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    Obnoxious Aliens – A Dutch ‘Dilemma’ Easily Solved! 


    Not a Dutch ‘refugee’ centre!


    ‘…incidents’ at refugee centres in the Netherlands more than doubled from 8,000 in 2015 to 17,000 last year…

    While ‘incidents’ can include anything from arson to physical and ‘verbal’ assault, and one reason for the increase is a greater readiness by staff to report such occurrences, the other reason given is shocking.

    more people with no hope of winning refugee status are living in the centres…

    In other words, they’re NOT ‘refugees’ at all!

    They are fakers, caught out in their bogus tales of woe, who deserve neither sympathy nor, more importantly, from Dutch tax-payers’ point of view…


    ….no more free board and lodging!

     A large proportion of the problems centre on young men from Algeria, Morocco and Libya, some of whom have been involved in up to 50 separate incidents, sources said… https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2020/05/no-hopers-are-behind-sharp-rise-in-incidents-at-refugee-centres/

    That’s hardly surprising information, but what IS surprising, no appalling, is this –

    Officials have few options to deal with persistent trouble makers apart from withholding their allowances and moving them to other locations.


    That pan-European ‘pocket-money’ nonsense again?

    Fiumicino Fuming – ‘Asylum’ Slugs Scorn Honest Work! 


    How pathetic!

    The Dutch, once deemed a stolid, sturdy breed, seem to have degenerated into a soft, sick, cringing creep-culture.

    Of course there are far more than a ‘few options!


    The obvious one is to boot the obnoxious savages out!

    The Netherlands, any more than Italy, has no need for what the latter country’s Giorgia Meloni excellently defined as ‘Maghreb Worms!’

    Bellissima! Will Italian Voters Opt For A Right Beauty? 

    But while any Dutch Government worth its salt should be getting busy getting those scumbags back to those three countries…



    …a spot of flogging, for those who engage in violence and vandalism, would do no harm!



    But of course the EurocRats in Brussels and Strasbourg would snap their fingers and bring the Dutch ruling class to heel…


    …not that the supine Dutch ruling class, besotted with liberalism, would think of trying tough tactics against arrogant crimmigrants.

    Yet there are other options.

    Bread and water diets, manacles, make their lives as hellish as possible.

    If they don’t like that ‘new-normal,’ then all they need to do is buckle down, behave lke civilised human beings…but perhaps that is beyond them.


    • Van Hollander 19:54 on May 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good sense as always but in Holland and in many West European countries good sense is not acceptable to the ruling class.
      It is the people who must overthrow the ruling class.


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    Mixed Croat Messages – But They Know Erdolf’s The Enemy! 

    After our recent look at Croatia, when we speculated how the new ‘left-of-centre’ leadership would handle the crimmigrant issue, we have some glimmer of an update, with the Prime Minister making a statement.


    Andrej Plenkovic’s assertion -that he will not ‘erect barbed wired barriers to block migrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and pledged to investigate “problematic” allegations in response to claims of brutality by Croatian border police.’- is not encouraging.

    There’s no such barrier at present and if there’s no immediate intention to build one, okay, and…

    Crimmigrants Say CROATIA’S The ‘Problem?’ Give ‘Em Hell! 

    ..although the border cops have been defamed both by pro-crimmigrant ‘NGO’ subversives and the lawless intruders….

    Solidarity With Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!” 

    .Even the BBC reported how the locals ‘fear for their safety in their own town…’


    …lurking in Bosnia…

    Immigrants? CRIMMIGRANTS! ‘They Forced The Police Back!’ 

    Another Lying ‘Migrant’ Exposed? 

    The border police are much hated by the aliens desperate to gate-crash the country…

    Crimmigrants Say CROATIA’S The ‘Problem?’ Give ‘Em Hell! .

    Another Lying ‘Migrant’ Exposed? 


    ….the PM’s remarks were carefully framed to remind us that no ‘brutality’ against illegals had been proven ( as if many Croats or snyone else would mind if undesirable aliens got duffed up!) one hopes further niggling and snooping will not demoralise the men and women defending the frontier.

    However, on the plus side, Plenkovic also urged that the faraway frontier defences of Greece and Bulgaria should be strengthened, a good plan, given Erdolf’s aggressive threats…

     ‘Ankara has repeatedly urged Greece to stop illegal pushbacks.’ https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/greece-s-illegal-pushback-of-refugees-caught-on-video/1672144

    • erdogan

      The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

    • ===

    Erdolf Threatens New Tsunami – The S.O.B. Needs A Lesson! 

