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    Mediterranean Crimmigrant Tsunami – UN Wants To Unleash MORE! 



    We have long understood that the United Nations is undeniably on the other side, as Europe faces massive invasion.

    Now anyone who thought otherwise has to face that truth, with the news that the head of the United Nations refugee agency on Sunday urged Libyan authorities to free all asylum seekers and refugees from its detention centers…U.N. refugee chief visits Tripoli, urges Libya to free asylum seekers 

    The villain in the story is of course that same Filippo Grandi, we’ve exposed as our common enemy before…


    • It’s not as if High Commissioner Grandi is unaware of the effect of unleashing this horde.

    • “I fully appreciate that the government has security concerns.”

    • Too damned true!

    • ————
    • These thousands are detained because they were caught trying to gate-crash Italian territorial waters. They had no qualms about violating the sovereignty of countries where they’ve no right to be. Many of them have been exposed as pure evil.Pray to Allah or drown, Muslims ordered Christians | The Times


    • Of course if Grandi gets his way, they will resume their illegitimate expeditions, but all the turncoat can mumble in defence of his irresponsible exhortation is that “other solutions” could be found.

    • If only he were to suggest that the obvious solution is to send them back, as that rare voice of sense out of Belgium suggested this month…

      Boat-Bludger Push-Back? A Wee Bit Belgian Sense, At Last! 

      …but the chances of that kind of rational response from Grandi or any other overpaid UN flunkey are about as likely as me going tee-total!

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    Calais – So Cretin Courts Are NOT an Anglo-Saxon Monopoly! 

    A French court on Monday ordered the state to improve conditions at the giant “New Jungle” migrant camp in Calais after NGOs called for immediate action over “serious human rights violations.”

    But where REAL ‘human rights’ are concerned?

    Lorry drivers in Calais tooling up with tasers and CS gas 
    Clearly, the right to life of Brit truckers doesn’t match the right to sponge and run amok enjoyed by the Jungle scum.


    judges rogue


    There’s that illustration again, which we’ve used to brighten our posts on UK, USA and Canadian courts which make a mockery of both common sense and justice.

    But this time it’s highlighting a court in Lille. which has issued a diktat to the departement of Pas-de-Calais and city itself to install 10 more water stations – with five taps each, 50 latrines and “one or several” more access points to emergency services at the overflowing migrant site where some 6,000 people are now camped out in the cold.

    As we’ve said before, if you want unpleasant infestation in your kitchen, leave out plenty of cake and cheese that will attract vermin and noisome bugs.



    Make them welcome!


    They’ll be swarming in no time.

    A cabal of un-elected NGO sticky-beaks deserves much of the blame, but the buck stops on the judicial bench, which has also decreed the installation of garbage collection sites and general cleaning of the camp, with eight days to implement the new measures and a 100 euro ($110) fine for each day of delay.

    Garbage collection?

    Only the other day I recommended that some REAL garbage collection be instituted – loading the vile savages aboard containers for despatch to wherever they came from.


    We can, I suppose, draw a modicum of consolation that the most demented demands made by the sticky-beak pinkos were not met, like their call to use vacant houses to shelter migrants and upping the meal distribution to twice a day for all 6,000 people versus 2,500 meals once a day. http://www.france24.com/en/20151102-france-court-orders-state-improve-conditions-new-jungle-migrant-camp-calais

    Trying to be optimistic, December sees elections in France, in Picardy, where Marine Le Pen may well win control.


    Without knowing the ins and outs of the French system, we must hope Marine can at least rein in these renegade jerks on that court, or better still fire the cretins.

    It is the duty of every French patriot to make life awesomely disagreeable for the crimmigrants, NONE of whose ‘rights’ have been violated nor can be, because they have no right to be there in the first place. They need to be rounded up and dealt with.

    And the same goes for the collaborateurs on that court – they should share the fate of the same sort of sell-out skunks rounded up in 1945.

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    Brussels Bullies Europe’s Patriots 

    Sometime last night, the cultural marxist elite that reigns in Brussels reached a new nadir in their arrogant drive to jackboot down resistance to the illegal invasion that every European nation faces – including, even, nations that are not part of their evil empire.

    The BBC’s Europe correspondent Chris Morris says it is highly unusual for an issue like this – which involves national sovereignty – to be decided by majority vote rather than a unanimous decision. The scheme to take in migrants appears on the surface to be voluntary, he says, although countries are likely to be given little choice in the matter.


    • eussr10
    • ============
    • It is a nightmare, now, to watch the news each morning and each night, occasional outbreaks of sanity offering thin rays of hope amid relentless onlsaughts.
    • =



    One onslaught makes dramatic viewing, that from without, by marching mobs of young, fit men of military age, whom even the BBC yesterday afternoon admitted us are ‘reluctant’ (aka defiant) when asked to obey the simple requirement to give their names to Croatian authorities, arrogant ingrates simultaneously wallowing in the free accommodation etc. given by Croatia.


