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    Aljazeera Finds A Silver Lining In Corona Cloud! 

    I never expect to be delighted by anything I read in the pages of that mangiest of media,q Aljazeera…

    ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!

    ‘Walls of Shame?’ Al Jazeera’s Shameless Bias On Show Again! 

    …but even on one of our dull ‘stay-safe-at-home’ Jakarta days, the unwholesome anti-Western site brightened me…



    …with the following dire description of Donald Trump’s welcome steps towards reversing the influx of undesirable aliens –


    a move rights groups said is an effort to “exploit a health crisis” to effectively end asylum at the US-Mexico border. 


    Well, it’s ‘exploitation,’ is it?

    Everywhere, Pro-Crimmigrants Exploit Virus Crisis! ..

    Great Escape? UK Pro-Crimmigrant Pinkos Exploit Covid! 

    Pro-Crimmigrant Medics Exploiting Corona Crisis?

    Bout time the good guys took over that ‘exploitation’ technique from the bad guys!

    At last, somebody is squeezing something out of the crisis that is of real benefit to decent citizens!

    Though to be precise, it’s not exactly ‘exploitation,’ but the exercise of responsibilty!

    Turns out The Donald has ‘indefinitely extended its policy of urgently expelling most migrants and asylum seekers crossing the border irregularly…’


    to stem the spread of the coronavirus while in custody.

    All the usual freak-show fanatics are up in arms, like ACLU, whose ‘toxic transformation from pain-in the-ass to dagger-in-the-heart’ we looked at some time ago!

    A Liberal Diagnoses Disease In America’s Body Politic! .

    These now indefinite restrictions have nothing to do with curbing the spread of COVID-19,” said Andrea Flores, deputy director of immigration policy for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    And of course…

    a rat-pack well-known on both sides of the Pond…

    Charanya Krishnaswami, the Americas advocacy director of Amnesty International – ‘’this order is ill-advised and unlawful – pure xenophobia masquerading as a public health measure.”

    And – no show without Punch – the ‘non-partisan’ Human Rights First!
    Needless to say, Democrats galore are quoted, echoing HRF’s concerns for the expelled crimmigrants.
    I’d have thought an American political party might be up to championing something more admirable, like...

              AMERICAN Rights First!

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    Agreeing With a ‘Rights NGO’ Feels Weird, But… 

    No doubt Aljazeera’s pro-crimmigrant editors were delighted to publish the hews that

    This is a battle of civilisation because at its centre lay people’s dignity, fight against criminal organisations, against caporalato (a system based on the recruitment and exploitation of workers), the immersion of black work and the protection of employers and workers’ health, including the one surrounding them.”

    Sure, by betraying the basic principles of Italian nationhood!

    But only for six months!

    Oh Yeah?

    All that bluster-rhetoric about a brave new chapter in Italian history and it’s got a built-in expiry date?

    ‘…dignity…exploitation…workers’ health…a battle of civilisation…

    …a battle won, then un-won by that same coalition?

    How would the coalition possibly eat all those fancy words in 180 days time?

    Not a chance Conte’s curs will end the crimmigrants’ amnesty by next November, or ever!

    Already, the leftist labour unions are openly calling the illegals ‘citizens.’

    Jean-Rene Bilongo, of the CGIL-FLAI openly gloated – 

    The invisibles become citizens,” he told Al Jazeera.

    Italian patriots understand what’s going on, and are protesting vigorously.



    Lega leader Matteo Salvini – 

    An amnesty?

    Why should we ever reward those irregular and those who exploit them when there are so many Italians and regular migrants looking for a job?”

    Yes, exactly.


    And here’s the weird part, where I report and AGREE WITH the comment of  a ‘migrant rights’ spokesman, Cesare Fermi, of an ‘NGO’ called INTERSOS.A time-limited amnesty is just a patch, an absurdity…How will the workers’ conditions change once the permit is over?”

    Again, yes, exactly.



    The outcry from the entire natterjack network…

    – ‘we can’t let these poor alien crimmigrants be stripped of their rights!’ –

    …from left politicians, from judge-jerks, from the Strasbourg Slugs…



    …from UNHCR,  and from all the anti-nation agitprop outfits, would be deafening.


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    ’Maxi-Amnesty for 600,000 Illegals!’ Spot On, Matteo! 

    No wonder the rickety coalition running Italy cowers from facing the Italian people!

