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    Yorkshire Learns Appeasement Doesn’t Pay? 

    Most British people are more perceptive, or at least care more about fair play, than the drips and dolts on the House of Commons committee…

    Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation! 

    …who crawled and capered to The Infamous Cricket Whiner.

    Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up? 

    We certainly made clear our contempt for those MPs, ‘the horrids in high places,’ like Julian Knight MP….

    Calling Solihull Tories! De-Select Julian Knight

    Official portrait of Julian Knight MP crop 2.jpg

    Julian Knight MP…ex-BBC, and a Remainer,  whose complicity when leftists were bullying a man for talking plain English made me suggest he should be deselected by his local party!

    Can The P-Word Harm Kids? 

    …and for that Patel prattler….

    Fightback In Yorkshire Enrages Cricket-Whiner Fans! 

    Lord Kamlesh Patel has accused a group of Yorkshire members of attempting to “delay and derail” Headingley’s reinstatement as an international venue….


    Lord Kamlesh Patel during a press conference at Headingley Cricket GroundLord Kamlesh Patel

    ….because they believe the club is being “sacrificed on the altar of Black Lives Matter”

    As indeed it has been!

    GREAT to read that word’s getting out about all that.


    Your Contrition Is Admirable!” 

    How sickening, that self-righteous guff

    Those Yorks dorks?

    Englishmen at cricket

    What were they like, gloating at the triumph of wokery over Englishry…

    Now somebody else has spoken up!

    Taste some truths in this extract, then read the whole linked story.

    ….Rafiq did not lose his career to racism after all (the DCMS simply allowed that one to pass), along with accusations that Rafiq himself used racially-insensitive language in addition to his already admitted antisemitism.

    What is this? It is certainly not justice.

    Oh that Patel, the worst chairman in the club’s history, had been true to his word in November when he said that he wanted to get to the bottom of what had happened and to take everyone on a journey to make Yorkshire, in his words, “the greatest cricket club in the world”.


    Sadly, it is no longer the greatest cricket club even in Yorkshire anymore and never will be until Patel finds the decency to apologise publicly to the staff he has sacked, and for the careers he has ruined without anything like properly tested evidence, before clearing his desk. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/cricket/patel-should-apologise-publicly-to-the-yorkshire-staff-he-has-sacked-and-then-clear-his-desk-chris-waters-3845110


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    “Your Contrition Is Admirable!” 

    How sickening is this self-righteous guff from the Yorkshire County Cricket Club?

    Gary’s contrition is admirable and marks a big step forward for the sport and the club..”



    Those Yorks dorks?

    Englishmen at cricket

    What are they like, gloating at the triumph of wokery over Englishry…


    …reincarnations of the judges who ran 1930s Soviet show trials?

    No better than that sap Gough, who gloried in Ballance’s exercise in self-brainwash.


    ‘…we talked to Gary about his actions and behaviour. He understands and he’s educating himself.’

    Darren ‘DIY Diversity’ Gough Prattles! 

    Normal Brits would more than likely say that Gary Ballance’s pathetic ‘apology’ to The Cricket Whiner ..

    …would make a cat vomit.

    Ballance’s banter?

    Men, grown men, men who are team-mates in any sport…

    ( yes, probably women too, but I played rugby at school and footie in the park, so have never played in a mixed team!)

    …always goad each other with rough humour.

    Grown-ups take it and dish it out, as good as they get.

    So I remain convinced there was nothing wrong, nothing offensive…

    P-Word  P-Word P-Word

    P-Word P-Word P-Word

    …save to a smarmy little git with a huge chip on his shoulder.


    Interestingly, since I wrote that and scheduled it for 3/9, an article appeared in the Yorkshire Post.

    Reading between the lines, that completely unnecessary ‘apology’ seems to have something to do with police meddling…

    …but the cops won’t speak up!

    Police were unable to confirm whether they had any contact with Ballance prior to the apology or whether a complaint had been made or mooted against him…

    ‘Unable?’ Bollocks!

    Of course the Keystones are not ‘unable‘ to confirm if they have been sticky-beaking into this sorry saga. They are simply bottling out of their clear responsibity to set the record straight.

