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  • ross1948 22:00 on June 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Let’s Declare WAR On ‘Inclusion’ – NO Trannies In Women’s Sports! 

    A welcome statement ( of what should of course be obvious!) from Sebastian Coe, saying that fairness trumps ‘inclusion.”

    Bout time!

    Surely we’ve gotten sick of hearing that imbecilic word ‘inclusion’ and its ugly sister ‘diversity!’

    And speaking of ugly sisters, no doubt that hefty brute Lia Thomas…


    Lia Thomas (L) of the University of Pennsylvania stands on the podium after winning the 500-yard freestyle as other medalists (L-R) Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde, pose together in protest….

    Three college swimmers who were beaten by transgender rival Lia Thomas staged a protest on the podium after being beaten, with Ms Thomas being booed loudly as she claimed first place.


    ( NB.   I am prepared to use ”Lia'” because that man has the right to change his name, even though he is a man  – and he can’t change that reality!)

    …will soon be belly-aching, as he has done before.

    However, pleasingly, other sports, very belatedly  are showing some signs of sense…

    …discussing new rules to turn back the tranny tide.

    Around 8.15am ( Jakarta time) this morning, BBC’s David Eades had yet another ‘guest…’ 

    BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    He has so many!

    This time it was a blonde bimbo named Anna Baeth….


    Anna Baeth


    …and if we prowl the internet, we read that “(she/her)is a critical feminist scholar and a cultural studies practitioner of sport. Her research centers on the gendering of sport spaces, the eternally moving body, and social movements and sport.”

    ….all the way from Washington…



    …..prattling about ‘women with intersex variations,’ boasting of her qualifications to hold forth on freakery -‘I’m a gender scholar!’

    A Gender Scholar?’

    Sorry, Anna, we don’t need scholars to tell the difference between men and women.

    It’s easy!


    • Petra Malley 23:26 on June 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That’s exactly what we need, a declaration of war on this madness.
      Exclusion of people who exclude themselves from the natural order is in no sense unfair or unreasonable.
      As you have said, more than once, I believe, discrimination was a quality once highly valued, the ability to recognise excellence, and its absence,


    • Oon 06:58 on June 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      If I had my way , I would send them ALL to Saudi Arabia. They would get ” straightened out ” in a hurry !


  • ross1948 17:03 on June 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Pravda? ‘Solve Leftwing Bias?- Har Har Har.. 

    Today’s been very relaxing, a pleasant stroll to a mini-market via the local barber, joy at finding discounts on both my fave coffee and cat-food, then back to lounge in the sunny yard…


    …my newly purchased coffee put to good use, a book and my cigs…

      ( notice I don’t say ‘fags’ lest pinko queers begin a-whining about ‘hate speech!’)

    …and then a good long laugh…

    …as I read this…

    Newsnight ‘to solve Left-wing bias’

    …a risibly improbable headline which might as well have been re-written as –

    ‘To dream the impossible dream!-

    The story that follows concern one of the many BBC leftists, the mildly notorious Lewis Goodall.

    Comrade Goodall has just left his BBC Newsnight job to work with the ghastly leftist ex-BBC hackette Maitlis….

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis!

    Night-Hag without her make-up. Not only far left, but a far from pretty sight; 

    Malificent Maitlis Moves On? Big Deal! 

    …and another UK Pravda luminary, Jon Sopel…BBC’s DC Hack Sopel Proves Trump 100% Correct! ….

    …making daily ‘podcasts’ –


    – non-lefties with blood pressure probs may be well-advised not to watch any of those.


    That ‘solve leftwing bias‘ bit, and the next words, are what set me off on an extended chortle… Lol..

    Departure of show’s policy editor, as well as Emily Maitlis, gives corporation an opportunity to reset programme and focus on impartiality



    Get real!

    Nice that Maitlis is gone, and good to see Goodall go, but they are out of their own volition – BBC let the hag get away with bias time and again.

    NewsNight’s Night-Hag, Unpunished Again!

    And the rest?

    The unrepentant leftists burrowed in like wood-worm all over the tax-funded broadcasting behemoth?

    That horrid old stuck-up Derbyshire..

