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  • ross1948 22:08 on December 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Spain Lets Europe Down, Again! 

    I was encouraged to see that the two big ‘rightwing’ parties in Spain were responsible enough to work with the real ( no inverted commas!) rightwing party Vox, in order to remove the province of Andalusia from socialist control.


    But there is genuine urgency about removing the deeply irresponsible socialist government in Madrid, after the disgusting betrayal of Europe we saw on last night’s news, yet another crimmigrant cargo given a ‘welcome’ in the Spanish port of Algeciras.


    This deplorable behaviour is all the more to be deplored in view of the admirable refusal…




    …of not just Italy but also Malta to let the maritime trash-taxi service unload in any of their ports.

    Madrid’s mad open-house policy can only encourage further illegal alien intrusions.

    Decent Spaniards need to stop the nonsense.


    It’s not just bad for Spain but for every other nation in Europe, because once the undesirables get onto dry land, where they are NOT detained, they can ooze northwards, across the Pyrenees and then onwards again…


    ….to blight the lives of any and every community they choose to leech off.

    • Iain Morton 23:38 on December 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      A timely reminder as Britain fumbles the illegal challenge on the Channel.
      We should do what the Moroccans do.
      Shoot them.
      Happy New Year.


    • Henri 10:40 on January 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Let’s have ‘Hands across the Pyrenees’ and bring down both the Paris and Madrid traitors to Europe!
      But I do not know Spanish for Yellow Vests!
      Happy New Year!


    • Freddy Garcia 14:11 on January 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Spain of all countries should be most true to the cause of defending against invasion from the northern shore of Africa.
      A thousand years ago that was where the Islamic conquest was launched. Those invaders held the Spanish people in Islamic oppression for many, many years until the Reconquista. Spaniards drove the alien overlords back into north Africa.
      Now the war is rejoined but the Spanish government is on the enemy side.
      My name is Spanish but I am not.
      Even so, Viva Vox!


    • Jacqui Stevens 15:32 on January 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Agenda 21 . NWO . Bilderbergers. All planned for many years to destroy our countries.


  • ross1948 19:10 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Drunkard Flaunts His Contempt For Elected Leaders! 

    Another example of the absolutely anti-democratic character of what its protagonists delight in calling their ‘European Project’was revealed by The Drunkard last week.

    You may remember that in June, only a few months ago, ‘a summit of all EU leaders asked the Commission to study ways to set up “regional disembarkation platforms” in North African countries for migrants rescued by European vessels in the Mediterranean.’

    Most of us in the Western world’s resistance movement took this with a pinch of salt.

    Here’s An Idea! Use Bribe Cash To Buy Gunboats! 

    While sensible governments like Italy’s and Hungary’s might be expected to see merit in preventing hordes more primitives oozing into Europe via ‘ NGO’ bludger boats, we know that the rotten elements, like Macron and Merkel….



    ….are still happily hauling the wasters onto European soil, heedless of their citizens’ wishes.


    I don’t believe either in the fallacious statements made by some in Europe and elsewhere that we would be stronger if we were to close our borders.

    That’s not true either…”   https://www.euronews.com/2018/09/25/macron-vs-trump-at-the-un-general-assembly

    Le Muppet’s broadside at nations which reject asylum seekers, and those which “refuse to let boats dock on its ports,” was followed promptly by his provocative decision to bring in even more illegals, the crimmigrant cargo of one of those bludger-boats we have oft talked of.

    The Rage Of Aquarius? Stand Firm, Panama! 

    This came after France had appeared to say no, but that proved an illusory refusal.

    Not that we expected anything else.

    Macron is a menace, yes, but WHAT must the poor Germans think? Merkel has already lumbered them with a million primitives, and she protests when the very worst undesirable aliens are deported.

    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 


    However, all those heads of EUropean governments did give the go-ahead.

