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  • ross1948 17:32 on March 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    God Damn Justin Welby, Archbishop of…Smear! 

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    Should this man be re-titled the Archbishop of Brussels!


    There are a thousand ways to explain the Brexit vote, or the election of President Trump, or the strength in the polls in Holland of Geert Wilders or in France of Madame Le Pen and many other leaders in a nationalist, populist or even fascist tradition of politics.”

    Archbishop of Canterbury suggests Brexit ‘in fascist tradition’ | UK …

    There is ONE way to explain the Brexit vote, and that’s the demand for democracy, the righteous wrath of a people denied control over their land, their laws, by the supranational regime in Brussels.

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    Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 

    Juncker is of course an exemplar of the evil that Brits voted against.

    But their true enemies are those within. Cameron and Blair and John Major, ex-premiers who toiled and still toil to keep the UK under Brussels rule.

    But at least they are, or rather were, elected to speak for electorates in their respective constituencies, albeit they often failed to represent even those people’s views…

    •  …in Major’s case, even his own views, as when he voted for corporal punishment then cravenly u-turned because the Euro-Court clowns told him to.
    • …………

    But this be-robed buffoon in Canterbury?

    He’s a nobody, who speaks for nobody but himself, as un-elected as the rest of his clerical comrades and the parasite peers he sits among in the House of Layabouts.


    • Gambar terkait

    Brits! Sign Up! Abolish The House Of Layabouts! 

    • But although we have slammed the worst sort of clerics before, very even-handedly, denouncing both Muslim and Christian disgraces…

    Another Damn Dog-Collared Appeasement Monkey! 

     Valiant Viking Sylvi Blasts Pro-Parasite Pinko Prelate! 

    Maybe We DO Need Blasphemy Law- ‘Christian ‘ Brat Likens Christ to Crimmigants!

    Many Islamic Scholars Are ‘Former Prisoners and Thugs!’ Gosh! If WE said that…

    No Damascine Repentance from Dope Francis?  –



    ….Welby struts his stuff as the leader of  the world’s Anglicans. ‘Anglican’ is an adjective referring to England. Welby is chief prelate of the Church of England, and England voted HUGELY for Brexit (the overall UK majority for liberation was narrower)

    So by blatantly deploying a transparent smear tactic – guilt by association – Brexit with ‘Fascism…


    ….a 1930s ideology which rejected democracy and exalted violence — he insults the very country, or at least most of its people that he’s meant to stand up for.

    Has he nothing useful to do or say?

    An archbishop with any coherent commitment to spreading his creed’s gospel would be urging his assembled clergy and laity to get out there and start missionary work in those English cities colonised by non-Christians….

    …on missionary work, doing peaceful battle for hearts and minds – seeking to CONVERT them!


    I acknowledge that, at least in part, there are millions of English people Welby admits have abandoned his denomination  


    Hasil gambar untuk empty churches church of england

    Where have all the Anglicans gone?


    its declining numbers, as he puts it –  and he has them to win back too!

    Speaking up for Christian values…

    Evangelicals Must Stick With Church Despite ‘False Teaching’ 

    …instead of dissing the English, might just help!

    • William Jonas 07:19 on March 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That’s exactly what I have long thought, why are the C of E ( and other Christian denominations too) not trying to evangelise in non-Christian communities around England?
      I can see that missionaries might be in danger in formerly English cities like Dewsbury or Bradford or London’s Tower Hamlets, but that was always part of missionary work among barbarous peoples.
      On the plus side, if photographs of the missionaries having to be accompanied by police escorts were widely circulated,it might wake up a lot of people to the damage done to Merry England by irresponsible migration policies… .


  • ross1948 00:23 on July 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Apostates? Just Folks Who Think For Themselves! Sign the Petition! 

    Been contemplating this shocking story about censorship in American universities for a while, following on from our previous pieces on how intolerant Islamists tried, and, disgracefully, succeeded in curtailing campus freedoms when students wanted to watch American Sniper. 

    Enemy Within Captures Another US Campus 

    But this case is worse.

    An opinion piece written by a student at the University of California-Berkeley explaining her decision to leave Islam has been pulled from the school newspaper’s website over fears for the author’s safety.   http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/students-anti-islam-article-retracted-due-to-safety-risk/

    We all abhor the ludicrous blasphemy laws in barbaric Middle East countries and dumps like Pakistan.

