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  • ross1948 7:33 pm on April 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    If Brussels Deal Castrates British Democracy, Time For People’s War, People’s Army? 


    …her days in Downing Street numbered and Conservative MPs increasingly determined to oust her soon, the EU27 and Labour want their agreements with her to be “Boris-proof” so a Eurosceptic successor cannot tear up any deal they reach.



    Image result for hell is forever


    • No UK parliament can bind its successors.

    That has long been a fundamental constitutional tenet. Now those swine in Brussels and the terrorist sympathiser Corbyn are ready to smash it to pieces.

    When Theresa the Traitrix shuffles of the stage, then whoever succeeds her in 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson, or any other Tory, or any politician, of whatever party, will be bound irreversibly ( if the EUSSR – and Corbyn – have their way) in subjugation to whatever foul pact the old baggage may make this month with Britain’s wannabe overlords.



    So not only are the Europhiliacs treating the referendum result with contempt, but now also the principles of parliamentary sovereignty which they’ve been bitching about for months!

    Revolution Rising?

    If such a sell-out goes ahead, if democracy is emasculated, there’s only one option left.

    People’s War, People’s Army.



    One hopes that HM Armed Services will take the people’s side!

    • Vanessa R 9:12 pm on April 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      No end to the treason.
      You are not wrong, Ross.
      If they won’t do what the peiple want and they think they can make their betrayal last regardless of a democratic change of prime minister, we need to fight.
      Really fight.


    • Penny 9:21 pm on April 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We’ve been sitting here in our little circle that gets together more and more often as everything slides out of control.
      We are all for it, if this coup happens, if not even replacing May with a PM who is on Britain’s side will get us out from Brussels control, then of course it’s time for what one of us has just called extra-parliamentary action.
      Can they arrest millions of people?


    • Edward Lamont 6:38 pm on April 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Taking up arms against treason in high places is a time-honoured response


  • ross1948 10:38 am on March 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Neither Forgive Nor Forget Eire’s Malevolence! 

    Congratulations to Ulster Unionist MLA Steve Aiken, who has told the truth, that ‘politicians in Dublin have “racked up tensions” over Brexit. ‘

    Naming the noisome pair who have stuck their aggressive noses across the border into British affairs, and not just on Brexit, I might add…


    Related image

    Eire’s Act Of War? Limp-Wrist Leo Stamps A Mincing Foot! 

    Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs

    ….he identified ‘Leo Varadkar and his Tánaiste’ (why does the BBC use an alien language when they mean ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ – they don’t describe Merkel as the German ‘Kanzlerin?’) Simon Coveney as the bad neighbours who  had been “unhelpful…on many occasions they have racked up tensions that did not deserve to be there”.


    He was speaking at Westminster, to MPs on the Commons  Northern Ireland Committee.

    Given the number of friends that Ulster’s enemies have in the House of Commons…



    Comrade Corbyn with Blood-Beast Adams.

    …it’s good to know there are voices heard there that represent decent loyal citizens.

    • David Dunn 10:53 am on March 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Most people in Ulster would agree with Steve Aiken about this.
      They would agree with your point on that language issue too. I’ve noticed that before, how the BBC discriminates against other countries, only using foreign words for political titles when it is the Dublin government involved.
      That should stop.
      Of all the countries in the world, Eire is Britain’s worst enemy.
      Why should the BBC show them special treatment?


      • Andy Fyfe 8:08 pm on March 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I have been looking through the media and not very many of them follow the BBC fashion of regaling us with that foreign language when they report on The Dublin Mob.
        I wouldn’t object if they use Scottish Gaelic or Welsh. They are British languages, have been longer than English.
        I do mind when they use a language that a hostile country claims, even though most of its people don’t ever use it.


    • Billy King 7:07 pm on March 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Aiken is right, and so is David that commented before me.
      Dublin just wants their boot on our neck!


  • ross1948 3:08 am on February 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    As Treasonous Commons Readies To Pervert Democracy… 

    Looks like I will be obliged to keep my promise to return to The Old Country, if Blood-Beast Adams’ comrade coerces the electorate back to the ballot box…




    ….as part of the ruling class’s attempt to subvert the democratic decision of the British people.

    So much for Labour.

    Meanwhile as regards the Tories, here’s another call to arms from Leave EU.

