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  • ross1948 05:49 on November 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The Good Mexicans Trump Talked About! 

    One of the most oft-repeated canards that the Media-Democrat Party likes to spew up  when they run out of fresh spittle-flaked spite is the bare-faced lie that President Trump called ‘Mexicans’ (or sometimes ‘Mexican migrants’ ) either ‘rapists’ and/or ‘criminals.’



    Anyone with access to the internet can easily find the actual speech, which clearly shows the GOP candidate saying that ‘some’ matched his description while ‘some were good people.’

    And now we get proof positive that The Donald was, is, correct.

    The good Mexicans are making themselves heard!

    Last week we had reports that the decent citizens of the Mexican city of Tijuana turned out to show the vile illegal aliens who constitute the Honduras Horde that crimmigrants are NOT welcome there.



    …anti-migrant groups have sprung up on social media calling on their followers to oppose the “invasion.”

    The virtual opposition turned real Wednesday night when residents of Playas de Tijuana confronted the Central American migrants, demanding that they leave as they “represent a risk to the community.”


    And yesterday we heard more voices were joining the anti-horde protests.

    Smart people!

    And no slouches at showing their distaste for the parasitic gang. There are reports that patriotic Tijuana folks have hurled stones at the illegals…

    out with them

    ….whom the city’s mayor perceptively classifiedas as ‘bums!’


    But yesterday we saw the other side of Mexico, not criminal but pro-crimmigrant, their President, mouthing fatuous UN slogans about how the scumbags ‘rights’ had to be ‘respected…’




    …whether or not they were deliberately and aggressively violating any sovereign border that got in their way.



    Good Mexicans, like good Americans, and good people around the world, are sick and tired of hearing hogwash about the ‘human rights’ of vicious hoodlums, whether on the borders of Hungary…

    ….or Spain…

    …or Guatemala.

    Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 

    Honduras Hoodlums Warn – ‘Get In Our Way, You’ll Get “Problems!” ‘ 

    All those savages deserve is a well-aimed border guard’s bullet.

    PS now check this out, on the subject of…

    …lies, the fake news, if you will, that the mainstream media is trying to propagate is the fact that this is all this weird, this organic thing and all the water and the food and the medicine all dropped from – manna from heaven.

    It’s baloney.

    It’s all highly organized…

    • Ken Kasic 11:38 on November 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We never had any problems with good Mexicans and those demonstrators are very good Mexicans.
      Young foreign thugs of military age, gangsters by their behavior, like those in that picture, are not wanted in any civilized community or country.


  • ross1948 21:26 on April 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Crimmigration Triples – Mama Stasi’s Man Says ‘It’s Under Control!’ 

    The number of immigrants entering Germany illegally via Switzerland appears to have tripled in the first two months of this year compared to 2016…


    Gambar terkait

    For non-geographers, the strip of border concerned is down there on the bottom left!


    So the German newspaper Die Welt, told its readers on Sunday. Providinng more detail, the number of crimmigrant crossings ( or, as the journos peculiarly put it, unauthorized entries, more than TREBLED, from 402 to 1350!


    And that’s just the Swiss-German border, a small portion of Germany’s long external frontier, as the map confirms.

    In January and February 2017, the federal police reported a total of 1,350 , against 402 in the first two months of the previous year.

    Hasil gambar untuk thomas strobl




    Not at all, says the federal vice-chairman of Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU party.

    Thomas Strobl, the state’s minister of the interior, told Die Welt am Sontag that authorities have the border under control…

    Yeah, right!

    • Jerry Jerman 22:50 on April 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Merkel is a liar who wants to decieve.
      Nobody has real belief in her now but many will support her in the election because they do not want Euro-Martin of SPD as chancellor, ruling in coalition with the Green Party or the Communist Left..
      I will most surely vote AfD.
      I have been taking my time to think about this and see no alternative.


