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  • ross1948 21:51 on August 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Amnesty Back ‘Migrant’ Referenda? 

    I had been working, in somewhat dilatory manner, I must admit (my Jakarta weekends, esp in the current heatwave, tend to veer towards relaxation!)

    ….on an Amnesty observation or two, when I stumbled on this…

    Why is Amnesty International feeding Russian propaganda?

    .The human rights charity is under fire for criticising Ukraine’s army. Has it strayed too far from its original mission, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/why-is-amnesty-international-feeding-russian-propaganda-

    As to any war-time propaganda role, you may make up your own minds, but I was drawn to Rhe Times intro’s final nine words..

    Has it strayed too far from its original mission..

    My answer, obviously…

    AmnestyShamnesty! Making War On Free Speech

    Amnesty has shown itself a champion of filthy savages..


    …Although the migrants may have acted violently in their attempt to enter Melilla, when it comes to border control, not everything goes…“ Amnesty Spain’s,  Esteban Beltrán.


    …so my answer has to be a resounding YES.

    Amnesty was once all about getting political prisoners freed

    Now it’s a far-left agitprop outfit, as we saw again last week.

    Nice to know that the outrageous plans to endanger those innocent English villagers…

    Laughable LibDem Just Can’t Get It! 

    …, the scheme to impose hundreds of single, military-age crimmigrants in a camp on their door-step…



    ….has been abandoned.

    . But while that’s good news for Linton village

    …how about Amnesty International,  claiming that Sunak and Truss are only making realistic noises about crimmigrants to appeal to Tory Party members.

    Since it’s Tory Party members who get to choose which one of the pair of posers gets to be PM, then what else would Amnesty expect?

    If Amnesty objects to 150000 Tories being the only ones influencing crimmigrant policy, that suggests an Amnesty preference for wider, more democratic decision-making.


    So perhaps the far-left ‘charity’ should endorse calls for a referendum, or referenda, on the migrant menace..

    …a list of sensible reforms, like derogation from ECHR and that UN Refugee Convention, etc, which would thwart future legalice obstruction to deportations and push-backs.

    Naturally, Amnesty will back nothing of the sort, not the derogations, nor any whiff of a democratic vote…

    …because Amnesty knows most Brits would warmly welcome such reforms.

    But there IS one step both Liz and Rishi could instantly take, one that’s both quite simple and cheap…

    …oh  and IMHO a moral imperative…viz…


    People would not be detained at the centre and would be free to come and go…



    Where’s the sense in having a curfew and a security system – including CCTV, security guards and roaming patrols….?

    – if the brutes can go out and prowl as they please?

    • Amanda Adams 01:29 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Shamnesty is what they are!


  • ross1948 04:23 on January 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    So Argie Dope Does Think About Women’s Welfare? 

    Pope Francis calls violence against women an ‘insult to God’ in New Year’s Day homily





    No doubt the Bishop of Rome’s new concern for the well-being of women will lead him to urge the pig-ignorant savages. ..

    Home Sweet Home? Not When Evil Sexists Hold The Keys

      Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists 

    …who run Iran to abandon their oppressive ways.

    Or if it’s only the physical safety of women and girls on which he’s focusing, will he recant those imbecilic pronouncements….

    Hey, Argie Dope! Say What You Think Or STFU! 

    Who cares about the women and girls of Europe – crimmigrants come first!’…not the Argie’s actual words, but what they mean in practical terms. 

    Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security

    …which belittled the importance of curbing molestation…


     Grmay, a filthy savage indeed!

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    ….if the ‘right’ of crimmigrants…


    ….to gate-crash civilised countries were therefore put at risk.

  • ross1948 15:07 on June 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Yes, ANOTHER Case Involving Filthy Savages! 

    Continuing from our post published less than an hour ago..

    Import More Aliens? Amnesty, At It Again! 

    …when we discussed dastardly ingrate primitives whom supine Western governments allow to colonise their countries….

    ….we often highlight the report with that two-word illustration.

    Perhaps readers will agree that it is once more appropriate in respect of this story from Escale Borély beach in Marseilles, just sent to us….


    …which I guarantee the BBC will cover up, as usual.


  • ross1948 01:20 on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    There Are At Least 149 Slimy Pro-Crimmigrant Slugs In Rome! 

    And no, I’m not making that assertion ‘without evidence,‘ as the BBC/CNN catch-phrase has it, when somebody states a self-evident truth that pinko hacks don’t like to hear.

    My evidence is the breaking news reported in various media, that ‘Italian senators have backed stripping far-right leader Matteo Salvini of his parliamentary immunity.


    “I am proud to have defended Italy and I would do it again,” said Salvini, reacting to the vote.

    This green-lights a witch-hunt against the patriot leader, as Euronews reported..

