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    Les Imbeciles! ‘Send Parents To Their Room!’ 


    Les Imbeciles!

    I’m not referring to the Council of Europe, because those tax-funded meddlers cannot use mental health as an excuse for whatever they may be about to do next.

    Nordic Natterjacks, Ignorant Of History! 

    Building of the Council of Europe Headquarters located in Strasbourg, France. Stock Photo - 103414864
    Council of Europe Headquarters

    Their malign record is notorious.

    No, it’s a French ‘charity…’

    .- yes, another of  those ‘charities!’ –

    …who, wait for it, want Mummy and Daddy to be told to ‘go to your room’ when a brat acts up!


    ‘They argue that misbehaviour is a sign of inner turmoil and that children need company in such moments. Indeed, some suggest that if anyone is to sit on the naughty step, it should be the mother or father.’

    And those berks want to get the Council of Europe to weigh in on their side!

    Read all about it and see how long it takes for their moronic British equivalents…



    …to start the same nonsense in the UK – if it’s not begun already! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/naughty-step-for-children-should-be-banned-as-act-of-violence-ds7kp93jw

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    Nordic Natterjacks, Ignorant Of History! 

    Just looking back at things we should have covered last month, questions we should have asked…like…

    What do these klutzes have in common?

    Jeppe Kofod is Danish minister of foreign affairs. Pekka Haavisto is Finnish minister of foreign affairs


    The Nordics unite to support the Council of Europe and ECHR


    Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson is Icelandic minister for foreign affairs and international development cooperation. Ine Eriksen Søreide is Norwegian minister for foreign affairs. Ann Linde is Swedish minister for foreign affairs.

    Apart from their parallel positions, foreign ministers of their respective countries, they are all stunningly ignorant of modern history.

    I say this because they know that the Council of Europe, which we have written about before…

    Bojo Gangs Up Against ‘Our Oldest Ally? ‘ 

    …when we showed you it’s hugely expensive HQ in Strasbourg….

    • .

      Building of the Council of Europe Headquarters located in Strasbourg, France. Stock Photo - 103414864
      Council of Europe Headquarters


      …a deplorable body which spawned the ECHR, now a Sorosoid tool used to bludgeon national sovereignty – was established in the aftermath of the World War Two…



      ….in Strasbourg on the basis of international law – including human rights and the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

      So it was.

      And many, if not all, of the signatory countries had capital punishment on their statute books.

      Many had corporal punishment too as a legal sanction.

      Sexual (‘gay’) perversion in many European nations was against the law – certainly in the UK, which only legalised it in the early 1960s.

      Yet the Council of Europe and its Sorosoid Court has declared capital and corporal punishment unacceptable….



      …and engaging in all manner of sexual perversion, while not yet mandatory….



      ….is deemed as acceptable as living decently within normal relationships.

      Were those original signatories hypocrites?

      Hardly likely they would sign up, if they thought any laws in their own lands were transgressions against  human rights and the principles of democracy and the rule of law

    • So the original convention, which these Nordic Natterjacks invoke so readily, has itself been perverted by malevolent jurists.


      Wise nations should withdraw.

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 18:17 on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      All very true, what you say, Ross, these foreign ministers are just air-brushing the truth about that post-war rights pact.
      What I want to know is why you are still energetically publishing all these readables after you said you were going to ease off.

      Dont get me wrong, I am always happy to read what you offer, but if this is you easing off, I am wondering what we would get ( 10 pages a day?) if you decided you had relaxed too much.


      • ross1948 19:33 on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Okay, Jim, I confess. I can’t sit idly by.
        It’s not that I don’t have things both onerous and enjoyable to do, but there are gaps between them and so much in the news that I feel obliged to deride or dispute.


    • Tam Birnie 18:41 on August 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You are absolutely right about the governments that signed up to the convention but I think you’re wrong to say the ministers who made this new statement are ignorant.
      They are just dishonest.
      It goes without saying they know the convention was never meant to stop the use of the death penalty or to etop badly behaved children getting a quick wallop with a cane or a strap in school.
      The Council of Europe and the ECHR make fools of theirselves when they contradict the intentions of the convention.


