone a long way to redeem the reputation of France’s judicial system.

    Last week two pro-crimmigrant scumbags were jailed for aiding and abetting illegal aliens sleaze in from Italy.


    True, the swine only got 4 months, but after the shameful constitutional court decision some months ago, when that vile Herrou walked free…

               In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

    …despite having lent his grubby helping hand to a pack of unvetted crimmigrants from Italy..

    It’s a giant leap for judge-kind!


    Some other ratbags, who included an Italian woman, a Swiss man and a Swiss-Belgian man,’ only got suspended sentences, so let’s not break out the champagne just yet.

    A few years each behind bars would have been infinitely preferable, but even so…

    Image result for count your blessings


    …at least two of France’s Enemy Within are due to be cooling their heels for a little while!

    So how come a higher court showed such spinelessness and this little court went its own, infinitely wiser, way?

    The Constitutional Court said it was okay to help undesirable aliens in distress, but that ‘ruling does not allow people to directly facilitate illegal border crossings.’ https://www.thelocal.ch/20181214/two-swiss-activists-among-group-jailed-for-illegally-aiding-migrants-gap-

    Unfortunately, the law-breakers may appeal.

    Then who knows, but that some effete robed clowns could turn them loose…



    …to scuttle about some other Alpine slope, by day or by night, and assist once more in the importation of illegals.

    • Jeanne 4:08 pm on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Macron would get to be popular again if he stopped these invasions and deported all illegals. Even so, he will not and he even brings in more.
      Many of the Yellow Vests are saying we must have a new referendum law to let France vote on all serious questions.
      The migrant question is very serious and that is why he will not agree to the Yellow Vests.
      Macron lives in fears of a democratic decision about the migrant question.

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    Turdo/Castro Axis – Still Cosy After All These Years 

    Remember this infamous photo…




    …of two utterly evil men extolling each other as well as totalitarian marxism?

    That’s the murderous Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro, with the late and unlamented Pierre Turdo, Canada’s worst Prime Minister.

    communism tyranny

    The appalling Turdo romped around Havana yelling ‘Viva Fidel Castro,’ callously ignoring the plight of the Cuban people, who were denied every right that Canadians took for granted, free speech, free elections, free labour unions, a long list indeed.

    Both ratbags are dead and gone, but Castro’s heirs continue to deny Cubans their democratic rights…

    France24- Correct On Colombia Vote, Skips Key Cuba Truth! 

    …while the Canadian swine’s offsprings is evidently displaying possibly his only virtue, filial piety, the duty of a son to uphold what his sire stood for, as we read that a group of Canadian diplomats who left the embassy in Cuba after suffering unusual health symptoms say their foreign ministry has abandoned them, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported on Monday.

    Unlike the USA, which recalled most of its diplomatic staff from the Havana Embassy months ago, and warned its citizens not to travel to the island, after what it described as “sonic attacks…” 



    ….Justin Turdo, known for his squalid sympathy with the communist regime, has said very little about the matter in public and did not appear to be making their case a priority. Getting specialized medical care has been difficult, they added…   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/19/abandoned-canadian-diplomats-government-response-cuba-illness

    When even leftist media like the Toronto Globe and Mail, and in the UK the Guardian, are reporting that several of those affected believe Ottawa has said little in public because it wants to maintain friendly relations with Cuba…


    …it reeks of ‘like father, like son’ – surely time for decent Canadians to start raising hell about Junior’s disgusting determination to be as brazen as his sire in his collaboration with communism.

    • Arnold 10:36 pm on November 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I remember how he ruined Canada and saddled us with that multicult BS and then we have the Charter that takes power out of our hands and puts it in the judges.
      Having another Turd running the country is like a nightmare that will never stop.

    • Marty N 3:05 pm on November 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am way to young to remember Turdo the First but I know he helped terrorist killers to get out of Quebec to Cuba.
      Castro helped him out by giving them a nice holiday home there so it looks like Turdo the Second is still paying off his old man’s debt.

    • Cy Astles 10:14 pm on December 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Turdo is just as pro-communist as his late, lousy daddy.
      You do well to expose him but you should have given more facts, like this article.

      ‘….the independent watchdog group UN Watch issued a scathing report this week on Canada’s voting record at the United Nations.
      “Canada broke with the free world and joined Syria, Iran and North Korea by voting ‘no’ on eight separate measures that sought to hold Cuba accountable for widespread human rights violations,” read the report.

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    EUSSR’s Collaborationist Countess V A Patriotic Pole! 