    It means Salvini could now face a trial for allegedly illegally detaining migrants at sea….when he refused to let a rescue ship carrying scores of migrants dock at the Italian island of Lampedusa.


    The man should get a medal, not an ordeal in court!

    But he has guts and will no doubt turn the ‘trial,’ if it transpires, into a circus, a forum in which he and his many supporters will denounce Cur Conte’s coalition for the vile betrayal of Italy which continued even as those slimy 149 senators voted…


    Pity Little Lampedusa, Swamped By Conte’s Crimmigrants! 

    …with more and more illegal alien incurions reported from that very same island we wrote about just a day or so ago.


    • Gina Torino 03:02 on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Grazie mille!
      Thank you so much!


  • ross1948 15:05 on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Rats On The Run! No Excuse Now, Italy, For Failure To Deport! 

    Just watched Euronews at 3.45pm Jakarta time, and heard that in Italy not one but two batches of illegal aliens had ‘broken out’ of quarantine detention – nearly SEVEN HUNDRED crimmigrant scumbags, defying the law of the land they invaded.



    That cur Conte, it’s reported, has ordered the army to intervene, not to operate an overdue ‘stop or be shot’ policy, but to police those recaptured until they are parcelled out to blight other blameless Italian communities all over the country.

    These swine get ashore, then brazenly defy Italian law, putting everyone around them at risk of plague?


    They are the plague!

    What possible excuse does Conte have have for not chaining them together in warehouses or disused barns until an offshore container vessel is commandeered, to be filled with lawless parasites until it’s teeming with evil ingrates, ready to ship them back to Tunisia, whence they came.

    More of this later.

  • ross1948 00:24 on June 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    NZ Labour Smarter On ‘Asylum’ Blight? 

    I can’t say I’m a fan of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ms. Jacinda Ardern…


    Selandia Baru Diguncang Gempa Besar, Begini Kondisi PM Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda Ardern

    …but if a pinko like Tim Maurice, ‘Chief Executive of the Asylum Seekers Support Trust,’ is criticising her government, she must be doing something right.

    He’s been moaning that ‘the Department of Corrections refuses to disclose which of their prisoners are Asylum Seekers – preventing the trust from advocating for them.’


    Convicted criminals?

    Why on earth Maurice reckons he and his agitprop outfit should be afforded access to these undesirable aliens is baffling.

    Bad enough all the ‘NGO’ natterjacks making a fuss of fake ‘refugees,’ which most ‘asylum-seekers’ are, but if they have oozed into NZ and already shown their true colours sufficiently to land in prison?



    They should be subject to automatic deportation!

    The department are smart to prevent sticky-beak lefties from stirring things up.

    They’d be even smarter if they banned the blighters (the fakers, not the lefties) from possessing mobile phones too…

    Austria Approves Bill Requiring Migrants to Pay Fees, Hand inPhones

    Gambar terkait

    Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

    ….but who knows the answer to that?

    Readers have any info?

    If ‘asylumers’ in NZ are as arrogant as many others like them, in other countries, whining about ‘rights rubbish even as they dig their snouts into the public purse…



    ….then the less encouragement they get, whether they’re in jail or sponging in hostels, the better.

    So if, as the report says, ‘treatment of Asylum Seekers in New Zealand has worsened under the Labour government and pleas for change are falling on deaf ears…’

    Good for Labour!


    It hurt my fingers to type that!

    Incidentally, ‘advocacy’ costs money.

    Where does Mr. Maurice’s crew get the cash to do their thing?

    They say they don’t get public funds but list a variety of organisations who help them out.

    Do those organisations get money from local or national government?

    I’m too lazy to look for that info.

    Again, do any keen Kiwi readers know the funding facts?


    (More …)

  • ross1948 08:30 on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Criminals Unleashed – To Be Replaced With Dissenters? 

    A  horrible story to wake up to, on this sunny Jakarta morning, a street robbery down in Kediri, East Java, a brave young woman killed after two biker thugs grabbed her mobile phone.

    Indah, 19 years old,was also on a motor-bike.

    She pursued the scumbags, but as she caught up, there was apparently a multiple collision – the victim of the robbery suffered a fatal head  injury.

    Street crime here can be met with street justice, but although a crowd got hold of one of the accused…


    …the cops took him into custody. 

    Another escaped into a nearby field and is being hunted.

    You can use Google Translate to read the full story, if you are of a mind to.


    Tragic, but only one of many similar crimes.

    I’ve been informed of others much closer to home, related by reliable friends of mine, here in Jakarta, crimes committed in broad daylight, machetes brandished by predatory scumbags to rob honest citizens.




