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  • ross1948 15:15 on February 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC-Pedo Savile Case? Starmer DID Apologise! 

    A 2016 report into his abuse found staff at the BBC missed numerous chances to stop him.
    And now the BBC tells us anxiously that somebody in a crowd shouted ‘Jimmy Savile’ and Starmer had to be bundled away by cops?
    Ludicrously, at 2pm today, Jakarta time, I heard the BBC describe Savile simply as a ‘TV personality…’
    …hiding the jarring truth that he was BBC’s pet predator!
    Nor did Little Laura Kuensberg mention Savile’s BBC relationship in her long BBC website screed. 


    Whilst anyone who reads this blog, even once a month, will be aware of how much I abhor Jellyfish Johnson….

    True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 

    A Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

    Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

    ….it’s important to note that his remarks about Starmer’s presence at the top of the Crown Prosecution Service during the Savile scandal need not be dismissed or twisted as so many media hacks have done.

    Far right celebrates after Johnson repeats ‘Savile slur’ in parliament

    The prime minister was widely criticised for repeating the slur that is widespread online – but extremists were delighted https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/feb/05/far-right-celebrates-after-johnson-repeats-savile-slur-in-parliament

    The Telegraph makes the point that whoever heads any organisation has a desk on which the buck at least used to stop.


    No photo description available.

    Fair point!


    Having considered all that, why was Starmer NOT involved in the decision?

    It seems fundamentally odd that the handling of a case involving such a ‘high-profile’ low-life as the BBC’s child-molester would not have been referred upwards, so that at least the top dog could have a look.

    If Starmer was kept in the dark by his underlings, the question arises – why was Starmer kept in the dark?

    On the other hand, what we know about the Crown Prosecution Service suggests that Starmer was not the only leftist lurking in its corridors..

    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos?

    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer



    ‘Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    ….nor the only one to move on to other spheres of activity. Don’t Blame The Judge – ‘Twas The Jurors! 

    We should ask why Jellyfish has not ordered an investigation into how many leftists are still employed within CPS ranks…



    …and if they are basing decisions on ideology rather than the right of decent British people, adult or children, to be safe from predators.

    • Noreen Paterson 23:11 on February 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The Crown Prosecution Service was a big mistake. It used to be that the police took responsibility for prosecutions ( the police then were more honest) but then the CPS was set up and the usual “civil servants,’ or shall we say smug know-alls, took over, leftwing io varying degrees.


    • Mack The Knife 23:58 on February 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Your comments column has been inaccessible all day.
      I wanted to comment on at least three, this one most of all but could not get through..
      Anyway, one last time before I give up.
      Well said, every word.


  • ross1948 22:33 on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Blame The Judge – ‘Twas The Jurors! 

    Given the petition we brought to your attention earlier today…

    ….it’s interesting to recall too what we had to say a while ago, about what kind of political animals roam the mysterious jungle called the CPS…

    Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    We know Starmer held high rank there..

    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos? 

    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    …and now we hear from another person who toiled in its high-salaried corridors of power, one Nazir Afzal OBE…


    Nazir Afzal

    ….former chief crown prosecutor for the North West.

    Speaking of the affront to justice recently perpetrated in Bristol, Afzal had a right old rant.

    It’s a complete waste of time and damages confidence in the justice system.


    And yes, each ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in Bristol certainly ‘damages confidence in the justice system. .

    But that’s not what Afzal means.

    He thinks we should all bow down…

    …bend over and take it, whatever perverted notion of ‘justice’ animated those jurors.

    Not just we common folk get warned off, but Attorney General Suella Braverman MP too.

    She’s had warnings from others in the past…




    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mention Cultural Marxism Again!” 

    …who didn’t like hearing her identify The Enemy Within.


    So let’s hope she tells all those pinko creep shrills to sod off!

    Although I have often excoriated disgraceful judges and magistrates..


    And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God?

    …we must be clear, in this case, that they – the jurors, not the judge –

    Judge Peter Blair QC told jurors they must decide the case on the basis of the evidence they had heard, after raising concerns in their absence that undue pressure was being placed on them by excessive rhetoric from defence barristers.

    .. should be the object of good people’s righteous indignation!

    That Bristol judge also rightly told the noisy uppities watching the proceedings to desist from disorderly conduct.

    He also warned members of the defendants’ many supporters about their behaviour in court… 

    Were the jurors intimidated by the red rabble?

    Or was it just bad luck in the jury selection process that allowed too many empanelled…


    …who see the world from the same twisted angle as the undesirable accused?

    I don’t have the resources to get answers, but I hope somebody can.


  • ross1948 21:10 on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos? 

    Didn’t Labour leader Keir Starmer used to run the Crown Prosecution Service


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    He has his new job now, but it seems like a lot of his former CPS colleagues (comrades?) still ostensibly serving Britain….


    The Crown Prosecution Service notoriously…UK Tax-Payers – ‘Defective Descendants Of Albino Mutants?’ …crawls to BLM racism


    – if any ‘civil servants’ today still see that as their role-

    ….are no better than Enemy Within collabos.

    Here’s the latest news of their anti-British mind-set!

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is failing to prosecute migrants who arrive in the UK illegally, figures show, as MPs warned that “soft touch” justice was encouraging people to get on small boats to cross the Channel…. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/11/26/failure-prosecute-migrants-arriving-illegally-leaves-uk-looking/

    That’s a damn disgrace.

    We know there have been thousands of crimmigrants pouring in from France….

    only 51 convictions among 46,000 people who have entered illegally since December 2019


    … and each and every one of the wannabe parasites should have been charged and detained….

    ….not just a paltry 51, for pity’s sake.

    If convicted, of course, of ANY offence, they should not serve further time…

    ( at already over-burdened tax-payers’ expense!)

    …but simply get kicked out, back to where they came from.


    • Pamela 21:41 on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They must be a very strange ‘prosecution’ service if they don’t prosecute serious criminal acivity.
      They should be fired, or transferred to another government department, like the one that hands out social security payments or pensions.
      If they had to look at the cases of old people struggling to survive, they might develop a conscience.
      That is unlikely,though. The left have no time for British people, if there are illegals that ‘need’ help.


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