    Most of you, like myself, will never have heard of Róża Mariam Countess of Thun und Hohenstein.

    Despite her Germanic title, she’s a Polish MEP, though her loyalties seem as much to Brussels as to Warsaw. 


    Gambar terkait


    “For me, the affairs of Poland and the EU are inseparable…’ she told EuroNews this week.

    To a clique of Strasbourg bigwigs, however, she’s a damsel in distress, and no less than Grisly Guy Verhofstadt MEP…

    TGIF…and… Howzabout This Gluttonous Guy

    Hasil gambar untuk guy von herhofstadt

    A War-Mongering Guy – Thank God For Brexit!  

    …familiar indeed to regular readers, has taken up the twitter cudgels on her behalf. 

    Recently @r_czarnecki called fellow MEP @rozathun a “Szalcownik” a term indicating a Nazi-collaborator who betrayed Jewish people. This is unacceptable. Together w/other group leaders, I urged @EP_President to act. It’s unimaginable that w/these statements he can represent the EP


    G-G plus other nasty notables have called for the dismissal of Polish politician Ryszard Czarnecki from the post of the parliament’s vice-president over what they described as his offensive remarks against a fellow MEP.    http://thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/343969,Senior-MEPs-in-push-to-remove-Polish-politician-as-EP-vicepresidentT

    One of his fellow-nasties has also ‘starred’ here in the past, Merkel’s Strasbourg stooge Manfred Weber…


    • Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party …aka…

    Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 

    He like his liberal counterpart, G-G, is an arrogant SOB! We quoted from this report a while ago and offer it again…

    ...the EU parliament does not keep records of how an MEP spends his or her monthly general allowance of €4,300. The EU Parliament does not audit office expenses because the money is given as a lump sum. No audit means little to no oversight….

    Our illustration- not EUObs – of typical MEPs


    ….only 53 MEPs agreed to disclose such information. Some have an office outside of the EU parliament but will not reveal its address. Others refused or remained silent to their inquiries. Among them is Manfred Weber.   https://euobserver.com/institutional/139471

    … just to let you know what sort of noble champions Turncoat Thun has rallying to her rescue from the naughty truth-telling Polish patriot, pictured below.


    Hasil gambar untuk MEP Ryszard Czarnecki

    Ryszard Czarnecki MEP


    Mr. Czarnecki has got the Strasbourg in-crowd’s gilt-edged knickers in a twist because he doesn’t mince his words when denouncing collaborators, or, in Thun’s case, collaborateuses.

    He likened her to a “szmalcownik,” a derogatory term denoting people who blackmailed Jews hiding from the Nazis or informed on them to occupying forces under German occupation in Poland during World War II.



    This denunciation may seem harsh but in fact makes perfect sense, since Poland is at war, the Brussels elite waging a kulturkampf, to use language Thun might understand.



    …not, as in Hitler’s time, with tanks and bombers, but by political and economic threats.

    Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity To Poland Today! 

    We covered this recently but did not know then that Thun was guilty of shamelessly running down her own country on one of Merkel’s state-funded propaganda channels…


    Hasil gambar untuk goebbels lies


    …the Europhiliac shrew’s input so bilious and outlandish that people  in Poland called the film “scandalous,” “filth,” “German … taxpayer-funded anti-Polish propaganda,” “a wicked film, based on lies and slander” and accusing Thun und Hohenstein of “lies and spitting on Poland.”     http://thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/343448,Poland-will-be-a-dictatorship-MEP

    She also turned on her native land when the swine in the Strasbourg Sty took a vote on the invocation of the infamous Article 7.



    That’s the trigger to launching that war, a move to penalise Poland for offending against the supranational ‘standards’ which Brussels claims the right to impose on its subject states.


    An instinct towards collaboration is perhaps not surprising, given how she used to chair the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation.

    Schuman, after all, was derided as a ‘creature of Vichy’ after WW2…


    Hasil gambar untuk robert schuman vichy

    Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

    …one of many EU Founding Fathers who had delighted in selling out to Der Fuhrer.



    Wikipedia usefully tells us that she was also up to her neck in the notorious Spinelli Group, formed in 2010 to reinvigorate the strive for federalisation of the European Union…

    True Colours? Europhiliac Trio Honour Dear Red! 

    which we have discussed in the past.

    Frankly, my own view of holding any position in the Strasbourg Sty’s hierarchy is that it’s an abhorrent outfit and I’d want only to upset its denizens and ultimately to see it demolished.

