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    Swede Media – Addicted To Pro-Crimmigrant Cover-Ups? 

    While the incident occurred on Dec. 21, the Swedish media only reported on the incident yesterday.


    That ‘yesterday’ means January 12th, which means in turn that there must have been…

    A – either a massive attempt at cover-up by the Swedish government…


    B – a massive attempt at cover-up by the Swedish media

    The former is of course disgraceful but comprehensible, since politicians don’t like being found out.


    The latter is much more disgraceful because it’s the media’s duty to find out and report!

    One might speculate on the likelihood of the ‘25-year-old Nicaraguan female cleaner who had been issued a deportation order and was wanted for theft for a previous case…’

    …ever being deported.’

    Sweden infamously won’t deport even the most evil rapist scum…

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    …so even I would feel for that Latina chica, were she kicked out while sex predators get to stay!

    But that long gap before the case hit the news?

    Is that not odd?

    Sadly, not at all.

    The Swede media…

    Lugenpresse = Lying Press = Sweden’s Media Vermin 


    …is among the most dishonest in the world..

    Immigrants had to be presented as so pitiful that viewers would weep.”   http://www.rightsidenews.com/editorial/world-opinion-and-editorial/the-free-press-comes-to-sweden/ 


    Silhouette weeping

    Hiding Truth On Shot Swedish Kids 


    One has to despise slimy Swede media, but one also needs to ask if the BBC does the same thing?

    Not So Merry! ANOTHER Of BBC’s BLM Cover-Ups! 

    UK Pravda is notorious for cover-ups, of all kinds, after all, and they do adore crimmigrants. 

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    .BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 



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    German Leftist – ‘Divert Illegals To Ukraine! 

    We are well aware of the unwholesome elements that the permeate the German Socialist Party (SPD).

    German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play! 

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration

    But rank rubbish like the outburst from one of their Bundestag MPs, Nils Schmid, rather expands the scope for alarm, or derision.

    Herr Dummkopf has called for the primitive horde threatening Poland…

    Evil Ursula’s Bogus Borders Solidarity! 

    …to be diverted to Ukraine!

    ...it would be possible to agree with Kiev on the temporary admission of refugees..’ 


    That’s to be for as long as it takes to process ‘asylum’ applications.

    Nutty Nils has a deceptively appealing argument..

    “This way we can make it clear that not every migrant will automatically enter the European Union,” Schmid said.

    But we all know how readily Mama Stasi Merkel’s regime has deported failed ‘asylumers.’

    Mostly they remain in Germany…

    If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Schmid’s suggestion falls not far short of designating the personal safety of female Ukrainians as a matter of indifference.

    But then he IS a leftist, who has, the DW report confirms, criticized Poland’s treatment of migrants who are trying to illegally enter the country.. 



    SPD proposes to send migrants from Belarus to Ukraine | News from Germany about Germany | DW

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    Priti Patel ‘COULD’ Suspend Visas? 

    Priti Patel could suspend visas from countries that refuse to take back illegal migrants
    Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea and Philippines understood to be countries most reluctant to co-operate with Home Office





    Why has she not done so already?

    Why have the culprit countries in receipt of UK aid…



    …not been told to haul their dirty snouts out of the UK tax-trough unless they IMMEDIATELY take back every primitive parasite…



    …identified as having originated from within their territory?

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    Guardian’s Unique Take On Criminal Aliens 

    Brown had been sentenced to five years for robbery, attempted robbery and perverting the course of justice.A

    Aaah, but the Guardian report reassures us!

    We read that this lousy alien waster says he never dunnit.

    Oh well, that’s okay then, the guilty verdict doesn’t stand up to the litmus test of a scumbag’s denial.

    And guess what?

    Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

    Priti Useless has cancelled his deportation, because his doting mummy maintains that if her darling boy were sent back to whence he came…

    .it would be impossible for him to survive alone in Jamaica…


    Like, does anybody give a tinker’s cuss whether he survives, in Jamaica, or in the UK?

    Ya couldn’t make this stuff up!

    And how about the old bat who so adores her scummy offspring…



    …but evidently not enough to accompany him to the Caribbean?

    PS. We had a look at the above case in April. The Guardian was still scribbling about how the scumbag was convicted but the scribbler deemed the scumbag’s denial significant, for no obvious reason.