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    Bojo Gangs Up Against ‘Our Oldest Ally? ‘ 

    What a deplorably biased headline…

    European Club Shames Portugal On Racism! ‘

    Not, please note, on ‘alleged’ racism, but clearly a proven, shameful sin, confessed to by everyone in Portugal…




    …which used to be known among Brits as ‘Our Oldest Ally!’

    After all…


    …..once accused of ‘racism,’ only a guilty verdict is permissible..

    …as that mouthy cow Underwood made clear

    As mentioned recently, the UK’s escape from the EUSSR…



    …did not include unslinging the malodorous albatross called the ‘Council of Europe’ from around Britannia’s weary neck.



    Like the EUSSR’s ‘parliament,’ the Council of Europe maintains a hugely expensive HQ in Strasbourg.


    Building of the Council of Europe Headquarters located in Strasbourg, France. Stock Photo - 103414864
    Council of Europe Headquarters


    EU Observer strangely describes the outfit as ‘a multilateral club,’ but it is an official state-funded body, with more than 2000 people working there…


    ( or at least employed there – whether what they do there can be classified as honest work is another matter!)

    …paid from the taxes of almost every nation on the Continent, plus Britain!

    Inexplicably, it has just issued an arrogant scoldy diktat to Portugal…



    …insisting that “further efforts are necessary for Portugal to come to terms with past human-rights violations to tackle racist biases against people of African descent inherited from a colonial past and historical slave tradehttps://euobserver.com/tickers/151355

    Like, who the Bloody Hell do these uppity turds think they are?


    Any appeasement of BLM-type whiners-on-the-make is for Portugal to decide, not a pack of unelected sticky-beaks in Strasbourg!



    Sadly, the current Portuguese Government has no more backbone than UK’s Jellyfish Johnson….

    Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

    …so there may already be a Bojo-style appeasement commission wasting public funds in Lisbon

    Indeed, according to EUObs, at the moment there’s ‘a toxic political debate‘ on how to ‘memorialise its colonial history.’


    When biased left hacks, like a lot if those with EUObs, use that word ‘toxic,’ it often indicates that decent patriotic folk are refusing to roll over when assailed by red vermin.

    Could it be that the good people we wrote about recently…

       Portugal At Last Awakes! 

    Image result for chega portugal

     ..are putting up feisty resistance to the Portuguese counterparts of those evil creatures in the UK…


    Winston Churchill Statue Vandalised in London During George Floyd Death Protests and Black Lives Matter Movement (Watch Video)

    Churchill Statue defaced by BLM vermin

    Cenotaph Soiled- Cops Cower – Bojo Bottles Out!

    …who are warring down their country’s history?

    Today’s question?

    Why did Johnson not order the UK representative on the Council of Europe to speak and vote against the insolent measure mentioned above?


    • Amanda Adams 21:40 on April 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Why is Britain still mixed up with that lot?
      How much does that Council of Europe rip off British tax-payers every year.?
      We should all write to our MPs at least and demand answers..


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    Macron Taking In Malta’s Dangerous Savages?! 

    Macron, Guilty Again!



    His minister recently spoke about sending back undesirable aliens but now we read that, along with two other deranged governments ( Luxemburg and Portugal) the French President is willing to take in some of the recently-disembarked migrants in Malta…

    Some? Which ones?

    It would be easy to condemn Maltese PM Abela for bringing ashore another gang of barbarous illegal aliens – after all, he said ‘no entry’ a month ago –

     “We will be firm in our commitment not to open our ports!”


    -but we do need to look at his situation.

    But at the same time, innocent crew were in real danger on board the ‘Europa II’ vessel,  on which crimmigrant scum had armed themselves with knives from the galley – oh, and ‘threatened to detonate a gas cylinder on board.’



    The best and most salutory step to take would have been to put special forces aboard and shoot the savages.

    It is, after all, not the first time violent aliens have gate-crashed the island.

