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    Hefty Leftist BBC Blonde’s ‘Statue Graveyard’ Plan 

    Who’s the hefty leftist blonde hackette in the photograph below?



    Can any reader ID Comrade Beebski? There are so many lefty hackettes on the BBC…!

    I was so astounded by her outburst on BBC World News, at about 5pm Jakarta time on Thursday, that I felt the need for a photo – of her, and one of the leftist professor to whom she made her suggestion.

    Now if he had come up with such an offensive notion, I’d not have been surprised.

    Every BBC ‘news’ show is apparently under orders to give fans of the BLM rabble as much air-time as possible!

    But the pinko professor was NOT guilty!

    Big Blondie reminded him that in some capital of some country liberated from Communism, all the statuary honouring marxist oppressors had been collected and dumped in a field…

    ….so their existence would no longer vex passers-by on the streets and squares they’d once blighted by their offensive presence.

    Could British statues disliked by far-left freakos, she mused ( not using those words, but that was her clear meaning!) not be dealt with similarly?

    Only in the swamp-land of BBC flunkey-think, surely, could any comparison be conjured between monuments to distinguished men with great achievements, Churchill, Peel, Nelson, yes, and  Rhodes…

    …and marxist monsters like Lenin, Stalin and the other creators and perpetuators of the worst form of totalitarian tyranny ever devised.



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    Solidarity With Poland, Against Historically Illiteracy! 

    Whilst I have defended RT against those who want to shut it down – which would be unfair unless state propaganda channels like Deutsche Welle, France24 and of course the BBC, were also shut down – its output can still rile me.


    • Gambar terkait

    Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

    Like this week, when it carried a story about ‘monuments’ which Poland intends to demolish.

    A Russian MP wants to have a crowd-funding campaign to move them to Russia!

    He’s “expressed concern about maintaining the historical memory of the liberation of Poland by the Soviet Army during WWII.’




    What a bloody nerve!

    Stalin could have liberated Poland, or at least Warsaw, when the Polish patriots in the capital staged their heroic uprising. Instead, he not only ordered the Red Army to stand down outside the city and lick their lips as the German occupation forces crushed the Poles.


    Gambar terkait


    Worse, when the Western Allies wanted to drop supplies for the freedom-fighters, the Soviet dictator interdicted what could have been vital help.

    Let’s also mention the Katyn Massacre, where thousands of Polish POWs were brutally murdered by the Communist terror forces, the NKVD, shot in the back of the neck and shoved into a mass grave.


    Hasil gambar untuk katyn forest massacre


    That was a deliberate tactic to facilitate the post-war marxist take-over – the annihilation of much of Poland’s natural leadership was seen as a big boost to Stalin’s plan for a Red seizure of power.

    So any chattering about how the Red Army ‘liberated Poland is offensive historical gibberish.

    Having statues that glorify the Red Army in Poland, or any East/central European nation, is very much akin to having a statue of Adolf Eichmann in Tel Aviv.

    Gambar terkait


    • The Poles have, we read, ‘recently passed laws which ban any demonstration of Soviet symbols.’

    • ======

    Good work!

    Individual Russian soldiers, like any such soldiers in any army, in any era, may well deserve our admiration for courage and sacrifice, but in 1945 they were in the service of a satanic cause.



    The voluble Russian MP is quoted at length on his fury over a “a one-sided attempt to review the history of the Second World War that contradict the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal.” 

    Without going into the rights and wrongs of the Nuremberg Tribunal’s particular verdicts…


    Gambar terkait

    Vishinsky – Stalin’s stooge-judge at Nuremberg


    …it has long been recognised that its entire raison d’etre was morally flawed by the inclusion on the judges’ panel of a Soviet puppet like Vishinsky, nominated by a regime rooted in mass-murder.

    If that historically illiterate Russian wants to haul such symbols off to Mother Russia, then before he starts talking hogwash about ‘liberation,’ he might reflect for a moment that the same regime that massacred, tortured and terrorised the Poles ALSO did the same to millions of Russians.


    Hasil gambar untuk gulag archipelago


    Any monument to men who fought for marxism, anywhere, deserves destruction.

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