    But if bad people are out to get him, the Pole under pressure deserves our support!

    Senior MEPs in push to remove Polish politician as EP vice-president

    • Pamela 11:13 pm on January 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, good, You’re back! ‘
      I was wondering why comments were not appearing.

      What a despicable woman she must be, to behave so badly when her country is under attack.
      We in Britain have similar horrors running around saying they are loyal to Brussels, and even worse we have some begging Dublin for passports.
      It’s time to refuse dual nationality to people from countries that are members of the European Union.
      It’s like allowing dual nationality to Germans between 1939 and 1945.
      Brussels is treating us like rebellious peasants who must be taught a lesson, so let’s use our rebel pitchforks and stick it to them,

    • Alastair 10:37 am on January 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your readers might find this interesting, from a leftwinger who is surprisingly honest and exposes Tusk’s party and their devious activity just before the Poles voted them out. .

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    Calais Crimmigrants Target Brit Horse – Hunger-Games? 

    Now the filthy brutes terrorising Calais have turned their savagery against a British family bringing their horse home from an equestrian event.

    The crimmigrants struck at dead of night last Monday, as Lucy Phillips and her parents were heading for the port, taking her horse, Pitucelli, home to Solihull in the English Midlands..

    Suddenly, they saw the road was blocked.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • ……………………………………………………………….
    • “As we stopped, between seven and 10 men appeared out of the bushes,” said Lucy. 

    “They were carrying big pieces of wood and what looked like bats. They surrounded the lorry and started hitting the sides, and smacking the windows with their bats.”

    Lucy’s a brave girl. She hurried to protect her horse, holding the door to prevent the predatory scum gaining entry.


    • Savages-poster
    • ………………………..
    • “They were trying to open the groom’s door as I was holding on to it, trying to fight them off, and trying to break the windows. My dad was blowing the horn, trying to get the police’s attention, then I heard a smash. They’d put a branch through the passenger window of the cab and my mum and dad were covered in glass.

    Whether these swine were out to kill or maim or rape, not uncommon pastimes in the Calais Jungle –Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’   – or whether they were after the horse, hoping to capture, kill and eat it, we don’t know.



    But the family’s ordeal continued. 

    “Mum’s face was bleeding, so was Dad’s arm; it felt like for ever until the police came.”

    And the part of the report concerning the cops makes it clear that Hollande’s pro-crimmigrant regime has still got the police hand-cuffed. 

    Pathetique! Savage Mob Amok, As France Fawns On Calais Curs!  

    Hasil gambar untuk handcuffs on hands

    There’s no mention of a single shot fired by law enforcement!

    One would have hoped that at least a few DOAs would be recorded at the local morgue the next morning. Instead, the French police chased the migrants away. While the Brits were safely escorted from the area, the cops then left them to get through Calais by themselves!

    And the final paragraph of the report gives us a chilling picture of the perma-nightmare in which the poor French people there have to suffer, 24/7, entirely because Hollande…

    Hasil gambar untuk hollande merkel

    ‘Don’t forget, Francois, mon cher, you promised me you’ll take 30,000 more!’ 

    ….emulating HMV, Mama Stasi Merkel in Germany, refuses to remove them from the city whose environs they infest. 

    “It was full of groups of young men, all dressed in dark clothing. They were just milling around, not really doing anything…

    Waiting for opportunity, I’d say…Innocents Endangered, But Calais Curs Go Free – Aw, They’re Just Kids! 

    The very least that should be done is to erect an electrified fence around that Jungle and keep the aliens within it, day in, day out. 

    But deportation of any who have not applied for ‘asylum’ in France ought to be a top priority.

    Hollande’s betrayal of his own people should see him put on trial, same as those collaborators after WW2.

    Top rider’s terror as Calais migrants attack horsebox

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    War Criminal Unpunished – Jakarta Post Bleats On Regardless! 


    It’s nice, every so often, to post an RIP for somebody who has passed on, whether some conservative patriot or simply an entertainer who’s made life more fun for millions.

    But when it’s the death of an indisputably evil person, I tend not to mention the ratbag. If there is indeed an afterlife, then he or she is already facing hellfire and no words of mine will make much difference to that. If there’s simply nothing, well, one less awful person in the world, but there are plenty more alive and kicking at whom to launch verbal salvos. 

    However, as with every rule, one should make exceptions.

    • adams_128183a_1

    If Blood-Beast Adams gets what he deserves, some rainy Belfast day, I’ll comment cheerfully.

