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  • ross1948 14:56 on September 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Bristol Desecration – Not Quite Blasphemy? 

    Unlike some ignorant savages, I don’t think blasphemers should be murdered…


    …but I did find it abhorrent, when Jesus was offensively depicted by an American ‘artist…’  

    Blasphemy USA? Jesus Depicted As Low-Life Lout! 

    .  as the unlamented career criminal Floyd.

    Now here we go again.

    While it’ true to say that not all ‘migrants’ are undesirables, since decent people migrate by using legal processes…

    …to get approval from the lands they wish to reach, applying for visas, and ultimately citizenship, it’s equally true that ‘asylum-seekers’ who use boats…

    Picture of a 1963 civil rights bus boycott will be a new stained glass window at a church - replacing one dedicated to slave trader Edward Colston


    …as illustrated above…

    .- a clear reference to the lawless fake-‘refugees’ who undertake crimmigrant voyages on the Med and across the Channel –

    …in last week’s media reports…

    Church replaces Edward Colston stained glass window … with Jesus in a migrant boat


    …are queue-jumping no-goods, ipso facto illegals.

    If you agree with me…and if you dislike the woke jargon used to justify what’s been done…

    ….the replacement of the Colston window was part of a larger process at St Mary Redcliffe in the ongoing exploration of and engagement with contested heritage

    …and if you have a spare moment, you might wish to tell St. Mary Redcliffe Church in Bristol…

    Telephone: 03301 594 919

    Address: The Parish Office, 12 Colston Parade, Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 6RA

    Email: parish.office@stmaryredcliffe.co.uk

    ….that this kind of politically motivated desecration of memorials to the departed is grotesque.

  • ross1948 03:33 on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Fight Back! Colston Re-Trial! Sign Here! 

    Something worth signing.


    All these scum should have been rounded up immediately. The vandalism could have been prevented by police on the scene.

    Tear-gas, truncheons, tasers….


    …that would have got them scuttling back down the sewers they emerged from. 



    Please pass along to anyone, anywhere in the UK or to Brits overseas.


    We the undersigned believe that a miscarriage of justice has taken place with significant public interest enough to warrant an appeal or retrial. The acquittal of those who toppled the Colston statue in Bristol sets a dangerous precedent that endangers all of our national heritage, legitimising direct physical action against it. This way lies chaos and mob rule. The jury was also intimidated by the defence warning them that the world was watching their decision.


    • Pamela 04:34 on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Those jurors should be named and held up to public scorn, as the worst examples ever.


  • ross1948 20:00 on January 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Bristol voters, Colston statue, fake opinion survey, Guardian bogus survey, , red vermin   

    Does Bristol Like Vermin? Guardian Polls FIVE People!.. 

    We expect little or nothing…

    …in terms of impartial journalism from the Guardian.



    And after the furore over their Person of the Year poll/non-poll…

    JK Rowling, ‘Person of the Year!’ Thanks Pinko Guardian!

    … anything that appears in that exemplar of pinko creep media purporting to measure public opinion..

    JKR Rules? Pinko Panic At Mordor!

    …must be suspect.


    And sure enough!

    There was a supportive mood for the jury on a grey, drizzly Thursday in the city, a place known for its political activism, free spirit and creativity.. 


    So this leftist Guardian hack, Jamie Grierson…

     Jamie Grierson

    …conducted a scientific, proper poll, a serious effort to see if a majority of Bristol folk…

    (who do have – and for many a long year have had – all the usual democratic channels to require their elected representatives to remove, move or maintain public statuary)


    Protesters throw the statue into Bristol harbour


    …wanted Colston’s harmless monument removed?

    Of course not, any more than decent Bristolians, as opposed to bored welfare layabouts…



    …lame-brain students, marxists and, more recently, uppity BLM racists, wanted it removed

    No, there was never any motion passed for its removal.

    Nor did the uppities manage to make the philanthropist’s statue a key election issue!

    So let’s look at the in-depth survey carried out by pinko Jamie.

     Which involved no less than FIVE people!

    Melanie, Ashley, Alagie, Otis and Aisha. Even then, not unanimous.

    And Guardian Grierson twists that to say there’s a – ‘supportive mood… In the city?’

    • Blll Boddie 21:07 on January 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The Guardian gang think they can get away with dirty tricks but if you and a few other stalwarts keep exposing them, more people will realise what’s going on.


  • ross1948 00:01 on December 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Journo Jerks Still Colluding! 

    Having applauded one British reporter for exposing Big Biz collaboration with the  transfreak movement…

    Risky Xmas Shopping? Avoid These Woko-Stores!

    ….other news today reminds us of the total lack of commitment to investigative reporting…


    Dirty Donkeys Are Now Exposed Asses! 

    ..among most so-called ‘journalists’ in the UK.