    Dear Supporter, 
    The Conservative Party AGM season is upon us. The Party’s National Convention met this weekend and passed a motion in favour of EU withdrawal regardless of whether there’s a deal or not. Compare that to the powerful pro-Remain forces in Parliament trying as hard as ever to extend negotiations with the long-term goal of blocking Brexit. The quality of our representation is truly pitiful.

    The Government is now in on the delay tactics after a group of nearly 25 ministers, including four members of the cabinet, threatened to back Labour MP Yvette Cooper’s amendment. Around 100 Tory MPs agree with them.

    May has succumbed. Papers circulated over the weekend by Downing Street reveal plans for a two-month extension if the Withdrawal Agreement is voted down a second time. The EU is asking for two years.

    Leave.EU’s deselection campaign is as vital as ever. Parliament is increasingly behaving as if the Referendum never happened. The approaching AGMs in local associations across the country offer a tremendous opportunity to bring the elites of the Conservative Party down a peg and put Brexit back on its right and proper trajectory.

    Since launching last month, we’ve had an immense response to our campaign, which has focused around getting local activists to amass enough signatures from fellow members to force through a special general meeting of the local association in order to table a no-confidence motion against the sitting MP. An AGM cuts out the need for petitions, providing a direct route to giving MPs their marching orders.

    So long as you’ve been a party member for three months or more you’ll be able to send a letter to your association chairman and secretary requesting a no-confidence motion gets added to the forthcoming AGM’s agenda.

    Association chairmen are required to provide notice of annual general meetings at least twenty-one days in advance. They will release the final agenda seven days before the date of the meeting so you have a window of around fourteen days to get your letter in.

    You must ensure that it is signed and seconded by another member of at least three months standing. We recommend you send it via recorded delivery. Thereafter, you only need to drum up support among your friends in the party to ensure a decent turnout and hopefully get the right result.

    Click here to visit our deselection page. Near the bottom, you’ll find a list of upcoming Conservative Association AGMs. If you don’t see yours, ensure to keep an eye out for an email or letter from your chairman. Better still, get in touch with your local association to find out when and where. You can find contact details by entering your postcode in the bottom left-hand corner of this page on the Conservative Party website.

    At this critical juncture, we have an amazing opportunity to strike a lethal blow against a swathe of MPs in one fell swoop. Contact your associations and get your letters in.

    Kind regards,
    The Leave.EU Team

    • Vanessa Reilly 3:28 am on February 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I knew Corbyn would do this.
      He just loves his country’s enemies, Adams, Juncker, anyone who wants to harm and humiliate Britain, Corbyn will take their side.


      • Petra Malley 5:05 pm on February 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Your description of Corbyn is perfect, Vanessa, and if anyone disputes it, look at how he has taken up the case of that Islamist fiend Begum, whom he wants to let back into the Britain she wants to destroy. He even says she needs ‘support’ when she gets back.
        The only support she deserves is that involving a piece of rope to support her while she hangs by the neck until dead.
        The only prospect of that happening is if she is kept in the Middle East, as Ross has suggested.


    • Andy McKinnon 8:38 am on February 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never do donations because there are too many good causes, as you show us many a time.
      In this hour of national crisis, I will make an exception.


  • ross1948 12:03 am on March 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Why’s Comrade Corbyn Reborn As Commissars’ Cur? 

    With Junckers’ rabid running dog Barnier having revealed his latest threat to British territorial integrity…

    EU expects to govern Northern Irish trade after Brexit…

    …we begin to understand why Jeremy Corbyn has flipped his role from  ostensible Eurosceptic to collaborationist.


    Corbyn has never been too fussy about the company he keeps.

    For all his attempts to gloss over his association with Sinn Fein/IRA in the past, you can see from the photo that he’s still not ashamed to be seen with the smiling scumbag Blood-Beast Adams.



    Still, some people were prepared to overlook his foul friendships because they thought he actually meant what he said about Brexit.

    Now he’s come (relatively) clean on his true inclinations, which are to keep the UK under the aegis of the EuroCommissars in Brussels.

    There was some debate, many giving him the benefit of the doubt, arguing that he was just being another cheap politico, taking advantage of Theresa The Appeaser’s vacillation on Brexit.

    NO MORE!