    Similarly, the Hungarian Communist traitor,  Béla Biszku, deserves a mention. And not least because an ostensibly serious newspaper right here in Jakarta can publish bizarre references to more progressive moves made by the government in the past few years to erode the anticommunist sentiment inherited from the post-World War II era.    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/03/29/commentary-police-dancing-outdated-rhythm.html

    That’s from the Jakarta Post, of course, which often has rants about the poor persecuted marxists of the long-outlawed PKI (Indonesian Communist Party)

    • pkiposter
    • The brutal PKI
    • This week, their ‘staff writer,’ Adisti Sukma Sawitri, had her say, but offered no reason why it is in ANY way ‘progressive’ to ‘erode anti-communist sentiment.’

    Every decent human being has a moral duty to be anti-communist. Mao’s heirs still deny a billion Chinese any vestige of democracy, Castro runs an island prison camp called Cuba….




    ….and Vietnam’s despots, too, refuse to permit opposition parties.  

    Communism has the blood of millions on its hands and those old PKI rats who still refuse to repudiate its vile dogmas should not be portrayed as ‘victims.’ A lot of them scuttled off to seek sanctuary with tyrannies overseas, leaving their poor peasant and worker dupes to bear the brunt of the people’s anger.

    Back to Bela the Beast. 

    A convicted war criminal, Biszku served in the quisling regime installed by the Kremlin after the the defeat of the Revolution of 56 by the Red Army.



    Biszku with Communist collaborator-in-chief Janos Kádár


    As Hungary Today reports,  Biszku was the first politician of the 1956 Communist leadership to face a criminal inquiry.

    The monster was eventually found guilty of setting ‘security forces,’ aka collaborationist goon squads, to murder civilians in 1956, 49 known victims. He was also found guilty of other charges, including denying crimes committed by the communist regime…


    budapest3 Freedom fighters in Budapest, 1956

    But alas, he never did jail-time, Hungary’s democracy showing mercy that the nasty Red would never have contemplated for any Magyar patriots. His punishment was never implemented due to Biszku’s old age and poor health condition.    http://hungarytoday.hu/news/bela-biszku-former-key-figure-hungarian-communist-party-dies-aged-94-87936



    I don’t know what happens to us after we leave this earthly plane, but in cases like his, let’s hope it’s truly horrible.


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    Collaborationist Celebs – Blind to ‘Child’-Crimmigrant Atrocities? 

    What was all that Cameron cr-p about Calais crimmigrants being a ‘swarm’ whose importation into the UK was unacceptable?

    We have reported on how his Home Office flunkeys have been hushing up his housing of Calais curs in hotels at Brit tax-payers’ expense. Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! Then the same Home Office rewarded another Jungle brute who oozed along the Chunnel to gain illegal entry to Britain, with ‘asylum.’

    Home Secretary Theresa May has so far not over-ruled or appealed against this disgraceful perversion of ‘asylum’ rules – the crimmigrant entered from a safe ocuntry, so was in no sense a ‘refugee.’ Happily he’s now said to be having regrets!

    Haroun has complained he is “fed up” as “no-one” likes him in Britain…”




    This parasite should be abhorred, ostracised by all – made to feel utterly unwelcome. As should those like him. – Most men in theCalais camp ‘aren’t refugees’ 


    peter_bone226  As one Conservative MP, Peter Bone, wisely observed, “That’s the sort of message we want to get out!”

    . Now we learn that lying ‘asylum children’ are being billeted in private homes, the house-holders concerned clearly stupid to accept them but suffering consequences which we must nevertheless deplore.


    evil children


    MPs are demanding new rules after one foster carer was attacked by an asylum seeker who claimed he was 12, but was registered as 16. A dental assessment revealed the Afghan, who arrived in Britain illegally via Calais, was probably aged between 18 and 21.   http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/6944090/Asylum-seekers-pretending-to-be-kids-attack-foster-carers.html

    And the same report reveals that another carer has reported being sexually assaulted by a “teenager” she was looking after.

    Obviously this nonsense should stop.


    Predators and Child Molestors


    These so-called ‘children’ are no different from the slug in Sweden facing trial for the murder of that lovely young woman in a crimmigrant centre, whose hogwash about being ’15’ was eventually rumbled…


    a lone young boy …?   Sweden’s Evil Eliason – A Dog and its Vomit! 


    …although you only needed to look at the photo to know the truth.