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see that amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot/

    Malta’s Migrant Terror Scum! UN To The Rescue! 

    But no current European government has so far had the pluck to do the right thing or anything close, so all we can hope is that, having disembarked the savages, somebody in a position of authority in Valetta will have ensured they got the first of many sound thrashings!

    But the Maltese will be eager to pass the putrid parcel!


    Whose tax-trough is it going to land in?



    NB – there’s a curious little bit of journalese crops up down the page-

    Malta, like Italy, also with Mediterranean islands, has long complained that other EU nations have not offered quick resettlement relief, leaving them with unfair burdens as migrants or rather asylum-seekers try to reach Europe.

    Or rather?’

    That sounds as if the scribbler caught himself in mid-thought, as if he was all at once remembering the required politically correct wording, the pretence that the migrant rabble are seeking ‘asylum…’

    …rather than seeking to get their snouts into the pockets of tax-payers in someone else’s country, where they have, or should have, NO right to intrude those snouts.



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    Have You Even Heard Of The Istanbul Convention! 

    More sound sense from Hungary’s Zoltan Kovacs, who has been foremost in the fight against wannabe meddlers in Brussels and Strasbourg.

    Spain’s Left Regime Gags Media – Not A Peep From Pinkos 


    Kovács Zoltán.jpg
    Zoltan Kovacs


    This time he’s penned a succinct, powerful case against a supranational pact concocted by the sticky-beaks of the Council of Europe!

    NB – as often, I have inserted illustrations to enhance the visual appearance of the page. If you don’t like them, blame me!

    Yes to protection of women, no to gender ideology and illegal migration

    The Hungarian Parliament passed a declaration this week, refusing the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

    Here’s why.


    Acting upon an initiative of the governing Fidesz-KDNP alliance, Hungary’s National Assembly passed this week a declaration that refuses to ratify the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, dated 2011 and widely known as the..

    Istanbul Convention.”

    The protection of women and the fight against domestic violence have always been of central importance to the government.

    In fact, it was an Orbán Government that issued a zero-tolerance policy on violence against women when it took power in 2010 and assigned to domestic violence an independent statutory definition in the new criminal code of 2013.

    Had the Convention stuck to the protection of women’s rights, Hungary would have been among the first countries to ratify it and adopt corresponding domestic legislation. In fact, we have already included most of the Convention’s recommendations, those pertaining to the protection of women, into Hungarian law.


    But the Convention went far beyond this, with its final text including sections that could not be incorporated into our domestic law because they run counter to Hungary’s constitution, the Fundamental Law.

    One of these sections is found in Article 3(c), where the Convention defines “gender” as “socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men.”



    This “social gender” definition, however, conflicts with Hungary’s constitution because the clause denies that there are only two biological genders, male and female. Without biological genders, for example, Hungary’s constitutional definition of marriage (the matrimony of a man and a woman) would become void.

    And if something contradicts the Fundamental Law, it cannot be adopted by Parliament.

    In Chapter VII. Article 60 on “gender-based asylum claims,” however, the Istanbul Convention goes even further, attempting to intervene in the sensitive field of migration policy.

    It requires that signatories to “take the necessary legislative or other measures to ensure that gender-based violence against women may be recognised as a form of persecution.”

    Such an extension of the legal category of “persecution” could clearly lead to a dramatic increase in the number of migrants who set out westward to Europe.

    Also, there is one possible interpretation of Articles 60 and 61 that would automatically grant “gender-based asylum” to applicants.

    In other words, if certain conditions are met, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention would mean that Hungary may be forced to grant entry to illegal migrants…



    …on grounds that run contrary to Hungary’s well-established policy of discouraging and putting an end to migration.

    It is difficult not to see the Convention as yet another attempt by pro-migration groups to find a way to force the issue of migration.


    Migrant savages attack Hungarian border


    By refusing the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, Hungary, says “Yes!” to the protection of women but “No!” to gender ideology and illegal migration.


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    Bosnian ‘Rights’ Bint Rails At Hungary’s Truthful Transparency! 