    One has to ponder the possibility that the increase in street crime – admitted by the police – is not unrelated to the release of both convicts and undesirable aliens due to the virus crisis

    COVID-19: Indonesia releases more than 5,500 inmates, plans to free 50,000 – National – The Jakarta Post
    Apr 1, 2020

    And this policy is not unique to Indonesia. 

    While police in Britain and Australia and America and elsewhere are charging citizens who fall foul of ‘distance’ rules…



    …some ‘NGO’ big-mouths are demanding that convicts and even illegal aliens should be unleashed!

    Australia –  Apr 13, 2020 · Human rights advocate Craig Foster calls for asylum seekers to be released from detention

    UK  – Home Office releases 300 from detention centres amid Covid-19 pandemic. Mar 21, 2020

    USA.  3500 California prison inmates will be released over coronavirus… Mar 31, 2020
    …with all kinds of courts complicit in the ‘de-lockdown’ of evil-doers. 

    The question arises – if dissenters who defy lock-downs decline to pay their fines, will they find themselves in the prisons vacated by genuinely bad people?


    • Intan 08:39 on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Most of us know or know about people getting trouble with criminals in Jakarta.
      I wish the criminals are still in prison. People are scared.

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    • Jim Ex Jakarta 09:40 on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Morning, Ross.
      If they keep the jail-birds in jail, they are at risk.
      If they let them out, we are at risk.
      Not a difficult choice, IMHO.

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    • Rawel 09:48 on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Too many preman (criminal) free to attack us.
      Not good.

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    • Santi 11:29 on April 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Criminals should be in jail!

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    • JazPen 21:58 on April 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with all previous comments on this, my Indonesian friends tell me that we are lucky to be shut indoors after dark.
      Robberies all over the place.
      Those locked up should stay locked up.

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  • ross1948 11:16 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – France24’s Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! 

    It’s probably just as well that I can only watch one tv channel at a time. Digesting multiple left-liberal biases would be insufferable!

    So last night, as also on the day before…


    …I just had a look at France24’s “news” and sure enough, their correspondent in Turkey came out with a blatantly bigoted assertion…

    ….viz. that, as far as importing further crimmigrants into Europe, it was just a ‘few enlightened countries’ that had offered to do so.


    Jasper Mortimer
    Jasper Mortimer, France24’s Turkey correspondent

    Jasper Mortimer, whose sly insertion of his leftist prejudices has brought him into our blog before…

    More ‘Refugee’ Terror – And France24 Shows BBC-Style Bias! 

    ….did not name these block-head regimes, nor did he explain in what possible way bringing in batches of aliens might be considered ‘enlightened!’

    Collins dictionary ‘sensible, modern attitudes and ways of dealing with things..’


    What’s ‘sensible,’ Jasper, about escalating a problem that’s plaguing one’s fellow-citizens and costing tax-payers gigantic sums of money?


    An up-to-date approach takes account of what happened in the past and learning from mistakes made, right? So if a significant number of ‘asylum-seekers’ are sectarian primitives and/or dastardly ingrates?

    What’s “enlightened” about taking in more of the same?


    Or worse!

    Governments that refuse to be pressured into any such asinine ‘offers’ are smart and far-sighted!

    Pinko propagandist Jasper, a South African married to a Turk, needs to go back to journalism school…

    …and swot up on the obligation to keep opinionated adjectives out his his broadcasting!

    • Mort 13:10 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Once more, as with the other example today, these reporting techniques are sly and low-key, ‘bringing judges to heel’, words that suggest judges are being mistreated by harsh use of a restraint.
      The judges are not being ‘brought to heel.’
      The recently re-elected Polish Government is acting on a legal reform, passed by parliament and approved by the democratically elected president.


  • ross1948 05:22 on December 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brilliant, Australia! An Imaginative Anti-Crimmigrant Initiative! 

    What a brilliant Australian initiative!



    I refer to the Guardian report on how the government concocted fake horoscopes to discourage superstitous wannabe crimmigrants from Sri Lanka.

    The campaign material, which was written in English, imagined various negative predictions for each star sign if they “illegally” travelled to Australia by boat, including having family problems, feeling ashamed and being “in debt forever”.

    Whether this imaginative strategy is responsible for the reduction in the numbers trying to gate-crash Australian territorial waters in search of bogus ‘asylum,’ we just don’t know, of course.

    We do know that it is typical of the Guardian’s pro-illegal bias that they would put inverted commas…



    …around the very accurate description of such activity as ‘illegal!’

    But that’s hardly news!

    Not much to add, except more applause.

    Australia must be aware of how many Sri Lankan ‘migrants’ ( of the Tamil variety) that Canada took in turned out to be lying, anti-social bums.

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

    They had been given sanctuary  in Canada because they had to flee the ‘frightful fate’ awaiting any of their kind in Sri Lanka.

