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  • ross1948 15:37 on November 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Barisan Merah Atau Kurang Ajar? Daan Mogot Tadi Pagi.. 

    If KASBI  – the Committee of Independent Unions Action – doesn’t disown the pig-ignoramuses in Barisan Merah uniform…


    …who had KASBI printed on their uniforms too, and who blocked the TransJakarta Busway on Daan Mogot around 10am today, that ‘labour’ outfit will forfeit whatever sympathy the honest working folk on the bus might have had for them.

    The obnoxious louts capered like demented serpents in front of the bus…


    …and it was probably a smart move that the driver didn’t open the doors, because the passengers in the ladies’ section might have climbed down and battered the moronic turds.


    TransJakarta Tambah 2 Rute Baru: GBK-Kalideres dan Kampung Melayu-Kota


    I had assumed we’d stopped for the usual Jakarta reason, macet2 (traffic jams), until the angry female voices took my attention away from my handphone.

    So, studying the offenders’ uniforms…

    …I used Google Search and identified the scumbags’ shirts, that…

    Barisan Merah…


    the Red Front!

    But I would say a better description of the rabble might be…


    • (ignorant of common decency)

    • Eventually, our driver had to leave the bus lane to get past these obnoxious anti-socials.

    • I don’t know what the nasty goons ( there were dozens, loitering on both sides of the road) thought they were trying to achieve but they certainly alienated every single soul on that bus.


  • ross1948 17:36 on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Gives A Damn About The Gutless Dundee Stinkos? 

    Shell said it was “aware of the protest action” and said the safety of both protesters and workers was “its prime concern..”

    Stinkos’ safety?



    Of course the safety of the workers at the rig is top priority, but who gives a tinker’s cuss about the health and welfare of trespassing toe-rags too gutless even to give their names to the media?



    They undertook an illegal occupation of other people’s property, their own leadership stated clearly that the lawless lice had “assessed the risks and are properly prepared,” so if they break their legs or their bloody selfish heads…


    …who gives a monkey’s?

    It’s down to them!

    Nobody should lift a finger to succour criminal scum like Extinko Revulsion.

    Although the scumbags claimed they had ‘intended to stay on the rig for as long as possible” to stop it leaving the harbour, and to halt the rig,” it seems they have now bottled out and gone ashore, seven Stinkos arrested.

    The danger now is that Shell may not press charges.

    We have no idea, but their soppy soft ‘concern’ for the illegal invaders suggests the management are a bunch of saps.
    On the other hand, Oil and Gas UK issued a sturdier statement.

    This is a dangerous and short-sighted stunt…this stunt puts both the activists and offshore workforce at risk and our industry – with its focus on safe operations – will not condone these actions.”

    More promising, but don’t call the Stinkos ‘activists,’ please.


    They are a public nuisance, at best, and many would say they are committed enemies of democracy.

    Lock ‘em up for a longtime!





    Extinction Rebellion Scotland said earlier its activists intended to stay on the rig “for as long as possible” to stop it leaving the harbour, and to halt the rig’s “extractive and destructive operations.”
    The group said: “They have assessed the risks and are properly prepared.”
    A spokesman for Police Scotland said that officers were sent to the scene at about 11:40 and were liaising with interested parties to resolve the situation
    A spokesman for the Oil and Gas UK organisation said: “This is a dangerous and short-sighted stunt which does absolutely nothing to help provide the solutions which will be required to meaningfully deliver net zero emissions by 2045 in Scotland.
    “This stunt puts both the activists and offshore workforce at risk and our industry – with its focus on safe operations – will not condone these actions.”
    A Forth Ports spokesman said: “We have deployed one of our pilot boats at the scene and this will remain in attendance as a safety precaution should anyone require


    • Amanda Adams 20:29 on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hell mend them if they run amok like that and get hurt as a result.
      I say Hell mend them because the NHS shouldn’t.
      Decent people pay taxes to make sure they and their loved ones can get medical attention if they are sick or injured.
      They don’t pay taxes so these criminal ‘Stinkos’ can get patched up when they come a cropper because of their irresponsible and dangerous activity.


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