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  • ross1948 09:38 on October 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Oath – Can’t Be A Doctor Unless You’re Far-Left? 

    Most people are justifiably wary of ‘teachers’ these days, because so many of them, in all our countries, are shameless brain-washing bigots.

    Pimlico Brats AND Teachers Need Caning! 

    Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 

    But now we learn that another profession which once commanded general respect….

    University of Minnesota Medical School students took an oath to “promote a culture of anti-racism” during an Aug. 19 white coat ceremony.

    White coats, the students said, are themselves a “symbol of power, prestige, and dominance….”

    Here’s a video of the ceremony.

    ...the class oath was written by the students in consultation with their faculty advisors.

    Medical Students Take ‘Anti-Racism’ Oath at University of Minnesota

    “We recognize inequities built by past and present traumas rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism, and all forms of oppression,” the students said in their oath.

    …is well on the way to becoming a cesspool of cultural marxist indoctrination.

    Like the BLM poison, the latest trend has started in the USA, but how long before the UK and Canada and Australia follow suit?


    Or has it started spreading already?

    Time to fight back?

  • ross1948 16:36 on September 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    “Leaving ECHR The Only Solution…” 

    Leaving the ECHR is the only solution which solves the problem, and is entirely consistent with international law.” 




    That’s what Suella said, not that long ago, and we can only hope her wise words will withstand the multiple pro-crimmigrant elements…



    …both within her own party, and from the opposition parties, among which we must include ‘NGO’ and so-called ‘charities’ like…


    But let’s try positive thinking, based on her famous and very courageous public denunciation of the Enemy Within…




    …which she identified for what it is.

    She was viciously attacked for telling the truth back then..


    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

    ..so, as she takes over from Priti Useless as Home Secretary, fingers crossed she will crack down on undesirable aliens.  both the fake-‘refugees’ invading Britain…

    Importing Illegals – Priti Useless Splurges! 

    Told You So! Bojo Won’t Free UK From ECHR


    Sauron Rules, Abetted By Strasbourg Legalice! 


    …and the Sorosoid scum on the ECHR.

    • Mack The Knife 18:10 on September 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Suella does seem to be a good one.
      If she does try to do the right thing, the pack will tear her down.
      Truss won’t help her.


  • ross1948 17:14 on May 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: African art, CBC anti-white bias, , cultural marxism, Picasso, Reverse Racism,   

    Why Stick Up For Dead Red Picasso? 

    Museums have long been wary of this period in the artist’s professional life. In an era of ‘cancellation’, it is even more pertinent…



    Portrait de Picasso, 1908.jpg

    Picasso in 1908

    Far be it from me to roll up my sleeves on behalf of a long-dead Red – and make no mistake, Picasso was as slimy a Communist as ever there was!

    .…his commitment to the French Communist party (PCF), which he joined in 1944, with great fanfare, and never left.. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2010/may/08/pablo-picasso-politics-exhibition-tate

    Nor have I ever had a high opinion of his infantile daubing, reminiscent of an excitable 5-year-old’s paint play-time, like that ‘Guernica’ propaganda picture.

    But the quote at the top of the page refers to the fact that because Picasso, among other arty types….

    …thought it might be creative to draw inspiration from ‘African’ influences, some whiney sorts are accusing him of some sin akin to ‘cultural appropriation….’



    ..a heinous sin, which we have looked at more than once in recent years.

    How To Lose Friends At Hallowe’en! 

    Tranny Granny? Why Are Pinkos So Humourless? 

    What it boils down to is the essentially racist notion that White people should not emulate Black people’s art, culture, clothing or even hair-styles!

    Now would those who resent Picasso’s drawing on Africa for inspiration be similarly aghast if a Congolese or Kenyan artist mimicked Rembrandt, or Hogarth?

    I tend to think not.

    It’s a bit like like ‘reverse racism.’

    CBC says racism against white people “doesn’t exist” https://tnc.news/2022/03/25/cbc-says-racism-against-white-people-doesnt-exist/

    Cultural marxist creeps…

    …like those who control Canada’s tax-funded propaganda system, have the nerve to deny such a concept is possible!

    But let’s go back to hair-styles.



    While art critics are not usually into violent behaviour, the ‘cultural appropriation’ nonsense is a kind of cancer, which can spread and pose deadly danger to innocent people


    Read on, please.

