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  • ross1948 02:18 on March 26, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Labor/Liberal? Oz’s 2 Me Too Parties? 

    The Labor Party’s victory in New South Wales may make some differences to how Australia’s most populous state is governed, but in terms of values?


    Not a lot.

    The Liberal leader, now ex-premier, Dominic Perrottet, showed his true colours just a few weeks ago, on the first day of that revolting queer-fest in Sydney….

    Normal? Sickened By Sydney? Try Anglesey! 


    …when he gave his stamp of approval to the demand by the gaystapo lobby that unfortunates afflicted by sexual maladjustment be denied access to therapy that might cure them of their deviant cravings.

    God help New South Wales….



    …which appears set to follow the pro-pervert path of neighbouring Victoria, where Labor’s Dan Andrews holds power…


    Transgender pride flag flies at Victorian parliament | news
    4 days ago — Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has revealed his government will fly the transgender flag outside its offices


    Andrews is a dreadful bigot.

    Victoria’s Awful Andrews Rants At A Christian Old Lady

    Christians Welcome In Oz Sports -If They’re Silent! 

    Victoria’s leftist state premier continues to get creepier and creepier, and the Liberal leader, Pesutto…

    A man in side profile, with the media congregated in front of him with cameras.
    John Pesutto 

    .,… seems more intent on purging his party of people like Moira Deeming MP.…


    .MP Moira Deeming spoke at a rally outside Victoria’s parliament on Saturday that was attended by a neo-Nazi group.Moira Deeming

    …who defend decency.

    Better to Expel Pinko Pesutto! 

    Dark days for Australia, indeed.

    PS…help Moira, please.

    Use this link.

    Voter In Victoria? Defend Ms Deeming! 

  • ross1948 09:22 on August 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Good News! Tavistock In Trouble? 

    Always pleased to give you a rare bit of good news, so here you are.

    Tavistock Gender Clinic ‘To Be Sued By 1,000 Families’ | News | The Times


    But just imagine if Britain had a government motivated by real moral standards.

    NHS England is shutting the Tavistock gender clinic over safety concerns following a damning external review

    That impressive building would be turned into a Conversion Therapy Centre


  • ross1948 17:30 on July 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    W.H.O. Should Recommend Conversion Therapy! 

    WHO recommends gay and bisexual men limit sexual partners to reduce the spread of monkeypox https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/27/monkeypox-who-recommends-gay-bisexual-men-limit-sexual-partners-to-reduce-spread.html


    Assuming, after all we’ve seen and heard during his years in office..

    Red Alert! Why Won’t W.H.O. Confront Xi’s Lies

    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)


    ..that anybody still trusts the geezer issuing the warning…

    If that’s the W.H.O  response to Monkey Pox, why doesn’t Red Tedros simply urge queers to start conversion therapy ASAP?

    And tell governments that have outlawed treatments that can cure queers to reverse the bans.

    If it’s true that the more people engage in aberrant sexual activity…

    ….then the more they’re at risk, then common sense says….




    …don’t just argue for reduction in such sordid antics.. just STOP!

  • ross1948 21:45 on April 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Cures For Queers? Jellyfish Quivers, Then Cowers! 

    Under a bus?

    The government now says it will ban so-called conversion therapy for gay or bisexual people in England and Wales – but not for transgender people.

    It comes hours after it had said it would drop plans for the ban entirely.

    If only!


    …a conversion therapy survivor and chair of the #BanConversionTherapy coalition, accused Boris Johnson of throwing LGBT people under a bus, adding it was “utterly ludicrous” that transgender people were not included in the ban.


    The fact that Jellyfish has no backbone is hardly news, but Johnson’s cowardice is not what’s remarkable here.

    It’s the rancid bias engrained in UK Pravda’s reporting….



    …that reference to a ‘survivor,’ a word normal people currently apply to a Ukrainian staggering out of a bombed apartment block..



    …but which the BBC thinks appropriate to a maladjust that got help to cure itself of its aberrant proclivities but hadn’t enough will-power for that help to take effect.

