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    Who Dares Trespass On That Old Bat’s Sumptuous ‘Safe Space?’ 

    As one might expect, that champion of the struggling disadvantaged, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, owns an impressive vineyard in California’s posh Napa Valley – that’s besides the arguably even posher mansion in San Francisco!


    Nancy ‘Plastic’ Pelosi


    Democrat Pelosi being also a champion of the ‘wronged’ Red Indians (‘Native Americans’ in pinko-speak!) you might think she’d have long since handed at least some of her acreage back to whichever tribe had formerly dwelt there, happily hunting whatever game the land had once been home to…


    Related image


    ….but let’s not expect consistency or principle or even morality from the likes of Pelosi.

    And those three qualities, or rather their absence from whatever passes for the old bat’s political vision, were what ‘conservative activist’ Laura Loomer has agreeably dramatised by bringing a clutch of ‘illegals’ onto the Napa Valley property and declaring a ‘sanctuary’ and/or ‘safe space’ – more pinko-speak, but we have a few leftist readers!


    Image result for loomer pelosi

    ‘They climbed over the waist-high stone wall and set up a tent on the front lawn, with the word “Immorality” stenciled in red and photos of Americans killed by illegal immigrants hanging off one side.‘



    As we know, from Pelosi’s televised and lame-brained ‘rebuttal’ to The Donald’s nationwide alert on the crimmigrant menace,  she and Schumer care so little  about the atrocities committed by illegals that neither of them even thought to mention, never mind challenge, the President’s factual reference to those numerous and nasty crimes.


    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama! 


    In that respect, both Democrats are true to Obummer’s callous indifference to the suffering of Americans at the hands of alien intruders.

    Anyway, if you relish the thought of a sanctuary-freak having part of her own spacious estate thus designated, good news!

    The  ‘occupation’  was live-streamed, so use that RT link above to watch.

    • Ken Kasic 18:43 on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I hoped you would cover this.
      You probably heard the latest news about how the horrible woman point-blank refused to meet the mothers of Americans murdered by illegals?
      Pelosi has no conscience where our people are concerned but show her an illegal alien then even her plastic-based features mobilize in compassion.
      Read this, it’s a very clear insight into how liberals feel about crimmigrants.


      • Vinnie F 23:55 on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I see those Angel Moms messed up Schumer’s office a little.
        They should have broken Pelosi’s broomstick. She is a wicked old witch.
        A rich witch too.


    • Chrissie Miles 22:01 on January 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Pelosi is repellent.
      If she hates Trump, then we can be sure, from that fact alone, he must be doing good things.


    • Florence Gooch 15:44 on January 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very well timed occupation, and please notice it was peaceful and polite, not like the Soros ‘Occupy’ trouble-maker trespassing a few years back.


  • ross1948 19:31 on November 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    CSU Sells Out, Leaving Only AfD To Make ‘Asylum’ Sense! 

    At least Seehofer made an effort to preserve the image of his Bavarian CSU party as the ‘conservative’  wing of Mama Stasi Merkel’s machine.

    Not any more, now that the current State Premier Markus Söder has ‘rebuked fellow members of the conservative CDU/CSU alliance for standing up against the ruinous ‘asylum’ clause in Germany’s Basic Law (constitution) and the UN Migration Pact.


    Image result for markus söder


    Söder had a right old rant (sorry, left old rant) at the weekend.

    “The individual constitutional right to asylum is for me inviolable.”  


    This outburst will undoubtedly lose his party even more votes to the AfD patriot party, especially since it was totally needless.


    The CDU leadership candidate who dared to question the undemocratic clause ( I say undemocratic because the clause is not amendable, unlike most of that ‘Basic Law’ – none of which, of course, was ever was put to Germans for approval or otherwise…


    …was almost instantly brow-beaten into a mealy-mouthed retreat from his questioning words!