    But instead of raising hell to get these hell-spawn hounded out of civilised countries, we instead read that celebs backed a petition calling for refugee children to be reunited with British relatives.

    One of these creeps turns out to be a far-left actor named Cumberbatch. Why do the media give these buffoons any attention at all?

    As noted before, it makes as much, if not more, sense to elevate the guy who sweeps your streets or collects your trash to ‘talking-head’ status. At least they presumably have to live like the rest of us, and can understand the impact of alien evil on normal decent people. Desperate Norwegians create ASYLUM GUARDS to protect school children from migrants

    ‘Celebs’ are cosseted creatures, isolated from the real world by their fame and fortune. What the hell does Cumberbatch, who is male but, according to wikipedia, ‘identifies as a feminist,’ know about any kind of reality?




    And while we understand that Mama Stasi Merkel needs all the comfort she can get from her ever-dwindling fan-club, it’s preposterous that she should invite George Clooney into her parlour for ‘talks.’ George Clooney Praises Merkel’s Openness to Migrants…

    He always brings to mind that line ‘oozing charm from every pore, he oiled his way around the floor.’ The man’s a clown with no claim to other than thespian distinction nor any qualification to contribute to discussions of serious issues, at least no more than a Hamburg docker or a Dortmund waitress.

    Less, for the docker and waitress are German, while Clooney has no affinity with Germany whatsoever. Nor does his fanatic left wife.

    Fortunately, real people – not fancy-pants fools like Clooney and Cumberbatch – all over Europe are showing they’ve had more than enough of the migrant menace.

    In Norway, the latest nauseating news…

    Horror as ‘group of migrants film themselves raping male teenager at asylum centre’

    (http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/646052/Horror-migrants-film-raping-male-teen-asylum-centre-Norway – all Syrians, BTW!)

    …will have boosted support for the Progress Party’s sensible solutions. viz. – ..the Oslo delegation passed several policies, including deporting youth migrants when they reach 18 and banning migrants from obtaining leave to remain in the country.  

    Migrants should be rounded up and put into detention

    • out with them
    • The delegation also called for the Schengen agreement to be scrapped and for Norway to leave the Refugee Convention’s additional protocol of 1967 meaning migrants from Africa, Asia, and South-America would no longer have the right to apply for asylum.

    But passing policy resolutions, albeit good ones, is no longer enough.

    Direct action, mobilising popular resistance to make the crimmigrants aware they’re NOT welcome, is overdue.  Those German patriots in Saxony this weekend showed how Germany migrant bus surrounded by protesters – BBC.com and collaborationist politicians…


    ..Markus Ulbig by Stepro IMG 1507 LR50.jpg Unspeakable Ulbig


    ….like Saxony’s Markus Ulbig, another of Mama’s CDU brood, who denounced the patriot protest as ‘shameful,’ should be driven out of public life


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    Riotous Calais Crimmigrant Swine Rewarded With Brand-New Pig-Pen! 

    So the savages who have run amok time and again in Calais, injuring police and trying to kill UK tourists, are not to be punished but REWARDED!


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • ————————

    Wait for it!

    Instead of rounding up the anti-social undesirables for deportation, France’s Prime Minister and the other lousy EUSSR lackeys who decided to hang out with the illegals last weekend are going to help them blight other French communities, ‘assisted passage’ to ensure the spread of garbage all over La Republique!

    The whole idea is as absurd as the purple prose used by the journalette who wrote the report – catch this cr%p!

    More than 3,500 migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, Syria and Afghanistan are languishing in a makeshift camp in Calais known as the Jungle, in conditions the United Nations has described as “absolutely appalling.”





    One uses that verb for folk confined against their will. The violent louts menacing the harbour nightly are not forced to be in Calais. They deliberately made their way there, unlawfully, flouting even the feeble Brussels rules on where so-called ‘asylum’ seekers must wait once they push their snouts onto European soil.  


    • Absolutely appalling?

    Better by far to apply that description to their conduct. Metallic spears and rocks hurled at civilised people, so base in their character that even the women in their ‘Jungle’ live in nightly fear of sexual molestation.  

    But in all fairness, whilst the swine deserve to be blamed and not indulged, as Brussels now proposes to indulge them, the real blame lies in Paris, which has lifted not one finger to drive them out…

    …and with the army of do-gooders supplying them with provisions, food, medical services et al, thus indisputably emboldening them in their reckless resolve to defy the law, terrorising truckers, tourists and any decent citizens encountered in their illicit excursions.