    But let’s not let Bojo off the hook…


    …the fake-‘conservative’  – who we know chose to surround himself with gaystapo sympathisers…

    True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 

    Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

    …and the gaystapo lobby quickly made it clear he”d better toe the line.

    The initial announcement that ministers planned to shelve a ban was criticised, with the LGBT charity Stonewall calling the news “devastating”.

    Nor was it only strident fanatics outside his party!


    LGBT+ Conservatives, which is affiliated to the party, said it was “shocked and disappointed” and that they would write to the prime minister.

    Who the Hell let that lot ‘affiliate to the party?’



    Cameron, who ditched his principles?

    Or was it…

    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune!  

    May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

    …Theresa May, who may never have had any?

    But there are voices still raised for decency in Britain.

    Simon Calvert, deputy director at The Christian Institute, said it was “disappointing” that after the government made the “sensible” initial conclusion to drop the ban, it had now “caved in to people who see this law as a way of punishing evangelicals for their beliefs about sexuality”.

    He had earlier welcomed the news the ban would be dropped, arguing it could breach the European Convention on Human Rights and impinge on religious rights.

    Mr  Calvert is no doubt a good man, but I fear his hopes for a British redemption via the Soros Court are sadly misplaced.


    The only way Britannia can be cured of the affliction of decadence is by Brits taking back control from the decadents…



    …of whom Johnson is an outstanding example.

    • Edward Lamont 23:24 on April 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      And it just keeps getting worse, for we are reading that no less than SIXTY Tory MPs put pressure on Johnson when it was revealed that no ban was to happen.
      Johnson caved in, as we might expect.


  • ross1948 00:04 on December 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Bojo’s Therapy Ban – Brits, Please Speak Up! 

    For no clear reason, the Johnson Government, which we know is influenced by the notorious Stonewall ‘charity….’


    A Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle? 

    …is proposing to drag the UK down the same rancid alley into which Justin Turdo has just led Canadians.


    Canada Condemns Kids Who Desperately Need Therapy 

    There’s much that is very bad, and nothing really good, about the UK version.

    In particular, from the second half of this email, I plucked this chilling sentence.

    The paper says young people should be supported in “exploring their identity without being encouraged towards one particular path.”

    Is that not horrific?

    Neither parents nor anyone else should seek to discourage a youngster from embarking on a life-time of perversion?

    As with Cameron’s homo-wedding diktat, there is to be a flawed consultation, but in the absence of any alternatives, decent Brits need to use it to oppose the jackboot scheme as best they can.

    C4M has circulated a useful advisory, and I append it, urging all UK citizens to put it to good use and send your conclusions to the Minister, Liz Truss.



    The proposed conversion therapy ban could give the police dramatic new powers to intervene in family life. It is likely that there will be huge scope for false accusations to be made against parents.

    Yet in the Government’s consultation there isn’t a single question about the impact on parenting and family life. All we have is a vague assurance that “parents will remain able to raise their children with the values of their faith”. We need to speak out now.

    The proposal covers ‘talking therapy’ intended to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The consultation says this will be unlawful with under-18s “under any circumstance”. But what does therapy mean? Astonishingly, under the plans a single conversation could qualify as ‘therapy’.

    It’s not at all clear how this will operate. Could parents’ conversations on same-sex marriage or trans issues trigger a criminal investigation? Yes, we think so in the examples below. The plans risk severely damaging the ability of parents to talk to their children about marriage and gender.

    The 36-page consultation document completely fails to address the crucial area of everyday family life. The standard 12-week consultation period has been slashed to just 6 weeks. Ministers say they are trying to get ready for legislation in the spring. But rushing a ban through will inevitably lead to bad law.