    Brussels has made plain its determination to split the UK. Brussels is openly taking the side of the expansionist regime in Dublin…

    Brussels accused of ‘outrageous’ attempt to turn Northern Ireland into EU province by rejecting British compromises

    ..a sort of historical pay-back for Dublin’s refusal to play any part in the fight against the EUSSR’s spiritual predecessor, when Eire’s De Vakera skulked in neutrality until Hitler died, when the mangy skunk chose to deliver his personal condolences on the Fuhrer’s death.


    Adolf and Dev, two of a kind!

    Nor am I the only one to notice. I see there’s another piece about this – What are Jeremy Corbyn and Michel Barnier up to? –  just recently published – today, so having just got home, I’ve not read it yet.

    Maybe it agrees with me, but that matters not!


    Hasil gambar untuk theresa the appeaser

    May has sold out again and again.

    Chances are, despite today’s bluster, she will sell out some more in the weeks ahead, while the Remainer rats on her back-benches…


    Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe


    Ranting Remainer rat Kenneth Clarke


    ….the Soubrys and the Clarkes, will demand even more betrayals of democracy.

    If she had any serious commitment to the Brexit cause she’d be devoting a little time to getting them de-selected by their local Tory party members…

    Gambar terkait

    …but when there was an opportunity to do that to another leftist ‘Conservative’ MP, not only did she bottle out but actually took an active role in rescuing the pinko bint.Theresa May blocked move to deselect Tory rebel Heidi Allen, 

    So back to the question.

    Who can Brits trust to represent them?

    Some individual MPs are honourable, like Rees-Mogg, and others we have commended for their common sense in the past.

    But as a party, the Tories are a busted lush.


    Lots of problems, but if the alternative is to start over with another party, maybe best to stick to the party that, led by Nigel Farage, got Brits the right to vote for deliverance.



    But it’s GOT to be a better UKIP thn it was. No more with-hunting of its members who took a stand for decency.

    A clear commitment to referenda, not only on ‘Europe,’ but also on capital punishment and any other issue which…

    …by means of a Swiss-style citizens’ initiative, a specific number of voters demand.

    If Brexit is thwarted, the consequences could well be something like guerilla war, such would be the justified rage of the dishonoured majority.

    A patriotic party as outlined above seems to me the only alternative to violence.

    • Billy King 5:10 pm on March 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      By God, Ross, this little weasel Corbyn better not show his face in Ulster, or if he does come here he’ll be safe only in Crossmaglen or some other place inhabited only by Sinn Fein maggots..


  • ross1948 4:47 pm on October 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    After Khadr, Now Khaled – More Exaltation Of Evil! 

    First, decent people around the world had to withstand a powerful urge to vomit when Justin Turdo awarded the Taliban scumbag Omar Khadr that ten million dollar prize for…what…?



    …well, for being a scumbag, really, since Turdo adores scumbags!


    Now we read of another piece of dog-sh-t, female this time…



    ….being awarded a parliamentary platform in the heart of Europe, where ‘the GUE/NGL – a political group uniting parties to the left of social democracy…’

    GUE/NGL – European United Left – Nordic Green Left

    … hosted a ‘seminar’ at the Strasbourg HQ of the European Parliament, with guess who as one of their guest speakers?

    None other than Leila Khaled.


    Hasil gambar untuk leila khaled

    Poster for fans of satanic evil


    If you’re old enough you won’t have forgotten Leila Khaled.

    She gained worldwide notoriety when she played a key role in two terrorist hijackings, in 1969 and 1970, of a TWA and an El Al flight.

    And  the mangy old cow hasn’t changed her spots!

    Just look at her snuggling up with Martina Anderson MEP, another unpleasant vixen…


    Khaled with Anderson, who said –

    “Sinn Féin stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Palestine and it was one of my great honours to have led the Delegation for Palestine here in the European Parliament.

    “Palestinian women stand dignified in defiance of all that Israel can throw at them. We must stand beside them…’


    …whose affiliation is to Sinn Fein, which UK readers, at least, should know is the ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder gang.

    We’ve had cause to mention Anderson before…

    France 24’s “Debate” Features Jew-Bashing Convicted Terrorist! 

    Hasil gambar untuk martina anderson MEP

    Found this via Google Search – which one’s Anderson?


    …though we used a different photo then!


