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  • ross1948 15:49 on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Deutsche Welle IS Infested With Biased Hacks – Crane Makes It Clear! 

    Just got home after a wander to the shops on this nice, hot, sunny holiday. The ‘aqua’ vendor is on holiday too, so had to buy a few bottles of drinking water for my late arvo guest.

    Alas, the first face I saw on my return was that DW hack Melinda Crane, whose left bigotry we’ve noticed before.


    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

    DW’s American ( formerly with both the NYT and Boston Globe magazines!) pinko bint was rabbiting about how Germany has changed in the past 25 years.

    ‘It’s much more diverse, and that’s positive!’


    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    What the HELL is ‘positive’ about making Germany less German, less civilised?

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    ‘Human Rights’ Expert Exposes Merkel -A Deliberate Plot! 

    Okay, if you are a cultural marxist multicultist, it’s gospel.



    But if you purport to be an impartial, objective professional working on a tax-funded state media channel. it should be SACKABLE!

    More on DW later today.

    Watch this space!

    • Heine T 16:51 on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is the live proof that it not only illegal immigrants who can be a curse on our country but sometimes the legal aliens also.
      You will write again later about DW, you say?
      I will wait. It is fine to read and agree with this.


    • William Lesage 19:38 on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have only this day seen again the ‘positive’ effects of mulculti on the streets of Liege.
      Crane and her comrades should be ashamed of their ‘diversity’ propaganda.
      Diversity has created the fearsome situation causing so much misery all over Europe.


  • ross1948 08:59 on November 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    29/11 – International Day of Solidarity With…Whom? 

    Funny old bunch, that organised hypocrisy known as the United Nations.



    Today’s been UN-designated as International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People.

    No doubt the unashamedly biased media here in Indonesia…


    .Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    …will have a field day, and sectarian fanatics will have demos galore.

    I won’t waste time going on about that – done it before!

    But how come there’s no International Day of Solidarity With the Tibetan People?



    Their entire homeland has been seized by an imperialist power, and subjected to genocidal colonisation.

    And is there any International Day of Solidarity With the Kurdish People, those heroic Kurds…


    Gambar terkait

    Kobane – How Come No Huge Demos Like We Saw About Gaza? 

    …who have shouldered far more than their fair share in the war against the satanic ISIS rape-gang and who are now being deprived of weaponry… Trump tells Turkish leader that US will cut funds to Kurdish forces
    …. to appease our common enemy, Islamist Erdolf?

    An Unholy Alliance Against Self-Determination? 

    No way!

    I could go on.

    Howzabout an International Day of Solidarity With the Italian People, subjected to rape and mayhem by hordes of crimmigrants?

    Or the Germans…

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    But with Ephialtes installed at the UN…


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

    …sworn to subvert the historic nations of Europe…



    …what’s the point of railing against the double standards of an organisation which is unreformable…


    Hasil gambar untuk no to the united nations


    …and from which, therefore, all civilised nations should withdraw!

    International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

    • Young Gordon 00:16 on November 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good points.
      How many of these UN Days are there every year and how much money is wasted promoting them?I


    • Amy H 14:18 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, must applaud what you say.
      The United Nations is very selective about which people who are badly treated get their ‘solidarity, aren’t they?.


  • ross1948 18:16 on April 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Germany Patriot Party Under Red Nazi Attack 

    Officials expect 50,000 people, including thousands of left-wing extremists, to partake in a protest in Cologne with the aim of shutting down the far-right AfD’s party conference.

    Thousands of protesters expected to ‘shut down’ AfD party conference

    There it is, the reality, that the Antifa scum are not interested in – nor capable of, actually…

    • ——–

    • afd

    • ==

    …debating the issues raised by the AfD.

    …protesters are also encouraging people to “overcome” any barriers in their way

    That piece was published before the AfD conference began, and today it’s reported already that one cop has been injured, storm-troop tactics by the leftist thugs, who also hurled an iron bar at a conference delegate.



    All as you’d expect from the Red Nazi hoodlum gangs.

    What makes this war on democracy particularly paradoxical is where it’s happening.

    If there were mass demos in Cologne demanding that crimmigrant aliens be excluded from the city where depraved ‘asylum’ savages molested hundreds of decent German girls…


    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

    ..then we would not only understand but heartily applaud the demonstrators.

    Instead the rote schweine are targetting the only party which wants to take serious steps to safeguard German women.



    Well, the uproar has been going on all morning in Germany, and I have watched various news bulletins since I got home around 5pm today.

    The best thing for the cops to do is tear-gas the red louts, who, if they merely wished to express disagreement with AfD, could have assembled in a park or one of Koln’s public squares.