    Having spoken to lawyers, here are some scenarios we fear could happen if the Government gets this wrong:

    • Noah, aged 13, asks his dad what he thinks about same-sex marriage. His dad says he’s totally against it. Noah disagrees. He tells a youth worker about the argument, saying, “I might want to get married one day, and who knows whether it will be to a man or a woman?” The youth worker claims to the police that the father was trying to change Noah’s sexual orientation.
    • Parents find out that their daughter Olivia, aged 14, has been visiting the website of Mermaids, a controversial trans group. Her parents block her access to the website. Olivia mentions it to her teacher in passing. The teacher reports it because he believes Olivia is actually a trans boy whom the parents are trying to change. Police interview the parents.
    • Lucy, age 5, tells her parents she learned in RSE lessons that men can marry men and women can marry women. She’s glad, because she’ll be able to marry her best friend Rachel. Her parents tell Lucy that marriage is between a man and a woman. Lucy tells her teacher what her parents said. Social services and the police are informed about potential conversion therapy.
    • A school is heavily promoting trans rights, using Stonewall and Mermaids materials. A teenage boy, Jack, tells his school teacher he thinks he’s a girl trapped in a boy’s body but doesn’t want his parents to know. The school treats him as a girl. When Jack’s parents find out, they withdraw him from the school. The parents are reported for conversion therapy.
    • A mother learns that her 13-year-old daughter, Eve, wants to buy a chest-binder and take puberty blockers. Eve’s mum warns her about Keira Bell, who started down the same path and ended up having a double mastectomy, only to regret it later. Eve describes this conversation to her friend and it ends up being reported as conversion therapy.

    Even if the parents are not convicted, the process of being reported to the police and investigated would be extremely damaging for these families. The consultation ought to have devoted a substantial discussion on these issues. But not one question is asked.

    By overlooking the whole area of family life the consultation is not fit for purpose. Please tell Equalities Minister Liz Truss MP this today. You could make two or three of the points below. 

    Please use your own words.

    • The consultation document completely fails to consult about the impact of the plans on family life.
    • The plans contain no safeguards that everyday conversations in the home will be protected.
    • Parents have a pretty good idea when a school has addressed gender ideology in a completely biased way. They should be able to complain without any risk of counter accusation by the school deploying the new law against them.
    • A six-week consultation period is far too short for something this complicated and controversial.
    • The new offence could be easily used to make false accusations against parents simply because they disagree with same-sex marriage or transgender ideology.
    • The Government must respect the right of parents to bring up their children in accordance with their beliefs, whether religious or otherwise. This is protected under human rights law.
    • The new law on conversion therapy could lead to massive intervention in family life. Yet not a single question is asked about this. The Government hasn’t considered this issue.
    • Parents are worried about the impact of gender ideology on their children. They must not be at risk of prosecution simply for, say, discouraging their 12-year-old daughter from taking damaging puberty blockers or wearing a harmful breast binder.
    • The paper says young people should be supported in “exploring their identity without being encouraged towards one particular path”. But parents must not be at risk of prosecution just because they express a viewpoint. There is a lack of safeguards.
    • Rushing a ban through to please activists is a recipe for a bad law.
    • Colin Marne 13:00 on December 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We all need to do what is asked of us.
      What the Tories (I will not call them conservatives)are proposing should be resisted tooth and nail but if this consultation is the only weapon to hand, then we must use it.


  • ross1948 12:33 on December 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada Condemns Kids Who Desperately Need Therapy 

    Knowing the moral squalour that afflicts public life in Canada..

    In Creepy Canada, Maladjust Gets ‘Pronoun’ Pay-Out! 

    What’s In A Name? Canada’s Trans-Lingualism

    Church Meeting For Christians Only? OMG! Canadian Queers Go Nuts! 

    And most of all….


    B.C. Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen 
    Justice Michael Tammen yelled at Rob Hoogland for calling his daughter a “she,” but recently released a man convicted of murder pending an appeal of the conviction! https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/free-from-gag-order-dad-tells-how-judges-forced-transgender-insanity-on-daughter


    …we are unsurprised that the House of Commons in Ottawa has passed a loathesome law that prevents essential treatment of children suffering from sexual maladjustment.

    But how dismaying that the ban was approved unanimously.

    Several Conservative MPs had expressed concern the wording of the bill could criminalise private conversations about sexuality or gender identity between children and teachers, religious leaders or mental health professionals.’


    ….Federal Justice Minister David Lametti said those objections were unfounded. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-59500095

    Oh well, that’s okay then.