  • ross1948 04:49 on March 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Red Nazis And Pinko Mayor Fight Free Speech In Naples 

    A vile red rabble ran amok in Naples last week, in a bid to shut down democracy, a riotous attempt to deny free speech to Italian patriot party leader Matteo Salvini.

    • ====
    • Salvini
    • =========
    • I quote from an overtly left-liberal media source-
    • Italy’s government vowed on Sunday to defend far-right Northern League leader Matteo Salvini’s right to free speech after violent clashes marred his first rally in Naples..
    • It’s not every day I applaud the current Italian Government, which is more or less the same as it was when Red Renzi was PM.
    • But all credit to Interior Minister Marco Minniti-
    • “In a democracy it is fundamental that everyone has the right to speak and it is even more fundamental for those whose views are furthest away from our own…”
    • Italy has for many long years been afflicted with the Red Nazi plague currently dubbed ‘Antifa,’ and their taste for wickedness was certainly on display on Saturday.
    • —–
    • They began hurling stones, flares, smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails at the police, who replied with baton-and-shield charges and tear gas.
    • The confrontation continued for over an hour, during which cars and rubbish carts were vandalized or overturned.
    But while such leftist neanderthals are indeed repulsive, what about this pinko creep?
     Gambar terkait
    Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris tried to use his mayoral powers to deny the far-right leader a venue for his first rally in Naples.
    Yeah, I know, it’s The Local, aka The Leftal, so of course they call Salvini ‘far-right,’ though when it comes to the obviously far-left De Magistris, he’s merely an independent left-winger!
    Salvini, in fact, is what even that report subsequently admits  – simply an anti-immigration, anti-euro populist…
    While ‘populist’ has no real meaning, being opposed to crimmigrant incursions and being in favour of his country getting its own national currency back hardly makes him extreme.
    Except to the far-left – the pinko mayor had branded Salvini a fascist xenophobe with contempt for southern Italy.
    Even were all that true, Salvini is still a citizen, an elected representative, and thus clearly possesses the right to speak.  

    De Magistri’s own fascistic inclination to ban Salvini from every public venue (no such ban applies to parties De M likes?) was overruled by the local prefect, acting on the orders of the interior ministry.

    Even Red Renzi was embarrassed.

    De Magistris’s handling of Salvini’s visit also came under fire from the media, constitutional experts and former premier Matteo Renzi.      https://www.thelocal.it/20170312/anti-far-right-clashes-in-naples-trigger-political-storm
    Enter the Red Nazis, ‘antifa’ hoodlums galore.
    For some reason, The Local’s report suddenly stops.
    Weird stuff.
    There’s a sub-heading, viz.-

    Black Bloc and Ultras

    These names refer to two infamous gangs, of which I had heard. But when you scan the paragraphs under the sub-heading, there’s absolutely NO mention of who they are or what they did or didn’t do.

    So I went into research mode and found that a newspaper called The Daily Star ( seemingly published in LEBANON!)  has almost the same report.

    EXCEPT that it actually did its job and told us that… 

    Media reports said the protesters involved in the violence were a mixture of militants of the anti-globalization Black Bloc group and hooligan fans of local football club Napoli, known as “ultras..”   http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/World/2017/Mar-12/397179-italy-clashes-trigger-political-storm.ashx

    So what’s with The Local? Sudden shortage of space? A misprint? Who knows?

    But the lesson to be learned must surely be – smash the Antifa Red Nazis!




  • ross1948 23:52 on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Headline Hides ‘Asylum’ Crime Wave In Dutch City! 



    Just trying to figure out what the Dutch News editors are playing at, with  their headline –

    Asylum seekers arrested for pickpocketing acquitted

    In fact, in terms of accuracy…


    Hasil gambar untuk pickpockets


    … it could as easily have been –

    Asylum seekers arrested for pickpocketing convicted

    Because it turns out that three were acquitted, but three others were convicted.