    By effectively laying siege to the patriot party’s congress, they show they are acting as wannabe goon-squads for the powerful forces which seek to silence criticism of crimmigrants.

    We all know who THEY are.

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

  • ross1948 09:51 on December 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    As New Year’s Eve Draws Nigh, Just A Reminder! 

    Soon it’ll be Hogmanay.

    a whiskey-glass

    I can recall how, on that night, in most Scottish towns and cities, it was quite acceptable to knock on a stranger’s door and be welcomed in for a dram.

    I’d guess that’s not the case in Germany, these days…


    merkel bloodhands


    …given what Mama Stasi Merkel has done to the country with her very own perverted concept of an ‘open-door’ policy!

    Or in Sweden.

    Their ruling class is no less guilty than Merkel.




    In the Arab world, it’s something of a phenomenon. It has a name: ‘Taharrush gamea.’

    Sometimes the girls are teased and have their veils torn off by gangs of young men; sometimes it escalates into rape. Five years ago, this form of attack was the subject of an award-winning Egyptian film, 678.

    Instances of young men surrounding and attacking girls were reported throughout the Arab Spring protests in Cairo in 2011 and 2012.


    • Gambar terkait
    • Lara Logan, a CNN journalist covering the fall of Hosni Mubarak, was raped in Tahrir Square.

    Taharrush gamea is a modern evil, and it’s being imported into Europe.

    Our authorities ought to be aware of it.

    It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks 

    That’s from an article by a Swede, published almost a year ago, after the sex-predator amok-run by alien savages in Cologne.

    Read the entire article and ask yourselves if…


    Hasil gambar untuk it can;t happen here


    Nobody in Britain today dare say such a thing.

    “Poor Syrian Refugees!’ UK Police Cover-Up Exposed? 

    Nor of course in Austria…

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair! 

    Predators and Child Molestors


    Nor in so many other previously civilised communities across Europe, where the authorities care more about political correctness than their own people’s right safely to go about their lawful business.



    • Frank Sumerski 18:11 on December 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So much barbarism in Germany and Sweden and all over Europe, and the explanation is easy.
      If you let barbarians in, you must expect to suffer barbarous behaviour.
      There is no cure except to stop letting them in and getting them out that are already in.
      Any party that stands up and says that will have my vote and many million more..


  • ross1948 23:55 on July 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Shock Demand- Primitives in Germany Must Obey Law! 

    German laws protecting youth must also be applied to refugees, the government has said.



    Imagine that!

    Or more to the point, imagine the implications, as if the conclusion that, in Germany, German laws apply not only to Germans but also to pig-ignorant primitives, is somehow not just news-worthy but has actually had to be DISCUSSED by the German Government.

    merkel bloodhands

    We know that Mama Stasi Merkel gives a viel grosser DAMN about alien parasites than about her own fellow-citizens, but this is beyond belief.

    Does any other government feel the need to draw up and release a statement that outsider intruders are subject to the same laws as the legitimate inhabitants?

    Almost inevitably, knowing what we know about the vile culture so many of the crimmigrants come from…

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    …the focus of this ‘news’ is on those many ‘migrants’ who regard child-molestation as perfectly acceptable. 

    ….the recent wave of migration to Europe has seen that number of minors married to each other or to adults increase significantly.  http://www.dw.com/en/germany-mulls-tighter-child-marriage-laws/a-19325588


    Socialist Schwesig


    “These cases shows that our child and teenager protection laws must also be extended to refugees,” said Federal Family, Women and Youth Minister Manuela Schwesig.

    Ignoring the fact that most of them are not ‘refugees,’ simply wannabe welfare snouts, what’s this frothing frau on about?


    The law is the law is the law.

    It’s German law, not barbaric shariah law. Shariah law has no place in civilised countries so there’s no need to EXTEND German law, just IMPOSE it.

    Any dirty pig caught in a so-called ‘marriage’ to a child should be arrested, charged, sentenced and then deported.   

    Predators and Child Molestors

    After all, German law is quite clear.  

    In Germany, the age of majority is 18. The youngest age allowed for marriage is 16, and then only if the other partner is a legal adult, and parents or a family court have granted permission.

    So why do we read that Berlin was considering tightening legislation against child marriages on Monday in light of the refugee crisis.


    Why do we read “We need a clear law,” said Thomas Kutschaty, a Social Democrat (SPD) and justice minister for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia?  

    The law is already perfectly clear. 

    Why do we read that Volker Kauder, parliamentary head of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), said the Bundestag needs to debate and develop stronger laws?