    Young Hispanic woman attacked in Boston by large group of black teens for being ‘white b*tch with braids‘  https://thepostmillennial.com/hispanic-girl-attacked-in-boston-by-large-group-of-black-teens-for-being-white-b-tch-with-braids
    • JazPen 22:49 on May 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This was interesting to read, much better than some of the recent stories.
      I have no time for modern art anyway but I never knew Picasso was Communist.
      That story you tagged on was an unexpected ending that should make people think but it probably wont.


    • Chrissie Miles 13:32 on May 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Not many people know Picasso worshipped Marx all his ‘creative’ life, and that Guernica painting was done to help the Communist cause in Spain.


  • ross1948 16:15 on March 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: cultural marxism, , Save Our Statues, steam trains,   

    Woke-Weasels Make War On Wales! 

    As thoughtful Brits share the anguish of Ukrainians who fear Odessa’s history and heritage will face destruction…




    …a real danger, especially if Putin unleashes Chechen savages as part of his onslaught…

    Russia is already  promoting stereotypes of Chechen brutality in its propaganda


    …perhaps those same Brits, especially those of Welsh residence or descent….

    …should pay heed to a less warlike, but equally destructive, danger to history and heritage…



    ….emanating, shockingly, from the woke-weasels who run the National Museum of Wales, of whom we’ve heard recently.

    Farage, BLM Racism…And A She-Ass! 

    Today, however, I refer to their denigration of proud achievements, such as that of the steam train!


    A replica of Richard Trevithick's 1802 steam engine, the world's first steam railway locomotive runs on a track near the Ironbridge power station.

    A replica of Richard Trevithick’s 1802 steam engine, the world’s first steam railway locomotive


    It matters not that the Cornish inventor, Mr Trevithick, had no personal links to slavery

    Just listen to this hogwash!

    But the NMW determined links between steam train technology and the slave trade, claiming the use of the invention is “rooted in colonialism and racism…”



    Although there might not be direct links between the Trevithick locomotive and the slave trade, we acknowledge the reality that links to slavery are woven into the warp and weft of Welsh society.”


    Have you ever heard such rancid cultural marxist rot? It’s like something I’d compose as a parody!

    Woke-Weasels Warbling Wearily About Welsh ‘Warp and Werf?’



    However, the report does quote a splendid riposte by a man named Robert Poll, from Save Our Statues.

     “Trying to cancel trains shows the desperation of some to attack any and every part of British history. We should be celebrating these amazing feats of civilisation, rather than weaving them into a false narrative of endless oppression. This relentless focus on supposed negative associations of progress is leading us backwards, with science, philosophy and now industry all being systematically renounced.


    Well said!

    Here’s the ‘Save Our Statues’ link –


    – join their fight!

    • Archie Davies 20:13 on March 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Who let those muppets get their hands on the National Museum?
      It’s just not on.
      Whoever pays their wages should stop this twisting of history.


  • ross1948 15:18 on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'boys and girls', , cultural marxism, Sarah Hewitt Clarkson n,   

    Why Has That Vixen Not Been Fired? 

    I was reading a very good piece from spiked.com…


    …about how cultural marxist – the author says ‘woke’ – subversion is ruining British schools, and that instantly made me think of that ghastly woman in the Midlands whom we noticed last year.

    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation! 

    Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, headteacher at Anderton Park school.

    Simpering pinko Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson

    And sure enough, that vixen is back in the news again!

    Primary School Bans “Sexist Terms” Such As “Boys And Girls”

    In America, many state governors are acting responsibly, outlawing the cultural marxist brain-wash theory from schools in their jurisdiction.



    WHY is Britain’s ‘Conservative’ Secretary of State not introducing legislation to cleanse UK institutions of the Enemy Within, of whom Hewitt-Clarkson is a particularly putrid specimen!

    She is even encouraging children to intimidate their teachers by keeping count of ‘sexist’ words they wickedly use in class!

    The twisted twat should be drummed out of the teaching profession.

    PS –

    One curious aspect of the report is that a young woman described as a BBC reporter’ went onto GMB to disagree with the leftist head.

    Good for the critic!

    Though I fear for her future with UK Pravda!

    Primary School Bans “Sexist Terms” Such As “Boys And Girls”

    • Penny 19:44 on May 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Because the Tory Government doesnt care!


  • ross1948 15:30 on May 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Correos Espana, , cultural marxism, postage stamps, SOS Racismo Madrid, ,   

    Poor Spain’s Politicised Postage Stamps! 