    Let’s be fair. Even when there’s absolutely no doubt, no denial of guilt, the Left still prefer to keep vile savages safely in the UK.

    Rape, Murder – Or Other ‘Little Different Things?’ 

    • Penny 17:04 on June 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So he says he didn’t commit the crimes he was convicted of and we all have to believe him?
      Only idiots would fall for this so what does that make Priti Patel?


  • ross1948 22:15 on May 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Whatever Next? SPAIN Accused? 

    Bloody Hell!

    Whose country just got invaded?

    Spain, right?

    Whose country is denounced?

    Spain accused of summary deportations as thousands sent back to Morocco

    Some 5000 savages surge into Spain, knowing full well that they are violating an internationally recognised sovereign border…



    …and yet we have to read toxic Guardian tosh about how ‘Spain may be violating migrants’ rights…?’


    Who gives a monkey’s ?

    Well, those twats at ‘Human Rights Watch, ‘ for starters!

    In particular some bint named Judith Sunderland, bleating about “the rights of children, asylum seekers, everyone?”

    Enough of the ‘children’ cr-p.

     ‘Unaccompanied minors’ can be at least as dangerous as many of their elders…

    Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

    …and that’s assuming they are ‘minors,’ even by the stupid standard arbitrarily decreed by Brussels or the organised hypocrisy known as UNHCR.

    As for ‘asylum seekers,’ give us a break!

    There are already too many liars lounging around the tax-troughs of civilised countries…



    …their bogus claims rejected but still undeported, every absurd excuse adduced by pro-crimmigrant bureaucrats and judge-jerks to keep the parasitic snouts in the public purse!

    As for Socialist PM Sanchez, his choice of words speaks volumes.

    The lack of border control by Morocco is not a show of disrespect of Spain, but rather for the European Union.”



    Is this dork seriously more concerned about the Moroccans dissing Kaiserin Ursula’s Fourth Reich…


    …than the obvious contempt with which they view his own country?

    We know Sanchez and his ilk in every European capital have been zealous sycophants in the service of the EUSSR…

    Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead

    …as it chivvied and harassed Greeks defending their country from alien incursions…

    ….so his empty rhetoric –

     “We will proceed to immediately return – I repeat, immediately return – all those who have entered Ceuta and Melilla irregularly…

    – has been getting the reception it deserves from Spaniards on the frontline.


    Image result for pedro sanchez"

    Pedro Sanchez


    Booed by a crowd of Spanish citizens who had come to protest against the inaction of his executive…insulted, with some people even trying to intercept his convoy…


    The leftist deserved all he got.


    And the fakery of Sanchez’ bravado is made totally transparent by the ‘exceptions,’ prominent among whom are, yes, ‘asylumers’ and alien ‘minors!’

    Yet Spain’s Enemy Within agitprop outfits are just as abominable as those in Britain or Australia.

    The spokesman for one such pinko creep clique, Rafael Escudero, whines that –

    They’re carrying out summary deportations.”

    Not e-bloody-nough!

    What’s needed is a major nationwide operation, sweeping up garbage from Barcelona…

    Why Barcelona, a tourist paradise, is a ‘Salafist city’ – France 24

    …to the Canary Islands…

    Spanish Government Guilty Of Gang-Rape

    Spain’s Collabo Leaders Exalt Illegals, Abuse Resisters!

    … to make Spain’s cities and streets safe – and Spanish! – again!

    • Vanessa R 16:05 on May 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      As if Spain’s the villain.
      The illegals knew they were trespassing.
      Morocco’s to blame too, for letting them walk through,
      But the worst is Sanchez, for allowing all those others to make themselves comfortable in Spain, and even taking in dregs that washed up in Italy or was it Malta, or both?
      And Brussels, nagging and pushing against any country, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, that does anything serious to turn the parasites back.


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    More Illegal Alien Arson – Spain, This Time! 

    More of the same, nothing new about dirty savage aliens showing their disgusting ingratitude…


    …but it’s important that their irredeemably foul character is made as widely known as possible.



    Governments like Spain’s don’t care, refuse to allow the guards to shoot the scum, and won’t punish the filthy brutes by deporting them…


    …any more than the United kingdom’s Jellyfish Johnson and his side-kick Priti Patel…

    Priti! Own Up! ‘Asylum’ Rabble Are NOT ‘Just Like You And Me!’ 

    ….did with regard to the Penally arsonist scum.

