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    Scheer Outed As Enemy Of Free Speech! 

    the Liberal-run Justice Committee, Michael Cooper, a conservative MP from St Albert, dared to push back at the hateful assertion by a Muslim lobbyist that conservatives were to blame for mass murder in New Zealand. Cooper pushed back, saying the terrorist himself there denied that he was a conservative, in fact, said he admired Communist China. It was true, and it was a rebuttal to a false accusation. But after the Liberals said they were all offended — Scheer literally fired Cooper.https://www.therebel.media/stop-section-13-petition-andrew-scheer-justin-trudeau-free-speech-canadian-human-rights-act

    Conservative MP Michael Cooper told a Muslim witness he should be ‘ashamed’ after he drew a link between ‘conservative commentators’ and the online history of Quebec City mosque shooter https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/scheer-michael-cooper-justice-committee-kicked-out-christchurch-1.5159082

    I found this hard to believe, but cross-checked The Rebel report with the leftwing CBC and it’s perfectly true.

    I’d sympathise more with Cooper, however, had he not ‘apologised’ to the freakos whose delicate ‘sensitivities’ he ‘offended.”

    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel

    Weasel Scheer


    Grovel is now part of Canadian Tory DNA.


    More good reasons to consider a vote for Maxime Bernier’s party, the PPC.


    Image result for bernier

    Maxime Bernier


    Bernier criticised Scheer’s gutless kow-tow to the Liberals on the Justice Committee, and spoke up strongly for democracy.

    “We are the only political party with a strong free-speech platform,” said Bernier, who also pledged to repeal a bill introduced by the Liberal government which established sexual orientation and gender expression as protected grounds under the Canadian Human Rights Act.




    And weirdly, Scheer ordered the remaining conservatives on the committee to vote to turn off the video cameras when Mark Steyn, Lindsay Shepherd and John Robson testified at that committee. How crazy is that? The Conservatives invited them to testify — presumably for free speech. They showed up. And then the conservative MPs literally voted to turn off the cameras, so the world couldn’t see them arguing for freedom. And according to Andrew Lawton, who was right there, the order came from Scheer himself.

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    The Wrong Kind Of Muslim? Salim Vetoed By Truthophobic Tories! 

    Professor Salim Mansur is a distinguished academic and a principled Muslim.


    Image result for salim mansur


    Yet Canada’s Conservative Party in-crowd has vetoed his adoption as a parliamentary candidate!

    You can watch a video interview with Prof. Mansur, in which he discusses the situation – here’s the link..


    Honest Tories are stunned by Party leader Scheer’s spineless conduct. When you’d think a patriotic, pluralist Muslim might be the perfect choice to advance the fight against Justin Turdo’s despicable record…

    Drip Off the Old Block – Turdo Echoes Papa’s ‘Soft On Terror’ Stance 

    Obscene Justin Turdo Grubs For Disloyal Sectarian Votes! 


    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 



    Justin Turdo                                                      Killer Khadr

    Killer Khadr, Millionaire, Strolls Into Canada’s Parliament 

    …you have to ask what’s going on.

    You can read about some of the questions that the weakling weasel Tory Andrew Scheer…

    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel

    Weasel Scheer

    ….is being – and needs to be – asked, by using this link, here.


    And here’s a sample of Salim Mansur’s writing, which is pretty darned good.

    Trudeau has displayed an eagerness to indict episodes from Canadian history as shameful when judged by contemporary standards and apologize for them, he has refused to indict returning ISIS fighters for crimes against humanity and put them on trial.



    Instead, Trudeau and his Liberal Party have eagerly reached out to apologists of the Muslim Brotherhood and other related organizations among Muslims in Canada, and by adopting Motion 103 on Islamophobia has indicated that appeasement of Islamists is one of the key planks of his domestic and foreign policy.


    • Arnold 14:25 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He is exactly the kind of man we need. If we had more like him, all this ‘Islamophobia’ would disappear quickly.
      Muslim or not, a candidate who puts Canada first and Scheer doesn’t want him?
      Scheer should quit after this.