    But this is nice to read –

    Suggestions by Rafiq that Ballance should now be allowed to resume his career after his apology, and that he has gone from being part of the problem to “part of the solution”, are not to the taste of those who feel that Rafiq has become a judge and jury figure.

    There is also disquiet that Rafiq has not apologised to Ballance. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/cricket/yorkshire-cccs-gary-ballance-advised-to-issue-apology-to-azeem-rafiq-3826614


    Perhaps the Cricket Whiner needs to be ordered to attend a cultural diversity course, to learn about old-fashioned English civility?

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    Cricket Whiner Called Out – ‘P’ For Prevarication? 

    The report below raises an interesting question about the Cricket Whiner, not so much about the P-Word, which we heard bandied around so childishly….

    The P-Word Matters – Proof! 

    …and which might now be re-explained as PREVARICATION..

    (Definition of prevaricate  – intransitive verb. : to deviate from the truth : equivocate)

    Ex-Yorkshire club psychologist rubbishes Azeem Rafiq claim that white players were prioritised

    ‘I can genuinely say that Yorkshire had the best psychological and well-being provision that I’ve seen in team sport,’ Dr Mark Nesti said.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2022/08/26/ex-yorkshire-club-psychologist-rubbishes-azeem-rafiq-claim-white/

    …yes, not so much about whether ANYTHING that little grinch had to say was believable, but whether the horrids in high places, like Julian Knight MP….

    Calling Solihull Tories! De-Select Julian Knight

    Yes, the very same fellow we noticed a while ago, a keen collabo with the self-pitying creep we call the Cricket Whiner.


    Official portrait of Julian Knight MP crop 2.jpg

    Julian Knight MP…ex-BBC, and a Remainer,  whose complicity when leftists were bullying a man for talking plain English made me suggest he should be deselected by his local party!

    …who made such a song and dance about harmless banter, yes, whether THEY truly swallowed all his chip-on-the-shoulder chuntering…

    Can The P-Word Harm Kids? 

    …about a word  ( ‘Paki’) that was never any more ‘offensive’ than Paddy, or Jock, or Geordie or Teuchter ( which is what Lowland Scots call Highland Scots)

    As I wrote months ago…

    …none of us who habitually used the P-Word

    Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up? 

    …to describe our destination when we told friends or family we were nipping round to the P-Word shop to buy fags…( NB not sexual maladjusts!)

    Can The P-Word Harm Kids? 

    …none of used that word nastily. The nastiness comes only from one side in this sorry saga, the ‘diversity’ deadbeats, both in the House of Commons…

    Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation! 

    …and the millionaire elite.

    Fightback In Yorkshire Enrages Cricket-Whiner Fans! 

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    A True Englishman, Unbowed By Cricket Whiner Smears 


    So there are still some folk with backbones in England –

     – such a welcome contrast to those who ‘step back’ when bullied by scum..


    Uppity BBC ‘BAME’ Berks Gloating?

    …when to ‘step back’ actually means to ‘bow down.’

    No bowing to bullies, no kow-towing to cowardly collabos, for Mr. Andrew Gale, who..

    …has sensationally refused to attend the disciplinary hearing into the Yorkshire racism scandal after finally breaking his silence to deny “each and every” accusation against him and denounce the England & Wales Cricket Board’s “witch hunt” into the case…



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    Let’s Hope Yorkshire Goes Bankrupt! 


    So much for justice!

    Sure, they’ll get some money, BUT…

    These people deserve to be reinstated, with fulsome apologies for the way they were cast out….

    …amid the sound and fury over The Cricket Whiner’s self-pitying sludge.

    Creepy little Azeem likely won’t lose a wink of sleep over innocent lives up-ended…



    …nor will we ever, probably, get to the bottom of the sordid story…



    … so I personally hope that Yorkshire sooner rather than later goes bankrupt.

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    Calling Solihull Tories! De-Select Julian Knight! 

    This arrogant MP and his select(?) Commons Committee have been an integral part of the Cricket Whiner’s campaign against Yorkshire.


    Official portrait of Julian Knight MP crop 2.jpg

    Julian Knight MP…ex-BBC, and a Remainer,  whose complicity when leftists were bullying a man for talking plain English made me suggest he should be deselected by his local party!

    Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation! 

    Now I urge the de-select measur again, as the ‘Conservative’ law-maker creep rages at the rebels who are using the law to fight the uppity Lord Patel.

    Read this!

    I have no idea what kind of people constitute Tory Party membership in Knight’s Solihull constituency, but they should start the removal process ASAP.

    Jellyfish Johnson too should disown his ranting…


    ..unlikely, alas, given how Bojo’s at ease with woke weaselry.

    Otherwise, one hopes, in the next election, he’ll face an opponent, perhaps from Reform UK…



    …or anybody with no time for pinko pukes who obsess over the “P-Word.”

    • Vanessa Reilly 22:10 on March 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I am in full agreement with everything you say about about this Knight, except that last part, about Reform UK.
      They’re not a bad party, but I always get the impression they are timid.
      The better choice to go up against Tory leftists would be UKIP.
      They are still around and I like them.


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    Who Volunteers For The Lubianka? 

    It’s a little like those broken figures at 1930s show trials.who confessed to all kinds of unimaginable ‘offences,’ this mea culpa from Mike Vaughan…


    Englishmen at cricket


    …described, no doubt accurately, as an ‘aggressive batsman,’ who, we hear, ‘took a more proactive step.’

    For the past three months, he has been engaged in a diversity and inclusion course, interrogating…


    Yes, the report in the Telegraph says, ‘interrogating‘ – a word you read about in spy novels, evoking images of the Lubianka!


    The building on Lubyanka used to be the KGB's reception office. Source: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

    The Lubianka, former KGB HQ, in Moscow


    But the 21st century version is infinitely more subtle, no hooded KGB hoodlums, no finger-nails, because Vaughan was…

    Interrogating himself on race and gender!’


    Is this the same breed of Brit who formed the Thin Red Line, or were hailed as Hearts of Oak?

    Or went over the top in the Great War?



    Or even the venerable gallants of Dad’s Army?

    Those who survived such warfare were fortunate – not for them the joys of re-education ‘addressing such questions as unconscious bias, equity and white privilege.:




    Carefully crafted hogwash,

    These are tricky subjects for anyone to address…

    Because they are woko-loco phantasms, inventions, designed by their cultural marxist creators to advance the BLM agenda.



    …not least a 47-year-old, middle-class white man whose leadership qualities, captaining Yorkshire and England, with all the plaudits that come with it..

    No more ‘plaudits’ for this man, please.

    He might better be held up as an example of how NOT to respond to little chip-on-shoulder creeps whining about the P-Word!



    Instead of giving the creep hell, the batsman turns out to have abased himself.

    So I no longer feel sorry for Vaughan, who, you may remember, was chopped by the BBC, not for any proven wrong-doing but only because he was ‘accused’ by the Cricket Whiner of…


    Some trivial banter, nothing disgraceful, nothing like that BBC ‘star’ Rajan, who was welcomed aboard despite clear evidence of his hostility to the monarchy.

    BBC double-standards at their worst!


    • JazPen 16:28 on February 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It is disappointing that he has given in to these people.
      As you say, ‘white privilege’ is a lie and ‘unconscious bias” is BS.
      What a sad way to wind up.


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    Fightback In Yorkshire Enrages Cricket-Whiner Fans! 

    Lord Kamlesh Patel has accused a group of Yorkshire members of attempting to “delay and derail” Headingley’s reinstatement as an international venue….


    Lord Kamlesh Patel during a press conference at Headingley Cricket Ground
    Lord Kamlesh Patel

    ….because they believe the club is being “sacrificed on the altar of Black Lives Matter”.


    And given the way Yorkshire’s been subjected to insult and abuse by fans of the uptight Cricket-Whiner…

    Fight Fake ‘Inclusion’ That Dictates Exclusion! 

    SSGB Looms Up, In A Fog Of Disputed Whining 

    ..much of whose self-serving whines were hardly substantiated…

    Cricket Whiner ‘Employers Must Deal With Any Who Dispute My Yarn

    …who’s going to dispute what the resistance says about the baneful impact of the racist BLM on their sport?

    But those staunch Yorkshiremen fighting back have not only got the noble lord to contend with.