    The author of the piece in EU Observer, a Swede named Gunnar Hoekmark, accurately describes her as ‘a member of the Palestinian terror group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and a hijacker of two civilian airplanes.

    Alas, Hoekmark is something of a left-liberal himself, like many who skulk beneath the banner of the so-called ‘centre-right’ gang in Strasbourg, a gang so NON-‘right’ that even David Cameron pulled the UK Tories out of its ranks…


    Gambar terkait


    …and so he can’t resist the temptation to mix in a lot of the anti-patriot prejudice exhibited by phoney ‘conservatives’ of that sort, a load of anguished hogwash about the populist-nationalist surge in Europe.

    As part of the Swedish political establishment, that’s no surprise.

    But his facts about Khaled and the other Jew-haters at that ‘seminar’ are indisputable.

    I suppose Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk, who are fans of both Sinn Fein/IRA and the Palestinian gangs…


    Gambar terkait

    In London Today, Why Won’t Corbyn March With Terrorists? 

    … will see nothing wrong with letting garbage like Khaled into civilised countries.

    But I think a lot more people, all over Europe, will be horrified.


    • Robin Young 7:53 pm on October 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I can just about remember that Khaled, and all the fuss about her being a woman, as if that meant anything.
      She should have been hunted down and shot..
      Same goes for all those IRA bitches.


    • Pamela 9:43 pm on October 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Leila Khaled?
      A rave from the grave, as they say, and I wish she were in her grave.
      What else should we expect from Strasbourg?
      Of course I’m horrified, but not surprised, if the Greens are involved..


    • Walter Nicholson 8:38 pm on October 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Not exactly hard to work out why Martina Anderson is keen on Khaled!
      Both filthy terrorists. Anderson spent over ten years in jail for her IRA crimes and only got out because of Tony Bliar’s Dirty Deal, the Bad Friday Agreement.
      Both of them deserved to be executed.


  • ross1948 12:20 am on September 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Crack-Down Time In Canada – Smash The Red Nazis! 

    A good article in  the Sun last week, by Candice Malcolm, but although she makes plenty of useful points, there’s one sentence, admittedly a quote from one of her colleagues, that needs to be challenged –

     “…the ‘Antifa’ movement has always had at its core a group of masked violent thugs who delight in assaulting innocent people and destroying property.”


    The problem with that assertion is not in its description of the storm-troop mentality and the consequently outrageous behaviour of the hoodlums…



    …but the suggestion that the evil in Antifa  is limited to its core.

    Antifa is entirely rotten, not only at its core but in its entirety.

    And it’s nothing new.

    Anyone who went to university in the Sixties – certainly in the UK, where I was a student, but, I suspect, in North America too – will remember the so-called ‘No Platform’ censorship movement, not something restricted to fringe marxist cliques but fully endorsed by the official representative student organisation, the National Union of  Students.


    Hasil gambar untuk nus no platform list


    Not only was anyone deemed ‘far-right’ to be denied the right to speak but even denied the right to stand for election to NUS office.

    And despite continuous opposition from students who understand that democracy requires all opinions to be heard and debated, that intolerant policy is still in place today.

    One NUS ratbag even ordered fellow-students to ban a speaker, with these ominous words –

    “…if any students are hurt in and around this event responsibility will lie with you..”

    – and that wasn’t in the ‘revolutionary’ Sixties, but just a couple of years ago!

    What made the 1960s adoption of ‘No Platform’ most outlandish was the composition of  the NUS leadership back then. Most of those who said ‘fascists and racists’ had to be silenced were in fact active in parties utterly hostile to freedom.

    The nearest thing to ‘moderates’ then were leftist Labour Party members (some of whom rose to high government office) but Communists were riding high.



    At least one activist in the CPGB, Digby Jacks, became NUS President – yes, a leading light of the Communist Party, which had acted as the handmaiden of a foreign totalitarian power since its foundation…


    Gambar terkait

    Violence cannot be a principle that we oppose or support. It is a tactic, a tool that can be used by anyone. In order to be for or against a tactic, we need to examine who is using it and, most importantly, to what end….

    What do socialists say about violence? – Socialist Worker

    …and Trotskyists,the Socialist Workers’ Party, who openly despised British democracy, abounded.