    Three of the Moroccan asylum seekers arrested for pickpocketing in the centre of Groningen have been acquitted by a court in Assen. Three others were sentenced to four to eight weeks for stealing phones and a wallet.

    A bizarre headline, then, obfuscating reality – unless, of course, those who devised it felt that crimmigrants being NOT guilty of street crimes were so unusual as to be specially newsworthy!

    However, reality comes shining through when we make our way down the page.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    •  Earlier this week the public prosecution office said Groningen city centre was ‘deluged’ by groups of pickpocketing asylum seekers, mainly from so-called ‘safe countries’ such as Morocco and Algeria.    http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/

    Turns out the reason for some prosecutions not succeeding was that the public prosecution office had opted for a fast-track procedure..

    …for fear the men might go on the run.


    If they feared the aliens detained might go on the run, why the heck did they not keep them locked up non-stop between arrest and trial?

    Given what’s reported above, let’s not overlook Geert Wilders, Freedom Party leader there, currently on trial…



    …for suggesting The Netherlands might be better off if there were fewer Moroccans in the country!

    Would the victims of the thieving aliens agree or not?


  • ross1948 00:23 on November 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Don’t Let Mere Massacre Stop You!’ UN Warns West Not To Curb Crimmigrants!! 

    An organised hypocrisy. As previously noted!

    United Nations Day? Scrap That Organised Hypocrisy! 


    That’s the United Nations, and how DARE their over-paid arrogant flunkeys WARN the West not to let a mere massacre slow down free-flow crimmigration.

    Europe’s waking up after the Paris Pogrom, which had clear crimmigrant input. Yet we read that the 

    Americans too have come to their senses: a majority of states have told Obama they won’t bow to his malignant ‘refugee’ importation schemes, yet today. as with Europe, we read that the United Nations Warns U.S. Not to Backtrack on Refugee Acceptance


    The New World Order? They’ve had a whack at Australia too not that long ago. UN Scolds Oz ‘Explain Yourself!’ – So Tell Him! 

    Talk about delusions of grandeur! Uppity creeps who forget from whence their ill-earned fat salaries derive.

    Who picks up the lion’s share of the tab for this corrupt tower of babble?

    America, and the other civilised countries menaced by ‘migrants.’

    About time we pulled the plug 

  • ross1948 10:40 on November 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Luxembourg Warns of War! Quake In Yer Boots! 

    Recall The Mouse That Roared, a comedy film about a mini-state in Europe with delusions of grandeur.

    Well, now the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has warned us all of war!

    All Europe will be a-quiver this week!

    Not with fear and trembling, for this little country, hitherto best known for its poofter Prime Minister  Luxembourg PM becomes first EU leader to wed gay lover …hardly rivals Merkel as an international menace ( Mama Stasi, after all, got in first with almost identical bellicose bleating Merkel warns of war in Balkans – The Local )

    So nobody will tremble, but there might be an anticipatory thrill at the concomitant warning that the insane Schengen System could be doomed.


    Asselborn with Juncker and fruits


    Their Foreign Minister, Jean (that’s a bloke!) Asselborn held out the delightful prospect of the collapse of the European Union as a consequence of the crimmigration crisis.


    • EU_flag_burned

    The core EU element of borderless travel, agreed in the Luxembourg city of Schengen in 1985, is under threat. 
    Jean The Ass raises one’s hopes to fever-pitch by adding “We have maybe only several months time left. The European Union can break apart.” 


    But before readers burst into a rousing chorus of “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow,” calm down! It’s not a promise, merely a dimwit’s poor idea of scare-mongering. The Ass-Man is inveighing not against savages but sanity, aka, politicians who use fear of migration as a way to appeal to voters!


    Another admission that citizens don’t like their countries being colonised by alien primitives, and that parties that offer resistance will likely reap democratic rewards at the polling booth.

    God forbid!

    It was at this point in his rambling rant that Asselborn went right off his rocker, shrilling that false nationalism can lead to a real war!