    Witch and the Cauldron | Etsy

    BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed

    ..and Ugly Bug Barnett…


    ..and Lefty Lucy…BBC’s Lefty Lucy, Pro-Crimmigrant Ranter! 

    …and Eades…BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    …  and Embley. .

    There Seems To Be A Lot Of White Privilege In The Response!’ Why Invite BLM Onto BBC?
    Evil Embley Needs No Echo! Unspeakable Embley’s Got To Go! 

    ….and  never forget Munchkin…

    Comrade Maitlis, Please Take Munchkin With You!

    …whose ranting on ‘racism’ was condemned by mid-level BBC checkers then re-exalted by the arch-bigot who ran the show at the time?

    Gimme a break!

    UK Pravda is incapable of cleaning itself up, of removing the arrogant ideologues.…


    BBC Proud Of Its Woke Censoring!

      .who actually boast of their woko-loco censorship!

    • Mack The Knife 00:13 on June 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      They will never get rid of their leftwing bias because they don”t see it as bias, they see it as the only way to look at the world.
      Anybody else’s point of view is wrong. That’s why they feel entitled to censor good old shows everybody enjoyed but now might upset the diversity gang.


  • ross1948 17:20 on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Does BBC Cover For Nameless Fourth Reich Flunkeys? 

    After the BBC World News hack David Eades…..

    .BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 

    …at 9.10am 11/5, Jakarta time, failed to challenge the hogwash of a shrill American guest who called Elon Musk ‘ignorant’ then let her own ignorance gush forth, her Big Lie that Twitter is ‘not leftwing…’


    Didn’t Twitter suppress the Hunter Biden laptop revelation?

    Oh, and don’t forget that Project Veritas scandal…..

    Did Dorsey’s ‘ChinaDoll’ Veto Veritas?

    …and hasn’t Twitter been waging a woke war on people who refuse to kow-tow to pronoun pukes?

    Truth and Twitter are words that don’t go well together.


    • =

    Twitter claimed that the tweet about Levine, a biological man who claims to be a woman, violates its policy against “hateful conduct.” READ


    So I had a look at the BBC news website, and lo, UK Pravda is into cover-up mode again….


    …a report on Brussels V Britain, quoting unidentified Fourth Reich flunkeys, ‘EU diplomats,’no less.

    But why should we be expected to believe anything said by those quoted, if they lack the guts, the integrity, to put their names to their anti-British rants.

    More to the point, how do we know they even exist!

    But UK Pravda nevertheless gaily spotlights their anti-British snarling.


    From all her meetings with the EU and member states she knows exactly that this is a no-go for all of them,” said one EU diplomat. 

    “So this can only be about catering to a domestic audience.” 

    Another senior diplomat warned that such a move by the UK would only serve to “delight” Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

    “Contemplating to break international law and undermining Western unity at a time when Western democracies have come together to defend international law against Russia would be an utterly irresponsible move,” they said.



    Rabid rot, or not?

    If Kaiserin Ursula ranted like that, or Le Muppet, we should not be surprised. 
    They are mere politicians, still furious that Britannia extricated herself from the EUSSR.


    It’s their job to spout bombastic bilge.

    But the flunkeys?
    They are no more entitled to fume and foam about Britain’s ‘utterly irresponsible’ efforts to prevent intrusion by partisan ECJ judges into UK affairs than social security clerks in Ipswich are entitled to rant to claimants.
    They can hold any views they like, but if they go sneaking off to media sympathisers…


    Dismissal looms, surely?

    Oh, and BTW, note those quotes!

    ‘One EU diplomat’ said one thing, then ‘another senior diplomat‘ said something else.

    Clear enough, but for the final, most bilious, part of the rant, that cr-p about Putin? Suddenly it’s ‘they said!’

    Did the two flunkeys stand side by side, reading aloud from a shared Euro-Commissar song-sheet?

    Or, scarily, are we dealing with one of those deluded pronoun pukes?



    • Mack the Knife 21:31 on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC has always been hostile to Brexit.
      But even if they were pro-Brexit, there is no justification for them using unsubstantiable unprovable sources.
      So unless they have the honesty to tell us who these nameless flunkeys really are, they should not use them.
      But well-spotted, Ross, that give-away ‘they’ that suggests something very staged.
      Who is manipulating who?


  • ross1948 19:00 on May 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Basic Logic – Crawlers Get Stood On! 