    But normal decent people, in Spain and in Britain, MUST keep up their protests, by whatever means necessary, until the garbage is taken out.


    • Welsh Brit Patriot 13:01 on March 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you!
      We all need to use whatever social media that hasnt silenced us to get this kind of news all over the place.


  • ross1948 18:46 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    A ( Very Minimal) Apology To Priti Patel! 

    Having lived in the hot Tropics for many years, with only occasional returns to The Old Country, I must have missed the passage of Labour’s lame-brained legislation in 2007…


    A poster from when Labour cared about BRITISH people!


    ….though I was actually in the UK that year, but preoccupied with family matters.

    Which of Labour’s many lame-brained laws?

    Yes, you may well ask!

    Verily there were many, but I’m talking of the one mentioned in The Times last week.


    Under the terms of the UK Borders Act, passed in 2007, offenders must be jailed for a minimum of 12 months to be deported.

    What kind of madness drove the framers of that act?

    • Every country should be entitled to remove any undesirable alien, anytime. I understand Labour dotes on aliens of every kind, but when aliens commit crimes, it goes without saying they should be booted out.

    Or so I assumed.

    No doubt Home Secretaries might have the power to exercise discretion in unusual situations, but surely, ingrates who break British law can and should be deported.



    Apparently not, as can be gathered from The Times’ description of the retrogressive, indeed retarded, change in 2007.

    I never knew about it!

    Hence my oft-expressed ire, not just in my blog, but on my sofa when watching news, that scum were not expelled .

    And I blamed Poor Priti.


    Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

    Priti Patel – she needs to slap down Home Office flunkeys fond of aliens who break in or sneak in to the UK


    Not that she cannot be blamed for manifold shortcomings…

    Priti’s Girl Exalts Crimmigrants : ‘Just Like You And Me!’ 

    Priti Patel Should Get Real About Grenfell! 

    ….but I was insufficiently informed, and now I know, I will blame her for other things instead.

    I will, however, praise her when she gets  something right, as she is reportedly about to do.

    Foreign criminals given six-month prison sentences could be subject to deportation for the first time under plans being considered by the home secretary.

    Priti Patel is looking at making it easier to remove offenders who are given short sentences, a change that would undo legislation introduced by the last Labour government.

    Too true. If she cuts it to a six-month, not bad, but better to make it ANY offence, whether involving jail-time or not.

    Guests who don’t respect the rules of their hosts NEED to leave!

    A proposal to halve that limit could form part of a sovereign borders bill that is expected to be published shortly. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/priti-patel-looks-to-cut-jail-term-needed-for-deportation-9kjwz5fbp

    • Diana 21:42 on January 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It is alarming that this was passed by Labour without furious debate. If there was any strong voice raised from Tory MPs at the time, I certainky didn’t hear it and I was in London during those years.
      So don’t feel much need to apologise. Patel has been full of big talk but minimal action against the invasiin.
      If Johnson’s government meant business, they be pushing back all those boats carrying illegals from France.


  • ross1948 15:01 on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Fakers? Lock ‘Em Up! 

    A rare nod of thanks to the ghastly Guardian this rainy night on the island of Java, for a very helpful reminder that the Johnson Government needs frequently to be scolded and told to keep ‘asylum’ seekers under lock and key…



    …until their requests for asylum are conclusively found to be genuine.

    I refer to the report on the trial of Saadallah, whom we have mentioned before…

    OK, Bojo, Finger Out! Re-Cage Those ‘Asylum’ Rats! 

    Unleashing Illegals? Home Office Needs Its Head Read! 

    The Guardian admits that the nasty bit of work was ‘refused asylum and started offending, carrying out thefts and assaults, for which he was jailed.’


    We know all that and have said all this before, but since Johnson and his Home Secretary Priti Patel do not appear to be listening, it needs to be said again.

    An alien gets into Britain, lies in hopes of joining the many other liars who successfully con the authorities, but isn’t quite adept enough at lying.

    But does the Home Office keep him secured, so it can do with him what it obviously should?



    It lets the liar walk free, to prey on honest Brits.

    And when he’s corralled for his predatory actions, and serves his time, does the Home Office THEN do what it should?



    And now people are dead…

    In less than a minute, shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, the defendant carried out a lethal attack with a knife, killing all three men before they had a chance to respond and try to defend themselves.