    Well, false nationalism is bad, true enough, the phoney patriotism of Cast-Iron Cameron, for example, pretending to be battling for Britain as he simultaneously abandons one BritExit postion after another in the bogus re-negotiations before they’ve even properly begun.

    • 0d8e4-kingcameronarrogant ‘False nationalism’ personified


    But REAL nationalism is a different matter, a phenomenon which is certainly apparent, and which, if sensibly applied, would mean some REAL European solidarity, patriots in every part of Christendom working together to reverse the incursions by ingrate illegal undesirables.

    Asselborn, of course, is simply hyper-ventilating and doesn’t know what he’s talking abut – otherwise he’d tell us – he didn’t speak of how war could break out!

    It’d be tempting to have a go at Luxembourg, but it’s not fair to judge a whole country by its political in-crowd ( Brits, for example, should not be held in contempt just because their PM is a lying turncoat!)

    Having said that, Liar Juncker hails from Luxembourg, and he’s one of the most overtly amoral EuroCommissars ( “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty, but would it be wise to draw the attention of the public to this fact?” Daily Telegraph 03 July 2007…and they do have that pinko poofter as PM, and this Ass as Foreign Minister… 

    Even so.


    referndmlet peole vote


    When the people there were allowed a vote on the EUSSR, some 44% of them took the opportunity to thumb their noses at Brussels. EU constitution: Where member states stand – BBC News

    Let the Ass-Man ( I mean the Foreign Minister, not the PM!) demand a Luxembourg referendum on crimmigration to see how many share his appeasement ideology.


  • ross1948 15:46 on August 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Polish Anniversary? Now ALL Europe Needs Solidarity! 

    Somebody just reminded me that it was on August 14th, 35 years ago, that the great Polish freedom fighter, Lech Walesa, led his men out on strike in the Gdansk shipyards, launching a movement that ultimately cut out the cancer of communism from Poland’s body politic.



    A day well worth remembering!

    And not only in Poland… the other red despotisms fell, maybe not quite like dominoes, but flat enough!

    But these days the Poles are facing a new menace, the same enemy all Europe faces, the crimmigrant tsunami.

    Solidarnosc! Against The People’s Will, EUSSR Imposes Crimmigrants On Poles! 

    And if the political elites don’t shape up and turn the parasite tide, then honest folk in every land should consider every possible weapon to bring rogue regimes to heel.


    • revolution-fist


    • ——————-
    • Coordinated, simultaneous general strikes would show up union leaders as being as much a part of the rotten establishment as the Brussels puppet politicians.
    • anti_communism_by_leandrotr
    • Just as, back then in Gdansk, the sham unions serving marxist exploiters were exposed for what they were, once patriotic workers woke up and acted to defend their country.
  • ross1948 09:24 on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hungary’s Twin Foes – Bludger Torrent And Brussels Treachery! 

    Pity the poor Hungarians, beset by bludgers who use their small country as a stepping-stone to the welfare troughs of Germany, Sweden and other EUSSR nations whose governments sit supine while parasites batten on the public purse, much as the EUSSR elites do!


    • snouts_in_the_trough
    • An EUObs report tells us that there’s a torrent of crimmigrants coming into Hungary, up from a few thousand in 2012 to 43,000 in 2014, according to official data.


    The police are doing their best to stem the tide, over 2,700 wannabe benefit-hogs detained this month, but by Brussels’ brain-dead rules, they can’t be held behind bars where they belong. Eighty percent of them move on from Hungary in the first weeks of the asylum procedure. 


    • prisoners
    • Were they properly secured in detention camps, they could be booted back promptly!


    It turns out that, as we mentioned last week, the bulk of the ‘asylum‘ bludgers are from Kosovo –BBC Re-Draws Map of Europe – Payback For EUSSR Funding?   –  but it seems that ‘asylum‘ is being rapidly re-defined by the agitprop outfits that promote their opportunities for leeching on honest citizens elsewhere..