    Like Jeremy Corbyn, they were fans of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang. SWP was in fact simply a new name for the group known previously as IS (International Socialism Group) –

    IS’s position was always one of unconditional support for the IRA in the struggle against imperialism..”


    So the readiness of the far-left – the cultural marxists – to resort to vicious violence when they – as they invariably do – lack the wit or the courage to defeat nationalists or conservatives in free and fair debate is nothing new.



    What is new is the eager embrace of people in the media and major political parties to excuse these scum, exalt their violence even, as a means of suppressing opposition to the multicult agenda.

    We saw it in the USA, with the disgraceful RINO bleating…

    McCain claimed they were simply “Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry.”

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman attempted to legitimize Antifa, comparing these masked radicals to Allied soldiers who fought against the Nazis during WWII.

    And we know that Turdo, who took such strong exception to alien barbaric practices being called barbaric practices…


    Turdistanada Nixes Condemnation Of Barbaric Practices! 

    …is of a like mind to those guilty of such pathetic pronouncements.

    If the problem had been tackled back when it surfaced, the nasty elements expelled from universities and those convicted given meaningful sentences by courts, it might have been stamped out.

    Unfortunately, ‘occupations’ by uppity undergrads of college property were usually allowed to go unpunished, as a rule. Much as the ‘Occupy’ movement, a year or so back…

    ‘Occupy’ Vagrants Cling on in Glasgow, Crime Rampant in US Counterparts 

    Proof Positive – OCCUPY is What We Knew It Was! 

    …. was not dealt with promptly and forcefully, by armed police with clear authorisation, where necessary, to use lethal force against the filthy savages.

    Politicians like Scheer in Canada have made noises about free speech, but shown little appetite for putting their words into action, double standards on display on the media…


    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel

    Scheer says he’ll reject interviews with The Rebel until it changes 

    …and the right of ALL Canadians to demonstrate peacefully…

    Take away federal funding if universities don’t protect free speech ..

    Brave words, but what a difference a few months were to make!

    Conservative leader’s free speech pledge wouldn’t apply in U of T ...

    No wonder the cowardly Red Nazis of Antifa, hiding behind their masks…


    Gambar terkait


    ….are emboldened to extend their onslaught on the foundations of Canadian democracy!

    Who’s next?

    Alt-Left Warns Antifa Will Attack Canadian Journalists At Protests


    • Leslie Nimmo 2:27 am on September 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I too attended an English university in the 1960s into the 1970s and I saw with my own eyes the RSSF and the RSA and the Communists all out to shout down and silence conservative speakers and the occupations they organised.
      They would hold what they called mass meetings to support their actions and many students never bothered to attend because they wanted to study.
      It was the fault of the majority of the students who did not care enough to oppose the left. I was one of the the ones who did attend and speak and vote against the left but we were outvoted most of the time.
      There was violence sometimes but it is so much worse now.


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    DUP Should Shun Sinn Fein/IRA’s Erse Arrogance! 

    Amidst all the hoo-ha about the DUP, it’s important to remember that, while they’re anti-Brexit, and have done a fair job of preventing the degradation of marriage in Ulster, they are not beyond criticism.

    They long co-habited with the Sinn Fein/IRA treason party,  and although that collaboration has broken down  for now, the DUP could well go back to working with republican scumbags…


    ….like Corbyn’s pal, Bloodbeast Adams.


    My own preference in party political terms ‘across the water’ has always been TUV, and their leader, Jim Alister, has issued a reminder of one current concern…



    …the DUP’s seeming unreadiness to slap down Sinn Fein/IRA’s arrogant demand that the Erse (Irish-Gaelic) language be given a status which the tiny number of native speakers in no way justifies.

    “An Irish language act enshrined in law would be a “vehicle to hollow out our Britishness…”

    The TUV leader described the prospect of granting official status to Irish as a “kamikaze course” for the DUP and said it was time for “far thinking unionists in that party to take a stand on this pivotal issue.”

    Jim went on to point out that not only is the proposal wrong in principle but  “unnecessary and foolhardy on financial grounds,” as well as expressing fears it would “turn the public service and its jobs into a cold house for unionists.”  http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/irish-language-act-a-vehicle-to-hollow-out-our-britishness-allister-

    Indeed it would!