    “He believed that,in killing as many people as possible that day. he was performing an act of religious jihad.” https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/18987794.khairi-saadallah-admits-three-murders-reading-park/

    Those deaths are down to the British Government’s failure to lock him up and kick him out when the ‘asylum’ claim was rejected.

    Johnson and Patel may not have been in office when that failure occurred.

    However, they are now.

    EVERY individual who comes into Britain without the required passports and visas and claims ‘asylum’ should be held in detention, behind high walls or high fences, no privileges, no wifi, no pocket money, no nothing except 24/7 incarceration….

    …UNTIL their claim is definitely decided.

    If the claim fails, immediate deportation.

    And if it means the liars are sent back to places they might come to harm?

    No excuses!

    What a blessing it would have been if that sectarian savage Khairi Saadallah had been packed off to Libya…



    …and lost his life at the hands of some other savage, no innocent Brit blood spilt!


    • Glenn Butler 16:56 on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A++ for this.
      You have said much of it before but your emphasis on the ‘Conservative’ government’s cowardly refusal to take on the ECHR and DO something is exactly the message that’s needed.

      Nigel Farage has just rebranded his party. If Reform wants to win, it should use issues like this instead of lock-down, which is important but temporary.
      The European Soros Court is a permanent danger as long as it has any say in the UK.
      It means that meaningful Brexit is incomplete.


  • ross1948 19:04 on September 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Enemy Of The People! Treat Ouseley As Leper! 


    That was a famous headline during the British people’s struggle for deliverance from the supranational misrule of the EUSSR.

    Now we have another example of a wigged wally in judicial robes, another judge gone rogue.

    As you see, I’m talking about that clown in fancy dress, Duncan Ouseley, below, the ‘senior high court judge’ who figuratively spat in the face of every British patriot this week…


    Ouseley the Ass


    ….when he issued a court diktat preventing the departure of a charter flight, carrying a pack of Channel crimmigrants, ‘due to be forcibly removed to Spain, a country they had previously passed through..’

    The flight was 100% legit, even by the EUSSR’s own ‘Dublin III’ regulations, by which, as the gleeful Guardian scribbler has to admit, one European country can return asylum seekers to another they have previously passed through if there is evidence of this in the form of fingerprints or other proof… https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/16/uk-judge-halts-home-office-flight-to-remove-asylum-seekers

    So how come Ouseley the Ass blocked the undesirables’s expulsion?

    The daft old duffer got all fretty because the fake-refugees ‘might be left destitute in the streets of Madrid…’



    The Guardian has a thing about crimmigrants suffering the consequences of their illegal incursions.

    A few weeks ago they had this bleeding-heart bilge.

    We don’t know what to do’: asylum seekers flown to Spain by Home Office

    The 11 Syrians said they were sitting outside Madrid airport with no food, water or support…https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/03/we-dont-know-what-to-do-asylum-seekers-flown-to-spain-by-home-office

    To answer that whine of a headline, answers come easy!

    Like…Try following the rules!

    Like…Who gives a damn!
    But my readership already shares my indignation.
    Anger is a-boil!
    Ouseley is a national disgrace!
    Anger should be an inspiration, not a flare-up.
    Violent or otherwise illegal activity does no good and is often counter-productive.

    Decent Brits should OSTRACISE OUSELEY!

    Refuse to serve him in shops.

    Cast him looks of contempt if you pass him in the street. 

    If you feel up to telling him off…

    …the old ass carefully hides any email address, but do yer best!

    …do not use coarse BLM-style language. …


    You might wish to contact the fancy solicitors’ firm who ‘represented’ the aliens, to discuss legal fees, and how they trawl for ‘clients.’

    Duncan Lewis Solicitors —  on 033 3772 0409 or click here to send online enquiry.

    If they were doing so ‘pro bono’ ( free of charge) one might almost respect their position. If they got their snouts into legal aid i.e. the tax-payers’ pocket, maybe not so much.



    Their man in this particular case was Chris Buttler – be sure to ask for him by name. Tell the operator charmingly it’s about ‘asylum-seekers’ and you should get through.


    • Ned A 20:41 on September 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The old fart probably lives in a country mansion or one of those luxury apartment penthouse suites where there’s never been an illegal immigrant to be seen.
      Why would he care about real British people ehose taxes get wasted on the wasters?