    Watch video01:58

    Merkel rival launches bid to succeed her

    Söder, a member of the CDU’s Bavarian sister party, the CSU, said the debate about the individual right to asylum was too “theoretical.” Migration policy was about taking “practical steps” that the government had already taken, he said.

    Need for international cooperation

    Söder also said that the UN migration pact made sense because global migration challenges could not be solved by one country alone.

    “National measures always have to be conducted in tandem with international ones,” he said. “Otherwise, they lead to nothing.”

    Right-wing CDU/CSU members voiced concern that the agreement could set legal principles that would make it harder for Germany to set its own immigration policy.

    CDU Health Minister Jens Spahn, another hopeful to replace Merkel as CDU leader, said party members should vote on the pact at a party conference in early December.

    Watch video00:44

    ‘Bavaria can have a strong, stable government’

    The government’s failure to communicate enough details about the pact was “unfortunate,” Söder said, because it offered far-right populists ammunition for “conspiracy theories.”

    Other countries, including Austria and the Czech Republic, have said they will withdraw from the treaty.

    The Bavarian premier was nevertheless pleased with the European Union’s efforts to control inward migration by strengthening its external border.

    “Europe is fortunately far further along than it was just a few years ago,” he said.

    amp/tj (AFP, Reuters)

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    Bravo, Ilirska Bistrica! Democracy Against The Migrant Menace! 

    So who the heck is Ilirska Bistrica?

    Not a who, but a where, a small municipality in Slovenia, hard by the Croatian border…

    Slovenes Show Europe the Way  - Referendum in Defence of Decency!

    …and its citizens are fed up to the back teeth with crimmigrants encroaching on their community, oozing in from across that frontier.

    That’s why their city councillors ‘decided unanimously’ this month that Ilirska Bistrica would hold a local referendum to rally resistance against a government scheme to set up a ‘migrant registration centre.’

    As the report tells us, ‘the municipality is against the Jelšane registration centre or any other facility for refugees or migrants on their territory.’



    And the reason for local indignation is made clear by the next sentence viz.,

    The councillors also urged the government to “boost security on the state border to protect locals and their property..”.

    This is admirable news!

    If only more municipalities, town, cities, counties, and of course countries all over Europe would demand and get the right to vote on the migrant menace…

    referndmlet peole vote

    =…referenda on the issue of the unwanted horde. But we know too well the contempt in which the elites hold common people.


    Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece


    Few French folk will have forgotten Retch Hollande’s jack-boot response to a bravely defiant town called Allex…

    In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’   

    …where, as in that Slovenian border district this month, the people were facing crimmigrant depredations.

    They too planned to put the issue to a democratic vote, but were denied that right.


    For fear of public disorder!

    Any excuse.

    Let’s hope Slovenia’s government will not resort to the same shameful authoritarian tactics.


    • Jacko 23:06 on September 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I really did think you were going to give us one of those really good photo specials you sometimes do, sexy actress jumping around in a bikini.
      But good enough, the Slovenians have got the right idea.


    • Pamela 23:53 on September 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      God bless Slovenia


  • ross1948 22:41 on September 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Red Tsipras Wails For His Afghans – His Neighbours Show Sense! 

    What an odd report from the Guardian!

    Having said that, many of its reports are odd, as if emanating from an alternative universe where normal ways of expressing thoughts are reversed.



    For example, we have the scribblers telling us that Macdeonia’s wise clamp-down on its border with Greece, last weekend, left thousands stranded. 


    Turns out most of them are Afghans, and so if they feel stranded, it’s because they have gate-crashed somebody else’s country and cannot for the moment advance into somebody else’s country.

    They could sod off back to where they belong, but they choose to be ‘stranded,’ which means they are not really ‘stranded’ at all.



    It wouldn’t be the first time that primitive parasites have been caught on camera trying to force their way illegally into Macedonia, and it’s a great pity, that first time, the Macedonians didn’t open fire on the arrogant aggressive swine.