    In fact, we have noted this before, when we wrote about a genuinely brave, genuine artist…’

    China’s Badiucao – More Guts Than Brit-Wimp ‘Banksy!’ 

    What a contrast to that wimpy weasel that calls itself ‘Banksy-‘ – male, female, one person, more?

    The very name ‘Banksy’ is redolent of an inarticulate infant’s fumbling efforts while learning to speak!


    Image result for banksy


    . .and once again the dauber with the infantile pseudonym ‘Banksy’ has shown his true red colours.

    The anonymous artist posted on Instagram pictures of limited edition grey souvenir T-shirts which went on sale at the weekend in Bristol.

    The shirts have a picture of Colston’s empty plinth with a rope hanging off, with debris and a discarded sign nearby and BRISTOL written above.

    This refers to what we wrote about on Monday…

    Why Only Four? Statue Mayhem Trial Opens..

    …and those red scum are in court all week.

    He said proceeds from the sale will be given to the four people facing trial in the city accused of criminal damage.

    Right, we know the gutless sh&t is on the enemy side…

    Italy Needs More ‘Safe Places’ – For Women, Thanks To “Banksy!’ 

    …and that he’s too yellow to identify himself…

    …but what we don’t know is why none of the BBC Coven, always so eager to chew on ‘leaks’ from treacherous low-lifes  – aka ‘civil servants…’



    …and just as eager to hide stories that don’t fit their left-bigot agenda…

    Who’s Ray Epps? Another BBC Cover-Up 

    BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush! 

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan


    …refuse to make any effort to uncover the dirty little dauber’s identity.

    It’s not as if they don’t know it.

    (Almost certainly they do, or could know if they made the effort to find out!)

    It’s that in all probability they DO, but are so unprofessional that they deem the public unworthy to share their little lefty secret.


  • ross1948 14:00 on December 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: adapting to where you move, , , Colston statue, democratic consultation, fit in or f off, Renaming streets,   

    Now Restore That Bristol Statue! 

    So Sheffield’s people have stood their ground against the war on their civic identity as a British city?




    A collection of academics and agitprop asses made clear their far-left attitudes by expressing elitist animosity towards…

    ‘…features across the city in street names, collections and public art which ‘perpetuate racist, outdated and uncomfortable messages…’


    Outdated‘ in whose eyes?

    Uncomfortable‘ to whom?

    Uppity BLM racist whiners, pinko creeps in general and, plainly, the out-of-touch….



    …and clearly unrepresentative motley crew on the cabal designated to carry out the survey!

    Why did these elitists dislike some ‘features?’

    They have a problem with ‘an inadequate expression of its large and diverse population.’


    If people move to a grand old English city like Sheffield…



    Arms (crest) of Sheffield


    ….it doesn’t matter where they come from, as long as they don’t think the city should change to fit their ‘diverse’ origins!



    If they are not interested in fitting in, they shouldn’t move in.

    Same if people move to a country!

    Stuck-ups like those Sheffield commissars dont agree.

    But they got a bit of a shock!

    Their ‘consultation on the findings took place between July and September….



    …and found most who responded did not want to see any changes!



    Good result!

    But the good people of Sheffield should beware.

    Marxists don’t respect the rules of democratic decision-making.

    They will be weaselling away in the most shadowy corridors of power…



    …determined to thwart the will of the citizens.

    And THAT brings me to my headline!

    Protesters throw the statue into Bristol harbour

      The Gutless Bristol Police

    When the cowardly cop-commanders in Bristol stood back and let a mob of red scum topple that statue…

    …. the rotten rozzers knew very well they were conniving in an anti-democratic act.

    No ballot, no citizens’ consultation, no people’s vote, had been carried out, on that statue’s position.

    Now it’s been tucked away, apparently replaced by some disgusting image more pleasing to the mob.

    Not good enough!

    A referendum should be held, on returning old Colston to his rightful place.

    It need cost nothing much at all…

    …if the ballot paper is issued along with the ballot papers for council candidates at the next municipal elections in Bristol.

    If the PEOPLE don’t want Colston back on his plinth, he can stay tucked away.


    If there’s a democratic demand for his restoration, put him back.


    And batter any red scum who try to knock him down




    • Edward Lamont 23:06 on December 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Putting these issues to the people is the only fair way to decide.
      You may not have seen the news that Bristol is to have a referendum next year on whether to continue having a ‘mayoral role, ‘ whatever that is..

      According to the BBC, ‘Bristol councillors voted 41 in favour and 21 against holding a referendum in May.’
      So now they have no excuse. It would cost nothing at all to add the question about Colston’s statue!
      Why don’t you publish every councillor’s email address and ask all readers to contact them.
      On second thoughts, I can do that.
      You do a lot already!


    • Edward Lamont 23:22 on December 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      That wasn’t too difficult.


      I hope it works.


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