    Not only are they wasting resources on fresh batches of crimmigrants…

    …but now, instead of speeding up deportation for the more than half-a-million ( maybe a million, being illegal, it’s hard to keep track of the number – significantly, the pro-crimmigrant InfoMigrants…

    InfoMigrants” is an online project offering information for refugees and migrants.

    Financed by the EU, the project is a cooperation between Deutsche Welle, France Médias Monde and Italian news agency ANSA.

    InfoMigrants Latein

    Using EUSSR cash, involving DW and F24, two of the most biased pro-crimmigrant media in Europe? Handle InfoMigrants with care! Note the nice peaceful ‘migrants’ in the illustration – so unlike what we know of Italy’s torment at ‘migrant’ hands!

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

    Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 

    7 Sep 2017 – Along some migrant routes, half or more of women surveyed reported experiencing sexual assault during the journey, and many take birth control to avoid becoming pregnant from rape. 


    …significantly, they publish the report I’m looking at.

    And they implicitly acknowledge that a huge number of the unwelcome aliens are not only crimmigrants but also have been into other kinds of crime too –

    The measure would have precise provisions blocking those with a criminal record.…so the numbers would be significantly lower than that of the 600,000 figure being circulated.
    How much lower?
    A hundred thousand?
    Two or three hundred thousand?
    How many of the aliens DO have a criminal record?

    But the bottom line is that…

     ‘Italy is considering legalizing migrant workers…’

    The mover and shaker behind this cave-in is a woman named Teresa Bellanova.

    She’s a thorough-bred leftist, her pedigree including Democrats of the Left, Red Renzi’s Democrats, and then Renzi’s new leftist vehicle, Italia Viva.


    Renzi is Italy’s political equivalent to swamp life!

    She followed her hero back into government and now serves as Minister of Agriculture, so her scheme is allegedly ‘aimed at farmworkers..

    But it’s a lot more than just a measure dealing with field-workers.

    Bellanova’s coalition comrade, Luciana Lamorgese, Interior Minister, has openly admitted that her amnesty ‘would be weighed ” in the framework of an overall revisitation of various measures involving migratory policy and the condition of foreigners in Italy.

    We have noted Lamorgese before.

    Italy’s Moral Compass, Awry Without Salvini! 

    Image result for lamorgese luciana

    The new interior minister, Luciana Lamorgese, a career civil servant and specialist in migration policy, has promised to revise Salvini’s hardline immigration measures.

    A ‘career civil servant?’

    Yet suddenly she’s into politics as a government minister?

    Her record, as the apparatchik –

    in charge of planning refugee and migrant reception centres in northern Italy…known for promoting integration events and policies…’

    …is disturbing.

    But thanks be, the leader of Italy’s patriotic resistance, Matteo Salvini, is fighting fiercely and volubly against the madness.

    The Lega leader has denounced the lunatic leftist plan as a “maxi-amnesty for 600,000 illegals to work in the fields.”

    As for the InfoMigrants claim that the number of illegals would be less than Salvini says, if we read on, we see that this is a classic ‘salami tactics’ scenario….


    Have you heard of SALAMI TACTICS?.

    To illustrate, I’ve found a link to a business site, no politics at all, just tells it like it is.

    Salami sausages are big things (often spicy) that are eaten a slice at a time, they would be indigestible if taken as a whole sausage. This aspect has led negotiators to use the name for a negotiating technique that tries to win things bit by bit: to win concessions in small doses (slices) when the other party would probably reject them if they were put on the table all at once. It is often used on a party that is mainly concerned with damage limitation. If that is your position – beware!


     ….the amnesty in this emergency phase limited to specific categories of workers, such as those in the agricultural production chain, without involving all irregular workers.

    NB ‘In this emergency phase!’

    But in the next phase?


    These violent aliens are in France, but illegals everywhere are much the same!


    NOT just agrarian labourers, but the whole damn pack!

    Without ideological uproar or hypocrisy, either the state takes charge of the lives of these people, or organized crime will exploit them,” Bellanova said.

    Either or? Only two options?

    The Leftist missed out the one that makes most sense!

    • Gina 19:59 on April 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      So many problems against Italy but they waste time to help illegals.
      Shame on the government.
      Salvini come back to power.


  • ross1948 19:40 on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Italy’s Elected Government ‘Can’t Be Allowed To Survive!’ 

