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  • ross1948 11:30 on November 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Coup?’ Aussie State Yoked To Woke? 

    In Australia, some of the worst examples of left-bigot wokery have been reported from the State of Victoria, ruled by the far left.

    Anti-family agitation…

    No More Mums And DadsMelbourne’s Tax-Funded Creeps 

    ..and anti-Christian rhetoric from the State Premier…

    Victoria’s Awful Andrews Rants At A Christian Old Lady



    …from the same Andrews who has since characterised mainstream Anglican views of perversion as…


    ….“absolutely appalling

    Outlawing Christianity – Perv Power Rules In Oz! 

    …and there’s a Stalinoid loathing for freedom of expression….


    ..Jaclyn ‘Jackboot’ Symes – Most Totalitarian Vixen In Oz? 

    …yet so far the people of Victoria have not been outraged – in sufficient numbers- to force Andrews from power in his cultural marxist realm…

    Melbourne Cops? Better Call ‘Em Storm-Troops! 

    …which has many of the trappings we associate with a banana republic.

    Maybe some people only get upset when money’s involved.

    In which case, perhaps the latest news may wake them up.

    If they’re oblivious to the moral cost of wokery…



    …what about splurging MILLIONS to soothe the fevered brows of those uptight little net-ball girlies we mentioned a few days ago?

    Oz Sports Hopelessly Wokified? 


    Fifteen million dollars, from the Victorian public purse, lavished on a team which threw away a similar sum purely to pander to a childish grudge by one of their comrades?

    The state’s premier, Daniel Andrews, has called the agreement, which will see Visit Victoria plug the hole left by Hancock Prospecting, “a coup..’


    ‘A COUP?’

    Will tax-payers start to wonder if a different kind of coup might be in order?

  • ross1948 09:52 on February 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Turdo-Coup! Junior Echoes Evil Sire! 

    Only older Canadians will remember how Pierre Turdo colluded with his  Communist buddy Castro…



    …to afford the murderous FLQ terror gang a safe haven in Cuba.

    Back then, Turdo Senior had invoked the War Powers Act, and many good Canadians acquiesced, as FLQ atrocities had naturally alarmed them.

    We’ve noticed the familial resemblance before.

    Turdo On Terror – Like Father Like Son? 


    Now Turdo’s equally malign offspring…



    …Justin Pretty Boy, has invoked a similar emergency powers act


    The Emergencies Act defines a national emergency as a situation that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it” or that “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/2/14/trudeau-invokes-emergency-powers-in-response-to-trucker-protests

    …against peaceful protesters.



    No excuse this time for acquiescence.


    Resist, Canadians!

  • ross1948 17:49 on July 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Action Alert – Drone Attack On White House! 

      No comment on Mr. Scaramucci’s unusual stlye of conversation, except to say.

    ‘Lay off Bannon!’


    Gambar terkait


    The Media Democrat Party has yet to resort to armed force – though their allies in the Red Nazi Antifa and the street-thugs of BLM certainly don’t eschew violent intimidation against Trump fans and other American patriots…



    …but the way the witch-hunters drone on and on may yet have an effect.

    This week, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed a resolution imposing harsh measures against Russia.

    Frankly, I find it astounding that no congressional resolution has yet been tabled expressing gratitude to whoever did hack and expose the shaming details that outed Wassermann Schulz…


    • Hasil gambar untuk dirty tricks


    …and the ugly brute who cheated with the debate questions, and the Jew-baiter who wanted to use Sanders’ semitic background against him.



    If telling US voters exactly how low and dirty were the tactics deployed against Donald Trump is deemed ‘meddling’ – well, Hell!

    Let’s be honest and say that the more meddlers the better!


    Hasil gambar untuk meddling


    But the daily droning, the cacaphonous repetition, ululation really, of the mendacious phrase, ‘meddling in the presidential election?

    Patriots, from the President down, should stop using it.



    It’s about time to call out the lying leftist and liberal ( is there any difference?) hacks, whose constant droning about MEDDLING ignores the truth, that it’s a deliberate attempt at MUDDLING the issues in the minds of their audience.



    There was NO meddling in the ELECTION.

    Meddling in the campaign, sure, just as scores of foreign politicians, including Obama, meddled shamelessly in Britain’s Brexit referendum campaign!