    At least it’s clear that Canada no longer has a conservative party, except in name only.

    Time to look ahead, to when again we ask our question.

    Will Canadians Vote The Right Way? 


    All the other parties are dedicated to the liberalism which is ruining the lovely, free country some of us can still remember.

    People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier offers a choice, not an echo.

    Time for all decent Canadians to join the PPC!

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    Sackur’s Sordid Pro-Pervert Bias! 

    Disgusting bigoted bias today on Hard Talk.


    Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg


    Srephen Sackur’s guest was an American who got out of the pervert life-style, married ( yes, real marriage, to a woman!) than sadly relapsed.

    The topic was conversion therapy which Sackur smeared with out-of-date references to electric shock treatment.

    There is a gaystapo war on in various countries, to outlaw any treatment, however benign, to offer homos any hope of a cure.

    In the UK, Jellyfish Johnson is on the gaystapo side, as is the degenerate judiciary…

    London’s City Hall ban on bus adverts carrying “ex-gay” slogans is lawful, a London court ruled on Friday. Mrs. Justice Lang ruled the advertisements by a Christian group could “cause grave offence” to homosexuals and was seen as “homophobic…”

    .Like, uh, big deal! 

    Let ’em stamp their dainty pink-sandalled feet… but alas, queers have fans in high places, not just the BBC. 


    The ads were seen briefly in the spring last year on the sides of London’s famous double-decker buses, sporting the slogan, “Not gay! Post-gay and proud. Get over it.” 

    The ad spots were designed and sponsored by the group Core Issues Trust, in answer to previous campaigns by the homosexualist lobby group Stonewall that said, “Some people are gay. Get over it….” 



    …as Jellyfish showed when he was Mayor of London.

    I understand he’s planning to impose a ban in Britain. This will require a proper debate at Westminster.

    But will both sides get a fair hearing?

    If Hard Talk today is anything to go by, it looks like any dissent will be suppressed or distorted by UK Pravda.



    For once again, the prejudices of the infested BBC over-rode the tax-funded propaganda channel’s obligation to provide fair and balanced coverage.




    • Ian Clements 20:02 on June 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I used to quite like Sackur but he was a big disappointment this time, shanelessly promoting the gaystapo lie that people can’t be cured.


  • ross1948 11:53 on March 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    C’mon, Brits! Help Fight Gaystapo Evil! 

    No need for comment, for ACTION is required. Please read this from C4M and take necessary steps…



    ….to fight the latest attempt to advance the vile gaystapo agenda.

    The Government is considering a ban on so-called conversion therapy. It wants to ban coercive pseudo-medical practices which claim “to turn gay people straight”.

    But LGBT activists want to go much further. They want LGBT theology to be imposed upon churches and faith communities using the criminal law. This would include teaching on marriage.

    If they get their way, the effects could be unpredictable. So while churches could continue to refuse to host same-sex weddings, they will face a legal minefield when it comes to explaining and applying this stance to their own congregations.

    Whether you have a faith or not, please take action today.

    Contact Liz Truss MP, the Minister for Women and Equalities, with your concerns now.


    Please use your own words, you will be much more effective that way.

    If you are a church minister, Christian or adherent of another faith please say so.

    Please say that a vaguely worded ‘conversion therapy’ ban could unintentionally criminalise beliefs about marriage.

    Some additional points are below.

    • Say that those who uphold traditional marriage risk being caught up in an over-broad ban.
    • Say that the belief that marriage is only between one man and one woman is still held by millions of people in the UK, including in ethnic minority groups. It is worthy of respect, not the threat of prosecution under a conversion therapy ban.
    • Say that a targeted approach is needed, dealing with coercive practices, not sweeping new powers which punish people who believe in marriage.
    • Say that activists have said they want the conversion therapy law to ban churches from teaching the Christian view on marriage.
    • Say that people who believe in marriage have often been unjustly punished for their beliefs, e.g. Ashers Bakery and Felix Ngole. The law currently protects them and this must not change.
    • Ask if the Government intends to hold a consultation on the scope of any ban and whether it intends to respect beliefs about traditional marriage in faith communities.
    If you would like to support us financially, you can do so using the button below.