    • Carlo G 21:22 on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Salvini is elected by the people. Saviano is no friend of Italy.
      He knows nothing about democracy


    • Petra Malley 00:37 on June 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Carlo underlines the basic problem with people like Saviano, that they either do not understand what democracy is all about, or else they do understand it but only support its principles if their party wins.
      I think Saviano resembles Mussolini, who imposed his own ideas by dismantling Italian democracy.

      Fortunately, Salvini and the coalition of which he is part are saying the same things they said when they asked Italians to vote for them.
      Now those words are being put into action and the polls tell us that Italians approve.

      The far left and the liberals who already miss Renzi rule are free to complain, but it is an insult to democracy for any of them to scream that the elected government ‘cannot be allowed to survive.’
      We often talk about ‘red nazis’ as a danger to our democratic systems, but in Italy we need to redefine that danger as ‘red fascism.’
      This man Saviano is a prime example.


    • Gina T 02:49 on June 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He looks like a devil.


    • Mannie Tillett 12:38 on June 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was reading England’s Pravda today, the Guardian, and I see Salvini is as boisterous as ever, not giving an inch.
      It is very refreshing to have another honest man with courage in government.
      With Hungary passing it’s new anti-Soros law and with Poland still standing up to the Brussels bullies, and a great deal of sense heard in Austria too, I am getting just a little more hopeful for Europe.
      What a shame, though, that England lags so far behind.


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    Italian Law Enforced? UN Shrills For Illegals! 

    More disgraceful news, from Italy, where the enforcement of the law – belated but still better late than never – has provoked prolonged shrilling from the arrogant sticky-beaks of both the United Nations and Amnesty International.


    Who’d Trust ANY Of Amnesty’s Crimmigrant Liars? 


    So not only have they gate-crashed a civilised country but they have done the same to Italian private property in that country’s capital city.

    Worthless wasters!

    What is somewhat disturbing it that the owners of the listed building have had to wait the best part of TWO YEARS for police to enforce a clear ruling by a judge who  ordered the eviction of the squatters.


    Gambar terkait

    This is dilatory justice!

    But instead of lamenting how long it’s taken to get the crimmigrants out, the report prefers to focus on the problems incurred by those who illegally occupied the property.

    As, it seems, do the local authorities, who announced that in the end, dozens of evicted people spent the night between Saturday and Sunday on the square outside their former home, surrounded by suitcases.




    For pity’s sake!

    That totally negates the point of the eviction.

    How can the owners get started on the redevelopment they sought the order for?

    And there was worse than that to read –

    In a statement, police said the owners of the building would pay to relocate the migrants…


    If anything, the damned ‘migrants’ should be forced to work for free on the redevelopment project!

    That’s the least fairness requires, given the long delay their noisome presence has caused.

    But then the police changed the story!

    …but they issued a denial in a later statement. 


    Weird! What went on between the two versions? Intimidation of, and then resistance by, the wronged owners?

    We don’t know, but we do know that all the usual sticky-beak suspects sent up a chorus of solidarity with the undesirables.


    The eviction was criticized by Amnesty International, the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and Luigi Manconi, chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Italian Senate...

    A bad lot indeed, and what’s worse is that the UNHCR is run by – guess who – an ITALIAN!

    Filippo Grandi, whom we’ve exposed as our common enemy before…



    But while we must condemn this vile renegade, let’s not be taken in by the little bit we find at the end of the report, that the eviction was applauded by many politicians.

    “We have to continue down this road, enforcing the law and no longer allowing anyone to occupy public or private buildings,” Senator Stefano Pedica of the center-left Democratic Party said…

    Great stuff. Yeah, but until this party, the party of Red Renzi…

    …who manacled the police by decriminalising illegal immigration and let hundreds of thousands of these aliens pour into Italy, joins with good politicians…



    ….like Lega Nord’s Salvini, and launches an urgent, positive programme of mass ‘eviction,’ not from a single building in a Roman street, but from all Italy…

    …THEN, and only then, can democracy be said to be the guiding light of Italian politics.

    • Flick Harvey 13:06 on August 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Who in heavens name said the victims must pay to rehouse the criminals.
      I’m amazed the idea even came up, even although it was dropped.
      You have thebetter idea, make the criminals work to restore the building they illegally occupied.


    • Pamela 20:27 on August 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Grandi is no better than a common traitor to Italy, very much as some of Britain’s ‘Commissioners’ in Brussels have deserted the UK and shown more loyalty to the European Union.
      Can you remember when Lord and Lady Kinnock were Eurosceptics?
      Now look at them, both on huge Brussels pensions.