    …to unleash another torrent like that of 2015, which brought, and continues to inflict, misery, pain, rapine and death to countless honest citizens across Europe, at the hands of fake ‘refugees!’

    • Jerry Jerman 22:20 on January 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Keep going after Erdogan, he is the enemy..
      He has the very huge fIfth column here in Germany and very many in Holland too.
      For every ‘refugee’ he will send to Europe, Europe should send him 10 of his settlers back.


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    CNN – So Cuomo’s OK With Stoning US Troops?!? 

    I was feeling none too eager-beaverish on Friday morning, a grand night out on Thursday…



    …having bestown a fine hang-over – ‘the wages of sin,’ as my stern Presbyterian forebears would undoubtedly opine.

    I was aiming to catch the news on any tv channel but due to my bleary-eyed state I landed on the worst of them, and heard a disagreeably rasping voice.

    ‘A poor guy with a stone?’

    That CNN creep Kermit Cuomo was ranting like a maniac on morning dew, mad as a wet hen, furious…



    Donald Trump tells border troops to treat migrants’ rocks as ‘rifles https://www.washingtontimes.com/…/donald-trump-tells-border-troops-treat-migrants-…

    …not at the idea of the Honduras horde attacking American soldiers but at the idea of American soldiers defending themselves.

    This strange leftist loudmouth has previously told the world of his unwillingness to condemn the red nazi louts of Antifa…


      • Story image for chris cuomo antifa from RealClearPolitics

        CNN’s Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa: Attacks On Police, Journalists

        So his latest hysteria, Un-American as it is, or rather Anti-American, is perhaps not terribly surprising.




      • .

        I have to say I was delighted to hear President Trump’s exhortation to the Armed Services to do the right thing when confronted by alien savages hurling deadly rocks.

       Stoning kills.

    Not only when it’s done by cowardly sectarian mobs…


    …but also when it’s done by Central American hoodlum, like those we saw engaged in riotous mayhem as they violated Guatemala’s border last month.

    Of course they should be shot, and indeed should have been shot when first they ran amok.

    Cur Cuomo evidently disagrees, perhaps preparing an alternative form of defence for American troops, maybe drones circling above the savage mob, dropping leaflets saying, ‘please, please, pretty please, illegal immigrants, don’t fracture our skulls or break any of our other bones.’

    After all, CNN would be embarrassed if any  young men or women in their country’s uniform were killed or injured, which is sadly very possible, since the scum are known to have manufactured molotov cocktails in case insufficient stones are available.

    Not outraged, of course, as they would be if a Honduran thug were hurt, but definitely embarrassed…




    …until Cuomo and his queer little comrade, Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon, managed to find some contrived reason to blame the President.


    • Reid Matherson 14:24 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have read that Cuomo is one of the heterosexuals with CNN.
      Otherwise we could call him Atlanta Rose, like that Tokyo Rose woman who tried to undermine American morale in the Pacific in WW2.
      By showing so much anger that our fighting men ( and women) could be given authority to fight back if they are attacked by aggressive invaders, he is encouraging the enemy.
      It is time people organize daily protests, surround CNN Head Office and demand Cuomo be fired.


    • Ben Baniek 15:43 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Cuomo is a sh-t.
      i wish I could flush him and the whole of CNN into the Gulf of Mexico.


    • Mort 17:16 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      CNN have lost credibility, because unlike Anderson Cooper, Cuomo and Lemon are too stupid to hide their hate behind a mask of journalism.
      Cooper is just as consumed with hate but apart from occasional lapses, like after the Trump-Putin summit, he is smart enough to con viewers into thinking he is a professional reporter and not, like the other two, a Democrat propagandist.
      I am confident Cuomo’s latest ravings have turned off a lot of people.
      Who wouldn’t want our armed services to fight back if attacked?


    • Ken Kasic 19:06 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      CNN has been caught out again, hiding the big news about the man charged with the synangogue massacre.
      It has been revealed that he is a Democrat activist, was an Obama volunteer and worked for the city’s ‘hate-crimes’ unit.

      I guess CNN don’t think hate crimes by Democrats, even mass-murder, should be exposed,


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    Attagirl Kelli! Arizona’s Admirable Candidate Spreads Truth! 

    We have applauded Dr. Kelli Ward in the past..


    Gambar terkait

    Can Doc Kelli Cure Arizona’s Pain In the Ass? 


    ..but today a few more words of praise for the Republican lady running in that troubled state’s primary against an establishment nominee favoured by the RINO clique.