    Listen to the arrogant Tory MP, the chairman of the House of Commons ‘digital, culture, media and sport committee!’

    He’s a person we have heard about previously…


    Official portrait of Julian Knight MP crop 2.jpg

    Julian Knight MP


    …ex-BBC, and a Remainer,  whose complicity when leftists were bullying a man for talking plain English made me suggest he should be deselected by his local party!

    Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation! 

    Knight is currently ery vexed that mere cricketers should get in the way of the ‘agenda’ his ally Lord Patel wants to ram through!

    But that’s not quite how he chose to put it.

    “It is deeply concerning if what is being reported is an accurate picture of what’s happening at Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

    Lord Patel talks of an agenda to undermine the progress that’s being driven by him to tackle racism. Anyone seeking to subvert his work must be called out and held to account… “


    Held to account?

    For exercising their rights as members, distinguished members at that?

    Presumably, Kamel’s chagrin arises from the fact that an ‘Emergency General Meeting (EGM) ‘expected to confirm governance changes in the wake of the Azeem Rafiq racism scandal…”had not been properly called under club rules. “

    And whose fault was that?

    Perhaps significantly, there are ‘claims from former chairman Robin Smith that the process to appoint Patel as the new chairman last year was “invalid.” ‘

    More questions than answers!

    Patel, a former Labour minister, is an educated man, so why this bizarre use of the English language –

    “I made a conscious decision that we would focus on a positive future for Yorkshire and remediate the inherited issues.. “



    what the Hell does ‘remediate the inherited issues’ mean?

    Normal people would say ‘fix the problems’ or something like that. 

    It hardly helps clarify the situation!


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    England 22 – Big Bro Replaces Sir Henry! 

    Not being English but of largely Ulster-Scots origin, my affinity with cricket is minimal.

    But what’s being done to that sport, for NO credible reason, is sad and sick.

    When Britain was a self-respecting country, disinclined to grovel to whining uptights, the game of cricket was, in many English hearts and minds, identified with a proud heritage.

    Sir Henry Newbolt was one such, a patriot, and a wordsmith..


    .. ….

    The sand of the desert is sodden red-

    Red with the wreck of the square that broke

    The gatling’s jammed and the colonel dead,

    And the regiment blind with dust and smoke.

    The river of death has brimmed its banks,

    And England’s far and Honor a name,

    But the voice of a schoolboy rallies the ranks-

    “Play up! Play up! And play the game!

    That was then, but today?

    Fast forward, to Big Brother Land…



    ..where the cricket kit includes a chip on each shoulder…


    A sign showing two eyes and the words BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU


    ‘The plan includes a review of dressing-room culture, diversity training for all those involved in the sport, a governance review, a drive to remove barriers to playing top-level cricket, localised equality, diversity and inclusion for clubs, counties and government bodies and examining how stadia can be made more welcoming to people from diverse backgrounds…’


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    Lloyd – Cricket Whiner Scum’s Last 2021 Victim? 

    Having considered American sport earlier today…As 2021 Fades Away, A Bright Light Shines!…now a brief look at the UK scene

    Quite sickening, really, the way the Cricket Whiner…

    Fight Fake ‘Inclusion’ That Dictates Exclusion! 

    SSGB Looms Up, In A Fog Of Disputed Whining 

    …squealing like a rabid piglet, has been able to hurt so many people.


    David Lloyd has ended his 22-year role as a commentator at Sky Sports just a month after he was accused by Azeem Rafiq of being a “closet racist”.

    But that slimy whiner Rafiq would have gotten nowhere with his hateful race-jihad, were it not for rank cowardice on the part of MPs, cricket officials and media creeps galore, who failed to call the pipsqueak out for his putrid witch-hunt.

    But the report gets more nauseating, the more one reads

    Rafiq is said to have immediately contacted the former England head coach to offer his sympathy, with friends insisting “he had not intended for this to happen” when he made the claims. Sky said four weeks ago that it was investigating… 



    The little sh-t flings around unprovable allegations…



    ….and media jerks ‘investigate…?’

    Pity they don’t seem so eager to investigate the squamous Squealer causing all the trouble. .Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up? 

    As if ‘covert racist’ is even an allegation that normal Brits would give a monkey’s about anyway.

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