    The brave Macedonians did drive the aliens back, but thanks to unwarranted interference by a notorious UN slug…


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres spoke today with FYR Macedonia Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki about the situation, and received assurances that the border will not be closed in the future.  http://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2015/8/55d740e76/unhcr-voices-concern

    That ratbag is now the UN big boss!

    Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 


    … they didn’t keep up the tough tactics and it is sad to read that now, inexplicably, while Afghans are kept out, ‘ Syrians and Iraqis ‘are allowed to pass…’

    Apparently Red Tsipras has been doing his utmost to aid and abet the Afghan horde and on Monday ‘made frantic appeals to Macedonia to open its frontier.’

    Here it gets weird again.

    By midday up to 10,000 men, women and children had been trapped in Greece, with most marooned in the north. Another 4,000 people, newly arrived from islands off Turkey’s Aegean coast, were stuck in Athens’s port of Piraeus.

    These people are NOT trapped in Greece. They are not welcome.

    Thieving Crimmigrant Ingrates Provoke Riot in Greece! 

    They were not invited to Greece and can retrace their path back to the other side of the Aegean. Tsipras’ predecessors did a pretty fair job of keep undesirable aliens out…

    Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 


    Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

    ..despite Brussels obstructionism, but if Tsipras is taking the side of the horde, that will only encourage more of them to leave Turkey, illegally (and leave they do….

    ….despite Erdolf’s huge bribe from Juncker and Merkel to stem the torrent) we must expect trouble. Has he done anything to prevent the aliens reaching the Greek mainland, to augment the mob surging northwards? Some of the latest unwelcome batch from the Greek islands arrived in Athens with ‘bus tickets to Idomeni!’

    That’s the border town filthified for several years by noisome encampments of savages eager to get north to the bright lights of German and Swedish welfare troughs.




    The backlog came after Macedonia refused entry to Afghan refugeesfollowing on from sensible moves by Austria – which of course has its patriot party the FPO, in its coalition government.

    Tsipras’ migration minister, Yannis Mouzalas, had a right old rant, telling media that the Balkan route was a humanitarian corridor…Visegrád countries have not only not accepted even one refugee; they have not sent even a blanket for a refugee!”

    Which just goes to show that they are a LOT smarter than Greece’s current regime, which panders to the crimmigrants…

    Tear gas fills the air as French riot police face off with demonstrators near the area called the "jungle" where migrants live in Calais

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

    ….in contrast to those predecessors we mentioned above.

    And then Mouzalas moaned that those wise nations had not even sent “a policeman to reinforce [EU border agency] Frontex.”

    Like, uh, what about those countries that HAVE sent officers to help out on the Aegean?

    We noted how UTTERLY unhelpful that lot are, just a few weeks ago.

    ===Related image

    Portuguese GNR police working in the Greek islands of Samos and Lesbos’ – far from doing what naive citizens might expect, have just collaborated with a boat-load of 69 ‘migrants’ – in fact illegals – caught in an incursion into Greek territorial waters.

    ‘Guard’ Used To Mean ‘Defend!’ No Longer, On The Aegean! 


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    Women’s Rights? Will Tunisia Face Down Fanatics? 

    Just saw EuroNews reporting from Tunisia, where thousands of backward savages are raging against a plan to give daughters the same rights as sons, with a new inheritance law  that would end the sexist shariah rule which brands women as second-class.

    Tunisian leader backs equal inheritance rights for women



    Good that some in the Arab world are trying to introduce fair play, but ask yourselves – how many of the crimmigrants who have oozed into Europe in the past few years share the primitive demonstrators’ passion for iniquitous treatment of women?

    More importantly, ask why no proper vetting system has even been proposed by anyone in Brussels to ensure no such nonsense is imported?

    Why are arrivals not interrogated, to ensure those holding to such an ideology are excluded?



    We know all too well that some of those who have reached European shores not only cling to such sexist ‘values’ but are determined to foist their alien beliefs on civilised countries.



    • Penny 18:50 on August 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Deep vetting required!
      No sharia!