    Kelli Ward is promoting a great little video, and you can have a look at it, right here!

    Today, especially, watching it will give you a welcome break from the pro-crimmigrant media’s constant focus on orchestrated brat-squalling…



    …and by that I don’t mean the brats separated from their vile heedless parents’ due to the latters’ criminal violation of American law, but to the millennial morons…


    UN Human Rights chief slams ‘unconscionable’ US immigration policy-CNN

    …and that super-rich Arab prince who has never condemned shariah law but constantly finds civilised countries guilty of ‘human rights’ misconduct.

    Uppity UN Arab Rants Again – Fire The Prattling Princeling! 

    And if you live in the USA, you can help Kelli Ward spread the truth



    On Tuesday, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot along the Arizona-Mexico border…

    Our porous southern border needs to be addressed—and Congress is failing in their duty to stand with the President, build the Wall, and Make America Safe Again with each passing day.

    That’s why I’m asking you to chip-in and help us air our latest campaign ad about our open, unsecured borders.

    Take a minute to watch it, right here…

    The 21-year veteran Border Patrol agent was shot near Arivaca on the property of a sprawling family ranch, an area known for human smuggling and drug trafficking.

    I am familiar with this border ranch—earlier this year I spent time with the owner of the ranch, Jim Chilton, and learned a lot about the illegal activity occurring on and around his property…

    The sad fact is that on ranches like these the only barrier between the United States and Mexico is this: four thin strands of barbed wire…

    Patriot, we’ve got to stand up for our brave U.S. Border Patrol agents and great American ranchers like Jim Chilton — we’ve got to build the Wall!

    Chip-in right now to help me fight for the Wall and immigration policies that put “America First” always. 

    Unlike our “Amnesty First” senators, I’ll work with President Trump to implement the immigration policies and border security measures that Arizonans and conservative Americans want…

    • We’ll build the Wall
    • We’ll eliminate the diversity lottery
    • We’ll end chain migration
    • We’ll ban catch-and-release policies
    • We’ll defund Sanctuary Cities, and…
    • We’ll implement E-Verify in workplaces nationwide

    Patriot, help me get this work done!

    It’s time to Make America Safe Again…

    Together for victory,

    Dr. Kelli Ward
    Candidate for U.S. Senate, Arizona

    P.S. Help us get our latest ad “Relentless” in front of the public. Our unsecured borders are unacceptable and it’s time to take action! Chip-in today to support our ad blitz!


    • Mort 00:40 on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is a very sound candidate and I hope she wins.
      As you say, the Republican establishment is not enthusiastic about her/
      Even if she wins the primary, which is no foregone conclusion, because there’s another good right-winger standing who could split the vote, we cannot count on their whole-hearted support against the Democrat.


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    In France, Pro-Crimmigrants Fear For Their Safety! 

    Social workers say they are violent, uncontrollable and many are drug addicts.



    Maybe not THE most evil, but evil enough, though the ‘child’ savages in Sweden would be hard to beat in terms of absolute undesirability.                    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun\

    But in Paris nowadays, the failure of Retch Hollande to deport migrant savages in large numbers has led to some parts of the City of light resembling war-zones after dark..



    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

    By another strange coincidence, the vile young swine – a gang of some 60 Moroccan unaccompanied children who have become the bane of the Goutte d’Or district –  described in our intro, happen to prowl the 18th arrondissement, the same area inhabited by both the ‘Egyptian student’ just recently arrested…

    Why Was That Egyptian in France At All? 

    …AND that stinking Chechen whose stabbing spree made worldwide headlines.

    French Cops OK! But There’s Still Blood On Macron’s Hands! 

    But it’s not just Goutte d’Or’ district.

    Elsewhere, in Port de la Villette,  aid workers have demanded police assistance due to fears for their security as tensions flare…

    Foolish in their choice to give aid and comfort to crimmigrants with no right whatsoever to be in Paris, or anywhere in France, these klutzes are belatedly smartening up.

    Not before time.

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    Maybe they’ve heard how Afghan filth in Calais raped that interpreter…                                     Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    …or maybe the true story, covered up for long enough, of another poor little do-gooder girl in Ventimiglia violated by alien vermin.             Woman ‘gang-raped in refugee camp ordered to stay SILENT…

    The very idea that any illegal immigrant, adult or so-called ‘child’ should be free to roam at will around any civilised city is just madness.



    Of course they should all be under lock and key, all day, very day!

    But that’s a short-term solution.

