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  • ross1948 18:09 on January 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Home Sweet Home? Not When Evil Sexists Hold The Keys! 

    Pity poor 32-year-old Shohreh Bayat, stuck in Vladivostok, where the Women’s World Chess Championship was taking place!


    Photos of Ms Bayat circulated in Iran showing her with the headscarf around her neck

    She now feels unsafe to return to Iran, where women can be arrested for violating strict Islamic dress code.’

    Although she says the ‘incriminating’ photo was taken while she was preparing to don her ayatollah-dictated scarf of subservience, “despite disagreeing with the rule…



    …she faces a real risk of persecution by the evil regime in Tehran, an evil encouraged in its intolerant iniquity by collaborateuses like Australia’s Julie Bishop…


    Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop holds a press conference with her Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif following a meeting in Tehran on April 18, 2015.


    …and notorious appeasement freaks like the Brussels Empire’s apparatchik, Red Fed Mogherini…


    While she shakes the hands of these men, she thinks of the nine-year-old girls who are “legally” forced into marriage with the consent of the government?


    ….and those immensely ‘liberated’ and ‘feminist’ Swedes grovelling to shariah too, remember?

    All those prominent, influential women should have stood up bravely with the warm wind of Tehran blowing their God-given hair hither and thither – and, were they not such unattractive wenches, bare-mid-riffed and clad in mini-skirts!


      Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists 


    Back to the Iranian chess lady’s courageous assertion, which –

    ‘It’s against my beliefs. People should have the right to choose the way they want to dress, it should not be forced…’

    – makes it highly likely that the grotesque delusionary (un-elected, the old despot claims he’s responsible only to God Almighty!) dictator there will have her punished if she dares to go home.

    Regime change is urgently required. A referendum giving the people of Iran at least three options –

    a – continuation of the existing evil edifice

    b – restoration of the monarchy, modelled on the democratic European kings and queens we all know


    c  – a secular democratic republic of some sort.

    Judging from the royalist slogans heard from anti-ayatollah pro-testers over the past year…

    …I’d say the exiled Reza Shah would have a good chance of winning back his father’s throne.

    Wouldn’t that be a great day!


    • Noreen Paterson 18:26 on January 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Iran should be an outlaw state!


    • Kezia 10:35 on January 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Noreen you are wise to say that.
      Here in Indonesia too we have very bad movements who would force women to wear hijab all the time.
      We do not want to become like Iran.


    • Elly Marsh 12:32 on January 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Mogherini and Bishop and those Swede women should be shut out of public life for their betrayal of decent Irani women who won’t submit to sharia sexist bullying.


  • ross1948 17:11 on January 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Andrew Roberts, Crown Prince Reza, , Paul Coelho,   

    ‘Long Live Reza Shah!’ But Who The Hell’s Paul Coelho? 

    How should we define the Tehran Times?


    Hasil gambar untuk tehran times


    It appears to be a servile tool of the evil ayatollahs who misrule Iran, a view confirmed by one of those sectarian despots, Ayatollah Mohammed Hossein Beheshti –“Tehran Times is not a state-owned newspaper, rather it must be the voice of the Islamic Revolution and the oppressed people in the world!”  Tehran Times – Wikipedia


    Gambar terkait



    Gambar terkait

    The Exile – Reza Shah.  We’ve discussed his prospects before –Overthrow Evil Ayatollahs, Restore Iran’s Monarchy! 


     …in which some collaborationist klutz named Coelho tells the exiled patriot monarch, Reza Shah, to ‘Shut Up!’

    Our question has to be –

    Who The Hell Is Paulo Coelho?

    And why did he rant thus against the current head of the dynasty to whom so many of the recent protesters all over the oppressed nation addressed their anguished appeals?


    Paulo Coelho nrkbeta.jpg

    That’s the man, above, and since I’d never heard of him, I dug into wikipedia. He’s apparently a writer, but more interesting than that, his parents stuck him in a loony-bin, from which he escaped three times before being released at the age of 20  – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulo_Coelho

    He’s nevertheless written a best-seller, called The Alchemist.

    As noted, I’ve not heard of Coelho, nor his book, nor am I encouraged to rush to my nearest book store after reading  that Madonna has said it’s her favourite…



    …and I’m even less interested after learning that notorious sex-predator Bill Clinton has been seen with a copy of the book.

    But that’s by the way.

