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  • ross1948 11:00 on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Hack Echoes BLM Shrills! 

    We had cause to notice the BBC’s USA ‘news-man’ David Willis

    Another Unappetising BBC Breakfast! 


    …who purports to be a ‘political correspondent, not that long ago.

    Today he was on the scene as a statue of Robert E Lee was hauled down.


    Statue Robert E. Lee Richmond (cropped).JPG

    The monument in more civilised times

    A few hundred shrilling extremists attended the removal

    The BBC jerk ‘interviewed’ them, no doubt delighted that  – inevitably – only BLM fanatics were at the scene.

    Hardly real interviews – the UK Pravda woker never challenged any of their facile gloat-garbage.



    Good for Trump, who praised the gracious and heroic Lee.

    Woko Willis made BBC’s long-standing pro-BLM bias….

    BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush! 

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

    ….crystal clear, with his own yammering conclusion, that there are still many more statues of heroes…

    ‘..thousand of others, each a painful reminder…’

    Hey, Jerk.

    Not ‘painful’ to me.

    Keep your left prejudices to yourself!

    You work for a public broadcaster, BBC, not for BLM.

    There are millions of Americans, and others, in the UK, and overseas, who don’t find such monuments ‘painful reminders!’

    ‘Painful’ to whiney uptights, of course, the sort of useless uppities who relish being thus pained, forever craving cause for offence.

    But BBC has a statutory duty of impartiality.


    Although it shirks that obligation…


    …day in, day out.

  • ross1948 18:15 on June 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Unappetising BBC Breakfast! 

    I really should avoid watching BBC in the morning, 7am Jakarta time.

    Mornings can be tough enough, but when I saw that Willis weirdo, their ‘Washington correspondent,’ whose leftery we have noticed at least once before..


    BBC’s D.C. Hack Puts In A Biased Good Word For Cornered Cuomo! 

    ….bleating about the bint who got a Pulitzer Prize for her ‘courage‘  ( because she filmed the demise of the career criminal Floyd, whilst standing in close proximity to a crowd hostile to cops) I had to take another gulp of my kopi jawa.

    The UK Pravda dork typically used the term ‘police racism,’ not ‘alleged police racism’ as an impartial reporter ought to.

    And he made no mention of how discredited the Pulitzers are.

    Fighting The First And Worst Fake-News Fiend! 

    Pulitzer-Winning Lies | The Weekly Standard

    Then, no sooner was the screen Willis-free, then oily Vaughan Williams was on, whom we’ve noticed MANY times before.

    This time his guest was some geezer whose comments were not especially interesting, but what did interest me was that the man was from the CFR, which LVJ had the nerve to describe as a ‘non-partisan think-tank!’

    Anyone who ever read or even just heard of Professor Quigley’s book on the Council on Foreign Relations, Tragedy and Hope,,


    Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

    ,,,will need no reminding of what the Council on Foreign Relations is all about.

    Just another BBC morning.

    • Barb Cassain 21:45 on June 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Pulitzer have shown themselves up for long enough refusing to wipe that Duranty’s name from their prize list.
      Now they made it perfectly clear with this stupid stunt.
      That girl didnt have to display any kind of courage when she made the video. It’s standard practice now in bad parts of town to try and provoke police then catch them on film if they hit back against trouble-makers.

      Not saying she was a trouble-maker or that she wasn’t but what she didnt need was courage.


    • Mort 22:42 on June 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The CFR is a very powerful organization and although not quite as secretive as the Bilderberg conspirators, is absolutely globalist, only non-partisan in the sense that they will work with globalists of either party.


  • ross1948 14:51 on March 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s D.C. Hack Puts In A Biased Good Word For Cornered Cuomo! 

    I caught BBC World News at 10am Jakarta time today, and was so appalled at their USA correspondent David Willis’s biased rabbiting that I watched it again at 11am just to make sure I had his words right.



    Old Man Willis, who is older – or certainly looks older- than most of his fellow-UK Pravda yappers, but clearly doesn’t know any better about impartial reporting…



    …had to mention the scandal swirling around Cuomo, angry women, not as many as Bill Clinton upset, but even so…

    But then for NO relevant reason Warbling Willis chose to reminisce warmly about the NY Governor’s ‘measured’ press conferences as the Chinese Virus crisis developed.



    Willis yelped about how those press conferences were seen as a ‘welcome relief’ in comparison with the Trump White House briefings.

    Seen by whom?

    Not by many, except his media clique and the Democrats, of course!

    But heck, it’s BBC we’re watching, so who cares about those who didn’t like the smug leftist New York Governor’s condescension?



    And after the revelations of Cuomo’s cover-up of embarrassing info on the impact of the Chinese Virus in his home state…

    Will UK Pravda Cover Up ANY Leftist Lie?


    Andrew Cuomo’s Aide Admits NY Hid COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths to Avoid Federal Investigation

    …even fewer Americans probably remember his ‘measured‘ press conferences fondly.

    The man is as far-left and indifferent to the well-being of decent people as his kid brother, CNN’s Fredo…

    Eight sex offenders — three of which were convicted of raping children — have been released from a jail in New York as a part of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statewide initiative to decrease prison populations

    Kermit Cuomo’s Bigot Big Bro Plumbs New Discriminatory Depths! 

    …and now that he’s facing a scandal about his ‘handling’ of women, ‘quite serious allegations,’ as Willis had to admit, Cuomo needs all the friends he can get.

    Clearly, the BBC is determined to be one of those, given Willis’ smarmy biased comments this morning.


    • Tommy Giesler 19:18 on March 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      He’s paid to report, not to praise Cuomo.



  • ross1948 05:13 on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    How Much BLM Mayhem Did The BBC Cover? 

    UK Pravda had to cover President Trump’s speech and nomination, of course, though we could have done without the snide little BBC creep David Willis inserting his typical BBC bias.


    Willis sneered that the President was expressing  pride in improving the economic situation of Blacks and Latins, ‘perversely perhaps in view of his criticisms of BLM.’


    Willis is too bigoted to see that, far from perverse, Trump’s eagerness to help those minorities is entirely in accord with hostility towards the arson and looting those communities suffered at the hands of BLM slogan-chanting mobs.


    But when the RNC ended, and the scum-packs began to hunt for Republicans leaving the event, how many of these outrages did the BBC cover?



    As I said before, last night, UK Pravda appears to have ignored the filthy BLM savages who harassed and almost felled Senator Rand Paul…

    ..but there was more than one such instance of marxist mayhem.

    Elderly man is punched in the back of the head and knocked to the ground while balaclava-clad protester threatens to ‘f*** up’ RNC committeeman and his wife



    And if you read that story, you’ll see the assault on that senior citizen was only one example of hoodlum politics that evokes memories of the first half of the 20th Century.


    Any reader who saw any mention on the BBC of ANY of the multiple incidents of BLM thuggery reported by the more honest media…



    …please let me know!

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 09:13 on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      BBC would fit perfectly into the mould of state propaganda media as seen in Nazi Germany or the USSR


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