    Why anybody ever took the Golden Globes awards seriously is puzzling.

    I never did!

    My Kittens Matter More Than Trivia-Obsessed BBC! 

    To be fair, the GG circus, run by a small cabal of journos ( less than 100 opinionated hacks) – leftist journos, at that….


    Image result for golden globes bias


    …is no more absurd than the Cannes Film Festival, similarly orchestrated by a show-biz in-crowd, glittering prizes handed out with no reference to the size of cinema audiences.

    showbiz these days…

    Creeps – “Good Acting” Not Enough To Earn Acting Award! 

    …will be replete with imbecilic ‘celebs’ braying about ‘diversity’ and


    Can It, Cannes-Lefts!

    …aka uptight

    An elite honouring their favourites, often for sicko movies.

    The stuck-ups don’t seem to get it.


    Ordinary ticket-buying people are those whose opinion should matter.

    So today when I read that Tom Cruise has joined other ‘celebs, ‘ putting the boot into the Golden Globes clique

    On 4 May, the HFPA announced changes to improve diversity and credibility, including diversifying members.. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/may/10/tom-cruise-nbc-golden-globes-hollywood-foreign-press-association

    … I had to laugh, not only at what one hopes is a typo..

    ( presumably they mean not ‘members’ but ‘membership,’ since diversifying the members would require surgery!)

    …but at how crawling on their bellies to the PC juggernaut wins them no rest from reproach but rather further nasty uptight nagging…



    …or as the UK Pravda berk David Eades impartially reported, at 9am today, Jakarta time, ‘growing outrage at their lack of diversity! ‘

    Eades is a damn disgrace, his left bigotry starkly on display,  again…

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 

    David Eades - David Eades Photos - SportAccord 2018 - Day 5 - Zimbio

    So NOBODY Objects To Toppling Robert E Lee? BBC Censorship! )

    …as he went on to accuse the GG gang of ‘extraordinary complacency.’


    That’s opinion, Eades, not fair and balanced reporting.

    But then, you are a BBC hack.

    Tell the truth!

    Among whom is the ‘outrage’ growing?

    Take a walk to the shops or the pub.

    Can you see ANY ‘outrage?’

    Who cares about ‘diversity?’

    Not NORMAL people!

    • Tam Birnie 19:29 on May 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      That’s exactly what I wanted to say but now you’ve saved me the bother, as usual.


    • Petra Malley 21:57 on May 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      After reading this, I had the misfortune to be in someone else’s home when BBC showed us part of a ‘musical extravaganza’ in which the ‘star’ wore a Union Flag skirt.
      She was an inarticulate young woman but delivered a ‘speech’ about what she called ‘watmail privilege,’ and ‘misogyny’ and ‘diversity.’
      I think she meant ‘white male’ but her education never reached basic pronunciation.
      The BBC gave her name but I had never heard of her.
      It’s very sad how so many ‘singers’ are stupid young women of that kind.
      And men, I hasten to add.


    • Carly M 09:46 on May 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Golden Globes always trash, and as for other show business shows, like the Oscars, they used to be interesting but with all this diversity rubbish that puts the sex or race of the nominees above their acting talent, just turns people off


  • ross1948 15:04 on June 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC ‘News’ At Noon? Pro-BLM Propaganda 

    Awful Embley’s dorkish doppelganger David Eades…


    David Eades - David Eades Photos - SportAccord 2018 - Day 5 - Zimbio

    ( yes, him again!  So NOBODY Objects To Toppling Robert E Lee? BBC Censorship! )


    …at noon Jakarta time today, was presenting what the TFPC deigns to call the ‘news….’


    Why not just rename it the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel?


    …but inexplicably inserted a pro-BLM partisan video called –

    ‘Three Generations of Black Men!’

    The three men were not unpleasant, nothing like the foul brute in the video we saw in our earlier post!

    Evil Savages Amok – BLM In Wisconsin! 

    But after they departed our screen, we waited in vain for three more black Americans to appear, expressing their DISapproval of BLM.



    There are plenty, of course!

    Listen to this one!

    Watch Sheriff David Clarke school Don Lemon

    Read about this one!



    But if we expect even a modicum of fair play from the left-infested UK Pravda rats-nest…

    …we’d be into July…2030, if we’re lucky!