    The gist of the report is a squabble between Macron’s Minister Gérard Collomb and the rabid leftist Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

    Collomb’s case is that municipal authorities should initiate legal proceedings to evict illegal immigrants…  

    Paris migrant crisis could spiral out of control, warn charities after two …

    He points out correctly that even by limp-wrist EUSSR standards, the illegals ought to be deported back to whichever EU country they landed in.

    Which is a damfool thing to do, because they have no respect for any law and will just coming oozing back, unless Italy or Spain or Greece puts them behind bars.

    The proper course is to deport them OUT of Europe altogether.

    Hidalgo, for her part, has gone out of her way to encourage  crimmigrants, as we’ve noted before.

    Ain’t Just London Got An ‘Enemy Within’ Mayor! 

    NOW she wants the state to handle housing them while dealing with their cases to avoid yet more chaos on the streets…

    Housing them?

    OK, if she means find a large field and surround it with electrified barbed wire, and armed guards with orders to shoot at any scumbag trying to make off, OK?

    But proper housing, when there are French who need it?


    And as for her next words?

    “What are we waiting for? A huge fight? More deaths?” 

    Perhaps a big fight, with a battalion of well-equipped special police to give the crimmigrants a hiding they’d never forget, might see an improvement of the ingrates’ manners.

    The best idea is to make illegal aliens’ lives wretched, until they realise they’d be better off back whence they slithered.

    PS –

    Now we see a fleck of light at the end of at least one tunnel.

    Police are preparing to dismantle camps holding close to 2,500 migrants in the French capital and order expulsions, France’s interior minister said on Wednesday…Collomb made clear in a statement that the operation will result in some migrants being expelled. Crowded Paris migrant camp ordered cleared as conditions worsen

    OK, but only ‘some?’

    • Asterix of Narbonne 02:03 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is a very great shame that these left ‘activists’ only ever begin to share the aspirations of the people of France when they sense danger to themselves.
      The very brutish foreign they have been helping to make themselves at home in Paris have been perilous to Parisians old and young and most of all to women from the first minute of their arrival.
      Macron is toying with the peril and if he deports a dozen ilegal immigrants a week he will be bragging what a tough guy he is.
      My God.
      A dozen a day will only scratch the surface.
      Why do we have a French Navy if not to transport the ilegal all back across the Mediterranean?
      Merci beaucoup, if I may say a French thanks to you for your understanding of our cause.


  • ross1948 17:43 on April 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Haste Ye Back, Speedy, And Take Fake ‘Refugees’ With You! 

    And exactly who does this arrogant Chilean sticky-beak think he is?



    A professor, it seems, before his elevation to supranational busy-body status, yet he appears to be incredibly unlearned about the undesirable aliens he chooses to champion.

    Aaah, but he’s an ‘expert!

    On Wednesday, U.N. human rights experts denounced the “inhumane situation” in northern France, urging the government to provide water and emergency shelters.



    Gambar terkait

    Chilean ‘expert’ Gonzales


    These mangy curs polluting France’s northern coast have only themselves to blame for any discomfort they’re experiencing. Nobody asked them to launch their illegal incursions into a civilised country.

    We saw the essential evil earlier this year…

    Violence? Blame UK/France Treaty, Not Calais Thugs! 

    …but hardly for the first time!

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’   

    • Migrant mob smashed Calais trucker over head with brick

    • Eritrean Migrant Gang Bound for UK Face Manslaughter Charges

      Calais Cleaned Up? So Who Snarled- ‘I’ll F—ing Kill You!’ 

    • How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    • They violated French frontiers, and ever since they did so, their outrageous mayhem has made it clear they should be deported.

    • But it’s not just them, or just France.

    • Speedy proceeds to lecture civilised countries everywhere!,

    • “We are concerned about increasingly regressive migration policies and the inhumane and substandard conditions suffered by migrants,” the U.N.’s special rapporteur on migrant rights, Felipe Gonzalez Morales, said in a statement from Geneva.

    • Damned cheek!

    • Regressive means going backward, yes?

    • The massive alien populations in countries as varied as Britain, France, Germany and Sweden, and others (not least the USA and Canada!) are a result of lackadaisical policies in the past.

    • PROGRESS is a word that needs to be reclaimed from the Left.

    • …forward or onward movement towards a destination, development towards an improved or more advanced condition….
    • Progress means abandoning bad old policies that have failed the nation, like Chappaquiddick Ted’s disastrous immigration legislation, and Turdo Senior’s multiculting.