    What would be a much better idea, and one that the DUP should have included in their deal with Theresa May, would be a requirement for all public servants, both local and national, across the whole of British Ulster…



    …to take an oath of allegiance to HM The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    • Leland Wills 1:52 am on June 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Jim Alister and TUV cannot be faulted on this language rubbish, because there’s hardly a soul in our wee country speaks that Erse as a mother-tongue.
      Even in Eire it’s the language of less than ten per cent, much less I think.
      It’s a ploy by Sinn Fein to rub our noses in their power and that power is theirs because the very Bad Friday Agreement perverted democracy.
      The DUP said they would not play that game but they did.

      Most of us now understand that ‘partition’ was not done right the first time, that map you show was a better plan and it’ll need to be altered if we do it again.
      It’s a pity in a way that the republican or nationalist people didn’t catch themselves on in the 20th century and give their loyalty to the UK that they loved to get their social welfare from.
      Instead they took what they could get and gave nothing back. They have waved that tricolour flag, so it’s time to tell them to go and live under it.


    • Arnold 3:18 am on June 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am not aquainted with Mr Alister but he is far-sighted. Maybe he heard about the way the majority in Canada were hit by the Official Languages Act.
      That ended up forcing most grades of federal public servants to be fluent in French, very unfair, only the lowest ranks were spared.
      This left Quebeckers over-represented in at the top of the civil service structure.

      The French have never for years been more than about 30% of the Canadian population and were concentrated in one province, maybe 1.5 if you count New Brunswick, so it should have been enough that they got ‘francophoners’ in government offices there, but they had to have it all.

      I was in Northern Ireland as a tourist before the Troubles and never heard anyone speak anything except English ( including among themselves) so where are these ‘ersophones’ located?


      • George Moore 9:35 am on July 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Arnold, you would not have met many Erse-speakers even if you had gone looking for them, because in all the cites and countryside of Ulster there are only ‘only 4,045 said that Irish was their main language.’ That’s from the BBC report on the 2011.census.
        That also said nearly 180,000 people gave it as a language of which they could ‘claim some knowledge.’
        There’s probably more could ‘clam some knowledge’ of the French and German they learn at school. even if that’s just merci beaucoup or guten morgen.


  • ross1948 11:39 pm on June 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Glastonbums Cheering Corbyn – Were They ALL Stoned? 

    Just that – one simple question!

    Answers, guesses, comments?


    Hasil gambar untuk corbyn glastonbury

    There’s something of the night about this terrorist sympathiser…


    • Rob Brackley 12:01 am on June 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I’m glad you didn’t slur the music fans, just the cheerers. I like open-air festivals.

      My answer must be no, of the mob that cheered Comrade Korbin, probably only 50% would be stoned, so can’t be blamed for what they did in their delirium.
      As to the other half, typical brainless millennials, do they perhaps deserve to be stoned?
      Just joking.


    • Diana 12:08 am on June 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply



    • Jacko 12:17 am on June 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Since you ask, yes but I don’t care about that.
      Anybody who cheers for Corbyn isn’t worth the effort of writing about.
      You did well to make it your briefest ever!


    • Pamela 12:35 am on June 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Are they not always all stoned at these Glastonbury events?
      My strongest drug is martini but even had I drunk a hundred, I could never cheer for that traitor.


    • Bruce B 1:15 am on June 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We have stoners in our country too and the consolation is they are usually too out of it to reach a ballot box when elections come round.
      To be honest, I might want to try a powerful drug if I knew I was going to have Jeremy Corbyn making a speech at me. ..


    • Wayne Sanders 1:46 am on June 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Bound to be stoned.


  • ross1948 5:08 pm on June 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-DUP Petition Reaches 500,000? Half Of Them IRA Fans? 

    Sinn Féin witnessed its overall vote increase from 224,245 votes in March to 238,915 votes on Thursday… 


    So it’s not hard to figure out where the latest hate-petition must have attracted around half of its signatures.


    Gambar terkait

    I refer of course to that which has now reached a total of half a million names, expressing outrage over May’s moves to make a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

    Anti-DUP petition hits 500000 as anger grows over Tory deal

    Outrage largely motivated, it seems, because the DUP has refused to kow-tow to the gaystapo agenda…



    …and compounds its utter unacceptability by being composed of true British patriots who are second to none in their loyalty to their Queen and Country.