    • Lina Norton 15:02 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I read that this man has reason to be careful if he wants to worship at a local mosque.
      Scheer obviously cares more about the threat-makers than their intended victim,


    • Phil Meaben 15:33 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why would Scheer do something so stupid?
      Mansur is famous for being brave enough to stand up to Islamfascism and against Turdeau’s appeasement.
      Now Scheer will be infamous for kicking out a good Muslim who’s always on Canada’s side.


    • Marty N 18:08 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We hear a lot about Muslims who want to wreck Canada with sharia and then we hear about a really good Muslim and Scheer kicks him in the teeth.
      No Tory votes in this house.


    • Vanessa.Reilly 19:49 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So the Tories in Canada are as lily-livered as those in Britain.


    • Zach Biemer 20:08 on June 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Maxime Bernier should pick up the phone and invite Professor Mansur to run as a candidate for a real conservative party.
      Harper used to say some smart things but this Scheer is cut from a very different cloth. His party will not be getting my vote.


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    May’s Malevolent Mafia Stomps Party Democracy! 

    All the prattle we have heard from Theresa The Appeaser about how she’s standing up to the Brussels Empire vanishes like snow off a dry stane dyke in springtime…



    …once we read how her Central Office lick-spittle lackeys have been ordered into action to defend Enemy Within Tory M.Ps.

    LeaveEU have just exposed the slimy tactics adopted by Central Office and local collabos…



    … and we may rest assured none of these dirty tricks would be in play without May’s approval and authority.

    When the Commons votes this week, voting that could precipitate her downfall, feel not the slightest sympathy for the Remainer in Number Ten!


    Dear Supporter, 
    Conservative Campaign Headquarters are desperate. The launch last week of our AGM drive within our wider deselection campaign received a sensational response. No confidence motions against sitting pro-Remain MPs have been filling local association letterboxes across the land.

    Knowing that if allowed onto the agenda, the majority of these motions would pass at general meetings taking place this month, CCHQ is using underhand tactics to reject proposals. The party machine is exposing its despotic hierarchy, which is completely misaligned with the grassroots.

    In Dominic Grieve’s Beaconsfield seat, John Strafford, chairman of the grassroots Campaign for Conservative Democracy, had his motion rejected on the grounds his membership had lapsed. Mr Strafford had not been sent a renewal notice in January as he has for each of the past 56 years. In sneakily and not so subtly neglecting to ask him to pay his annual fees, CCHQ timed out Strafford’s membership, rendering his no-confidence motion void.
    Industrious deselection campaigners in Bracknell, Eurofanatic Phillip Lee’s constituency, have discovered that the Party Director General has drafted suspicious new guidance, issued to association chairman trying to find a way of invalidating no-confidence motions.

    The new rules have given collaborating local party chairmen all the excuse they need to reject letters sent in over the past two weeks. Any motion tabled later than 21 days before the annual meeting will not make it onto the agenda we’re now told. Bizarre, since the Party constitution states notice of annual general meetings must also be given at least 21 days prior.

    How on earth are members supposed to get their motions in if they don’t know when the annual meeting is even happening? Under the guidance, as soon as they’re informed, it’s automatically too late to add items to the agenda. This is the type of political engineering comrade Stalin would have been proud of. Red stars all round.

    The isolated upper echelons can only stem the tide for so long. We’ve received thousands of emails from outraged activists agitating for their anti-Brexit MPs to be shoved out. They have the party constitution on their side. It cannot be subverted by new made-up rules, it’s also very clear on how to call a special general meeting via a petition of 50 signatures – usually less – in order to table a motion of no confidence. We encourage you to find out more on our deselection page.

    Nevertheless, AGMs still represent an immense opportunity to humiliate CCHQ’s accomplices. Comically, the Beaconsfield association has allowed a motion “expressing its full confidence in the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP” to make its way onto the agenda. Strafford suggests the motion be moved to replace “its full” with “no”.

    So if you’re a Tory Party Member sick to the teeth with your MP’s obstructionist antics, get down to your upcoming general meeting (find dates and locations here) and pile on the pressure. It will also be a great opportunity to get momentum going behind a deselection campaign via an SGM.