    Not so many people use postage stamps as used to, what with emails etc.


    But pity the poor Spaniards, whose left-run postal service has chosen to honour an American career-criminal with an absurd series of ‘anti-racist’ stamps!




    Sad that Correos Espana is oblivious to the real concerns of ordinary Spanish folk, no stamps warning of the crimmigrant plague.


    This would be a nice design for a stamp!

    Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

    But the decision to launch the unattractive stamps on the anniversary of the unattractive anti-social George Floyd’s demise adds insult to injury.


    Why would a state agency in a democratic country thus loudly identify with the racist BLM movement?

    Well, Brits have for a year now been asking the same question about UK Pravda..

    BBC’s ‘Celebration Of His Life! ‘ Get Stuffed! 


    ..but that’s a never-ending story!

    The report from Madrid does have an agreeable side!

    The pinko creep management of Correos Espana has of course undoubtedly offended right-thinking citizens by misusing public funds to boost BLM.


    Spain’s Stupid Stamps

    But they have also upset far-left fanatics by making the darker stamps of lesser value!

    The Guardian story is a scream, as nasties line up to snarl at the buffoons responsible.



    It’s also educational, for we learn that the evil cultural marxist poison known as ‘critical race theory’ has oozed into the Iberian Peninsula.



    There’s a quote from one extremist gang,  SOS Racismo Madrid, which spouts exactly the same toxic trash-think we hear in the English-speaking world…


    ….that their jihad against ‘racism’ is not ‘just about skin’ but is merely an excuse to make war on the very foundations of Spanish, Western, civilised society.

    Spain needs to bin those stamps.


    Better still, cleanse Correos Espana of the CRT fellow-travellers.

    But methinks that will only happen when the Vox patriot party….


    Image result for vox españa

    Viva Vox – Despite Red Thuggery And Slack Policing, Patriot Party Surging? 

    …..reaches a more powerful position in national politics.

  • ross1948 13:25 on November 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    What An Ass! Beyonce BLM Dirge Wins Pinko Praise! 

    So hot in Jakarta today!

    I was only out for half an hour, getting veg for me and fish for the cats…



    …but had to shower and stretch out on my return.

    Nor did UK Pravda help me cool off with their 1pm ‘news,’ that Beyonce had nine ‘Grammy’ nominations for some silly song…



    …allegedly inspired by the demise of the late criminal George Floyd.

    Big deal, we chorus, but let’s comment anyway.

    A photo offered by the BBC of Beyonce, who is known to delight quite consciencelessly in visits to squalid tyrannies…

    …showed us what a fat ass she has acquired, and she is an ass, a typical leftist ‘celebrity’ of whom there are so many.

    Better news, included in the same report, came from a black female show-biz commentator whose name I didn’t get.

    She was focused, as expected by her interlocutor, BBC’s leftist Bundock, a woman not known for her tough interviewing approach…

    BBC Again Blights ‘News’ With Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! 

    …on exultation over Beyonce’s pinko plaudits.

    But she had to admit that a recent poll indicated support for the racist BLM cause, was ‘waning,’ down by 12%.

    So laugh at Beyonce’s big fat bum…

    …and smile at a small but welcome decrease in public misunderstanding of the truth about that nasty movement, funded by self-confessed ‘trained marxists!’

    “We are trained Marxists.”
    — BLM co-founder

    Neither Black Nor White Lives Matter To Marxists




    • Delise 13:49 on November 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That’s very true, she used to be quite attractive but she has gotten to be a bit of a heifer.
      A hypocritical heifer, too, like you say,


  • ross1948 16:58 on August 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Again, Mass Resistance Stands Up To BLM Lowlifes! 

    Did you know that El Segundo’s “systematic racism” is so bad that it is now “the fifth most racist city in California?”

    Hogwash, of course, but one of the lies spread at an Enemy Within event you will enjoy reading about, via this link…



    …as much as you enjoyed our last report on one of the most valiant groups in North America!

    YES! MassResistance Routs BLM Rabble! 

    Maybe you don’t even know where El Segundo is, or that it is indeed a city, but last month a pack of BLM fanatics showed up there and tried to poison local young minds.


    ALT TEXT With El Segundo High School in the background, MassResistance parents come to the BLM rally.