    That was in June, and now it’s October and suddenly we hear that, regardless of all those elected governments having told the Euro-Commissars to draw up plans…



    …‘European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday. “This is no longer on the agenda and never should have been!” 

    This boozy flunkey is an unelected bureaucrat and it is not just insolent but illegitimate that such words, slurred or unslurred, should dribble from his arrogant lips.

    How dare he!

    Normally a rhetorical question, but the answer is made clear, in the same report, which explains the inebriate ass’s audacity with a throw-away line, explaining that the bureaucrats of The Brussels Empire didn’t approve of the approach that their pay-masters were interested in.

    …officials have long questioned the legality and practicality of such camps, Reuters said....

    EUSSR ‘officials’ are servants, paid to get on with carrying out the work for which they are handsomely salaried, not to dilly-dally in defiance of their masters

    • Fiona 22:29 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And these are the people Theresa May wants to bind us to, notwithstanding the fact that we voted for independence.


  • ross1948 19:12 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Stuffed, Ephialtes! No UN-Acceptable Intrusion! 

    The sheer arrogance of the cabal that runs the Brussels Empire is – perhaps even more than the content of the decrees which are so arrogantly issued – why people in countries all across Europe despise and detest the EUSSR.


    “It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration….at the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm…the only way to make our asylum and migration policies future-proof, is to collectively CHANGE OUR WAY OF THINKING FIRST.

    Dimitris Avramopoulos – ‘European commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship.

    Brussels Tells Europe – ‘Don’t Think You Have A Choice!’ 

    You Brits, you Italians, you French and Dutch and Germans, etc., may NOT EVEN THINK this or MUST THINK that, because we, the commissars of the European Commission…



    ….unelected by any democratic vote, sworn by our oath of office to disavow loyalty to the countries we were born in …because WE  say so!


    Now the Euro-Commissars are getting a taste of their own medicine, but it’s of little comfort to the common folk oppressed for so long, because it emanates from an even more undemocratic entity…



    …one led by a man everyone in Europe knows as a sworn enemy, one infamous for its hypocrisy and hostility to the West.


     Hasil gambar untuk antonio guterres wikipedia

     Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

    We have seen and heard all the renegade’s men, shrilling for crimmigrants…


    Uppity UN Arab Rants Again – Fire The Prattling Princeling!


    …so we understand the purpose of UN interference, why the EUSSR is being slapped around by the United Nations!

    And specifically why?

    For the only vaguely welcome outcome of that silly ‘summit last week, the plan for ‘secure centres,‘ in which illegal aliens could be confined, prevented from roaming, raping, robbing and killing the citizens of the countries they seek to prey on.

    You, as much as I, will have had our doubts. Were such centres under the control of sensible Governments, like Italy’s, with armed guards and high barbed wire, preferably electrified, great.

    But if some sort of Brussels Keystone Cop troupe were put in charge, they’d be just another joke.

    Yet even the very idea of such centres has provoked a Pablovian sticky-beak reaction.


    UN sets conditions for EU ‘disembarkation platforms’


    In other words – ‘Not without our scrutiny, our approval, you’ll not be safeguarding European people in the way you’ve just debated and agreed!”

    Read the linked report and marvel at the arrogance of Ephialtes and his myrmidons.

    • Edward L 19:52 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We voted to get out of the EUSSR.
      They should give us a vote on whether we want to pay a fortune every year for the privilege of listening to UN lectures.


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:21 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      When did the UN get to place ‘conditions’ on how we defend ourselves?
      If there is any move made to interfere, May should lay into them with the British veto.
      That’s while we still have a veto. I heard that Brussels wanted an EU seat on the Security Council, at the UK’s expense.
      Then we would have two of the world’s most anti-democcratic powers, China already on, throwing their weight about and on present firm ganging up against the United States.
      Britain really will be better off out, of all supranational bodies.