    As always, we’re looking for participants. Remember, you need to have been a member of the Conservative Party for at least three months in a seat represented by a pro-Remain Tory MP. If those two criteria apply to you and you haven’t volunteered already, drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


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    ‘Mighty Mekon’ Hague’s Very Vague Grasp Of Democracy 

    I suppose I’m not the first to note the striking resemblance between William Hague and the villainous Mighty Mekon who featured in the British boys’ Eagle comic for years, and perhaps still does.


    Gambar terkait


    But regardless of his physical appearance, even Hague’s language has now begun to seem alien, or at least it confirms that British fair play is alien to his kind’s mindset.

    He has just spewed out an absolutely incredible democratic disconnect from his Tory Party members, who, if one thinks about it, ARE the Tory Party.


    The Tories should not repeat Labour’s mistake and let members impose a divisive leader on the party


    One can only interpret his arrogant bleat in the Telegraph as a condescending affront to every rank-and-file member who pays subscriptions, and does the leafleting and the canvassing on which political campaigns depend for success in both parliamentary and local elections.

    One could possibly have respected Hague just a little bit if he had phrased his stuck-up put-down message more honestly, something like this….

    ‘The Tory Elite Must Keep The Rabble Under And Preserve The Current Divisive Leadership’

    Hague and the Westminster in-crowd appear to imagine that the party is their plaything.

    They regard the people who stump up membership money and slog about in all weathers as an appendage tolerated for what practical assistance they render…


    canvassing in all weathers


    …but basically dumb animals, unfit to choose whom they wish to lead the party.

    Again, those people ARE the party – the humblest shop-assistant or waitress who holds a party card is entirely entitled to as much of a say in party leadership and in party policy as peers like Lord Hague.

    And even more, let’s not forget, MPs too should have no more of a vote in a are there to serve those people, who select them as candidates and can DEselect them, a right often disrespected…



    …as when Theresa The Appeaser rushed to the rescue of her fellow-Remainer, Horrible Heidi, in South Cambridgeshire, an outrageous intrusion into local party democracy. Theresa May blocked move to deselect Tory rebel Heidi Allen

    Hague’s outburst followed the plan announced by Leave EU to get thousands of patriots to join the Tory Party and help the surviving pockets of real conservatives retake control.

    I think their proposal is well-intentioned but unworkable. It ignores the ability of the ruling class, May and Hague and the other elitists, to thwart democracy as May did for Ms Allen.



    But the sheer contempt shown by Hague, who led the party to defeat when he was leader, for his fellow-members who don’t share his in-crowd status, deserves to be as widely publicised as possible, to show just how rotten to the core that in-crowd are.


    • Henry North 20:07 on August 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The Tory hierarchy would simply use dirty tricks as they always do to stop the members from exercising their democratic rights.
      The example you give of Theresa May’s meddling in the South Cambridgeshire seat shows what they are capable of.
      And after all, it was never adequtely explained why May’s rival decided to pull out when the leadership election was due to be referred to the membership.


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    Save Brexit By Infiltrating Tories? What Do YOU Think? 

    That bright message below was the inspirational heading on the LeaveEU bulletin I read this morning…


    ….and I am passing it on directly to my readers.

    I am not in the UK so cannot 100% judge the mood of the country, hence my question at the top of the page.

    Frankly, I have considerable reservations, both about the strategy and about the explicit depiction of Boris Johnson as the leader-to-be.


    The Tory in-crowd have already expelled a lot of good men (and no doubt women too!) for upholding conservative values…

    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune!  


    May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

    …values to which that traitorous vixen May is a stranger.

    Infiltrating to the extent required to take over the party is no simple plan, and, in the time available, seems to me unlikely to succeed.

    As for Boris?

    I honestly don’t think he is a torch-bearer for any traditional values, and his recent remarks about bagheads –As Top Tories Grovel – UK Muslim Woman Talks Sense –  are hardly sufficient to reassure, esp. given his purpose was to reject a ban on the repulsive sectarian fashion.

    Were Rees-Mogg the chosen champion, I’d maybe say give it a go.

    He comes across as a sincere and patriotic person .

    Yet a real patriot party, a UKIP revival, strikes me as a much better plan. If the traitor-class subverts Brexit in the meantime, then they must take the consequences.