  • ross1948 19:20 on June 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Propaganda Pulpit? An ‘Ordained Minister’ – Like Al Sharpton? 

    Shane Harris, the BBC told us by way of preface, is an ‘ordained minister,’ perhaps expecting British viewers to hush up and pay attention.

    But we know how the BBC likes to pervert religious themes to further their agenda…


    …and Brits have had it up to here with home-grown clergy who are disgraceful creeps…

    The Blighter In The Mitre Is A Stinking Hypocrite!

    Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who says the EUSSR is “the greatest dream realised for human beings since the fall of the Roman Empire 1500 years ago.”

    Hypocrite! Justin ‘No Insults’ Welby Guilty Of ‘Fascist’ Smear 

    ..and similar subversive tosh, like that we heard from the braying bishops of the Church of England last year.

    Empty Pews? Blame Church of England’s Whited Sepulchre Vipers! 

    So most Brits were probably not terribly impressed by ‘Reverend’ Harris’s invisible dog-collar!

    Naturally, once he got started, he sounded much more like a typical BBC guest, aka a leftist agitator, and of course he is, talking much more about his ‘People’s Way to Justice…’


    San Diego civil rights activist Shane Harris flew to Minneapolis after George Floyd's death to work to bring the community together through positive change.


    …than about the wages of sin!

    Harris is openly hostile to President Trump – otherwise he wouldn’t be getting a prime-time spot on BBC, would he!?!

    Incidentally, my headline reference to ‘Awful Al’ Sharpton?

    Non-American readers may not be aware of HIS numerous transgressions…

    16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

    …so please read about him.

    I’m not saying Harris is better or worse than Sharpton, just asking if he has considered his religion might conflict with his ideology.


    Harris ranted about a handful of deaths as a ‘national pandemic!’

    Needless to say the smarmy BBC git did not call Harris out on this grotesque exaggeration.

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    A real pandemic, such as that from Red China, takes thousands of lives, 100,000 in the USA this year.

    Maybe ‘Reverend’ Harris doesn’t know the meaning of the word, but Smarmy certainly does.

    The BBC has access to statistics at least as accurate as those quoted earlier this week by a much better informed and more responsible black American…

    radio show host Larry Elder voiced support for law enforcement after police officers came under fire following the death of George Floyd while he was in custody….noted that statistics show that more unarmed white people were shot and killed in 2019 than unarmed black people. 

    “How many unarmed blacks were killed by cops last year?   9.

    “How many unarmed whites were killed by cops last year? 19,” he tweeted Tuesday.

    “More officers are killed every year than are unarmed blacks.

    “When do the #BlueLivesMatter protests begin?”



    Most cops do a hard job well – only a few demean their uniforms as those creeps in London did this week!


    But Harris had the interviewer, David Eades, on his side, and he knew it.


    Not without manners,  the Rev expressed his appreciation of yet another cue from Comrade Eades, e.g.

      – ‘do you feel..this is not just about black people shouting, is it? –

    this from burbling from Beeb-Head!

    Yes, you’re right, ‘ Harris gratefully told the smarmy git interviewing him – aka, egging him on sycophantically.

    That was just after 11am Jakarta time today, and was followed up by a BBC blurb about yummy documentaries they have on offer, the first one mentioned being about Michele Obama’s book-tour!



    And there’s another one coming up this weekend, all about having a sexually maladjusted (‘LGBT’ in Beeb-Speak!) child.

    I  bet the parents chosen are doing nothing to get their children useful therapy to cure the poor wee things.


    • Fiona F 19:30 on June 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They anger me intensely.
      Not the BLM Americans who hate Anerica.
      That’s up to more rational Americans to sort out.
      I mean those BBC leftists who live off our money and play their propaganda games all day.
      Why doesn’t Johnson do something about it?


    • Penny 20:10 on June 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That Harris is as bad as our local vicar in the town I used to live in near the Welsh border.
      I think he cribbed his sermons out of the Guardian letters to the editor.
      Eades is a male Maitlis.
      Did you see she’s gone bat-sh-t again? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8388037/Emily-Maitlis-BBC-impartiality-row.html
      Are there any respectable, real journalists employed by the BBC?


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