    Outrageous indeed, to the Enemy Within, and by extension to all those morally impaired individuals who did not  find it at all outrageous to cast their votes for a party whose leader is infamous for his overt expressions of solidarity with terrorists, dead or alive.


    Hasil gambar untuk corbyn loughgall


    No outrage on their part at Cur Corbyn’s eagerness to mingle cheerfully with the likes of Blood-Beast Adams.

    Every breath that swine takes constitutes a REAL outrage to decent British people everywhere.



    So if you take the 238,915 disloyal douche-bags whose votes flaunted their sympathy with the treason of Sinn Fein/IRA, you’re halfway to grasping how that anti-democratic petition got its half-million names.

    The other half?

    How many queers are there in the UK?

    Just do the math!

  • ross1948 8:09 pm on June 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Corbyn/Sinn Fein/IRA, , , , , , ,   

    Time For Counter-Revolution – Sammy Wilson for Education Secretary! 

    A disturbing day’s voting, that, and desperately worrying, that so many people would back a party led by a man who has shown blatant solidarity with terrorist scum.



    What has become of Britain?

    Partly, there is the phenomenon of the’youth’ vote, which most observers say helped put Corbyn’s party ahead in many a constituency.

    This is down to the erosion of national allegiance, maybe even identity, among much of that generation.

    We have to remember how long Europhiliac and cultural marxist teachers have been poisoning young minds from elementary to college level.



    Britain’s enemies in Brussels pumped toxic supranational indoctrination material into schools for years.



    It was no secret, but one Conservative Government after another failed to stop the rot.

    One Tory Education Minister after another refused to act on warnings even from patriots on their own back-benches.

    Had they done so, the infantile millennials we see today could well have turned out to be good citizens, not turn-coats.

    Of course this psychological/spiritual degeneration can be slowed down, reversed, but although it cannot be an overnight task…



    Counter-Revolution must start NOW.

    Dependency on the DUP might focus minds.

    Although the DUP itself is partially tainted by collaboration with Corbyn’s Sinn Fein/IRA comrades at Stormont, Ulster folk, much more than many mainland Brits, have a powerful sense of their British identity.



    That’s a source of hope, and would be even more so if a proper coalition, not a mere ‘understanding’ were established – and then?

    Hand the UK Education Department to some Ulster True Blue, devoted to Queen and Country, with a brief to cleanse schools at every level of the rats who have created a lost generation.


    Hasil gambar untuk sammy Wilson MP


    Sammy Wilson MP would be a grand choice!

    Mainland readers can learn more about him here-

    Sammy Wilson (politician) – Wikipedia


    • Billy King 9:50 pm on June 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sammy is a good man.
      I am not all for the DUP but I never doubt his integrity.
      A loyal Ulsterman, and he says what he thinks.


    • James Norten 10:10 pm on June 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      About time somebody talked a bit about the way our young have been ruined by the schools.

      I have kids myself and I thank the Lord God that we did a fair job of bringing them up with good values.
      Even so, they seem sometimes to talk in a different language. I don’t think anybody used words like discrimination when I was at school. Same with diversity, racism, equality, all that rubbish some of the teachers obsess about..
      We had civics, and learned how we got to register to vote, things like that. and how Westminster worked.
      Nothing really about sex education, we just got on with it, married and had the kids, no problems.

      The worst vocabulary change must be gay, which meant cheery but now means something horrible.
      The trouble is, when you change the language, you’re also changing the way people think.
      It’s hard work having a normal conversation with a millennial. .

      You’re telling the truth, our country’s future is up for grabs and it’s the way children are educated, and it’s who’s teaching them.
      I have just been reading that wikipedia about Sammy Wilson and he sounds like he was brought up to be a normal honest patriotic British person, not the type to be taken in by fashionable fads, like the climate junk science for one thing..


    • Penny 11:14 pm on June 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Dead right, the schools pump poison into their young heads, no wonder they’re screwed up about Europe and so much of everything else too.
      Never heard of Sammy Wilson but read about him now and agree with you, he’d be great in any government job.


    • Tommy Riddell 1:12 pm on June 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      With you all the way and if they try to stop Brexit, then they will face resistance the like of which has never been seen in our United Kingdom.


      • Adair 5:40 pm on June 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Agreed. They defy the will of the British people at their peril


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