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  • ross1948 18:43 on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bug-Eyed Herbert Blames Trump Not Criminals 

    Just watched that ex CNN clown Doug Herbert offering his ‘analysis’ on Macron’s state-subsidised propaganda channel.


    Hasil gambar untuk doug herbert france 24


    The repulsive creep has long since given up any idea of objective analysis.

    Tonight he was 100% bug-eyed bias, sneering references to POTUS ‘flunkeys’ and how the ‘breaking up of crimmigrant families is all down to the sensible ‘zero-tolerance’ policy.

    Contrary to France24’s bald bore, patriotic Americans are not at all outraged…


    …except perhaps at the Media Democrat Party’s endless whining on behalf of the undesirable aliens’ brats.

    The solution to these ‘break-ups’ is obvious.

    Sure they can have lovely little family reunions – just corral the mini-crimmigrants in a big play-pen at the Mexican border.



    Then tell their lousy lawless parents that they can pick them up any time…



    …on their way OUT of the United States!

    • Ken Kasi 22:38 on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That is a first-class idea, Ross, but it would never work because if these illegals were any kind of parents then they would not involve their children in their illegal activities.


    • Jolene 14:00 on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He is a very strange little man. His eyes do bulge more when he talks about Trump.


  • ross1948 20:48 on May 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Mustn’t Upset Crimmigrant Brats, Must We?’ Says Strasbourg Shrill! 

    EU policy and law makers are ironing out final details of a legislative reform on collecting the fingerprints of asylum seekers and refugees, known as Eurodac. The latest plan includes possibly using coercion against minors, which one MEP calls “violence….”

    EU mulls coercion to get refugee kids’ fingerprints


    As you might expect, my curiosity was piqued, to say the least, by that EUObs report, but I wanted to check what kind of nutjob MEP might seek to define making recalcitrant brats do what they’re told as ‘violence.

    And here she is!


    • If she looks like a NUTJOB…and talks like a NUTJOB…

    What is she?


    It’s Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, a Swede, predictably, but inexplicably affiliated to the EPP, which calls itself the ‘center-right’ bloc. She’s well-connected, married to former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt (who in the past has featured here – try this –‘Kiev Right to Fight,’ say Schizo Swedes – Yet Malmo Still In Alien Hands!  – or just put his name into our search engine)

    If I had to choose a nominee for Nutjob of the Month, she’d be a top candidate.

    Of course all ‘migrants’ should be finger-printed. The very fact that so many defy attempts to ID them in that most reliable of ways gives their mendacious game away.

    ,asylum seekers from Eritrea notably generally refuse to have their prints taken because they want to make their applications elsewhere.   Italy to start fingerprinting migrants at sea

    Red Renzi Rats On Pledge to Fingerprint Crimmigrants! 

    Given that they have arrived in Europe as lawless gate-crashers, taking their prints and keeping them on a register may also serve to catch them when, as so many do, they commit crimes – and how many terrorist (and sexual) assaults have been committed by ‘unaccompanied minors’ insanely admitted into civilised countries.

    Nine Young Women In Denmark


    But that’s all by the way, as far as Nutjob is concerned.

    She got all fretty in her role as chair of a cross-party group on children’s rights at Strasbourg, but alarmingly she’s now happier that the original draft, a sensible plan to approve coercion to be used on children as young as 6…..

    If your kid starts breaking up the furniture, or throws rocks at the neighbours’ cat, no matter how old the kid may be, a spot of coercion – a damn good slap – makes sense.

    And if the kid has no bloody right to be in your country at all, and refuses to mind its manners and hold out its hand for painless finger-printing, why the Hell shouldn’t it be taken hold of and made to behave!

    NOW Nutjob is at least temporarily placated, since brat-prints may be obtained in “duly justified circumstances that are permitted under national law.”

    But only if they are over 14.

    Ludicrously, minors between the ages of 6 and 14 can provide their prints on a voluntary basis.

    So border security personnel will need to go down on their knees before obnoxious little squirts and say ‘


    Gambar terkait


    “Please, pretty please, may I take your finger-prints, sweet little crimmigrant?”

    We have seen plenty of evidence that a lot of the brats brought into Europe are insolent savages …

    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    ….and for sure that insolence will not be lessened if they are taught from the get-go the regards themselves as little overlords.

    Even so, Nutjob is still shrilling away, about the ‘rights’ of ‘children under 18’ –  an oxymoronic phrase, since under-18s can vote in Scotland and marry in many other European jurisdictions – and is only slightly placated that the new limp-wrist draft “would be much better than the current situation, where EU member states can do anything they want based on national law.”


    One has to wonder if that right of sovereign nations to apply their national laws is at least as upsetting to Nutjob as the terrible traumatic torment that might be inflicted on unpleasant under-14s!’

    Why do I say that?

    Because this isn’t the first time the Bildt-Bint has appeared in our blog.  Just over a year ago, she made her debut here…


    Uppity Swede Objects To UK Liberation! 

    … as a loud-mouth Europhiliac, denouncing Brexit!

    • Bob Royd 23:25 on May 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Since when do kids get to disobey adults issuing legitimate orders?


    • Edward Lamont 23:49 on May 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, I know you try to find unflattering pictures of politicians you don’t like, and flattering ones of those you support.
      But I couldn’t believe that this picture had not been doctored by Anna Bildt’s detractors, until I took a stroll through Google pix. She is as bad or worse than you present her.

      I never felt sorry for Carl Bildt before but imagine waking up beside THAT every morning!
      Having to listen to her for the rest of the day must be unbearable, even for a hardened lefty like him.