    “I would not call them economic migrants. Fleeing starvation it is not the same as looking for a better paying job in the West.” 


    • …………………
    • Thus spake Gabor Gyulai, refugee programme coordinator at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, ‘a human rights group,’ but if such are not economic migrants, who are?  

    If they are entitled to ‘asylum,’ that can only mean MILLIONS more, in Kosovo, in the Middle East, Africa and Asia are equally entitled. Why don’t those selfish Germans, Swedes, French and Brits just clear off, leave their historic heartlands for alien colonisation?

    • 202f7-bleeding_heart_liberal_zone_moonbat
    • EUObs proceeds to give us a bleeding-heart yarn of how cold and wretched these people are whilst being taken into brief custody, leaving us to remind ourselves that they have deliberately put themselves and their kids into this situation in order to stick their snouts into other countries’ coffers.

    Ludicrously, Gyulai goes on to whine that  “Hungary does little to make the asylum-seekers want to stay.”

    Good grief!

    What country in its right mind would WANT uninvited alien intruders to ‘stay?

    As reported previously, P.M Viktor Orban has protested the pro-alien policies of the EUSSR which effectively encourage the invasion. 


    • Viktor-Orban-006 Orban
    • ————————
    • “Brussels will not protect Hungarians against this (growing migration), this will have to be sorted out by Hungarians, we have to protect ourselves. We have to fight to change the rules in Brussels and not let unworldly rules be forced upon us.”

    And his party colleague emphasises that there will be no surrender to the EurocRats. 

    “We are preparing a decision that is a very strict treatment of immigrants and in a way runs contrary to the practice adopted by Brussels,says Antal Rogan, whom we mentioned recently too.

    Hungary Shows Cameron What ‘Consultation’ Really Means! 

    Rogan offered a ray of hope, suggesting that the undesirables will be detained in future, and deported, without damfool delays in courts which are meant to provide justice for Hungarians, not excuses for illegals.

    But EUObs warns that – shock/horror – these planned measures could infringe Hungary’s EU commitments.

    And of course EUOBs managed to find some nobody, in this case Andras Biro-Nagy, analyst and co-director of Policy Solutions Institute, to accuse Orban of shamefully sharing his fellow-citizens’ XENOPHOBIA!  


    • andras Andras Biro-Nagy


    • Amusingly, young Andras can’t deny that Hungarians agree with their leader – “Fidesz is trying to exploit the deeply xenophobic attitudes in Hungary for political reasons…BUT   “…for the vast majority of Hungarians this has been a non-issue, even if they agree with the government’s tough position.”

    So they agree with Orban, are aware of the crimmigrant tsunami pouring over their country  but it’s not an issue?

    The UK establishment peddled the same sort of bilge for years. The Lab/Lib/Con trick – keep the issue of out elections, so it’s not an issue – then UKIP came along and the treason-bubble burst. Hungarians are fortunate to have a leadership that puts them first.

    Andras insults his people’s intelligence.


  • ross1948 08:09 on November 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘If You Win, It’s Your Duty To Lose!’ Media Message to Republicans 

    Just watching the initial results coming in from America, and it’s looking good.

    But listening to the media is less pleasing.

    Lots of appeasement arrogance, talking heads telling the Republicans that if they get their Senate majority, their first duty is to sit down and sell out, ‘meet Obama in the middle’ on all sorts of issues.

    Of course sensible compromise on practical measures to keep the government working is never a bad thing, but Obama does not deserve  to be met half-way on issues of principle, like the illegal influx.

    • Obama has blatantly abused his ‘executive power’ to by-pass the Constitution and the law of the land. He has done so for overt partisan advantage, seeking to boost his party’s vote by giving undesirable aliens a path to citizenship, i.e. votership!




    His racist Attorney General has done all in his power to facilitate voter fraud.

    There ought to be no surrender on this subversive agenda.

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