      As you have said in the past, they have to give an undertaking when they are appointed as Eurocommissars that they will not put their own countries’ interests before the EU’s .
      I wonder if UN functionaries have to make the same promise when they are given their high-salaried positions.
      Thirty pieces of silver was the going price 2000 years ago.
      Do you have any idea how much Grandi gets paid each month?


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    Kensington Tories! Don’t Lie Back, Just Think Of England! 

    This Wednesday, the Tory members of Chelsea and Kensington’s beleaguered council will face a challenge…

    …to bow down to pro-crimmigrant agitators or to vote against a call for Turn-Coat Theresa – ( see –May Cops Out – A Grenfell Crimmigrant Amnesty!  ) – to go even further than the outrageous ‘temporary 12-month immigration ‘amnesty’ for illegals flushed out by the Grenfell Fire.


    All the usual suspects are piling in, people like Nick Harvey, spokesman for the notorious ‘Doctors of the World,’



    Harvey tells us that lawless aliens “seem to have gone under the radar.”

    No doubt any residents of the affected property  wanted for rape, or murder, or other crimes, are also staying ‘under the radar,’ because if they surfaced they’d be arrested and prosecuted and face punishment for their criminal activity.

    Would Harvey want an amnesty for them too?

    We have made this point before!

    So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? 




    The criminal class surely includes illegal immigrants, especially if they have been leeching off the public purse by occupying public housing…

    …which is meant to be used for honest Brits in need of accommodation..

    It’s scandalous such wasters are getting a free pass, for 12 months of any amount of time, but in Kensington’s borough HQ we have this interesting person…


    Cllr Robert Thompson





    Robert Thompson


    …socialist councillor Robert Thompson,  who bleats emotively that –

    He is trying to use such bleeding-heart hogwash to embarrass the Conservative majority on the Kensington Council, if they’re mugs enough to let him.

    Thompson has told the Observer:

    “It’s a motion that will put the Tory group at odds with their own government but it is something that they should do…



    Comrade Thompson is clearly pro-crimmigrant, but tries to put a rational gloss on his leftist prejudice with seemingly defensible arguments.

    …you are potentially losing the number of eyewitnesses that could be there…

    Curious contrast there, with the rabid Guardian hack who objected to too much info getting out…

    Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

    … but …

    Get real!

    Illegal immigrants are ipso facto dishonest.

    They are inveterate liars. If they were honest, they’d have applied for visas or work permits or whatever, as honourable people do when wishing to enter somebody else’s country.

    What possible value would their testimony contribute to any enquiry?

    But Thompson’s real reasoning is clearer with this other quote.

    …it’s about making sure that people are able to access the provisions that the government has put in place…”


    Illegals accessing tax-paid provisions?


    I hope the Tories on Wednesday have the backbone to stand up and tell Thompson and his fellow-reds that there are quite enough crimmigrants in Britain with their snouts dug deep in tax-funded troughs.

  • ross1948 00:44 on June 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    May Cops Out – A Grenfell Crimmigrant Amnesty! 

    In her Commons statement Theresa May made it clear that no immigration checks would be carried out on survivors or relatives…

    For God’s Sake!

    And if it transpires that some serial killer had been hiding out in one of those flats? Is he – or she – off the hook too?


    Hasil gambar untuk get out of jail free card


    Are all law-breakers who might have been lurking there now eligible for a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card as well?

    We noted yesterday – So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? how an illegal alien amnesty was one of the demands made by the ‘Rage’ rabble shuffling and scuffling through the streets of the capital, and that the irresponsible call was being echoed by the socialist Mayor of London.


    Now we are faced with the fact that Theresa of Number Ten, who’s been prattling about bringing immigration under control, is openly issuing ‘hands-off’ orders exactly as specified by the far-left.



    Her credibility on the crimmigrant issue had always been in doubt, given her lousy record as Home Secretary, when she authorised this –

    More than 100 asylum seekers have been ordered to live for nine weeks in a luxury hotel favoured by Manchester United stars – at a cost to the taxpayer of up to £400,000.

    Amblehurst Hotel

    Amblehurst Hotel – where Man U stars like to party

    Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/10499829/Asylum-seekers-put-up-in-luxury-hotel-at-cost-of-400000.html


    Same with her endorsement of Amber Rudd’s bare-faced refusal to have any effective age-checks carried out on the sturdy brutes imported as ‘unaccompanied child migrants’ from Calais.