    Fortunately, Mass Resistance’s doughty warriors  ( in terms of culture war – MR is a committed to non-violence ) heard the nasties were in the vicinity  – a “Students for Change” rally – to be held across the street from the high school with high school and middle school students participating…hosted by Black Lives Matter, and included the high school’s “LGBTQ Club.” – and came along to the scene of the marxist manifestation.



    Angry BLM gang leader, unwilling to debate, had a rant then walked off.


    The excellent report, which interestingly mentions that nearly all of the BLM  ‘activists’ were white adults, and that ‘there was a higher percentage of blacks among the MassResistance parents than in the BLM group’ is well worth a read.

    It confirms what we know of BLM, that it is largely composed of foul-mouthed leftist fanatics who recoil from any suggestion of honest debate and prefer to rely on intimidation.



    Trying to block the MassResistance cameraman..


    , ….the BLM activists became angry and cursed in the most foul and disgusting manner. They had no interest in any reasoned conversation on the issues. The people holding signs couldn’t really explain what the signs meant. Legitimate questions just made them angrier….


    America – and not just America; there are Canadian and, I believe, UK branches too – needs more decent patriots…

    ….dedicated to fighting cultural marxism!


    A message from Mass Resistance!

    Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!

    Our successes depend on people like you.

    Donate to MassResistance

  • ross1948 18:13 on May 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , cultural marxism, , ,   

    Canada’s Universities, ‘Diversity’ Madness – Will Tories Roll Back Cultural Marxism? 

    One of my veteran commenters suggested I should look at the upcoming Canadian election and he’s right.



    However, I see no need to duplicate the excellent work done by True North Initiative…

    Canadians should read this! 

    …so I simply intend to ask, again and again, if the Opposition Conservative Party will guarantee to undo the insanities of the Justin Turdo regime.

    Let’s start with this latest news from the Dominion, which is a long and complex analysis, hence I only offer the link and will let you read it for yourself.



    I actually don’t expect the Tory leader Scheer to do the right thing -when he does talk sense, he has been known to bottle out, with weasel words…


    Hasil gambar untuk scheer the rebel

    Weasel Scheer


    as we have noted before now…

    Conservative leader’s free speech pledge wouldn’t apply in U of T ..

    …notably as far as free speech on campus is concerned.

    So I will probably end up backing Maxime Bernier’s new party.


    Related image

    EDITORIAL: Maxime Bernier tweet hardly warrants outrage


    But let’s wait and see!

  • ross1948 16:52 on March 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: cultural marxism, , German language,   

    Mein Gott! Academics Talking Sense On ‘Gender?’ 

    How uplifting to learn that, in Mama Stasi Merkel’s Germany, of all places, there are authors, comedians and academics who still care about the preservation of German culture…


    german map


    …slamming ridiculous linguistic constructions   designed to make German more gender-neutral.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/08/german-academics-and-authors-call-for-end-to-gender-nonsense

    The German Language Association is the organisation that’s issued an open letter against linguistic subversion…




    …and while I’m not familiar with some of the signatories, like a philosopher named Rüdiger Safranski, a novelist named Peter Schneider, or a comedian called Dieter Hallervorden, I’m not surprised at reading that another one is Hans-Georg Maassen, the honest patriot fired by Mama Stasi for telling the truth about the so-called ‘rightist riots’ last year.

    Her Fake-News Exposed Again, Mama Stasi Orders Patriot Purged! 

    It’s not just language vandalism they’re fighting, but the politically motivated strategy that goes hand-in-hand with ‘calls for more gender-neutral generic nouns,’ the stupid claim that masculine generic pronouns discourage women from entering certain professions: the fact that Germany’s constitution has 13 mentions of the “chancellor” in its masculine form “did not prevent the repeated rise of Angela Merkel to the post of chancellor.”

    Schade – as they say, ‘what a pity!’


    merkel v poles


    But Merkel or no Merkel, it’s good to see people putting up a fight against subversion.

    When I was studying German in high school, the Der Die Das – masculine, feminine, neuter – was the tough part of soaking up vocabulary, but our German teacher, and the teaching assistants who actually came from Germany, reassured us – lots of Germans got them mixed up too.

    But grasping the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of a foreign tongue is part of the learning process.

    You don’t scrap it, you study it!

    Needless to say, the anonymous Guardian hack who wrote the story makes no effort to hide his/her/its leftist bias, with the hostile reference to the German authors’ reactionary call to arms…


    Reactionary describes people on the far right politically.    https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/reactionary


    Defending your own language makes you far-right?

    Drop dead, pinko ratbag!

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