    • Douglas Hazelman 16:17 on September 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Judge are lawyers and while I know there are some good lawyers, as a group they stink.
      This old stinker stinks to high heaven.
      The law, even Brussels law, was clear.
      He just ignored it because the parasites might have nobody to sponge off in Madrid?
      Whose fault is that?
      They should not have entered Spain illegally, any more than entered Britain illegally.


  • ross1948 15:30 on September 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Isn’t ‘Borderless Europe’ A Wonderful Thing? 

    Isn’t ‘Borderless Europe’ a wonderful thing?


    That’s an old map of the EUSSR’s Schengen borderless zone!

    I have to say that, after reading how ‘eleven Syrian asylum seekers who were removed from the UK on a charter flight to Spain nine days ago and who were abandoned in the streets of Madrid have all returned to Calais…’


    …it did make me think about how not only deported scumbags but anyone at all, including jihadists, serial killers, people-smugglers, any kind of evil-doers at all…



    …can come and go as they please through the frontier that once existed and was manned by guards between Spain and Le Muppet’s France.


    If the Johnson governnent wants to deter arrogant crimmigrants like that lot, there’s going to have to be a serious rethink on what punishments are appropriate for the violation of British territorial waters.

    In a healthier era, border patrol vessels would be equipped with a cat o’ nine tails…


    a man tied to a structure is whiped with a whip that has multiple tails. A sketch


    Alas, the current government in the United Kingdom is not sufficiently serious about safeguarding British borders to implement any such effective deterrent.

    In the absence of the cat, however, the treatment of captured crimmigrants could still be made much less like a scene from a holiday camp.

    The process is expensive…after processing the arrivals the asylum seekers are dispersed into temporary accommodation for several weeks or months BEFORE before being rounded up, arrested, placed in detention, which costs £95 per person a day,

    That is INSANE!

    Why do the SOBs get ‘temporary accommodation’ instead of immediate detention.

    Why should detention cost nearly a hundred quid a day?

    Take them straight to one of those islands we know the UK has around its shores and dump them.


    No Man's Land

    One of Britain’s offshore and uninhabited islands

    A well-equipped gun-boat could be detailed to circle the island 24/7, authorised to open fire on transgressors!

    I’m sure plenty of ex-servicemen and women would gladly volunteer to man the vessel, for a small bonus on their pensions, or even just as a service to Queen and Country!

    Bread and water supplies dropped off.

    If they want to supplement their diet with gulls, shell-fish or sea-weed, okay.

    …and then removed on privately chartered planes with escorts.

    That Is INSANE, when the UK has a highly professional RAF.

    Manacle the swine, strap them into straightjackets, load them onto government aircraft, which travel here, there and everywhere….

    …In cages sufficiently large for the savages, side by side with those in which live-stock are transported…



    …and dump them, by parachute if need be, at an airport  (if there is cooperation on the part of the country they belong to ) or, if the country’s regime is recalcitrant, any old where, in some valley, or in a wilderness.


    • Hasil gambar untuk french military transport aircraft


    Getting from there to wherever, that’s the damned illegal alien’s problem! Let’s see how fast crimmigrants treated thus get back to Calais!

    That surely makes far better sense from the British tax-payers’ point of view than the farcical protracted process described by the Guardian!

    Oh, and BTW, while the Guardian article has a lot of useful information, it doesn’t bring us up too date on the obnoxious ‘activist’ whom we have written about before…

    … the horrible pro-crimmigrant agitator Clare Moseley...

    Lying Moseley’s Quintessential Inhumanity 

    Crazy Clare – Still Lying Boldly for Calais Crimmigrants! 


    The old bat ran off to The Jungle a number of years ago, leaving her poor husband to look after their OWN children…

    Married Calais Jungle charity boss beds toyboy migrant

    …so what we want to know, surely, is whether she is still shacked up with her ‘toy-boy migrant!’

    • Jacko 17:35 on September 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hohoho! I feel sorry for the toy-boy!


    • Ned A 18:13 on September 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The cat would work a treat! One good flogging by a skilled flogger and they’d be on That little strip of beach near Dover, wading out to start the swim back to Calais!
      Lovely ideas, Ross, but not going to happen this side of the revolution.
      Somebody should tell the Moseley tart to shut her trap.


    • Vicki 14:10 on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful. Except that there are already many within those borders who hate everything about European civilisation!


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