    • =

    • Hasil gambar untuk progress regression
    • The faces of European progress?
    • =
    • Real progress means a clear denunciation of Mama Stasi’s past recklessness, and of Sweden’s stark-staring lunacy which has gone on for decades.

    • Real progress requires a recognition in Paris that it was crazy to permit the influx which, with its offspring…

    • =
    • =
    • …have turned some urban neighbourhoods into alien enclaves that now resemble foreign lands. .

    • Progress is what Trump is all about, and progress, hauling their nations into the bright light of hope, is what we eagerly anticipate if Salvini comes to power in Rome and other patriot parties rise high in other countries.

    • Gonzales’ use of “regressive” on the other hand, turns both logic and language upside down.

    • =

      “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    • What is ‘regressive ‘ about rescuing civilised citizenries from the inhumane and substandard conditions imposed on their societies…

    • =
    • …by the importation of barbarous swarms unwilling to abandon backward customs and beliefs.

    • It’s time to reclaim the word ‘progressive’ from the left, who are as regressive as can be!

    • =
    • And time for Speedy Gonzales to speed off home, with a few container-loads of crimmigrants as souvenirs.

    • Lisa Thistle 01:17 on April 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Nice idea, sticking them in containers.
      But really, a Chilean, telling us how to mind our borders?
      These UN meddlers must be put in their place.


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    Machetes! Evil Aliens In Germany – A Cancer…And A Cure? 

    About 80 members of rival Turkish, Kurdish and Lebanese gangs descended upon the center of the German city of Duisburg to fight one another with machetes, metal pipes, and other makeshift weapons…

    After our look at the alien biker-gang tied to Erdolf…Turk Biker-Gang – In Germany? The Gastarbeiter Legacy! …here’s a video link to open your eyes even further!


    Hasil gambar untuk migrants duisburg machetes


    …and here’s a glimmer of sanity, a small first step,  proposed by Interior Minister Seehofer which should of course have been implemented the minute Mama Stasi Merkel heard the horde was on its way towards Germany!



    Germany’s new interior minister is pressing ahead with controversial plans to hold asylum seekers in centres until their right to stay is determined. Under Horst Seehofer’s proposals, migrants are to be kept in so-called “anchor centres” for up to 18 months while their requests are processed. 

    Germany migrants: Plans to keep asylum seekers in ‘anchor centres’

    Too little too late?

    But will it even get the go-ahead, with pro-crimmigrants embedded in Merkel’s coalition?


    And how about the eighty-strong barbarous mob in Duisburg?

    When are they to be deported? That should be by noon today!


    • Hannelor 19:55 on March 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is important to let everyone know how bad it can be if they permit wild people into their country.
      I wish the police could use their guns and cure the problem forever.


    • Jerry Jerman 20:17 on March 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I will be happy when Merkel meets them on a dark night and she never will because that is only for German women who have no power and no money and Merkel does not care what happens to them..
      Gangsters and rapists and liars are what she has given to Germany.


    • Arnold 00:46 on March 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The German Police should have mowed them down.
      At the very least drag them straight to the airport and have them board planes to their own countries, at gun-point


  • ross1948 23:59 on February 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Did ‘Intimidators’ Take Tips From Oxfam’s Pet Thug? 

    A witness in the Oxfam sex scandal investigation was physically threatened and intimidated by three of the suspects after the leaking of an official report, the charity has said..

    Oxfam witness ‘physically threatened and intimidated

    Not one hoodlum, but THREE?


    Hasil gambar untuk hoodlums


    This continuing saga of ‘bullying and intimidation’ has to have people asking what sort of scumbags Oxfam was in the habit of recruiting.

    The prostitution is now a mere side-show, though it cannot be ruled out that any of the prostitutes were under age.”

    But Oxfam’s hoodlum staff, or ex-staff, need to be identified, as one of our commenters earlier today has reminded me.

    And not just with a redacted memo, the contents of which may never be revealed to the public, ‘whose money they have soaked up for years,‘ as my commenter succinctly puts it!

    We know that Oxfam has shown no hint of any moral compass in its choice of beneficiaries. How many lousy lowlifes like this one in the photo below have they helped out?


    Yasser Abdou

    Yassir Abdou – whose criminal record is an indelible mark, like one of his many tattoos, as even the pinko Guardian journo observes..
    ..read more, about how the criminal alien attacked a German patriot -…”I punched him in the face and walked away.”
    Oxfam’s Nancy D’Arrigo recognises a deserving case when she sees one. ‘’Unfortunately his criminal records did not help him during his battle to get a permit of stay…”

    HUH?     Unfortunately?