    The law, as described above, in the same DW article, needs no alteration, simply enforcement.

    Unless Herr Kauder means that a good sound flogging be added to the penalties for child molestation – a fine idea, but I’ll bet he doesn’t agree. 



    Many laws lack serious enforcement, and they need judges who don’t make a mockery of justice, like the swine who turned loose the rapacious savages guilty of sexual assault.Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …  and Germany: Eritrean Migrant Sex Attacker Given Just 30 Hours … …

    Yes, the horde comprises many pig-ignorant primitives, but ignorance or pretended ignorance of the law of their host country is no excuse.

    Kick the brutes out!

    • Otto N 11:26 on July 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It says it all, that Merkel’s ‘refugees’ ( economic migrants) are either so backward that they can’t get their heads around the idea of the rule of law, or are so nasty that they are aware of the idea but just disregard it completely.
      Since I read elsewhere that the police have been ordered’ hands off’when these aliens step out of line, it has become time for Germans to organize themselves into self-defense squads in every neighbors threatened by the wolf-packs.
      But THEN there will be no ‘hands off’ policy, I will bet on it.
      Merkel will use the full force of the law on her own citizens. She is a monster, who her Stasi trainers must be proud of.


  • ross1948 12:45 on July 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Germans Face More Crimmigrant Amok-Runs! 

    So a pack of filthy alien brutes terrorises women and children, again, at a public pool in Gelden, North Rhine Westphalia...  

    Gang of young Muslims call nude bathers sluts and infidels

    Mein Gott im Himmel!




    … and instead of decent Germans getting together and beating the louts to a pulp, the deranged response is to have ‘charts displayed..in a bid to teach migrants to treat woman and children with respect?’

    And that inspirational idea has been topped up with a proposal to appoint ‘asylum’ creeps as LIFEGUARDS?



    Would you want them to be responsible for ‘ensuring the safety’ of your wife or daughter?

    Seriously! To give Mama Stasi’s horde ‘responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers!’

    The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be “an inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.”




    Silhouette weeping


    Except rape victims.

    The brains behind this insanity is a Deutscher dork named Peter Harzheim, BDS president..


    … but he’s garnered support from all the usual Enemy Within factions, the SPD, Greens and the Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    The article would be one big belly-laugh were it not so horrifying.

    But one sentence stands out..

    Police have said there would be zero-tolerance for sexual assaults.

    Oh yeah?

    Like in Cologne?

    With the rotten Lugenpresse desperate to cover up ‘refugee’ rapine?



    In view of the mockery of justice in German courts when such crimmigrant vermin have been found guilty and at once unleashed back onto the streets, any talk of ‘zero-tolerance’ is obscene. 

    •  It’s really high time that these scum were taught a lesson, rounded up at gun-point, then taken immediately to the nearest airport for deportation. They are unfit to live in any civilised country.  
    • =

    How much longer will Germans put up with pig-ignorant primitives making their lives a misery by means of bigoted, violent intolerance?


    again and again


    Our question needs to be repeated, because there’s been MORE migrant’ fun and games, this time in Bremen, where a 19-year-old Algerian refugee erupted into screams of ‘I’ll blow you up.’   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-attacks-germany-bremen-id

    devil destroyed


    Police said that when the man was in custody this past weekend for several thefts, he had sympathized with Islamic State and a gunman who killed nine people at a shopping center in Munich last Friday.

    German police arrest Algerian suspect who yelled ‘I’ll blow you up’

    A known criminal?

    Why is he still in Germany?

    Mama Stasi’s primitive horde should be rounded up and kicked out, and if Algeria is reluctant to take the pig back, here’s how to get round that obstacle.



     And STOP calling them ‘refugees.’

  • ross1948 09:35 on July 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Cologne Crimmigrants – No Jail-Time for Death Threat Savage! 

    An Algerian man, Hassan T., was also found guilty of being an accomplice to a sexual assault that was carried out by a group of 15 to 20 men.




    The 26-year-old told a man who was with the two female victims “Give me the girls, give me the girls – or you’re dead.”

    The court considered this to be attempted assault. Hassan T. was also handed a one-year probationary sentence.



    • That ‘also’ refers to the same nonsense ‘punishment’ handed down to another sleazy migrant swine who grabbed a defenceless German girl, kissed her and licked her face.



    Disgusting creatures, who do not deserve to be in Germany at all.

    Also disgusting is The Local’s failure properly to expose the scum, identifying them only by a first name and an initial, nor any photos to allow decent Germans to spot them on the streets and take whatever action they might think appropriate.