    • Richard Fittner 21:04 on August 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      In the United States there was always a question put to anybody who wanted to come into the country, about their affiliation with communism.
      We need to have the same kind of vigilance in all European countries, to exclude adherents of shariah.


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    Marine – Reasons To Be Cheerful! 

    An interesting piece in the far-left UK ‘Independent’ this past weekend, on the prospects of the patriot party candidate in France.




    Marine Le Pen is ahead in the polls and there’s a general media fret, exemplified in the Independent’s typically objective headline –

    This is what would have to go wrong for Marine Le Pen to win the French presidential election



    Note well – Not ‘this is what would have to happen…’




    That would suggest impartial reporting, which ain’t gonna occur, any more than Hollywood’s rotten celebs are gonna grow out of tantrums.

    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS

    Star turn at Oscar Ceremony?

    • In France, as in most, if not all, Western countries,the bulk of the media is left-liberal.

    It has been for decades, as I was reminded when reading yesterday how the Socialist President Mitterand could just throw a switch and have the Lugenpresse lap-dogs start barking at whatever level of volume he chose.



    French media


    Until then the French media had kept Jean-Marie Le Pen and his Front Nat­ional away from the studios. For this and other reasons his appeal had been limited. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/inquirer/extreme-danger-ahead-for-eu-as-europe-topples-to-the-right/news-story/

    The media had hitherto simply ignored the FN, but it suited Mitterand to split his opponent Chirac’s vote.

    Hence his imperious sotto-voce diktat, which had the puppet press change tactics, allowing Le Pen Senior coverage? 

    Utterly unprincipled, the media services the Left any which way the Left requires of them, much like a strung-out hooker services a client.

    Jean-Marie was nowhere near as big a threat to the elite as his very different daughter.

    Image result for chirac le pen

    Chirac v Le Pen Snr.


    His rough, off-the-cuff ad-libbery annoyed many voters ( though even so, when he later forced Jacques Chirac into a run-off, the craven head of state bottled out of any televised debates with the FN leader)

    No way can that work nowadays!




    Marine Le Pen has nearly 30% of voters behind her, a tribute to her courageous character and to her positive policies, which include taking terror seriously, a democratic decision on Frexit…




    …AND getting to grips with both enemy aliens and the disloyal off-spring of previous immigrants, the riotous banlieue rabble.

    So Parisian pinkos, like the Independent’s scribblers, are getting vexed at the potential scenario scarily sketched out, a scenario bright with promise for French folk who want to take back their country.

    Fillon, the phony ‘conservative,’ has slumped, thanks to a ‘scandal’ about his wife’s job.

    Had he remained a strong runner, ending up in a run-off with Marine, the obvious tactic for the various ‘centre’ and ‘left’ candidates would be to swing behind him.




    Fillon’s abandonment of the fight for traditional values – he opposed ‘gay marriage’ but refuses to fight for repeal; he purports to oppose Brussels rule but won’t defy the Brussels diktat banning capital punishment – would have made it easy for the in-crowd’s other collaborators to fall in behind him.

    Anything to block Marine.

    Now, however, he has little chance of reaching that run-off.


    The media  have settled on their own candidate, Macron – an ultra-liberal with a reassuring background of ties to international bankers…


    Image result for macron brussels


    …who is so close to the decadent media class that he’s even had to deny rumours of a ‘gay’ affair  with the top man in France Radio!

    So it’s easy-peasy for the left-liberal establishment to back him.

    But then…there’s that big problem known as the electorate.

    As in the Brexit vote, people are waking up. They seem to be open to delivering a rejection of the treason class parties, as they have long sensed and are now seeing that all’s not well with their nation.

    Thus Macron, whom we looked at a few months ago –

    France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant! 

     – has to engage in a balancing act.

    Something he’s no damn good at.

    Perhaps momentarily forgetful that things said in foreign lands can these days be instantly heard back home, he swanned off to Algeria and shamelessly insulted France’s imperial past as “crime against humanity!”  



    Criminality or glory?