    • parasites
    • That onslaught presents a challenge which COULD be met and defeated, for Europe’s nations each have security forces more than capable of driving the enemy back – if the political will is there!
    • Unfortunately, as we saw last week in Croatia, and have seen again and again, the police are clearly under orders to keep their guns holstered, so, very heavily outnumbered, they tend to be bested by the bludger hordes. That outcome is not inevitable, witness the successful French police action yesterday.  


    The main ‘Syrian’ squat in Calais was today smashed up by French riot police as they forced some 300 occupants to join another camp full of UK-bound migrants.  Mainly young men had been sleeping rough around the Paul-Devot hangar, which is on the edge of the main port. ‘Syrian squat’ smashed in Calais as French riot police move in..

    Yet even on the Channel coast, this useful little lesson was not pressed home. The admirable initiative shown by their counterparts in Bulgaria was not replicated in Calais.

    “Sofia“ Really DOES Mean Wisdom! 

    Instead of locking up these loathesome louts. loading them onto transport, trucks or trains or container vessels, for well-deserved expulsion, the cops just dumped them into another camp nearby, acting on a court order to evacuate the squat, and to remove everybody living in it to another side of Calais,’ said a council source….the French government is set to improve facilities there in the next few months – prompting concerns that even more migrants will arrive.


    Too bloody right they will, if the order of the day includes ‘improved facilities!!’

    How many more times must horrified patriots in France, and Britain, remind their governing elites of the basics of pest control – if tempting goodies are left out put on display, vermin will soon be on the spot to enjoy them.

    • But the other onslaught, from within, is that which will make or break Europe.  Barely two dozen years ago, Hungary, Poland, the Czechs, the Slovaks, emerged from a long dark night of subjugation, their ‘governments’ since WWII mere cyphers for a foreign power, under orders to obey the diktats of a regime whose citadel was situated far away, in Moscow.



    Now it’s Brussels playing the role of supranational despot, no pretence on the part of the commissars that freedom or democracy are part of the system. Instead, just as, in the Al Capone gangster era, ‘an offer you can’t refuse.’

    Submit to compulsory quotas, accept your destiny as a colonised country, and don’t for one moment consider consulting your citizens.

    No wonder the ruling class shrills against the walls and fences desperate freedom-lovers have erected, not, as in the bad bleak days of the USSR, to keep citizens from fleeing misery, but to thwart the alien intruders, those multicult myrmidons of the EUSSR’s superstate.




    Liar Juncker, Mama Stasi, Comrade Communist Mogherini, they all understand that East and Central European people’s devotion to national independence, recovered so recently from an old enemy, is the greatest obstacle to the attainment of their objective – so the peoples’ new enemies want all such symbols of sovereignty brought down.



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    Kicking Canada – Media Cover-Up on Crimmigrant ‘Captain’ Scandal? 

    It was all very odd, really, the worldwide media orchestration of that Bodrum drowning story, an outstanding example of selective indignation…




    …no similar ‘going-viral’ for horrors like the brutal gang-rape unpunished by Swedish authorities, or any of the other shocking crimmigrant stories…

    Robbery and Kidnap Now? Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Amok in Sicily! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates!

    …which should have ignited universal indignation against lunatic multicult migration policies.


    • turk-MMAP-md
    • ———————
    • And now we have another scandal, similarly ignored by much of the media!
    • Two Iraqi illegals who were on that boat out of Bodrum, on the Turkish coast, have told the world that the father who caused his own son’s death was no mere irresponsible crimmigrant, more concerned with getting at other countries’ welfare benefits than the safety of his own family, but the ‘captain’ of the boat that sank.

    It’s frankly astounding how little condemnation there has been of this man, whose deliberate choice illegally to leave a safe country, purely for perceived material advantage, led to the death of his son.

    You can read about the latest chapter here http://news.nationalpost.com/news/world/alan-kurdis-father-worked-with-human-smuggler-and-captained-boat-that-capsized-survivor-says  on the very reputable website of Canada’s National Post, but not on many other media sites.

    Why’s that, I wonder?

    Probably because Canada is in the throes of an election campaign, with two of the main parties gone overboard on the crimmigrant issue, ready to throw open the flood-gates to alien rabble, by throwing out a smart rule imposed by Harper’s Government to thwart fraudulent wannabe bludgers. The Liberals and NDP socialists are competing for the support of the horde of enemy aliens already constituting the Dominion’s Enemy Within.


    JustinTrudeau Liberal Leader Justin Turdeau

    And also because that same crimmigrant ‘captain’ has been snarling at Canada, perhaps – unusually for a crimmigrant – feeling a pang of conscience, after his greed caused his own child’s death, and now seeking to assuage his own shame by kicking capriciously at any handy target.

    Why on earth would Canada think fit to take him, since he and his family were already on safe soil in Turkey?


    What’s really bad, though, is how Justin Turdeau and Thomas Mulcair have latched onto the crisis to exploit as an election issue, grubbing for pro-crimmigrant votes.

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