    If their new pig-pen is secured by electrified fencing, and guarded by sturdy sentinels, armed and ordered to shoot on sight any who seek to get through it, I will eat the above words.


    • warteg
    • I am, however, confident that I’ll continue to dine at my normal humble eateries.
    • Estelle 10:18 am on September 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you!
      That’s exactly how most people feel about these parasites and the politicians. That’s exactly why they won’t give us a referendum.

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    Labour Lice Covered for Pakistani Predators? Name Them, Shame Them, Arrest Them! 

    She said the victims of abuse were aged 12 or 13, but neither the mothers or the girls themselves could get any interest from the local police.


     Ann Cryer


    So says Ann Cryer, who was a Labour Member of Parliament for years, and had EVERY opportunity to speak up and speak out, secure in the well-known parliamentary privilege that any revelations she made, any warnings she gave, were safeguarded from vexatious court action by those she exposed.

    Predators and Child Molestors

    NOW she tells us. from retirement, that distraught mothers whose daughters were being sexually abused by gangs from the Mirpuri Pakistani community were saying: ‘It’s not fair, we’ve told West Yorkshire Police about it. We’ve told Social Services about it and no one will do anything.”   


    Well, we know that social services are largely staffed by cultural marxists to whom the misery of decent native British people is a matter, if not of delight, at least of crass indifference.


    And with the elevation to high office in police forces across the country of politically correct careerists or collaborationist swine, that accusation by Ann Cryer is equally nothing to surprise anyone.

    But what about this? 

    ‘Totally absurd: I mean, friends of mine in the Labour Party, they’d known about it for years and they never mentioned it to me.’  

    All right, Ann. You spent years in the Commons. When did you learn about these Labour Party lice who knew about the degradation of your people’s daughters. If you knew then, you could have stood up and identified the pigs without fear of legal consequences.

    They were guilty of concealing crimes of the most heinous sort.

    If you have learned of their complicity since stepping down as an MP, it’s STILL your duty to name them, shame them and have them arrested.



    They belong behind bars, just as much as the Pakistani pigs who preyed on those English girls. 


  • ross1948 9:25 pm on March 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: collaborators, , , Lib Dems, , , , , , universities   

    Clegg's Curs Give Aid and Comfort to the Enemy Within! 


    THE Liberal Democrats have blocked a proposed new law banning hate preachers from universities, it was reported yesterday. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was said to have personally vetoed the plan during private talks with David Cameron.



    So why the headline?

    Maybe due to the unreal excuse proffered by the creeps, ‘free speech,’ as if enemy aliens in time of war had any rights, never mind that of recruitment to the enemy cause! No surprise, only a renewal of disgust that these pinko curs collaborate with those who’d give a platform to treason.

    And that’s what the subversive ‘clerics’ preach. 

    Their archaic prejudices against women are offensive, of course, and their drivel on head-shrouding and FGM and polygamy and unequal inheritance rights for daughters is EXTREMELY offensive.


    But if that’s all they were propagating, okay, let’s take offence and hope decent students of all creeds and colours would shower them with rotten eggs ( traditional show of undergrad disapproval!) when they regurgitate their vomit views before any British audience.

    But of course the primary evil that deserves no platform anywhere in the United Kingdom is their vile supranational ideology, by which they tell Muslims that the proper focus of their allegiance lies overseas.

    Their treason consists of the toxic tripe that duty to Queen and Country is always trumped by the interests of the worldwide ‘ummat’ – in other words, because some crackpot regime the West is warring down in a foreign desert happens to be led by Muslims or is located in a Muslim country, that should somehow affect British policy.

    It should not. It doesn’t matter if our country’s foes (and by ‘our country’ I equally refer to Canada, Australia, the USA and all the West) are Muslim or Catholic or Hindu or Jewish – or Protestant like me.

    Duty to one’s own people is what that counts. And one’s ‘own people’ are your fellow-countrymen and women. If some do not share that duty because of their religious hang-ups, OUT with them.


    out with them


    And I don’t mean keeping them out of college campuses. I mean OUT OF THE COUNTRY – or inside a cell.

    Or better still, when the death penalty for treason et al is restored, in an unmarked grave.

    • Harry 10:31 am on March 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very to the point, Ross.
      if they want to stick with stupid ideas about women in their own countries, the women need to signal that is not tolerable. Not much we can do to help from outside.Maybe a lot of their women like being treated like serfs.
      But if they bring that ‘ummat uber alles’ idea into our countries, we need to swat them.

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