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  • ross1948 19:04 on February 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Obsession With Perversion MUST Stop! 

    Just caught the noon news on UK Pravda.



    First we got updates on the situation in Ukraine, a flash-point where WW3 could begin, so we hear.

    Then, unbelievably, the second earth-shaking news…

    ..at 12 noon, Jakarta time 14/2.


    ….that Cuba is aiming to be a top tourist destination for queers!



    No, seriously!

    We know that the BBC is infested…

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

    …but while it seems a disproportionate number of staff there in Britain may engage in deviant sex, a huge majority of their viewers are not.

    Most people in most countries are healthy and normal.


    I’m referring to the introductory announcements of what news we were to hear – when the detailed reports got underway, real news preceded that of peculiar interest to maladjusts.

    But that’s hardly the point!

    The tax-funded propaganda broadcasting agency seems determined to ram their navel-gazing aberrant priorities down our throats.


    They had the nerve to get their Gay Will Grant tell us all about the sicko plan for a hotel that provides a sodomite  ‘safe space!’

    His ‘news’ was spoken in a hushed, almost reverential, tone, which we have heard before.

     BBC’s Pro-Queer Hack Now Shrills Against Gitmo

    Will Grant on Muck Rack

    ‘Gay’ Will Grant

    Inevitably, his personal prejudice oozed into his ‘impartial’ report, telling us that the situation for queers has ‘improved’ in recent years.

    A journalist with a commitment to fair and balanced reporting would surely have said ‘changed,’ not ‘improved!’

    The Communist dictatorship plans a referendum on so-called ‘gay’ rights later this year, proposing redefinition of marriage to allow homo-weddings.

    Free and fair elections have never been held…



    …since Castro seized power over 60 years ago.

    Will the referendum be any less a mockery of democracy?

    • Ben Marples 19:47 on February 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I agree completely, and the constant and uncritical attention given by the BBC to these people proves what you say about the diversity of its employees. The BBC is overloaded with persons whose sexual disorientation makes for bias.


  • ross1948 09:07 on March 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    FARC Reds Zapped – But Not The Way They Ought! 

    Further to our report on Sunday –

    –  news from Colombia confirms the evil FARC narco-marxist gang…


    Hasil gambar untuk colombia marxist farc

    …has been absolutely hammered in the legislative election there.

    And most seats have reportedly been won by candidates from the ranks of patriots who opposed the Triple S -Santos’ Slimy Sell-out ( Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy ) – as even the Guardian has to admit.

    Farc took a meagre 0.33% of the vote in their first foray into electoral politics –

    Colombian former rebels shunned as critics of peace deal dominate …

    Astonishingly, the Guardian reports as part of its ‘news’ the fact that ‘many Colombians are unwilling to move on.

    Bloody hell! And that’s not just my expostulation but a summary of what FARC did to ‘many Colombians.  …220,000 people were killed and over seven million displaced….

    What a pity it’s only electoral annihilation.


    • =

    Far better if each and every one of the marxist terrorists had been given a bullet in the empty space in their chests where decent people have a heart.

    I first got the election news on EuroNews, the tax-funded Brussels propaganda station…


    EuroNews Biased Snout – Deep In Tax-Payers’ Pockets! 

    …and, just like France24, they also reported on the rigged ‘election’ in Cuba.



    As with their French ideological soul-mates, EuroNews totally suppressed the reality of that process, not a word about how patriotic Cubans concerned to replace Communism with democracy were excluded as candidates.

    But what are we to expect…

    Murdered Pole – EuroNews Smears Brexiteers! 

    EuroNews, Devoid of Principle, Stages a Clinton Rally! 

    …from perhaps the most dishonest media outlet in Europe.

  • ross1948 18:09 on March 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    France24- Correct On Colombia Vote, Skips Key Cuba Truth! 

    Just watched France24’s travesty of news, and their deliberate bias shines though by the way they told the truth on Colombia’s election and hid the truth on Cuba’s.

    The latter is, as always, hardly fit to be called an election at all, a mere coronation of what the even the left-lib UK paper The Independent admits are individuals –

    chosen by government-linked organisations, based on criteria such as their “merit, patriotism, ethical values and revolutionary history…



    – in other words lick-spittle scumbags eager to collaborate in the continuation of the one-party marxist despotism under which the Cuban people have suffered for more sixty years.

    What ordinary people, in Cuba as anywhere, really think about communist scumbags was made perfectly clear in F24’s Colombian report, where, in defiance of a free and fair referendum result…

     Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy 

    ….the turncoat President Santos did a dirty deal with the FARC narco-red terrorist gang, awarding them seats in the legislature – even before elections were held!


    Hasil gambar untuk colombia marxist farc


    Now we heard, the actual democratically-contested seat are being decided, and virtually NOBODY is likely to vote for the vermin.

    So how come France24 told the truth about Colombia…

    Hasil gambar untuk france24 bias

    …but diligently hid the sick reality of Cuba’s rigged pantomime?

    Well, rather than merely surmise, I went to a Cuban Communist site….



    ….to see if there’s anything going on that would make the French state media play down the evil and iniquity which pervade the imprisoned island.

    And sure enough!

    Cuban and French Officials Meet


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