    As the Independent correctly says, never before has a leading French politician used such strong terms.


    Contrast Macron’s trash-talk with what Marine Le Pen had to say, when she was abroad a week ago, her stirring refusal to kow-tow to primitives.

    France’s Marine Shames Swedettes! 

    Who’s going to gain more votes from these overseas utterances?


    Macron also revisited the decency debate, saying that those who had opposed legalising gay marriage had been humiliated. Whatever that means, it sounds gratuitously offensive to lots of ordinary French people – except decadents in certain posh Parisian arrondissements.

    So will Macron keep shooting himself in the foot, his ineptitude undermining all his media-freak fan club can do?

    The Independent obviously hopes he won’t.

    And it would be nice if Marine wins on the arguments, as she deserves to, rather than the mismanagement by Macron of his mouth.

    But who cares, as long as the lady’s on top!

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    ‘1984’ Sales Surge – Why? Could Be Cultural Marxist Censorship! 

    Heck,  I got my new dispenser yesterday, but then decided to lounge around JCO coffee shop,  

    Several hours later, the traffic that always heralds a holiday weekend made my journey home long and wearisome, so skipped planned blog-work!

    Then today, I rang the tukang aqua – the guy who delivers those big bottles of drinking water –

    ‘Sorry, mister, on holiday!’

    Hasil gambar untuk 2017 chinese new year cake

    Yup, Chinese New Year! Of course I knew it was a holiday, but many small shops etc. don’t close for business -but he did.

    So off on my travels again, to buy a few smaller bottles, bring ’em home, and resume drinking my Kapal Api coffee!

    Only now catching up on the blogging.



    Hasil gambar untuk 1984====

    Much ado about 1984, a great book by one of my favourite authors – I’m pretty sure I’ve read every one of his books!

    Animal Farm was also good, a brilliant satire on marxist hypocrisy, which George Orwell experienced first, when he fought on the losing side in the Spanish Civil War.


    • b8c62-animal_farm
    • Seems sales of 1984 have increased rapidly, and the left propaganda machine, CNN etc., are trying to spin this as a knock-on effect of the Trump victory.
    • They hate the fact that he’s reminded Americans how illegals can get to vote in their elections.  

      Alternative CNN Universe? Illegals Never Voted – Why? ‘It’s Against The Law!’ 

    • Big Brother in ‘1984” has a variety of regularly repeated slogans, like –
    • ————

    Hasil gambar untuk 1984


    A bit like saying

    Crimmigrants are Refugees.





    Illegal Immigrants are Undocumented Migrants




    Censorship is Free Speech.


    I’d hazard a guess that the 1984 sales surge, far from being related to Donald Trump’s war on the dishonest media…




    …is more likely a consequence of young people seriously interested in getting an education, many of whom are at a loss to understand the sad, sick mind-set of so many American college administrators and professors and lecturers…

    Hate-Preaching Pinko Prof? Don’t Shoot Her, Fire Her! 



    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 

    ….some of whom we have noted before for their obnoxious antics–

    …aiding and abetting pig-ignorant left-liberal ‘students’ (haha!) determined to stomp freedom of expression on campuses across the USA.

    I wasn’t going to bother with the issue – there are so many issues these days – but then I saw an excellent piece in the WSJ…

    Censorship Is Free Speech? It Must Be the Class of 1984

    …which inspired me to do so.

    I highly recommend that you read the whole thing.

    But here’s a sample to whet true conservative appetites.

    The inclusive-language campaigns at the University of Wisconsin’s campuses in Milwaukee and River Falls have also discouraged students from saying “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien…” 


    What can one say in response to such drivel?


    And how about that extremely peculiar woman at the previously respected University of Northern Colorado…




    …where a “Language Matters” campaign last year warned students not to say “All lives matter.”

    Instead of hammering the racist rot spread around by the intolerant ‘Black Lives Matter’ rabble…

    Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

    ….the dean of students, Katrina Rodriguez, defended the program…saying it was “about being mindful about how words can affect others and the conversations provide an opportunity for individuals to understand why particular language may be hurtful to someone else in our community of learners.”