    • Mort 23:04 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wish the President would pull the USA of of the UN.
      He has done well in withdrawing from their ‘human rights council, ‘ and we would save a lot of money if we abandoned the whole corrupt edifice.
      If the UK had a conservative government, then the UK and the United States could quit together but that is not going to happen with May in charge, who is openly committed to the liberal cause.
      That is also why I am more and more convinced that she will deliberately wreck Brexit.


    • Emil Duermann 23:27 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We need to resist their constant raving about how wicked ‘populism’ and ‘nationalism’ are. The globalists cannot be allowed to twist the truth and so it is our job to put the patriot case.
      For a start, let’s get it straight, that if you love your own family, it does not mean you hate other families. Real nationalists, by the same logic, don’t hate other nations.
      We respect them.
      At the same time, we should hate the UN and the EU.
      Supranationalism, internationalism, globalism, call the enemy by any name you like, it IS our enemy.


  • ross1948 19:10 on November 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Horrific Crimes Covered Up In German 'Migrant' Centres! 

    That there’s a terrifying amount of violence, including murder, rape and child molestation, in the centres where so-called ‘refugees’ reside in Germany, probably comes as no surprise to any of our readers who read our regular reports.

    Another Bestial ‘Asylum’ Rapist In Germany! 

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks ….

    More Merkel Victims (Age 12 to 14) In The News? 


    Yet the despicable cover-up of this nightmare by the German authorities?



    It beggars belief that even a bunch of skunks like Mama Stasi Merkel’s clique could sink so low as to use crimmigrants’ ‘right to privacy’  – Germany: Violence Spirals in Refugee Shelters – as their excuse to conceal this monstrous state of affairs from their own people.



    Yet that”s exactly what’s been going on, and it’s only thanks to one responsible newspaper, Bild, that we learn of the truth.

    Read the original article – http://www.bild.de/regional/chemnitz/fluechtlingsheim/strafakte-asylheim-53647004.bild.html   –  or the excellent piece by Soeren Kern in Gatestone and shudder at the evil imported by Merkel’s malignant migrant policy.

    Right to Privacy?

    These predators should enjoy NO rights in the country they had no right to enter and into which they only got thanks to the malevolent Merkel’s irresponsibility…

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    Hasil gambar untuk stasi merkel


    ….or, as many Germans have begun to conclude, her treason.

    • Jerry Jerman 19:39 on November 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes I have read in the original German news about what they are doing and it is not a surprise.
      By that, I mean it is not a surprise how the inmates are behaving so criminally and it is not a surprise how treacherous our German government is being to us.
      It is good that you offer the English translation link because people everywhere have a right to know abut this crazy right to privacy that Merkel allows the invaders to use for hiding the savage offences they commit.


  • ross1948 18:27 on July 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Fiumicino Fuming – ‘Asylum’ Slugs Scorn Honest Work! 

    ‘Working for free is not what many migrants dream of…’


    That was a France24 journo talking, about their news story from Fiumicino in Italy, not far from Rome, where a mere TWELVE of of over FIFTY ‘migrants’ have agreed ( it’s entirely voluntary!) to perform a bit of  community service…

    Hasil gambar untuk honest toil

    …like sweeping the streets, as a means of showing some gratitude to the Italian tax-payers. They also believe it can help their chances of getting ‘asylum.’

    Astonishingly, a pinko berk associated with a so-called ‘NGO’ disapproves…




    ….and presumably reckons the idle sloths who prefer to lounge around on their ingrate butts or prowl aimlessly all day are displaying a more acceptable attitude.

    Ingratitude among those who have made illegal incursions into Europe is hardly a novel phenomenon.

    Thieving Crimmigrant Ingrates Provoke Riot in Greece! 


    ‘The Notion That All Immigrants Feel Gratitude? Something of a Myth!’ 

    But it’s that French hack’s words, above, that made me almost choke on my third black coffee this morning!

    ‘Working for free is not what many migrants dream of…’


    Reality check  – these ‘migrants’ get FREE food, FREE lodging, and FREE MONEY, the infamous ‘pocket money’ which is not ‘free’ at all but is drained from Italian tax-payers’ pockets.



