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  • ross1948 20:41 on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Curried Toad? Victory To Germany’s Red Millennials! 

    Merkel calls for end to talks on new government as power ebbs away


    As power ebbs away…

    What a delicious tang to those words, which come from a headline two weeks ago!

    On Monday this week, the news was that Mama Stasi and the Socialist Schulz had yet again extended the time-limit for their haggling.

    How are the mighty fallen?

    Noch nicht! Not yet!

    A new deal has been hatched, announced today, the two parties which took a hammering in the elections ready to collaborate in a new pro-crimmigrant coalition.

    But all is not lost, thanks to the fanatic left in Schulz’s SPD, their youth wing, the Jungsozialisten (JuSos) millennials…

    Gambar terkait

     ‘Sozialistisch. Feministisch. Internationalistisch,’ as they themselves say – no need for translation!’

    …busily recruiting as many Un-German extremists as they can, quite possibly including many of the nti-police ‘students’ we wrote about in our previous post  –

    “North African Appearance, Hoodie, Spoke With Accent.” 

    –  just twenty minutes ago!.

    They hope to use the final vote of the entire party membership to veto any collaborationist coalition deal.

    Gambar terkait

    It’s incredible, this ‘Red Jugend’ determination to be even softer on the crimmigrant horde plaguing Germany, even though Merkel has already shifted her ground even further to meet their demands.

    But we must wish them well, albeit that feels a bit like eating curried toad!


    Gambar terkait=

    Thing is, if the JuSos get their way, then chances are the Berlin Bitch will be forced back to the polls, to the benefit of neither of the party leaders eager to get back into power.

    Because we read not long ago in The Leftal, sorry, The Local that…

    Polls this week showed support for the SPD plunging to a record low of 18 percentage points, while Merkel’s conservative alliance scored 31.5 percent — both apparently losing ground from September.

    And from Politico, we are further buoyed by this…

    If there were an election today, the SPD would receive 18 percent of the vote while the AfD would receive 14, according to an INSA poll published Tuesday.


    And as far as we can tell, the AfD patriots are edging ever upwards!


    Gambar terkait


    If Mama’s malignant regime falls, then the prospects of the Alternative for Germany are bright. Paradoxically, this now depends on those callow crimmigrant-fans screwing up the in-crowd!

    But thereafter?

    Then it will be up to the German people at the ballot box.

    • Edward Lamont 21:25 on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You shook me up with this one!
      On reading it carefully, it makes sense.
      She must be stopped. .


    • jerry Jerman 21:58 on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You make much sense with this idea and I laugh with your comment about eating toads. It will be the same taste as Jussos!
      Even so, there is another view which may be taken, that if Merkel and the SPD form the government in Germany, who will be the Opposition?
      The largest party outside that coalition is the AfD.
      To be the Opposition can give.the AfD many chances to build their campaigns.


    • Petra Malley 23:28 on February 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I thought you had been hacked, until I read the whole thing.
      Yes, we have to make use of our enemies, and if it takes these millennial marxists to upset Merkel’s apple-cart, so be it.
      The sooner more elections are held in Germany, the better for the AfD, and that means the better for all of us.


    • Ian Desmont 00:29 on February 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I’d be wary of giving those left extremists any kind f support, even if it does bring Merkel down.


  • ross1948 16:43 on June 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? 

    My thanks to the commenter last night who drew my attention to the insane demand by the agitprop reds on that London demo yesterday, that the Grenfell Fire be used as an excuse to issue a crimmigrant amnesty!


    A lot of the louts and loutesses were clearly aliens with poor English skills, or just plain ignorant.

    I don’t like reading the Mirror but their link below has photos of dumbo demonstrators brandishing placards which indicate they think the plural of ‘life’ is ‘lifes’ and that of ‘tragedy’ is ‘tragedys.’

    And there’s worse.



    Others are the work of pathetic, offensive morons, who prudently hide their faces – in shame?



    But by far the most imbecilic is that which calls for –

    ‘…indefinite leave to remain’ for ‘all Grenfell survivors with insecure immigration status…’


    Here’s our response to THAT!