    Or is this cover-up not down to media pro-crimmigrant bias but rather due to the German court, another effort to shield filthy brutes from getting what’s coming to them?

    I don’t know -maybe one of our German readers can tell us.

    out with them

    Every such ‘refugee’ should be flogged and deported.

    Unfortunately there’s no corporal punishment in German law, but there is provision for deportation, but that depends on the sentence handed down. Letting Mama Stasi Merkel’s pet pigs walk free on probation precludes their return to whatever cess-pool they emerged from.  

    So Germany has dimwit jerk judges too.

    Perhaps the saddest part of the report  is its final paragraph.

     There were initial concerns that none of the perpetrators would ever be brought to justice and that this would encourage them to believe they had immunity to repeat the offences.


    Well, they have been ‘brought to justice,’ and the result, as reported, tells the pigs that molestation of their host-country’s women incurs no penalty whatsoever.

    Now decent German men may well conclude that, if their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters are to be protected from the packs of evil aliens whom Merkel has imported to roam their cities…


    hands off


    …they’ll need to take up arms and do the job themselves. 


    • Karl DG 09:41 on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I have only seen this now and it is exactly how I was thinking when I read that news.
      What must people do to remove this problem population?


  • ross1948 10:20 on April 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    France24’s ‘Migrant Debate’ Mockery! Who’s Worse, Gloannec or Poulin? 

    The last thing I watched last night was a ‘debate’ on France24, in which not a single spokesperson for the majority of the French people could be seen or heard.

    We know most folks there are on our side, no phoney ‘refugees’  welcome, no imposed EUSSR quotas. 

    Asked about polls showing 55 percent of French people oppose admitting more refugees or easing asylum procedures to cope with the EU’s migration crisis, Hollande said public opinion was fickle…  Hollandeopens French doors to refugees

    We know Hollande scorns the people’s will. But where, in that ‘debate,’ was a representative of the Front Nationale, which talks sense on the issue? Where was any voice for thwarting the alien tsunami, or for deportation of undesirables?

    Watch it for yourselves!

    THE DEBATE – France 24

    I was particularly disgusted by some blonde bint named Anne Marie Le Gloannec…


    annem.legloannec's picture



    …who claimed shamelessly that Mama Stasi Merkel was not to be condemned for the invasion she incited by her carefully calculated, unilateral violation of the basic Brussels rules.

    Glouannec uttered not a word of dismay at the German Government’s gross negligence ( or worse? ) which incited hordes of primitives to storm their way across the Balkans.



    Instead this damfool madame tried to persuade listeners that Mama had just been some sort of good-hearted woman making the best of a bad situation….


    merkel danger

    …which Mama herself created!


    For any female to say that, after what’s been happening to German women in Cologne –  and others all over Europe, countless incidents of sexual assault inflicted by those barbarous brutes  -it’s a bloody disgrace!  

    Gloannec actually spent several years teaching in Cologne! She’s a typical ‘intellectual,’ and that’s presumably why she got invited to France24’s debate. 

    But she wasn’t the only affront on display!


     Pinko Poulin


    Just listen to the bearded pinko, Alexis Poulin, of the Euractiv propaganda outfit,  which publishes free EU news and facilitates EU policy debates for policy professionals in 12 languages.

    Poulin ended up railing against the people of Europe!


    Because even France 24’s polling showed they wanted their countries to control  migrant policy rather than trust the traitor clique of the EUSSR.

    When the moderator, showing some grasp of reality, suggested that this reflected ‘the will of the people,’ Poulin’s sharp retort was ‘NO.

    What the people want is not, it seems, the will of the people unless they agree with Poulin’s ideological biases!


    • liberal-media-bias
    • Sure, the Merkel-apologist blondie and the Euractiv fanatic have the right to hold their odd opinions.
    • But why was there NOBODY invited to participate in that debate from the Calais citizenry outraged by the marauding savages in the Jungle, or from Marine Le Pen’s huge popular following  – she’s a blonde, like Gloannec, but unlike Gloannec, Marine has been elected to speak for millions?
    • Their absence made the debate a mockery.
    • WHY are so many of Europe’s media arrayed on the side of the Enemy? 
  • ross1948 11:54 on January 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Mama Merkel’s Railway Children: Blame The Wicked, NOT The Women! 


    Like Kristallnacht, that word will echo down the years and honest German historians will surely compare the two nightmare nights.


    Kristallnacht, 1938, when the National Socialists showed their true face,  lawless loutish mayhem, targetting innocent Jews all over the Third Reich…




    …and fast forward to Silvesternacht, New Year, 2016, when evil ‘asylum-seekers,’ deliberately imported into Germany, showed their true colours – rapacious savages targetting innocent women.