    Cur Kerry’s Hypocrisy! Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

    • And that was not an unusual event.

    Grim Spectre Of Meddling – Obama V France, Brussels V Britain! 

    Foreign Interference In French Vote? Merkel Is GUILTY! 

    But as for the actual election?

    No miscounts of votes have been attributed to Putin or wikileaks. No voting machines were interfered with.

    There undoubtedly were incidents of voter fraud, but unlikely they helped Trump!

    Quite the contrary…

    In a poll of Hispanics for the California wine industry, 13 percent of noncitizens said they were registered to vote. Matched against the country’s noncitizen population, that means 800,000 to 2.2 million noncitizen Hispanics were registered to vote, Just Facts concluded.  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jul/23/just-facts-defends-research-finding-illegal-voting/

    ….given the ferocious opposition mounted by the Media-Democrat Party and its lap-dog agitprop outfits, like the ACLU, against all efforts by patriots to investigate voter fraud.

    As one of my commenters said a few days ago, if these subversives achieve their objective…

    Hasil gambar untuk coup

    …which is to bring down the elected president of the USA, it will be the first coup d’etat in American history.

    Already their puppet judges in the lower courts have irresponsibly obstructed much of what Trump was mandated to do.



    My own view is that the M-D Party’s main objective is to overthrow the President before any more Supreme Court vacancies come up.

    They know, as their antagonists (the good guys and gals!) also know, that a serious SCOTUS, committed to the Constitution, is THE best defence Americans can have.


    • Gambar terkait
    • ==
    • If The Donald’s term of office lasts long enough to ensure that are at least six pro-American judges on the 9-person bench, generations of Americans will remember him gratefully.

    • It’s time to start counter-attacking the Un-Americans.

    • They’re playing for keeps, SO…


    Hasil gambar untuk fight back


    …so should those who wish America well.

    • Mort 21:14 on July 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish more people here in America could get on board the reality train the way you have.
      Of course Trump is not perfect but if we lose him, the USA is sunk.


  • ross1948 00:09 on April 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Sorosoids Aim To Oust Orban – Stop ‘Em, Trump! 

    It was plain from the start of the orchestrated uproar that the Sorosoids were intent on using the contrived issue of CEU to target Hungary’s patriot government.

    But now it is out in the open.

    Like the mindless millennial mobs in the USA, the rabble shrieking their slogans on the streets of Budapest are merely part of a much bigger picture.

    They started out as rallies aimed at protecting the Soros-founded Central European University targeted by new legislation, but now the stakes are higher. It is still unlikely however that they will shake Orban’s rule.   

    https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/137600 European University

    So it’s  much  more than siding with the pro-crimmigrant Canadian Ignatieff, a liberal politician, which is a perfectly fair description of what the CEU boss is.  


    It’s open season on democracy.

    Bringing down the elected government, which has been working through the elected parliament  – that’s the objective.

    I doubt it will be ‘shaken’ – an odd word to use, when overthrow is the objective.

    But what is appalling is that the United States Government, despite the fact that the United States President is under similar assault by subversives…


    Hasil gambar untuk not my president


     ….appears to be taking the side of the insurrectionists against a NATO ally.

    A NATO ally, moreover, which shares Trump’s sensible approach to illegal incursions by undesirable aliens.


    • Hasil gambar untuk hungary border migrants

    Illegal alien savages attack Hungarian border


    We’ve pondered this before, how US Government flunkeys were quick to offer assurances to Ignatieff that he and/or his institution enjoys strong bipartisan support in the US government. 

    When the Trump Administration aligns itself with the likes of Liar Juncker (who’s meeting with Soros face-to-face, behind closed doors, this very week – Juncker to meet Soros on Hungary )  then something is gravely amiss.

    As indeed we have suggested!

     George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

    But EUObs journos are clued up enough to understand that what’s going on is something like an attempted coup or revolution – so why don’t any of the State Department’s Ivy League pinkos know too- or do they know, and approve of the plan?



    President Trump was in my view ill-advised in his choice of Secretary of State. But we had to hope the chosen man would follow the Trump line.

    This is not, it seems, happening. European leaders, like Mama Stasi Merkel and ‘Retch’ Hollande, were openly hostile to Donald Trump during his campaign – and they haven’t changed.