    • Petra Malley 00:13 on May 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Did she and Carl ever have children? If she practises what she preaches, they must be the worst behaved little monsters ever.
      Everything about this eldrtich woman is scary, not just her appearance but the balderdash about these crimmigrant kids being above the law, no action to be taken to make them obey the simple painless finger-printing rule.
      As you say, they will no sooner touch down on European soil than they will learn that they’re free to do as they please and to not do as they’re told.
      They will grow up to be as arrogant and dangerous as those elder siblings who are busy making war on the countries they colonise.


    • Fergy Gallen 16:06 on May 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Give any stroppy little oiks a straightforward choice,
      Turn your palm downwards for fingerprints or upwards for the good old Scottish tawse, or the BELT as we called it. Start as we mean to continue.


  • ross1948 22:19 on December 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: "Unjustified Self-Censorship”, , crimmigrant brats, , German Press Council, , Lutz Tillmanns, , , , Presserat,   

    “Unjustified Self-Censorship”- The German Press-Rat! 

     Not before time!

    Germany migrant asylum seeker refugee sex attack Angela Merkel


    Tanit Koch, editor-in-chief of the mass circulation Bild newspaper, has described the passage in the code as “unjustified self-censorship” that damages the credibility of the media as a whole.


    Hasil gambar untuk tanit Bild


    Well said, Gnadige Frau!

    She understands that honest journalism requires its practitioners to report all the facts in a story and let people draw their own conclusions.

    Similarly, another editor has spoken up against the shameful suppression of who’s doing what to Germans, and who’s responsible for the malefactors’ presence in Germany.


    Hasil gambar untuk christian lindner koblenz


    Christian Lindner, editor-in-chief of the Koblenz-based Rhein-Zeitung, believes the code is, at the very least, outdated: “I want a reformulation that will bring the media back out from under the shadow of a suspicion that they are trying to conceal information for political reasons.”

    It’s a lot more than a shadow of a suspicion. It’s more than  suspicion!

    “They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 

    It’s fact, sad and sick but fact nonetheless, that the media in-crowd, like the senior police officer corps and the political elite, behaved like mere Mama Stasi lick-spittles. Even Deutsche Welle, neither nationalist nor conservative –  not remotely – now admits that, almost a year ago in Koln, the German media staged a calculated dissimulation to promote Merkel’s monstrous migrant programme….


    After the sexual harassment attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the media, police and politicians were all reluctant to state the unpleasant truth:


       : that almost all the suspects were of North African or Arab origin, with asylum seekers from Syria among them. This was likely to cast serious doubts on the government’s refugee policy.


     So who are the key villains in the Lugenpresse story, the scandal of the Lying Media?

    I don’t mean all those crimmigrants involved in murder, rape and violence.  Sooner or later, Germany will wake up and have them put down.

    I DO mean the pinko hacks, not just that rotten Ina Maria Reize, whom we often cast as a deplorable example….


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    …but all those who seek to enforce that ‘code’ devised by the PRESSERAT (German Press Council) – a commitment to keeping readers in the dark, which evokes that phrase used by UK PM Stanley Baldwin, in the 1930s…

                                GERMAN PRESS RAT

    Gambar terkaitrat 

    Enemy Within!


    …who accused sectors of the media of exercising ‘power without responsibility  – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages…


    I DO mean Lutz Tillmanns, pro-cover-up PRESS RAT king-pin, who declares that if a suspect’s background is referred to, it’s also important to “consider the effect on the public.”’



    So Lousy Lutz may know the facts, but not the verdammte public, who are obviously simpletons, unfit to be entrusted with information on ingrate aliens who abuse German hospitality?

    How dare anyone suggest the German public be allowed to make up their minds rather than herded along as Mama Stasi’s docile victims? 


    Hasil gambar untuk lutz tillmanns deutscher presserat

    Lutz the Louse, of the German PresseRat (Press Council)


    An example of RATTING on the duty of an honest press. 

    • A shocking gang-rape by ‘migrants’ was reported factually by a newspaper called Junge Freiheit.
    • It told the truth, how filthy savages – three Afghan teenagers  –  attacked and violated a defenceless woman at a Vienna railway station. We know that this kind of crime is on the increase, not only in Vienna…
    • ——–
    • hands off
    • =======
    • …but across Austria and Germany.
    • For daring to alert other women to what had happened, and could happen to them… that freako Tillmann’s comrades on the Presserat issued a  WARNING!
    • The brave editor had to remove the offending item from its website.  




    To its great credit, the newspaper refused to comply and said it would continue to publish the nationalities of criminal suspects.

    But honest journos face constant harassment by the Presserat pinkos.

    Thanks be that some UK media are not subjected to similar red gestapo intimidation.

    Shocking figures show 2,125 people were sexually assaulted, 199 were raped and and 380 were molested in swimming baths by a combination of refugees or non-German nationals this year….

    Predators and Child Molestors

    …sickeningly, children are often the target of foreign sexual deviants across Germany, with 26 minors raped, 633 assaulted and 286 molested at swimming pools in 2016.


    That’s what the map at the top of our page illustrates.

    Imagine Tillmanns’ apopletic anguish at such a revelation.

    But truth will out, Comrade Lutz, despite your avowed aversion to honest reporting!

    Back to Tanit Koch, whose Bild is the most-read newspaper in Germany.

    “The Press Council believes that editorial offices in Germany should ultimately treat their readers like children by depriving them of relevant information.”

    Hasil gambar untuk manfred protze deutscher presserat Press Rat Protze


    But listen to schweinehund Manfred Protze, another PresseRat apparatchik.

    “This regulation is not a muzzle, but merely a guide for ethically appropriate behavior…”

    Ethically appropriate behaviour?

    • Silhouette weeping


    Better, surely, that these Enemies Within start preaching ethically appropriate behaviour to the depraved savages involved in all the reports we have published, and hundreds of others, which you will find if you look at the Gatestone Institute’s link above.


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