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  • ross1948 15:22 on July 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    “Travellers’ Culture?” How Dare They? 

    Anyone who’s lived in any town in Britain where so-called ‘travellers’ have turned a piece of common land or a farmer’s field into a rubbish dump…



    Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children’s playground 

    A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10726911.PICTURES__Travellers_leave_behind_poo_on_children_s_slide

    ….will share my disgust at the rubbish published this week in ( of course!) the Guardian.

    Their headline seeks to pass off these vagrants’ habitual behaviour as a ‘culture!’

    Some culture!

    Their arrogance is breath-taking.

    They show up without warning, occupy other people’s land, then, when decent residents object…

    …do all in their power to obstruct efforts to remove them.

    And it’s not so easy to get rid of unwanted trespassers.

    It’s an expensive, and often very slow, process.

    And woe betide decent people who try freelance eviction of the uppity wasters.

    Sadly, law enforcement can include top cops…

    Time To Purge Hampshire’s Weasel Plod-Squad! 

    …who turn nasty when somebody ‘tells it like it is’ in regard to those who disrespect civilised standards.


    I have little time for Jellyfish Johnson or his ministers, but if the reforms they are currently proposing….

    …residing on land without permission would be a criminal offence…. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/jul/05/the-police-bill-is-wiping-out-a-culture-new-travellers-take-a-stand

    ….can remedy this unsatisfactory and unjust state of affairs, great stuff!

    To bleat about how it’s ‘threatening a way of life for communities across the UK’ is hogwash.

    Real communities, of law-abiding folk, deserve to be defended from arrogant anti-socials who invade land that does not belong to them!

  • ross1948 06:56 on December 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Australia – Stinkos Locked Up! 

    Advance, Australia Fair!



    Two good reasons for a rousing chorus, one, Scomo’s success in chucking out that ridiculous pro-crimmigrant ‘medevac’ law – but most media have covered that – and the other?

    ‘Three Extinction Rebellion members will remain in custody for more than two weeks, after they were denied bail by a Queensland magistrate.’

    Needless to say, the Guardian report is overwrought about this splendid magistrate,

    Guardian Australia could not find another case where a court has jailed activists or placed them on an extended period of remand for charges related to acts of civil disobedience.

    Uh, what?

    Civil disobedience?’



    Even the official Stinko statement reports that ‘one of the men – identified as Jack, 22 – was charged with assaulting a police officer, trespass and obstructing a railway. It is understood the assault is disputed.’

    Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?

    Has that Stinko pig who assaulted the commuter at Canning Town in London been charged?


    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A bearded weirdo kicks out at the decent people he set out to torment

    This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at CanningTownhttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7582765/Extinction-Rebellion-protesters-cause-misery-morning-commuters-converge-CanningTown.htm


    Did he ‘dispute’ his guilt?

    I began today by singing Australia’s praises –  but one swallow doth not a summer make!

    “Police have opposed bail for activists in the past, but courts typically grant bail with conditions.”

    These Stinkos are the scum of the earth, arrogant uppities who think their precious ‘climate panic attacks’ give them the right to break the law in a democratic society..

     ….where the law can be changed by normal constitutional political activity – free and fair elections!

    Worse still, the Stinkos are without conscience – they have no respect for public or private property….

    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    • Dr Gail Bradbrook scaled the Department for Transport building during protest
    • The Extinction Rebellion co-founder clambered on to ledge and smashed glass
    • The molecular biologist is charged with causing £27,500 in criminal damage
    • She has been released on conditional bail before another hearing next month 

    ….and only contempt for the very many decent honest citizens whose daily lives their criminal antics make miserable.

    A fine old-fashioned flogging would be the most appropriate punishment!

    I understand from the same Guardian report that other courts in The Lucky Country ‘have been given fines in excess of $60,000 and been pursued by Aurizon for damages up to $375,000.’


    But I have also heard that some gutless clowns have undermined Oz justice by reducing those fines.

    So can our Oz readers clarify that?


  • ross1948 08:35 on July 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Occupy?’ Oz Shows Sense – Hammer Trouble-Maker Trespassers! 

    The Australian Government deserves a cheer or two for its proposed action to curb ‘vegan’ head-cases and other lawless gangs who violate property rights.



    But in New South Wales, better still, with such louts due to face ‘fines of up to $220,000 per person and $440,000 for corporations from 1 August.’

    If you live in a democracy  where people can vote for persons and/or parties to get things done that the majority want done, there’s NO excuse for actual or attempted home invasions or property ‘occuparion’ (i.e. trespass) of the sort we have seen in recent years, e.g….

    Occupy’ Vagrants Cling on in Glasgow, Crime Rampant in US Counterparts 

    Proof Positive – OCCUPY is What We Knew It Was! 


    Many citizens of many countries must have been as revolted as I was by red scum beseiging political opponents in their very homes, as happened to Ms. Neilsen in the USA…


    Related image

    Left’s growing violence will not end well

    …and to a liberal Canadian!

    Hamilton Ontario – Obnoxious Perverts Besiege Mayor’s Home 

    The same goes for ‘environmental’ asses who ‘occupy’ streets deliberately to make life unbearable for decent folk who only want to go about their legitimate business….

    Commissar Dick Stabs Londoners In The Back! 

    …..decent folks whose indignation is exacerbated by the truth that many of the asses are spoilt brats ( of all ages!) who are either welfare bums and/or ‘students’ (ignorant ‘students’ who don’t study)…


    ….as one UK observer this month asked –

    Where Are The Workers?’ https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/07/where-are-the-workers-in-the-extinction-rebellion-protests/

    Silly little fines, or police ‘cautions’ do nothing to deter these arrogant anti-socials!

    So good for the New South Wales state government spkesman!

    Vigilantes who are entering our farmers’ property illegally are nothing short of domestic terrorists – our farmers have had a gutful,” said the NSW minister. “They don’t deserve, nor have time, to be dealing with illegal trespass and vile harassment from a bunch of virtue-signalling thugs.”

    Even better, it looks like he’s considering additional steps, ‘including potential jail time.’

    • Keith Milner 10:34 on July 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I could never see why the ‘occupy’ animals were not tear-gassed and jailed for long years.
      Other people’s property is other people’s property, not theirs.
      As for streets, protesters can march along, but if they sit down and stop me or anybody going to work or shop, that is not acceptable either.
      They need to be taught manners. A year or two in prison might work.


    • Uncle Oz 14:01 on July 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I came to the conclusion that our governments in Canberra or at state level are a hopeless lot but on this I can agree with you, trespassers should be prosecuted.
      And vegan-type political trespassers should be given ten years.
      It’ll stop overnight after the first nitwits get sentences like that.


    • Johannes Van 16:40 on July 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Good day to you, Uncle Oz and may I say how much I like your good thoughts.

      Several months ago we had in The Netherlands an example of vandal vegans invading a piggery.
      Our fine Dutch police didn’t do their job of restoring law and order, not for hours and hours and had no courage to evict the trespassers, who you can find maybe in Google calling themselves ‘Meat the Victims.’

      Through all day and into the night too, the police walked about or sat on their bottoms, ‘negotiating’ – referees between law-breakers and their victims.
      But our Dutch farmers were wonderfully patient. They mixed mockery by staging a pork barbeque, with fun sport, upturning some of the anarchists’ cars.


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