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    Bristol Scumbag Cases? Good Move, Suella! 

    ...in a rare move, which cannot reverse the not guilty verdicts, Suella Braverman is to ask appeal judges for clarification on whether defendants can cite their human rights as a defence in a case of criminal damage


    I have a lot of respect for Ms. Braverman, largely due to her assertion of the true nature of the cancer….

    . .



    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mention Cultural Marxism Again!” 

    ….that has eaten into the fabric of British society.

    It’s a great pity there’s no way that the red vermin whose vandalism has made Bristol’s name stink…


    All the scum should have been rounded up immediately. The vandalism could have been prevented by police on the scene.


    ….can yet be punished.

    But if the absurd ‘rights rot’ excuse is endorsed by the Court of Appeal, it will at least tell us the conclusions we have drawn about the judiciary…


    The judges remarked that deporting him would be “cruel and morally wrong” as it would undo his rehabilitation

    Grievous Bodily Harm, But UK Can’t Deport? 

    …is largely correct.

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    Carte Blanche For Mayhem In Highgate Cemetery? 

    Yes, still examining the most damaging ‘justice’ outcome in recent British history…



    …and found this completely non-political link


    … which takes us step by step through the judge’s instructions to the jury, on exactly how they had to perform their duties.

    I hadn’t realised the jury was unanimous, which makes me wonder….



    ..if Bristol should be declared a special lock-down zone, isolation as with Wuhan Bat Virus, only for Mental Pinko Plague.

    Haha – but many a true word…

    More seriously, the judge informed the jury on what grounds the defendants might deem the Colston Statue a legitimate target – yes, I was surprised too, but read that link – and it comes down to whether the sculpture is indecent or abusive.

    Exactly how a statue can be ‘abusive,’ I really can’t imagine.

    It can’t speak, not can it snarl or sneer, because even if the sculptor carved such expressions into stone, the statue can’t use them against passers-by.

    It’s stone, for God’s Sake!

    Certainly a statue can be ‘indecent!’

    But indecency is in the eye of the beholder.

    A beautiful classical, statue…


    … may be seen by backward bigots as indecent.

    Normal people would perceive a sculpture depicting bestiality or homosexuality as indecent.

    But Colston’s image was fully clothed, decent in every way.

    What the judge can only have meant was that the statue was offensive!

    To the noisome quartet, obviously…

    Little Red Rhian And The Bristolian Boys!

    …and, they claim ( to justify their havoc) to an unquantifiable number of chip-on-shoulder grumblers.

    In other words, if a few people find a statue offensive, they may vandalise it, with dumbo cops bovinely watching over the vandalism.

    I say ‘few,’ because there were hundreds present, a tiny proportion of Bristol’s population.

    Now we know that the top cop in that area is NOT even-handed in how he treats Whites and Blacks.

    Avon’s Angsty Andy! OK To Riot? But Not To Be White? 

    So if decent folk marched into town and tore down that ugly mutt thing that was put on the Colston plinth…




    -illegally, BTW, and now removed but perhaps to return, pending a decision by the lily-livered and/or collabo council! https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/15/edward-colston-statue-replaced-by-sculpture-of-black-lives-matter-protester

    Who knows what Angsty Andy might do- order a bayonet charge?

    But suppose you had a different sort  – a decent, fair-minded policeman ( or policewoman) operating a similar policy, based on the Bristol verdict, in, for example, London.

    So I could fly to UK and join patriots to smash up the Karl Marx monument?.

    • Vicki 03:15 on January 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I’ll join you for that little day out!


  • ross1948 22:33 on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Blame The Judge – ‘Twas The Jurors! 

    Given the petition we brought to your attention earlier today…

    ….it’s interesting to recall too what we had to say a while ago, about what kind of political animals roam the mysterious jungle called the CPS…

    Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    We know Starmer held high rank there..

    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos? 

    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    …and now we hear from another person who toiled in its high-salaried corridors of power, one Nazir Afzal OBE…


    Nazir Afzal

    ….former chief crown prosecutor for the North West.

    Speaking of the affront to justice recently perpetrated in Bristol, Afzal had a right old rant.

    It’s a complete waste of time and damages confidence in the justice system.


    And yes, each ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in Bristol certainly ‘damages confidence in the justice system. .

    But that’s not what Afzal means.

    He thinks we should all bow down…

    …bend over and take it, whatever perverted notion of ‘justice’ animated those jurors.

    Not just we common folk get warned off, but Attorney General Suella Braverman MP too.

    She’s had warnings from others in the past…




    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mention Cultural Marxism Again!” 

    …who didn’t like hearing her identify The Enemy Within.


    So let’s hope she tells all those pinko creep shrills to sod off!

    Although I have often excoriated disgraceful judges and magistrates..


    And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God?

    …we must be clear, in this case, that they – the jurors, not the judge –

    Judge Peter Blair QC told jurors they must decide the case on the basis of the evidence they had heard, after raising concerns in their absence that undue pressure was being placed on them by excessive rhetoric from defence barristers.

    .. should be the object of good people’s righteous indignation!

    That Bristol judge also rightly told the noisy uppities watching the proceedings to desist from disorderly conduct.

    He also warned members of the defendants’ many supporters about their behaviour in court… 

    Were the jurors intimidated by the red rabble?

    Or was it just bad luck in the jury selection process that allowed too many empanelled…


    …who see the world from the same twisted angle as the undesirable accused?

    I don’t have the resources to get answers, but I hope somebody can.


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