    Even had Coelho produced a book as readable as, say, those of Harlan Coben, or Robert Goddard, or Andrew Roberts, or Gerald Seymour, that in no way entitles him to emit boorish outbursts as reported in that linked story.

    Yet there’s more than just bad manners at issue.

    Coelho’s collaboration is a kick in the teeth for all those brave folks in Iran, so many of whom made clear their monarchist allegiance. ‘


    Hasil gambar untuk shah iran

    The late Shah of Iran


    …many people chanted pro-monarchy slogans. Protesters chanted “Reza Shah, bless your soul,” “Long live Reza Shah,” and “Iran Haphazard, without the Shah [Mohammad Reza],” in reference to Reza Shah, who founded the Pahlavi dynasty in 1925, and his son.   https://thediplomat.com/2018/01/why-irans-monarchy-could-unite-a-divided-country/

    Even the far-left Huff Post had to acknowledge this royalism, though they inevitably misrepresented it as ‘nostalgia.’

    It appears as though a nostalgia for the late King of Iran Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi is among the main drives for protesters –Iran’s protests over the past two weeks

    Anyway, since we’ve been talking earlier today about maltreated monarchs…Remember Charles, King And Martyr, 30th January, 1649 …I thought I’d have a look at Iran again, and reiterate ny support for the royal Reza as his people’s best hope for deliverance.



    • Johannes Wern 21:11 on January 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Change of theme here Ross but a change is as good as a rest and we do not want you to take a rest because you do good work.
      That Tehran Times is just like Deutsche Welle, serving its masters, TT wants to spread message of the ayatollahs and DW wants to spread the Merkel message.
      Never trust either.
      Coelho is just a New Age crazy.
      I also never heard of him but I am reading about what he writes and I think his parents did have a good idea with the lunatic asylum..


    • Nasrin 03:11 on July 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I think coelho knows nothing about our recent history. What we went through for the last fourthy years and still suffering of that 1979 mass craze. If he had any respect for present people of Iran or any respect for the knowledge of history, he wouldn’t dare to speak so blindmindedly. He has no right to connect prince reza Pahlavi to code of 1953. Prince reza has fought the bloody Islamic regime of Iran for the last fourth years using only peaceful strategies and civil approaches. His father also did a lot for our people. Although he was not perfect, but his works for his people is far more incomparable with these vampire clergies. Prince reza Pahlavi and his rightful message and movement to bring freedom and Democrats to Iran is greatly supported by many many of my people. He is well respected and liked by so many. His speech about encouraging american administration to help Iranians with technology has nothing to do with code of any kind, but only asking to provide high tech of communication for Iranian people inside the country who are being deprived of cree access to internet and social medias. Mr cohilo needs to do his homework carefully before he opens his big mouth next time. He is the one who should listen to people of Iran, and not to be fooled by manipulated history given to him by this regime and its lobbies in west.


  • ross1948 12:40 on April 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Overthrow Evil Ayatollahs, Restore Iran’s Monarchy! 

    Contrary to the lies in the introduction to that dumbo film, Argo, that was on tv recently, the Shah of Iran was a powerful force for good, dragging a backward nation into modern times.


    Gambar terkait


    Maybe he wasn’t perfect, but who is?

    And it’s hard to imagine what might be worse than the foul sexist shariah regime that misrules his country today.


    Evil Ayatollah


    • But although evil reigns in Tehran at present, there is another Shah waiting in exile, and he has shown interest in rescuing his country from the powers of darkness.

    • ===================
    • Hasil gambar untuk crown prince of iran


    Crown Prince Reza could be exactly what Iranians need to restore civilised values to their everyday lives.

    And he could be a good friend to the West, as was his royal father. 

    “My focus right now is on liberating Iran, and I will find any means that I can, without compromising the national interests and independence, with anyone who is willing to give us a hand, whether it is the U.S. or the Saudis or the Israelis or whomever it is,” he said.://royalcentral.co.uk/international/irans-exiled-crown-prince-calls-for-a-monarchist-revolution-in-iran

    I’m sure President Trump has a lot on his plate, but if he has time to read history, he will know that one of the worst mistakes the west made in World War II was to ignore the German Resistance to Hitler.


    Had the monarchist officers, like Von Stauffenberg, been able to oust the Nazis and instal a conservative nationalist government, how different might the post-war world have been.

    The Soviets wiped out, no Red China…

    Again, I’m reminded of Barry Goldwater’s wise call for all-out support to the anti-communist resistance in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

    Crown Prince Reza deserves help in liberating his people. 

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