    Amber’s Army Re-Groups! Will Theresa Surrender Again? 


    Suffer the little children, Mother Theresa?


    But with her despicable appeasement announced this week, the wretched woman has surely abdicated ALL pretence of responsibility, ready to acquiesce in wholesale disregard of immigration law.

    OUT with her!

    • Lou Dillon 01:38 on June 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you, sir.
      You’ll be pleased to know that Leave.EU is onto this too, and I think it’s the nail in Theresa’s coffin. She is a lying Tory like you say and I hope some of the honest MPs of her party will finally make a move to push her out.
      However even if she goes, her whole cabinet sat there quiet as mice when she said those words and so who can be trusted to take over.
      It’s back to UKIP for voters who care.


    • Penny 01:53 on June 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Damn her.


    • Keith Milner 02:07 on June 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Does she not realise that voters remember what she said about making laws tougher and about immigration needing to be controlled and the controls needing to be in the interests of the British people?
      We do remember and we now see she didn’t mean a word of it.
      She’s made herself a laughing stock and she makes the police look like her personal puppets, told not to enforce the law of the land.
      If they follow her illegitimate orders on this, they will lose all public confidence and rightly so..
      Enough is enough!


    • Nate Naismith 16:19 on June 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She begins to remind me of Merkel who ignored German law to let all those terrible people into Germany..
      There can be no legal reason for May to ignore the law that makes these illegal immigrants illegal.
      Your comparison with other kinds of crimes like murder and robbery and rape is well made. .


  • ross1948 16:43 on June 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    So If You Commit Murder, Then Your House Burns Down..? 

    My thanks to the commenter last night who drew my attention to the insane demand by the agitprop reds on that London demo yesterday, that the Grenfell Fire be used as an excuse to issue a crimmigrant amnesty!


    A lot of the louts and loutesses were clearly aliens with poor English skills, or just plain ignorant.

    I don’t like reading the Mirror but their link below has photos of dumbo demonstrators brandishing placards which indicate they think the plural of ‘life’ is ‘lifes’ and that of ‘tragedy’ is ‘tragedys.’

    And there’s worse.



    Others are the work of pathetic, offensive morons, who prudently hide their faces – in shame?



    But by far the most imbecilic is that which calls for –

    ‘…indefinite leave to remain’ for ‘all Grenfell survivors with insecure immigration status…’


    Here’s our response to THAT!



    So by the same logic, if you burgle somebody’s home, carry the booty in a swag-bag to your own house…


    .Gambar terkait


    …then have a house-fire in which the stolen goods go up in smoke, you’re in the clear?

    If you’re a murderer and your house burns down, you get off scot-free?



    Crimmigrants should be caught and caged no matter what, then bundled back to where they came from. Anything that befalls them in somebody else’s homeland, where they’ve no right to be, is down to their own lawless intrusion.

    But that placard’s vile subversive message is merely the overt manifestation of the warped minds of a minority of marxist mutts, yeah?

    Hold yer horses!



    London Mayor Sadiq Khan Urges ‘Compassion’ On Grenfell Survivors’ Immigration Status


    Hasil gambar untuk london mayor sayid khan islamist

    “I am calling on the government on compassionate grounds to allow those inside Grenfell Tower who haven’t got right to remain to give them right to remain.”


    That SOB doesn’t even say ‘should’ or  ‘could.’

    Read it for yourselves!

    It’s MUST! 

    How dare he!

    But these days, who knows?

    Theresa May’s programme in the Queen’s Speech yesterday indicates she’s u-turned again on the anti-terror law reforms she swore she’d introduce. 

    And if May does another u-turn and hands out amnesties on these spurious grounds, how many amateur arsonists will soon be at work, preparing their own case for ‘compassionate leave’ to flout British immigration law?

    • Pamela 19:25 on June 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Those people almost deserve pity, so ill-educated and bad-mannered, but Mayor Khan is no fool.
      He is as we knew when he stood for mayor, a man whose loyalty is only to his own, and not to Britain. Anything like more illegals, which hurts our country, is bound to attract his support.


    • Vanessa 21:10 on June 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Mindless, and beyond doubt now that they are just using the deaths of nearly a hundred people to score points, and Corbyn is relying on these deranged benefit scroungers to circumvent democracy.


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