    Lavishing freebies on these people is like waving a big banner on the Med shore-

    ‘Come One, Come All!’

    Why the HELL shouldn’t they do a little honest work in return for this generous largesse?

    It’s outrageous that the slugs ( NB – 70-80% of those in Fiumicino alone!)have the right to refuse!

    Apart from being the honourable course, it might also serve to deter the most essentially parasitic intruders from setting sail form Libya!

    In Bulgaria, in the same report, the same F24  reporter translates a comment for another ‘migrant’ there, that the accommodation is ‘unsatisfactory.’

    So book into a hotel, parasite!


    Amblehurst Hotel

    Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with.

    International Migrants’ Day? Time To Turn The Tide! 


    They could do exactly that if they head north!

    • Jim Fisher 07:06 on July 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      They are much happier taking than giving. Take away their free stuff, then give them the boot.


  • ross1948 11:30 on November 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    In Italy This Time, Ingrate Savages Amok Again! 

    We reported last week on the outrageous ingrate crimmigrants amok in Bulgaria, and the sensible, albeit belated, response of the Bulgarian Government.


    This time, we take another look at the deteriorating situation in Italy, where the citizens have long suffered torments at the hands of  undesirables admitted by Red Renzi. 

    Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  

    Pity Italy – Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  


    …between 100 and 300 of the migrants and refugees living in the accommodation went out onto the street, some of them reportedly shouting at local residents and causing damage.


    Italians protesting at degradation of their community


    • .This delightful display of gratitude by uppity aliens took place at a ‘migrant centre’ located in Turin’s former Olympic stadium, an edifice now degraded, alas…
    • Video footage filmed by local residents shows the migrants blocking the street and knocking over garbage cans, while local media reported that some members of the group also damaged road signs and parked cars, and threw stones and bottles.
    • ———-
    • civilised man v savage

    The savages’ ‘excuse’ was that they’d heard loud bangs nearby, which might have been fire-crackers or letter bombs.’

    That might indeed have prompted them to come out to see what was going on…



    …but hardly accounts for, or exculpates them from, their shocking rampage!

    Firefighters and police arrived on the scene and the street was closed to traffic as they sought to calm the situation.

    That’s from The Local, which fatuously asserts that –

    No-one was reported to be hurt in the incident. 


    Which is no thanks at all to the crimmigrant, stone-throwing rabble.

    The Leftal does not – 0f course – include the local patriot leader’s words with which it’s hard to disagree..


    •  Hasil gambar untuk fabrizio ricca lega nord torino
    • Fabrizio Ricca
    • 000000000000
    • …the leader of the Northern League on the City Council of Turin, Fabrizio Ricca, said about the night of tension:
    • ——-
    • “The situation in the former Olympic Village is increasingly incendiary…the facts of this night show that the situation ha totally degenerated and you cannot wait even one day, that area should be released, and the criminals, who this night have destroyed everything they had before, be sent back where they came from….
    • http://notizie.tiscali.it/cronaca/articoli/villaggio-moi-torino-disordini/


    And fingers crossed the referendum in a week’s time will see that Red in Rome forced to keep his promise to resign if the electorate rejects his so-called ‘reform’ of the constitution. 

  • ross1948 15:08 on August 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Our ‘Asylum Island’ Idea Catches On…in Germany! 

    Exactly how much tax-subsidised accommodation is lavished on so-called ‘asylum’-seekers (aka wannabe welfare bums) in the UK?

    I was brought to ask this question both by the Telegraph report…

    Third of asylum claims come from illegal migrants and visa overstayers


    ….and by the news that the London Borough of Hackney is proposing to fine homeless Brits sleeping rough up to One Thousand Pounds for making their grotty borough more unsightly than it already is.

    Evicting all those ‘asylum’ wasters would free up accommodation for Brits who genuinely need it.