    Some Bosnian bint named Dunja Mijatovic, who gets a handsome salary from the ‘Council of Europe,’ has issued a ‘report’ championing all those fake ‘refugees’ in Hungary whom the sensible Hungarian Government wants rid of.


    Poor little ‘refugees’ politely asking to enter Hungary


    No surprise.

    ‘Rights’ ranters would be just sat at their desks all day long reading The Guardian or watching CNN if they didn’t have undesirable aliens on behalf of whom to whine!

    But this particular tax-funded yelper has also taken POWERFUL exception to the law which requires ‘NGO’ agitprop outfits to tell the truth about where their money comes from.


    Related image

    A Bosnian Boris Johnson, methinks!

    • The human rights commissioner also raised the alarm about Hungarian laws that “stigmatise and criminalise” work by non-governmental organisations. NGOs that receive foreign grants are required to label themselves as “receiving foreign funding” on their websites..
    • Hungary accused of fuelling xenophobia with anti-migrant rhetoric

    OMG – they are ‘required’ to tell the truth?



    Strange that this legal requirement upsets so many pinko creeps.

    I thought ‘tranparency’ was a big thing these days!


    Related image

    Comrade Mijatovic’s shrilling indicates that neither the creeps nor herself like it known to the countries in which they’re interfering and causing trouble that their antics are financed by outside elements.


    We know already where much of their money comes from.

    However, while a lot of the largesse they lap up does come from malign plutocrats, through Soros’ Open Society network and similar bodies, there’s another trough the ‘NGO’s have their snouts dug deep into.


    A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 

    Will Fake ‘NGOs’( EU-Funded!) Meddle In EU Election? 

    That, to my old-fashioned, logical way of thinking, means they are getting loadsa dough from tax-payers, which means they are hardly ‘non-government’ organisations at all.

    I should point out that the ranter-woman works not for the EUSSR but for the Council of Europe, which is a quite separate organisation but just as much a pain in the backside as Brussels!


    • Ginje M 21:31 on May 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      People like her have made ‘Europe’ a dirty word.
      Three cheers for Viktor Orban!


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    Buzz Off, Bocek! Euro-Czech Tells Spain To Import Savages, 

    When those filthy savages stormed onto Spanish territory, wounding many a defender…

    Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants

    …we suggested the obvious common-sense response

    Today we read of an alternative approach.
    Give the savages everything they demand, and be quick about it.

    With the EUSSR still pretending to seek ways of ‘deterring’ illegal aliens from gate-crashing – https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-migrants/eu-executive-to-propose-new-measures-to-deter-migrants-idUSKCN1LM26L – it’s interesting to see the true, subversive attitude of the “‘European Project’s “ elite as revealed in the Spanish press.

    ‘Council of Europe slams conditions for migrants in Spain’s exclave cities’


    That’s the headline!
    And here’s the plan!
    ‘Report from Special Representative Tomáš Boček calls for an end to express deportations at Ceuta and Melilla and “legal and safe access” to the peninsula…’

    Poor Spain!

    Although there have been encouraging noises from the ‘mainstream right’ ( which experience in other European countries has taught us to hear with a pinch of salt!) no patriot party there has so far gained serious momentum!

    Yet that’s what’s needed to fight the arrogance of un-elected flunkeys like Tomáš Boček.
    Who the hell is he, anyway?
    I thought I’d check, and he’s a Czech!
    And Brits please note, the ‘Council of Europe,’ under whose auspices his sticky-beaking goes on..

    …is financed from YOUR taxes, as well as Spain’s, and the Czech Republic’s and another couple of dozen countries where most people, like most of you Brits, have no idea they’e paying for his arrogant intercessions on behalf of crimmigrant undesirables.

    We have often enough praised the Czech Republic for its sensible attitude to the migrant menace.
    …yet here’s one of their ‘notables’ pushing for Spaniards not only not to kick the savages back across the Moroccan frontier which they violated but – infinitely worse…

    … to ship them at Spanish tax-payers’ expense from the Spanish enclaves on the North African coast to the Iberian Peninsula, where Bocek will expect them to be unconfined and free to join the other savages who have been molesting Spanish women and girls. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12807/multiculturalism-spain-july”


    Predators and Child Molestors
    These callous EurocRats make me sick!
    Their doting dedication to ensuring lawless primitives are given cushy quarters….