    But already Mama Stasi Merkel’s pro-crimmigrant comrades are blaming the women.


    ——–Liar Reker———–


    • Cologne’s Mayor, Henriette Reker, has lied in the face of clear facts, telling us that the sex-predators’ onslaught was nothing to do with ‘refugees’ – yet Cologne’s Police Chief explicitly affirmed the sex-crazed assailants were of North African and Arab appearance, and even the BBC had to report what an honest cop said at the scene viz.

    “They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 

    And the obnoxious, po-faced mayor warned the women that they need to be more ‘careful’ –

    …we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves…”http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/01/05/cologne-mayor-women-careful-migrant-mass-rapes-promises-guidance-can-prepare/

    This conjures up the appeasement drivel we heard when this crisis loomed up in the headlines last year…

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    …telling German girls it’s THEY who must kowtow to pig-ignorant brutes who can’t control their sexual aggression.

    Girls and women should feel free to dress as they please and go where they please.

    It’s ‘asylum’ animals like those at Koln’s Hauptbahnhof who need to be taught their place. 



    I’m glad to note that criticism is raining down on the lying vixen Reker, even in some segments of the mainstream media.

    The Mayor of Cologne Just Blamed Hundreds of Women for Being Attacked in Public

    That’s the headline above an excellent denunciation of the Cow of Cologne, and her proposed “code of conduct,” which would require women to remain “an arm’s length distance from strangers” within their own group…in the future, women would do well to be aware of the potential dangers of events conducive to drunkenness, the mayor reportedly added.  https://www.yahoo.com/news/mayor-cologne-just-blamed-hundreds-011347213.html

    Booze may have been involved but it was the engrained backward sexism and arrogant triumphalism animating those ‘asylum’ animals which engendered this surely co-ordinated molestation.

    Warning the city’s women is gratuitously offensive.

    • Image result for enough is enough

    German civic leaders should be warning the ungrateful and unwelcome aliens in their communities that if they won’t learn to behave like human beings, they can take their barbarous behaviour back to whence they came.

    And German police should be ordered to shoot the swine down if they are seen to menace decent citizens.



    • Penny 12:54 on January 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You are on top form this week!
      That Reker is everything you say she is and more, the worst kind of lefty.
      I LOVE that phrase ‘The Cow of Cologne.’
      More’s the pity she wasn’t in the station on Sylvester Night. She might have learned a very hard lesson.


  • ross1948 09:12 on January 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Cologne, , , , , , , Rail Station   

    Merkel’s Migrants – “A Completely New Dimension of Violence!” 

    • Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab
    • ————————–-

    Mama Stasi Merkel touted her imported rabble last week as an ‘opportunity’ – and now Germans have experienced how the horde intend to make the most of that ‘opportunity.’


     Cologne’s Main Station, as darkness falls


    Cologne’s Police Chief, Wolfgang Albers, after telling the truth of the outrage in his city’s central railway station – “the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come North African and Arab countries”  – acknowledged the savages’ behaviour was ‘intolerable.’  http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/01/04/revealed-1000-migrants-brawl-rape-sexually-assault-steal-one-german-train-station-new-years-eve/

    • hands off


    Only a handful of reports have exposed the full horror that befell German women in the Hauptbahnhof on New Year’s Eve, Mama’s lapdog media maintaining their infamous deference to the regime’s wish to whitewash the alien savages she has unleashed on her own people.

    Shocker – Honest Cop Unmasks Migrant Crime Cover-Up!

    Mama Stasi’s Savages Amok – A RARITY? C’mon, AFP!

    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • —————
    • But word will spread, indeed, thanks to honest outlets like Breitbart, is spreading now…

    REVEALED: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At ONE German Train Station On New Year’s Eve

    …and there must be millions now praying, and, one hopes, readying, for action to defend their communities against the barbarous brutality she has visited upon their wives, daughters and sisters. 

    Actually, I almost made a resolution to post less on the issue, because many readers miss my focus on other issues. But no way!

    We will continue to protest, just as we have warned of the migrant menace often enough..

    Biting The Hand – It’s What Happens When You Welcome Savages!

    Another Swede? At Least Brits Are Told Of ‘Migrant’ Rapine!

    God knows the police are either too gutless or PC-shackled to provide effective remedies. 

    Just five arrests have been made by German police after central Cologne was transformed into a war-zone on New Year’s Eve, as an estimated 1,000 migrants celebrated by launching fireworks into crowds and sexually assaulting German women caught up in the chaos.


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