    Viktor Orban, on the other hand, shares the decent values of those Americans dismissed as ‘deplorable’ by the corrupt Clinton clique.

    Trmp should step in and slap down the un-elected bureaucrats in Foggy Bottom.


  • ross1948 15:32 on April 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Tanks On Oxford Street? Coup In UK, Shrills Guardian’s Ga-Ga Gran! 

    Mrs. May took me by surprise, and I’m hardly alone in that respect.

    My immediate reaction last night, though not exactly a deep and thoughtful analysis, having got home late after a lot of beer and fun at a very enjoyable social event…

    …was that this sly woman wants to stage some sort of sell-out on Brexit, and needs more lap-dogs to help her under-cut resistance from Tory MPs who take sovereignty seriously.


    • ============
    • This morning I remain convinced that’s true.

    • But her decision to call an election is perfectly constitutional and Brit patriots need to get themselves organised.

    • Agreed?

    • NO, roars a hysterical senior citizen from the pages of that bastion of left-liberalism, The Guardian.

    • Theresa has staged a COUP!

    Hasil gambar


    This is no general election, it’s a coup…


    So will we later today have televised reports from London, Theresa’s tanks rolling down Oxford Street?


    Aaah, actually, not at all.

    Anne Perkins

    Shrill senior cit Perkins


    The daft old Guardian bat (and former BBC hack, I understand!) Anne Perkins offers not a shred of evidence to support the lurid headline, instead suggesting that May’s move to consult the electorate is a kind of brutal exploitation…

    • Gambar terkait
    • =========
    • …that MPs in the House of Commons who fear to face the people should band together to deny their constituents the chance to judge their performance.

    • ===
    • =
    • If one wishes to consider what really constitutes a coup, better if we look back at the antics of that bizarre barrister, former model, philanthropist, and financier…. Gina Miller claims she walked out on her ex-husband

    Hasil gambar untuk gina miller enemy of the people

    …Gina Miller, who spear-headed the effort to obstruct the clearly-expressed will of the people, running to un-elected robed rogues to thwart the democratic Brexit decision.


    UKIP is up against it, still around 10% in the polls but financially unprepared for yet another campaign.

    However, it’s encouraging to note that the fissiparous tendencies we’ve seen in recent months are fading, with Mr. Banks apparently ready to get into the fray…

    Ukip donor Arron Banks has promised to stand against Mr Carswell in Clacton-on-Sea… Ukip’s best prospect of a seat may come in Thurrock

    Six questions about the snap UK general election

    …and rumours that Nigel Farage may undertake yet another exhausting campaign.

    . ,

  • ross1948 14:31 on February 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump’s “Illiberal Democracy?” Exactly What We Need! 

    Liberalism is a cancerous growth in any democracy.

    We can all see examples of its toxicity in whichever country we happen to reside.




    Liberals all over the Western world are at the forefront of campaigns to dismantle sovereign nations’ borders, regardless of the wishes of the majority of citizens.

    “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”
    Jean Monnet, Founder of the European Movement.


    referndmlet peole vote


    Hasil gambar untuk der spiegel german trump.ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Der Spiegel editor Klaus Brinkbaumer that Mr Trump…  wanted to “establish an illiberal democracy…”  

    …will be seen by decent American patriots perhaps as mindless liberal ranting, or, as I see it..

    All the more reason to give Trump as much encouragement as we can.


    Gambar terkait


    But Brinkbaumer’s other assertion, that the President of the United States was “attempting a coup from the top…”   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38867961 …is self-evidently idiotic, blind to the real threat, which is violent Left insurrectionary movements, praised by Clinton’s comrades. 


    Democratic lawmaker: Berkeley riots were ‘a beautiful sight’


    That’s why even politicians absolutely hostile to The Donald have quickly distanced themselves from the asinine illustration, as you’ll see if you read that BBC link. 

    Contrary to the German jerk’s deliberate misrepresentation of what took place ( as some kind of ‘coup‘) the victory of Donald Trump, in the face of probably the most vicious and orchestrated media campaign in American history…


    … represents the re-capture of American democracy from a rotten oligarchy which despises common folk.


    Der Spiegel’s Brinkbaumer


    It is fortunate for Brinkbaumer, should he ever decide to visit the USA,  that those common folk are decent folk.