    More than once I have put forward a practical solution, short-term, until the phoney ‘refugees’ are deported back where they belong.


    Rockall  Indonesia To Adopt My ‘Rockall’ Parasite Policy? 


    Identifying uninhabited islands on which to dump undesirable aliens should be a priority task for all governments afflicted by the crimmigrant plague.

    There was an Austrian patriot, the FPO’s Herr Strache, who raised the possibility not long ago…

    Right-wing pol wants European 'Guantanamo'

    An Alpine Gitmo for Sectarian Savages? Sounds Good! 

    …though he was snubbed by the EuroCommissars, whose knee-jerk preference for the welfare of illegal immigrants over actual Europeans was entirely predictable.

    Now, however, the idea is spreading, with the patriot party in Germany making a similar proposal. That fine lady named Frauke Petry has called for failed asylum seekers to be housed on islands outside Europe.   


    Frauke also came up with the nifty notion that the country’s refugee office should be turned into an emigration bureau.


    • Dr. Frauke Petry
    • ————————————————-
    • She’s a smart chick, but there’s no need to boot the bludgers all the way to those distant islands!

    Britain has various suitable isles quite far off the northern shores of Scotland, Rockall for one.

    With all those in the Med, and the Aegean, and maybe some north of Scandinavia, there’d surely be enough to take hundreds of thousands, parcelled up into congenial groups to avoid the unpleasantries  that certain ‘asylumers’ have been known to engage in.

    ….12 Christians drowned after they were thrown overboard by their Muslim fellow refugees.

    Pray to Allah or drown, Muslims ordered Christians | The Times

  • ross1948 06:05 on August 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    More Incursions? Mais Oui, If Illegals Are Pampered, Not Corralled! 

    As I’m in Oz for just a little while longer, flying out shortly, indeed, I quote from the SMH today, and pause to mock their idiotic ‘undocumented Africans,‘ when they mean a hundred plus illegal aliens who broke through police barriers at the Italian border town of Ventimiglia and made their way into France…Migrants break through Italy’s border with France

    Sadly, the French have only themselves to blame.


    The rabble in Ventimiglia are of course savages but these days savages can be quite well-informed…

    Arrogant Aliens Demand French Surrender! 

    …so they know that, at least under Hollande, France lacks the guts to expel even the most violent and barbarous crimmigrants, ghastly brutes like those in Calais. 

    Pathetique! Savage Mob Amok, As France Fawns On Calais Curs! 

    Of course they will be encouraged to gate-crash the frontier.


    The Italians too must take a share of the blame, and by that I don’t mean just Red Renzi’s failures (and, despite the ordeals suffered by decent Italians at the hands of crimmigrants –Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  –Pity Italy – Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  – his deliberate encouragement, e.g. decriminalisation, of illegals)

    We know that, instead of doing all in its power to make the lives of these undesirables disagreeable in the small Italian city, the local authorities opened a reception centre to house the hundreds of migrants who had been sleeping rough under a bridge. 


    Regular blasting with a water-cannon would have sent a more sensible message, but it is staggering to learn that, evidently, there are no fences nor locks around that ‘centre,’ so naturally the aliens were and are free to attempt unlawful entry into France.  

    About 150 migrants left the centre shortly after midnight on Thursday and walked to the shore, where they remained for hours before heading for France.

    Either the Italian police are stupid lazy gits, which I doubt, or they are under orders not to take effective action. A few rounds from their hand-guns and a couple of baton charges would have corralled these arrogant swine.

    Instead, again under orders from Renzi’s fellow renegade Hollande, the French police may simply stand back and let through the latest batch of snouts twitching eagerly for those famed yummy troughs to the north.


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • —————————

    Or maybe, just maybe, the increasingly loud protests from France’s patriot party, whose leader, Marine Le Pen stands an ever better chance of winning next year’s presidential election, may prevail and get the flics to drive the unwanteds back across the border.

    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • We shall see!  
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