    In my view, no form of resistance would be off-limits, morally speaking.

    But I leave it you to have your say, as before.   


    Here’s the Leave EU bulletin, in full –


    Britain stands at a crossroads.

    Either we follow Theresa May and end up with “Brexit In Name Only”, which is going to poison and weaken our country for a generation.

    Or we take control of the situation ourselves and stick two fingers up at the anti-democrats who want us to be controlled by Brussels forever.

    Our political analysis is that the Labour Party will split to form a new centre party that will emerge with the People’s Vote and compete on the left with the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

    Corbyn cannot be replaced as the leader of the Labour Party.

    There is a once in a generation chance to unite the right that could then decisively win against a split opposition, in the same way that Mrs Thatcher took on the SDP, Labour and the Liberals to win three decisive victories.

    In those days, Conservatives believed in family values, hard work, prudence and getting on in life.

    We will be carrying out national polling over the next few weeks to launch a national campaign to persuade the Conservative grassroots they need a new Brexit leader that could decisively win again at the ballot box.It is likely that a Conservative Party leadership contest will be held in the next 3 to 6 months.

    Whoever wins it will automatically be our Prime Minister.

    After becoming a Conservative Party member, you will be eligible to vote in the final round of that contest.

    You will therefore have a hand in choosing our next Prime Minister – and in determining the kind of Brexit that Britain gets.

    It is not too late to save Brexit or the country.

    You can help to achieve the clean Brexit this country voted for by backing a Brexit candidate in any future leadership election.

    But the clock is ticking. Every second counts.

    Our plan is to roll out a campaign that connects with local councillors, party chairmen and MPs to change the direction of the party and unite the right.We want people to join the Conservative Party, attend local meetings, and then push for fundamental change within the party.

    Local associations should have power handed back to them including the right to hold primary contests for parliamentary seats and select who they want, rather than have politically correct candidates imposed from the CCHQ candidate sausage factory.

    Why does Gavin Barwell come to mind?! Straight out of school, Oxford, CCHQ, Councillor, MP and then Chief of Staff to the PM without ever having had a proper job or any experience!

    People who want to be professional politicians make awful MPs and our parliament is packed full of them.

    Our plan is to roll out a campaign that connects with local councillors, party chairmen and MPs to change the direction of the party and unite the right.We want people to join the Conservative Party, attend local meetings, and then push for fundamental change within the party.

    Local associations should have power handed back to them including the right to hold primary contests for parliamentary seats and select who they want, rather than have politically correct candidates imposed from the CCHQ candidate sausage factory.

    Why does Gavin Barwell come to mind?! Straight out of school, Oxford, CCHQ, Councillor, MP and then Chief of Staff to the PM without ever having had a proper job or any experience!

    People who want to be professional politicians make awful MPs and our parliament is packed full of them.

    Leave.EU is followed by over a million people on social media, it connects to tens of millions of voters in the UK, and it is the largest grassroots movement of its type in the country.It is clear that a new party will emerge from the call for a second referendum that will split the left and leave a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Conservative Party.

    Watch this spot as we start the “Conservative Grassroots Mutiny” campaign. Anyone wanting to get involved, drop us a line.

    There are a few extreme People Vote MPs that need to walk the plank, Anna!

    Arron Banks

    * The system of electing the leader of the Conservative Party consists of two stages:
    1. Conservative MPs select a choice of two candidates to present to the entire Party membership.
    2. Party members then vote on a “one member one vote” basis for their preferred candidate.
    Conservative Party membership costs £25 per year. The rules state that in order to vote you must have been a fully paid-up member of the Conservative Party for three months “from the time of call for nominations by the chairman of the 1922 Committee”. The three months runs from the date of your first direct debit, so pay by card.


    • Nick Hales 16:22 on August 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If the Tories EXPEL May and Soubry and Clarke and every other liberal and roll back all the liberal laws they have voted for, if they guarantee getting us out of not just the EU but the ECHR and any other tresties and conventions that infringe sovereignty, great idea to join them.
      Not going to happen.
      To suggest a few thousand of us can join the Tory Party and then clean out all the leftwing infections in a year or two? We would need to deselect half their MPs for a start. Who thinks that is do-able?
      Not on your nellie.
      LeaveEU are good people. Even so, they are not realistic in this.
      Rebuild UKIP!