    • But after getting settled into their new homes, there they were, gallivanting homewards, carefree tourists, back for family reunions, etc.


    Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates

    And causing havoc in the land that took them in.

    To Canada’s shame, few of that lot were kicked back to whence they came.

    Wise Oz, to take pre-emptive action!


    • Uncle Oz 13:43 on December 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Clever but cant we develop it, horoscopes for the ones already here, like
      ‘ you will get nine lovely wives if you go home fast?’
      ‘ government hand-outs will be stopped very soon?’


    • Mack the Knife 14:33 on December 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What possible reason did the Canadians have for not deporting all those rats blocking the fly-over?
      Why didn’t the people in Toronto get out their cars and beat the hell out of the ungrateful animals?
      I’m glad Australia has more sense than Canada. Sticking ‘boat-bludgers’ on distant islands makes so much sense. I wish Britain would lock up all the illegals landing on the Channel coast and send them back to France the same day.


  • ross1948 01:04 on December 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    And THIS Is What Bojo Will Have Brits Bow Down To? 

    I was reading about the European Court of Justice recently, how they are doing what some Leftist USA courts have taken to doing, making up the law to suit their own ideology rather than basing rulings on the legislation and the constitution.

    The most appalling ECJ misruling was on crimmigrant quotas, as desired by the Brussels Empire’s in-crowd, notably Mama Stasi Merkel.

    Although key decisions are supposed to be by unanimous agreement of the member state governments, the robed rats claimed that a qualified majority was enough.

    The mechanism actually contributes to enabling Greece and Italy to deal with the impact of the 2015 migration crisis and is proportionate.”

    Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó called the court ruling “outrageous and irresponsible” and “contrary to the interests of the European nations, including Hungary.” He added: “The decision puts at risk the security of all of Europe and the future of all of Europe as well.”


    Which brings us to Bojo’s fake-Brexit.

    Please read and absorb,

    Article 86 authorises the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to be the supreme judicial authority over any disputes between the UK and the EU during the Transition Period.

    The Transition Period is of course the period of time which would follow the UK’s withdrawal as a member from the EU while it still remains in the Single Market and Customs Union.

    The Transition Period is due to end in December 2020 but may be extended (up to December 2022) as long as a joint decision to do so is reached by July 2020.

    In other words, even though the UK would have left the EU, it is the EU’s supreme court that would decide any disputes the UK has with the EU including with respect to the WA.

    This would enable the EU to interpret the WA to its own advantage with no mechanism for the UK to resist.

    Article 87 extends the authority of the ECJ in this respect for a period of 4 years after the ending the Transition Period.

    So the earliest that the ECJ would cease holding sway over the UK would be Dec 2024 and possibly Dec 2026.

    Article 89 clarifies the full extent of the ECJ’s authority.

    It makes it clear that any judgements of the ECJ would be binding on and in the UK.

    The European Court of Justice’s pernicious role in the Withdrawal Agreement

    Read the whole article above, please!

    THEN read this, which confirms the initial part of our post today!

    According to the opinion of European Court of Justice’s advocate general Eleanor Sharpston…


    evil judge


    …the court ruled that “by refusing to comply with the provisional and time-limited mechanism for the mandatory relocation of applicants for international protection, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have failed to fulfil their obligations under EU law.”

    Please note, this arrogant woman is the UNITED KINGDOM’S ‘Advocate General’ with the ECJ.

    She is very clearly not on the side of nations trying to protect their citizens from undesirable aliens.


    merkel v poles

    She is openly allying with Mama Stasi Merkel and the Brussels Empire in its war on the valiant Visegrad nations.

    Victory To Valiant Visegrad! Fight The Good Fight! 


    While I do not have the constitution of that ECJ to hand, I am willing to wager that, like the Euro-Commissars, that gang of robed rogues take an oath of office always to place “Europe’s” law-codes above the allegiance they owe from birth to their own countries.

    Of course that’s not her in the top picture.

    Here she is, a joy to behold!


    Image result for eleanor sharpston"


    She continued that these countries cannot invoke “the maintenance of law and order” or “internal security.”


    Who the HELL does she think she is, to dictate to those brave historic nations when or how or why they may or may not ‘invoke’ those key conditions on which EVERY country’s well-being depends?

    And you Brits?

    Listen carefully over the next few days, as honest REAL Brexit supporters continue to expose how Boris Johnson has sold out UK freedoms by subjecting them to this supranational tribunal.


    • Noreen Paterson 17:23 on December 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Much useful fodder to browse on. Thanks.
      That ECJ is very dangerous, to everybody who cares about freedom and most of all to Britain, as we are supposedly getting out of the EUSSR but not, it seems, of its judicial stranglehold.
      Blame Boris Johnson.


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