    • sorry
    • ————-

    Sticks and stones, babe.

    If they are old enough to enrol in university, they shouldn’t be whining like spoilt toddlers that other students’ words leave them with hurt feelings!

    If that’s how infantile they are, they should drop out till they grow up.

    Rodriguez is a a simpering creep! Click and Cox  – the weirdo women in our photos above – are a disgrace to the academic world. That they’re permitted to hold positions of responsibility is an indictment of modern American academia.

    But Brit readers need to remember that UK universities are similarly afflicted –

    British Universities Pander to Islamist Inquity 

    The UK – Gaystapo Rules Sheffield University! 


  • ross1948 11:05 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Abetting Illegals? Green Light From French Crack-Pot Court! 

    Woke up a little while ago, and caught the tail-end of one of those action-packed ‘300’ movies on cable tv, heroic Greeks battling undesirable immigrants from across the sea.

    Gambar terkait

    Pity today’s Greeks have Red Tsipras at the helm!


    • A Greek who shows contempt for his own Greek people…

    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 


    But the poor people of France are no less up against it, renegades as bad as Ephialtes ( the creep who showed the Persians how to sneak past the defenders of Thermopylae) busily aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

    But this offensive activity is going unpunished, by the very authorities whose duty it is to uphold the law!

    A ‘researcher’ named Pierre-Alain Mannoni has been acquitted despite his self-confessed complicity in crimmigration…


    Hasil gambar untuk Pierre-Alain Mannoni



    ….with a crack-pot French court ruling that the collaborator’s scheme to help illegals ‘sneak into the country from Italy’ was in fact done to ‘protect their dignity.’


    This is a shameful ruling and the judge responsible deserves dismissal.



    It is also an ill omen for the outcome of another trial which we mentioned yesterday…

    …another case of collaboration, for which the verdict will be announced on February 10th.

    Hard to find fault with anything said by the President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, where these disloyal agitators are operating. He has repeatedly criticised activists who help migrants.



    Christian Estrosi


    Christian Estrosi described the imbecilic verdict as an insult to the work of the security forces who put their lives in danger to protect ours.

    Marine Le Pen, the patriot party candidate in this year’s presidential election, should make this disgraceful outcome a big issue.




    And not only in regard to getting crack-pots, cultural marxists and clowns off the judicial benches.

    It’s high time this kind of contemptible carry-on should be re-classified under the current state of emergency  – as something akin to treason.

  • ross1948 11:13 on November 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Media Just Can’t Get Past Their Candidate’s Defeat! 

    Just saw the news on France 24, a bearded twit telling us with po-faced solemnity that there was ‘no evidence‘ to support Trump’s tweeted assertion that the shrill ‘millennial’ brats on the streets were ‘professional protestors incited by the media.’


    Does not that Mirk menace earn her living in the agitprop media industry? Obama Out, But BBC? ‘No Change, As Pinko ‘Bitch’ Rants! 

    Would she not fall easily into the category of professional protestor?

    The sheer volume of rabid hatred  – CNN’s Communist Bile Erupts, Before The Count Is Over!  -and bare-faced lies  – America – Supremes OK With ‘White Supremacist Militia?’  – pumped out by the media…




    …will probably go on longer than the brats’ truancy, which may be no bad thing – a day off political indoctrination by pinko pedagogues like this thing pictured below..



    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 


    The Derangement of North America! 

    And as to that repulsive mangy anti-American rabble we hear hollering ‘Not My President?
    Hasil gambar untuk burning flag not my president
    Flag-burning filth rage against democracy

    Given the number we hear whining bitterly that they or their crimmigrant friends or family are at risk now of deportation, at least they’re telling the truth!




    Trump is President Elect of the USA.

    Self-evidently, therefore, he is NOT the President of mangy mutts with no right whatsoever to be there.


    out with them


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