      • Fiona F 19:44 on August 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I support your views, Nick. The Conservatives have been going downhill ever since Heath, except when Mrs. T put the brakes on.
        Major, Cameron, May, none of them would know a conservative principle if they tripped over it.
        Ukip must rise again.


      • Ernie Andrews 20:02 on August 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Rees Mogg is what you say he is, sincere and patriotic.
        Therefore he will never become Conservative leader.
        Johnson might, but after his years as Mayor of London?
        He can occasionally be amusing but he is not conservative, not at all.
        The ruling class is our enemy. Infiltration is not an option.
        We need a revolutionary movement.
        Maybe, but some of us believe we are past the stage of party games.


    • Petra Malley 17:02 on September 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      After what I said in my comment less than 24 hours ago, I am now more than ever convinced that the Tories offer no hope.
      “I have long said, and repeated again and again, that I think the policy needs to be changed but I’m supporting the person,” said Rees-Mogg, adding: “Theresa May has enormous virtues. She is a fantastically dutiful prime minister and she has my support. I just want her to change one item of policy.”

      In turn, Davis meanwhile stated that he has made it clear he thinks May is “a very good Prime Minister”.

      “Like Jacob, I disagree with her on one issue, and it’s this issue,” he said, in reference to her proposed deal with the EU…”

      There you have it, in RT.
      Dave Davis clear as day, saying he agrees with May on everything except Brexit.
      He suggests Rees-Mogg is of the same mind.
      What possible reason would we have to welcome their taking command at Westminster.
      May’s views are liberal. She has said so herself.
      Her programme is all about enacting the worst sort of liberalism, some of which you have reported, like the indoctrination of schoolchildren into transgender ideology, and her multiculturalist delight in the sharia which should never be tolerated in any Western country.
      Yes, we must see the back of the eoman. Not, though, if her replacements will just preside over more of the same.


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    Could Kenney Save Canada? 

    I have always had a lot of time for Jason Kenney, who has been telling important truths for years.




    It had long seemed to me that he was the natural successor to Harper when the Canadian Tories had to find a new leader, but he opted to pursue a provincial career.



    Certainly Alberta is currently in such a cultural marxist quagmire that one can understand why he felt there was a need for somebody to wade into the battles there.

    In a brief hopeful moment a few years ago, it looked like the Wildrose Party might come to power but their leadership began flip-flopping on key issues of principle.

    Alberta’s Shame, as Tories, Wildrose, Flirt with ‘Pride!” 

    The ultimate outcome was a near-lunatic left regime in Edmonton, exemplified by the disgraceful legislation passed this month, a declaration of war on parents’ rights…

    …dedicated to the vile ‘gay-straight alliances,’ a foul framework devised by anti-family ideologues –Bill 24 prevents Alberta schools from notifying parents if their child joins a GSA.



    In the one province which had always seemed a bastion of traditional decencies, this shameful assault on the basic parental prerogative of guiding the moral standards of their children went through the legislature by 42 votes to 23.


    Kenney came out swinging against the idea of the legislation months ago, saying parents should know what their kids are doing in school unless the parents are abusive. 



    After it was introduced, he argued Bill 24 stomped on parents’ rights. He also accused the government of using the bill to thwart the School Act — to allow sensitive subjects to be taught without parental permission. 


    Now decent people in Alberta have to wait until the next provincial election before they may expect deliverance from  this repugnant law, which does nothing to steer youngsters away from aberrant life-styles but rather exalts such maladjustment to parity of esteem with normality.

    So Kenney has his work cut out on his home patch.

    But once redemption is achieved in Alberta?

    Patriots across the Dominion are in uproar over Justin Turdo’s readiness to let thousands of undesirables flow in from across the American border.

    Nor is it just the new wave of  illegals but almost every aspect of Turdistan – – that’s alarming!

    Kenney, in contrast, when he held the immigration portfolio, did sterling work…

    …as we reported at the time.



    • Arnold 15:25 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I like Kenney.