  • ross1948 05:43 on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Jaclyn ‘Jackboot’ Symes – Most Totalitarian Vixen In Oz? 

    Australia has a plentiful supply of excellent women, as can be, or could be, pre-Chinese Virus – seen beautifully displaying their charms on Queensland’s Gold Coast, or Byron Bay…


    …or even in downtown Sydney.


    Unfortunately, it also has several ghastly, grimnasty females…

    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC’s Public Purse? 

    Green Party Women Are Revolting! 

    …but today I am asking my Oz readers if they agree with me that Jaclyn ‘Jackboot’ Symes may well be the worst of all.



    Symes is Attorney General in the State of Victoria, which has recently attracted much media attention for all the wrong reasons….

    Victoria Police only protect media THEY approve


    …and after last week’s report on the Labor/Liberal vendetta against sick people…

    Opposition Abets Australia’s “Most Dangerous And Draconian Bill!” 

    …viz. those afflicted with sexual-maladjustment who are henceforth to be denied the chance of remedial therapy….



    ….the Leftist Labor bint told The Age:

    “LGBT people are not ‘broken’ and they do not need to be ‘fixed…’ “


    Of course they’re broken!

    Of course they need to be fixed – especially if they WANT to be fixed.

    But she’s legally empowered to prevent this, it seems. She can make laws with her collabo legislators to stop people doing things.

    But that’s not enough for her!

    Comrade Symes was lucky enough to be born in what most Australians may still think is a free country…

    …where they can express their views.

    But Symes’ own views are so twisted and totalitarian that she completed that sentence we quoted above with jackboot words that echo the Soviet and/or Nazi mind-set..

    – ‘these views won’t be tolerated in Victoria..’

    Where might we have heard such a warning, in other countries?






    • Carly McLean 06:46 on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      She is a dangerous woman.


    • Keith Milner 07:32 on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Australia has some weird women like the ones you mentioned but Jackboot Symes is not just weird but wicked, a real mad bad woman.


    • Lois Wadden 08:37 on February 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      She makes me shudder. She has the mind of a dictator but don’t forget she got the state’s Liberals onside, except for a freedom-loving handful.
      Australia is at war with cultural marxism.


  • ross1948 14:05 on February 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Opposition Abets Australia’s “Most Dangerous And Draconian Bill!” 

    The Victorian government has successfully passed its so-called Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill following a 12-hour sitting on Thursday.




    A deplorable bill indeed, denying help to those sexual maladjusts who seek remedial treatment.

    And brutally punishing any who dare offer help.


    Read that link above for details of how extreme the new law is.

    But, shockingly, it passed by 29 votes to 9 – yet the leftist Labor Party has nothing like that kind of majority in the Victorian state legislature.

    Only TWO of the Liberals, Bev McArthur and Bernie Finn broke party ranks and voted against the government’s legislation…


    The Guardian adds that a handful of cross-bench members of the upper house made up the rest of the ‘No’ vote!

    What is wrong with the Opposition Liberal leadership, that they sat on their backsides and let the degenerates in the state government push this through?

    In Australia, it is often said, the Liberal Party is the standard-bearer of what other Western nations call conservatism – clearly that has changed, beyond recognition.

    They are, most of them, in Victoria at least, as infected with the same cultural-marxist-inspired moral pollution as is Boris ‘Jellyfish’ Johnson’s brand in Britain.

    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png


    True, even if they had all voted against, the Labor cabal’s oppressive measure would still have gotten through…



    …but at least the Liberals could have run in the next election saying they had done the decent thing.

    Not now!

    One hopes they will get eviscerated at the polls, as their grass-roots voters revolt and turn to parties that represent traditional Australian values…



    ….Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, for example.


    • Carly McLean 15:30 on February 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I’m feeling very lucky, that I don’t live in Victoria Police State.
      When Labor ignores every religious leader, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish, we are watching exactly what you say, marxism in action.


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