    Here in Indonesia too such legislation exists, and is used not so much for real ‘blasphemy’ as to let the fanatics in the Sunni community persecute those who dissent from their dogmas.


    tajulTajul, one of Indonesia’s prisoners of conscience https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/indonesia-shariah-fanatics-howl-for-blood/


    But personally, I get most livid about the iniquitous attitude towards ‘apostates,’ as if apostasy, changing one’s religion, is somehow bad.




    Of course it’s not.

    Apostasy is the formal renunciation of one’s religion. One who commits apostasy is called an apostate.


    Intelligent people actually make use of the brains that God gives them to think for themselves, and if that means they come to the conclusion that the creed they were brought up in does not make sense any longer, then they’ll leave it.

    They may cease to believe in anything at all, or they may switch to another religion that suits them

    Whatever, it’s entirely up to them. And good luck to them in their spiritual quest. If God Almighty is sitting up there in Heaven and doesn’t like what they decide…


    • wrath-of-god
    • … well..
    • He’ll getcha! And He needs no help from us. ,

    I certainly may not always agree with the reasoning of people who ‘jump the dyke,’ as the old Ulster phrase has it. But, if somebody converts in or out of a faith, I respect their decision.

    A recent example was the daughter-in-law of Indonesia’s President Jokowi, who abandoned her Christian religion to marry the President’s son. Nobody forced her to do this, so I respect her choice. If her groom had chosen to become a Christian, I’d have respected that too!

    Apostasy is nobody else’s concern.


    • freedom-of-religion
    • oooooooooooooo
    • Now, back to the issue.
    • The opinion piece, titled “On Leaving Islam,” recounted the personal story of the narrator (whose name we will withold) growing up a devout (though moderate) Muslim in Pakistan, but later abandoning the faith as she learned more about the world.

    No need for me to go through the whole article. There’s the link if you want to do so.

    But what is utterly appalling is that a few days after the article was posted, it was taken down and replaced by a note from ‘Californian’ editor-in-chief Kimberly Veklerov that reads “This opinion blog has been retracted because of personal safety concerns.”


      Unforthcoming Editor Veklerov


    And this Veklerov woman is refusing to reveal what sort of threats, to whom, and from whom, these safety concerns arose.

    Certainly, if you read the article, you’ll have to agree that it was no hate-screed. The author declared an intention to share what I’ve learned about Islam over the years. I plan to defend it and give credit where it’s due.


    • censorship
    • ————————
    • So my guess would be it’s not so much any personal or even theological content but the mere fact that this young person has thought seriously about Islam, then abandoned it.

    If a friend of mine gave up on the Protestant religion, in which I was raised, I’d be curious about his or her reasons. I might even debate them, in friendly fashion.

    But I wouldn’t be unpleasant to the apostate.

    And as for making physical threats – only a filthy savage would do that.


    devil destroyed


    The full text of the article, without the author’s namecan be read here.

    But whilst writing all this, I came upon a petition, about a pastor, imprisoned by the evil regime in Iran.



    \ Pastor Saeed Abedini with his family, before his imprisonment in Iran.

    This man has committed no crime understood as such by civilised human beings.

    He’s held prisoner for his religious beliefs. The pig-ignorant savages who have him want to force him into apostasy. Tehran does not tolerate people’s right to worship peacefully according to their conscience.

    Each day Iranian guards demand he recant his Christian faith and become Muslim. He is threatened with an extended sentence.

    I think we should support him.  

    Here’s the petition link.



  • ross1948 16:03 on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    RIP Peter Kassig! 


    Not much to add to all the other outrage, but have to note that marked difference in what he had to say as the satanic hooded predator prepared to murder him, in cold-blooded and cowardly manner.

    In sharp contrast to the contrived, coerced condemnations of the civilised world heard from other victims, he used simple, human words that any normal person might have used.

    Defiant, I reckon, and all the greater a loss, surely.

    And it is a shame some media are not referring to him as Peter, using instead the names foisted on him by his demonic captors.  

    devil destroyed ISIS

    Why should we believe that anyone held in cruel captivity by savages ‘converted’ of their own free will?  Tellingly, the scumbag who beheaded him used Peter’s real name. 

    I imagine whatever else he did before he died, he repudiated that conversion. 

    But ISIS won’t ever admit that. 

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