    • Marty Nagel 21:09 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Kenney was one of the Harper team’s best and yes I wish he could have stayed in Ottawa but we have got to make do with the Opposition we got there for now.
      Anybody will get my support who can get Turdo out.


  • ross1948 17:16 on July 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Any Card-Carrying British Tories Out There? 

    And having just come in the door – it’s been a beautiful sunnt day here in Jakarta, today there’s a message I have pass on, to readers in the UK, an invitation sent out by those fine patriots in the Freedom Association.


    Andrea Leadsom MP


    Of course, only Conservative Party members can vote in this contest. If…you are a member of the party and wish to support Andrea Leadsom, please register your support at the Leadsom 4 Leader web site.

    Unable to discern more than a handful of real conservatives among the ranks of Conservative MPs, I am disinclined to endorse either of the two in the leadership race.

    However, the prospect of pro-Remain, pro-shariah and, after a dazzling, Europhiliac-vote-grubbing, last-minute, mid-air back-flip….

    Hasil gambar untuk acrobat silhouette

    ….the newly pro EuroCourt Theresa May as Her Majesty’s First Minister by summer’s end, if not before, makes me think that just about ANYONE – except of course that sad old soak Kenneth Clarke…



    Two of a kind!


    ….has GOT to be preferable to a weak-kneed Home Secretary who lets illegal Calais Crimmigrants stay in hotels and leech off the public purse.


    • Marlow 17:21 on July 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Most of us gave up on the Tory Party years ago, left to find somewhere conservatives can feel at home.
      Leadsom is very much more acceptable than May but even so there are too many Cameroons at every level,
      I think now that UKIP is fairy well established that we have no need to go back to the party he has turned into a shambles. . .


    • Pamela 21:12 on July 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Not likely there are that many card-carrying Tories in England, Ross, as most will have left that stage of their political development behind them.
      I did. Generations of my family on both parents’ sides had served the Conservative Party well and faithfully, and then along came David Cameron.
      UKIP from now on.


  • ross1948 20:38 on February 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    SF/IRA Role In Forming Government Is Bad? You Rotten Tory Hypocrites! 




    So Labour denies the story that they’re plotting with Sinn Fein.   http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/labour-sinn-fein-deal-claim-rubbish

    Maybe so, maybe not?

    But what about the Tories?

    What possible right have they to wax indignant about the possibility of IRA vermn like Adams or McGuinness playing a part in the formation of a United Kingdom Government?

    They have done nothing at all to undo the iniquitous deal by which loyal British Ulsterfolk are forced to allow IRA/Sinn Fein traitors to play a part, an integral part, in the government of a part, an integral part, of the very same United Kingdom. 


    Terrorist killer talks to lying hypocrite


    Cameron forced Her Majesty the Queen to shake hands with the swine who murdered her uncle, Lord Mountbatten. His predecessor John Major, deliberately deceived the House of Commons on the scheming his lackeys were engaged in with the selfsame murder gang.

    It ill becomes any Conservative to criticise anyone else for doing business with terror.


  • ross1948 09:02 on December 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Silence of the Swine! ‘No Need For Further Lies, We Are The Sacrifice!’ 

    Lying swine


    Ministers and senior figures in Downing Street talk about Cameron’s combative speech on Friday as an attempt to shut down the issue rather than talk it up…





    for all the finger-jabbing, the Tory leadership had no stomach for a full-on confrontation with the rest of the EU.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2854566/Silence-Dave-biggest-immigration-gamble-yet.html



    That’s more or less what we’ve been saying for as long as we’ve been writing about Cameron’ and HMV. He has NEVER had any serious interest in standing up for his own country against its Enemy, in Brussels, or in Strasbourg.

    He DESERVES to be thrashed in the next election, and any wavering Tories who are tempted by his hypocritical pitch – that only he and his collaborationist cronies are ‘guaranteeing’ a referendum – just need to be reminded that he pulled that stunt before…  

    …over the Lisbon Treaty – and U-turned, a flagrant breach of his ‘cast-iron’ promise.  Kipling’s famous lines..No need for futher lies, WE are the sacrifice… echo down the years, made manifest most glaringly in the person of the Liar Extraordinaire.



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