    ….and permitted to roam like beasts of prey, is in nauseating contrast with their shocking indifference to the safety of decent citizens in the nations under attack.

    • Petra Malley 11:20 on September 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I had to make an early start today so I am just catching up on what you have had to say and this is interesting.
      Who does appoint these nosey parker people to highly paid positions, which we have to pay for.


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    EurocRat V Polish Democracy – Nasty Nils Rants Again! 

    Nils Muiznieks, the human rights commissioner at the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, said on Thursday that a new law that increases political control over judges is a “major setback for judicial independence.”

    This American-born pinko creep’s name will ring a bell among some of our readers.


    Nasty Nils


    He has been derided here for assailing little Slovenia when  it dared take modest steps to control crimmigration…

    Best Tell Nasty Nils To Get Stuffed! 

    …and he has also had a fatuous rant at France where he reckons the anti-terrorist state of emergency is a ‘threat to democracy.

    You’re NOT Alone, Poles – The Enemy Within’s Also After France! 

    But what else can we expect from a Sorosoid?

    I append below a extract from that previous post.


    Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry.

    His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice…see  http://neurope.eu/article/czech-republic-criticised-situation-roma/


    So what have those outrageous Poles done now?

    They’ve passed a bill on Wednesday that gives lawmakers a role in choosing members of the National Judiciary Council, the body that nominates judges.


    Democratise the judiciary?

    Is there no end to their iniquity!

    What can possibly be wrong with the unreformed system that currently exists in Polish courts where members are currently chosen by sitting judges.   https://euobserver.com/tickers/138514

    Judges should surely be a self-perpetuating elite. Democratically elected legislators should surely have no say in who sits in judgement over citizens.

    I won’t bother to remind American readers that each and every American federal judge requires Senate approval.

    Born in LA, Nasty Nils maybe formed his hostility to such democratic in-put during his kindergarten years.

    Moreover,  don’t discount NN’s antipathy towards moves to protect people from the pestilential presence of illegals and terrorists!

    That’s an antipathy he shares with various rogue judges in the USA, who think they are above the law, defying democracy and obstructing President Trump on those matters.

    It may be that The Donald’s nomination of a patriot Supreme Court Justice, and the Senate’s exercise of its role in ratifying that nomination, have put Nasty Nils’ into an even frettier mood than usual.

    How dare the Poles think they have any right to emulate their big transatlantic ally?

    Hoe dare they enact any similar say by elected representatives to prevent subversives donning judicial robes?


  • ross1948 23:50 on January 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Best Tell Nasty Nils To Get Stuffed! 

    The arrogance of EurocRats never ceases to amaze.

    We’ re all used to the anti-democratic rants of the Brussels bullies, Liar Juncker etc., and to the robed clowns of the EuroCourts.

    But now we have the  Council of Europe, described as ‘the continent’s leading human rights organization,‘ hectoring little Slovenia, one of the smallest nations in Europe, one of the nations which emerged as a free republic after the dissolution of Communist Yugoslavia.

    Slovenes Show Europe the Way - Referendum in Defence of Decency!

    You’ll remember that, like Croats, Serbs and Macedonians, the Slovenes found themselves in the path of the crimmigrant rabble stomping its way from Greece towards the German welfare trough.


    Few of those phoney ‘refugees’ were interested in colonising Slovenia; it was simply another milestone on their aggressive advance into the heart of Europe.


    Marauding migrants on the Macedonian border


    Hence they showed no respect for its sovereign borders, gate-crashing with the same disdain for frontier as was evident among the Calais Curs illegally aiming to cross the English Channel.

    Crimmigrants in Calais


    With more aliens continuing to land on Greek islands, the menace to Balkan borders may have abated, but certainly not ceased.

    Accordingly, the Slovene parliament has been taking sensible steps to prevent further incursions.