    New Year Resolution – NEVER Give To Oxfam


    Hasil gambar untuk no to oxfam

    So where were the Oxfam thugs at that time? Had they already been sent off to raise hell in Haiti, or were they sleazing around the Med, taking lessons from Yassir Abdou?

    Most importantly…


    Oxfam could end the cover-up!

    Hasil gambar untuk see you in court

    If those named feel aggrieved, let ’em sue!

    If Oxfam remain coy?

    Where are all those intrepid investigative journos?

    • Diana 22:10 on February 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Keep pressing home the attack on these self-righteous ‘charities’ until enough people are aware of the bad things they do that do not get widely publicised..
      I am surprised they let the beans spill on that Yassir Abdou. He deserves to be banned for life from every country in Europe.
      Spending ‘charity’ money to protect that brute from the consequences of his criminal actions is not just irresponsible. It’s an insult to every unsuspecting person who ever donated to Oxfam thinking they were in business to help the deserving. .


    • Seymour 23:56 on February 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Well done!
      Unlike that so-called ‘charity,’ which won’t let the public (whose money they rake in) know the identities of the hoodlums they employed, you tell us the name of at least one violent lout they’ve taken under their wing!

      Oxfam needs to be judged on the kind of criminal they spend charitable donations on.


  • ross1948 19:10 on November 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Horrific Crimes Covered Up In German 'Migrant' Centres! 

    That there’s a terrifying amount of violence, including murder, rape and child molestation, in the centres where so-called ‘refugees’ reside in Germany, probably comes as no surprise to any of our readers who read our regular reports.

    Another Bestial ‘Asylum’ Rapist In Germany! 

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks ….

    More Merkel Victims (Age 12 to 14) In The News? 


    Yet the despicable cover-up of this nightmare by the German authorities?



    It beggars belief that even a bunch of skunks like Mama Stasi Merkel’s clique could sink so low as to use crimmigrants’ ‘right to privacy’  – Germany: Violence Spirals in Refugee Shelters – as their excuse to conceal this monstrous state of affairs from their own people.



    Yet that”s exactly what’s been going on, and it’s only thanks to one responsible newspaper, Bild, that we learn of the truth.

    Read the original article – http://www.bild.de/regional/chemnitz/fluechtlingsheim/strafakte-asylheim-53647004.bild.html   –  or the excellent piece by Soeren Kern in Gatestone and shudder at the evil imported by Merkel’s malignant migrant policy.

    Right to Privacy?

    These predators should enjoy NO rights in the country they had no right to enter and into which they only got thanks to the malevolent Merkel’s irresponsibility…

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    Hasil gambar untuk stasi merkel


    ….or, as many Germans have begun to conclude, her treason.

    • Jerry Jerman 19:39 on November 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes I have read in the original German news about what they are doing and it is not a surprise.
      By that, I mean it is not a surprise how the inmates are behaving so criminally and it is not a surprise how treacherous our German government is being to us.
      It is good that you offer the English translation link because people everywhere have a right to know abut this crazy right to privacy that Merkel allows the invaders to use for hiding the savage offences they commit.


  • ross1948 18:04 on October 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , crimmigrant violence, , Germanty, , ,   

    Let’s all join in, a hymn of thanks to Merkel…



    …without whose malign presence in politics, this DW story might never have been written.


    Islamic State flag and weapon sitting on evidence table at trial in Göttingen (picture-alliance/dpa/S. Pförtner)

    A nearly four-fold increase in terrorism-related cases is stretching the manpower of federal prosecutors. So far this year nearly 900 terrorism cases have been opened, including 800 related to radical Islamists…



    In addition, the Federal Criminal Police Office estimates nearly 700 people in Germany are Gefährder, or radical Islamists who represent a security risk and are capable of carrying out violent attacks.

    Germany terrorism prosecution cases soar: report | News | DW | 22.10



    There is also concern in security circles that German nationals who went to fight in Syria or Iraq may return home and present a threat to security. 

    And while even ministers in the governments of May and Macron are pointing out the need to kill the caliphate curs before they make it back…

    In All Fairness, Right On Rory! But Will His Boss Agree? 

    Another T-May Betrayal – Welcome Home, ISIS Terror Pigs! 

    …what is the Berlin Bitch doing about those pigs?

    ISIS Slags Were ‘Jealous’ Of Sex-Slaves?!? Hell Mend ‘Em! 

    Providing consular assistance!

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