    So by the same logic, if you burgle somebody’s home, carry the booty in a swag-bag to your own house…


    .Gambar terkait


    …then have a house-fire in which the stolen goods go up in smoke, you’re in the clear?

    If you’re a murderer and your house burns down, you get off scot-free?



    Crimmigrants should be caught and caged no matter what, then bundled back to where they came from. Anything that befalls them in somebody else’s homeland, where they’ve no right to be, is down to their own lawless intrusion.

    But that placard’s vile subversive message is merely the overt manifestation of the warped minds of a minority of marxist mutts, yeah?

    Hold yer horses!



    London Mayor Sadiq Khan Urges ‘Compassion’ On Grenfell Survivors’ Immigration Status


    Hasil gambar untuk london mayor sayid khan islamist

    “I am calling on the government on compassionate grounds to allow those inside Grenfell Tower who haven’t got right to remain to give them right to remain.”


    That SOB doesn’t even say ‘should’ or  ‘could.’

    Read it for yourselves!

    It’s MUST! 

    How dare he!

    But these days, who knows?

    Theresa May’s programme in the Queen’s Speech yesterday indicates she’s u-turned again on the anti-terror law reforms she swore she’d introduce. 

    And if May does another u-turn and hands out amnesties on these spurious grounds, how many amateur arsonists will soon be at work, preparing their own case for ‘compassionate leave’ to flout British immigration law?

    • Pamela 19:25 on June 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Those people almost deserve pity, so ill-educated and bad-mannered, but Mayor Khan is no fool.
      He is as we knew when he stood for mayor, a man whose loyalty is only to his own, and not to Britain. Anything like more illegals, which hurts our country, is bound to attract his support.


    • Vanessa 21:10 on June 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Mindless, and beyond doubt now that they are just using the deaths of nearly a hundred people to score points, and Corbyn is relying on these deranged benefit scroungers to circumvent democracy.


  • ross1948 00:29 on April 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dunkirk Crimmigrants On the Run? Deploy Bounty-Hunters! 

    It would have been easy to pick a story with a headline reminding us of the criminal character of the illegals encamped at Dunkirk.



    • But of course most all of us are aware of their taste for uncivilised mayhem, so the fact that the arson was crimmigrant-initiated came as no surprise.

    • What’s more alarming is that Francois Hollande, in his lame-duck year, not only allowed the swine to move there despite his preposterous claim to have shifted the Calais Curs to defenceless French towns far away…

    Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

    .but seemingly has now allowed the savages to go on the run, when clearly police and armed forces should have been alerted to secure the scene and lock up every last one of the alien intruders, as soon as the blaze began.

    As I wrote last month..French ‘Green’ Mayor- Don’t Be ‘Abrupt’ With Illegals! …they need to be corralled and deported.

    But while that would have been a simple matter, if only Hollande had possessed the patriotic pluck for once to do the right thing, it’s now being reported that some 600 illegals are off the radar.

    Some are believed to be hiding because they fear the authorities or because they fear rejoining a camp with rival gangs.  

    Hundreds of Migrants At Large After Fire Ravages French Camp


    Actually, there’s little point in searching for them, if the only purpose is to get their parasitic snouts back into the largesse on offer.

    But if there was an honest patriot in the Elsysee Palace, rather than a Mama Stasi marionette…

    Gambar terkait

    • …would it not be a grand idea to offer a bounty to anyone who captures a crimmigrant and brings it back for detention?

    • I doubt it would need to be any more than a modest sum, for surely there are thousands of good French folk there who would happily hoist their hunting rifles and head out on their light spring/summer evenings or their days off work.

    • —-

    • Yes, I know, just NOT a realistic plan for now…


    • … but later this year, with President Le Pen in power…?


    • Ben Baniek 18:20 on April 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      President Trump could use something like this idea.
      Give a new kind of federal deputy’s badge to trustworthy Americans in Sanctuary Cites, get them to bring in all the illegals they can find.
      A lot of us would do it for no reward except the feel-good factor .


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