    In some places, publishing illustrations that upset people, even harmless cartoons…



    …can result in death, at the hands of the sort of swine from whom President Trump is doing his utmost to safeguard his people.




    And of course it’s LIBERALS who are mounting rabid resistance to his efforts.



  • ross1948 18:31 on July 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Devilish Islamist Plot? Erdogan’s Reichstag Fire? 

    Not too frequently do I find myself nodding sagely at the words of an Austrian EuroCommissar!




    But Brussels Commissioner Johannes Hahn may be onto something when he hinted that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan knew more than he has let on about the shocking events that unfolded on Friday.  .https://euobserver.com/foreign/134388


    Historians mostly think that the Reichstag Fire, blamed on a Communist, was used by Hitler as the flimsiest excuse to justify his complete machtergreifung, the seizure of power by the Nazi Party.

    Further, I recall from my Soviet Studies post-grad time how the Bolshevik NKVD infiltrated and took command of a monarchist resistance movement and actually recruited Russian patriots who wanted their country restored to its traditions, a Tsar back on the throne.


    Needless to say, when it was time to strike, the Reds were fully prepared. The brave Tsarist resistance movement was stillborn, its members captured and killed.

    Ring a bell?

    I was certainly shocked by the speed with which Erdogan’s gang rounded up not only military dissenters but also several thousand ‘judges and prosecutors.’

    Were these legal functionaries supposed to have been in on the ‘plot?’


    Or is this just a handy opportunity to rid the Turkish judiciary of people committed to the Ataturk vision of a civilised secular state?

    No doubt the Islamist regime will replace the prisoners with sectarian hacks inclined towards the iniquitous shariah system, so lacking in justice, that obtained in the Ottoman Empire…




    …. whose flags, I heard, were borne high by pro-Erdogan agitators in the wake of the failed coup.


    Herr Hahn said that Erdogan’s crackdown “is exactly what we feared…it looked “like something that had been prepared. That the lists [of judges] are available after the events indicates that this [the crackdown] was prepared and that at a certain moment it should be used”.

    Typically, however, the insipid in-crowd in Brussels seem more concerned about the reintroduction of capital punishment than the installation of a new caliphate.


    Belgian foreign minister DidierReynders said he “can’t imagine” that Turkey could ever become an EU member if Erdogan jailed judges or reinstated the death penalty.

    Well, nobody in his or her right mind wanted Turkey brought further into Europe.


    Executing convicted criminals is hardly equivalent to jailing judges for no reason. Only a dumbo EUSSR apparatchik would equate the two as the Belgian has done.

    Turkey has an absolute right to restore capital punishment.


    • gallows
    • ————————————–

    It was abolished, without any referendum, purely as a negotiating sop to Brussels. Erdogan is not a nice man but he can’t be faulted for his latest assertion.

    “In a democracy, whatever the people want they will get. We cannot ignore this demand.”

    Would that governments in France or Britain or Sweden, inter alia, could say the same!

    That’s not to say the Turkish regime should put the coup detainees to death. There’s a huge doubt about the truth in the current case.

    But certainly, there are terrorist prisoners galore who’d be none the worse for a hanging.

    But then if they are affiliated to ISIS, or some other sectarian slaughter-house crew, we’d be naive to think Erdogan might put them down. Erdogan is a dyed-in-the wool Islamist fanatic.

    Erdogan, Cameron’s Comrade, ISIS Collaborator, Yelps At Europe! 

    There’s no way he’d dispense true justice to scum like that.



  • ross1948 08:12 on July 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Turkey- Erdogan’s Chickens Come Home to Roost? 

    Way too early to guess how the situation in Turkey will turn out, but it’s interesting to see that Obama has declared support for the fanatic Islamist Erdogan.


    •   “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”  

    It reminds me more than a little of his enthusiasm for the equally intolerant sectarian regime in Egypt, when the Armed Forces there stepped in to rescue their country from the Muslim Brotherhood. No doubt their cheer-leaders in CAIR are egging Obama on.

    But it’s the people of Turkey whom we must watch.



    Certainly, Egyptians had had enough of Islamist misrule, when their soldiers turfed out the Ikhwan, and they showed a clear grasp of reality in their assessment of the creep in the White House.

    • Faaren 19:24 on July 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It looks like the Turks were not as lucky as the Egyptians.


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