    The changes, expected to be debated in parliament next week, would enable the police to seal the country’s borders to most illegal immigrants for a limited period if parliament deemed it necessary for security reasons.

    And THAT has the Council of Europe sticky-beaks up in arms?

    Hasil gambar untuk gotta be kidding


    Indeed it has.

    Their ‘Commissioner for Human Rights’ – a geezer named Nils Muiznieks –  born in L.A, USA! – has sent an uppity epistle to the speaker of the legislature in Ljubliana! 

    Nasty Nils is lecturing him  – how dare the little country contemplate self-defence if its proposed new laws  “are contrary to international law and undermine human rights”

    sod that

    Stuff that!

    We hear altogether too much about international law human rights, and not enough about the fundamental right, and duty, of sovereign governments to safeguard their own citizens. 

    Now that name Nils rang a bell, and sure enough, I checked back – he has appeared in our pages before!

    You’re NOT Alone, Poles – The Enemy Within’s Also After France! 

    To save you the trouble we re-produce the relevant parts below, notably Nasty Nils’ vacuous verbal attack on France’s endeavours to defend her citizens against the shariah savages of ISIS.
     Nasty Nils
    The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner Nils Muiznieks said Tuesday that France’s state of emergency could constitute a “threat” to democracy.
       This American-born ‘Latvian’ agitator has an unwholesome record, in which the loathsome name of George Soros looms large.




    Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry.
    His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice…    http://neurope.eu/article/czech-republic-criticised-situation-roma/

    In other words, no more a friend to civilised countries than Soros…-

    …whose record speaks for itself.

    One hopes that the Slovene House Speaker will respond to Nasty Nils in appropriately diplomatic manner.

    Something like this, perhaps…



  • ross1948 19:18 on January 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    You’re NOT Alone, Poles – The Enemy Within’s Also After France! 

    The Brussels bullies are still busily beating up on Poland, because it wants to reform its court system and clean out bias from the state media.

    Bravo, Poles! Mama Stasi, Liar Juncker, Scheisse Schultz… 

    ‘A threat to democracy,’ we’ve heard from the Enemy Within. Seriously! The assault on democracy in Poland is dangerous  – The Guardian (who else would be so deranged?!?)
    But while Poles are showing their natural grit in the fight-back against EUSSR sticky-beak intimidation, they may be heartened to know they’re not the only nation targetted by appeasement-monkeys.
     Nasty Nils
    The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner Nils Muiznieks said Tuesday that France’s state of emergency could constitute a “threat” to democracy.
       This American-born Latvian agitator has an unwholesome record, in which the loathesome name of George Soros looms large.
    Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry.
    His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice, and even demanding state harassment against anti-Roma blogs.http://neurope.eu/article/czech-republic-criticised-situation-roma/

    I do have some Czech readers but those in France could tell Nasty Nils a thing or two about Roma realities – even Hollande’s Socialist Minister Vails recognises they are anti-social good-for-nothings.

    Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’re Roma or French!” 


    Which takes us back to France today, and Nasty’s railing. 

    “There is a risk that these measures could sap the system of democratic control,” said Muiznieks, citing concerns over ethnic profiling of suspects facing police searches.
    So what’s wrong with ‘ethnic profiling’ if it’s people with no allegiance ot France that are the problem – the majority, the great majority of the undesirable aliens snared for terror crimes are, like those filthy savages in Cologne, of North African origin.
    It would be fairly dim-witted NOT to focus on that lot.
    However, the French have rejected criticism from Europe’s top human rights watchdog that it was “ethnically profiling” suspects.
    Fair enough – purely ‘ethnic’ profiling is not sufficient.
    The sad aspect of Islamist terrorism is how often we read about people born truly French – or British, or Australian – who have not only turned apostate, which is up to their own consciences, but also turned on their own countries – which is a sin that merits death.
    • Theurs G 01:29 on January 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is very good and useful writing. I never heard of the man before but if he is of Soros we can be certain he is our enemy.
      Thank you so much for this alert. ,


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