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  • ross1948 11:54 am on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Now Khalif Shire Ali Is Burning In Hell, But… 

    Horrible scenes from Melbourne, another filthy ISIS pig taking innocent lives, but good on the cops for shooting the savage, who of course, as a known Islamist…


    …should long since have been deported back to Somalia, or at the very least interned indefinitely…


    ….but failure to take either course of action is not the fault of law enforcement but of politicians who allow specimens like Khalif Shire Ali to live in Australia.

    And deportation from Oz should not only be decreed for satanic brutes like Ali.

    Any ‘cleric’ or ‘community leader’ who refuses to repudiate disgraceful dogmas….


    ….like that which dictates death for ‘apostates’ and/or ‘blasphemers,’ or which demand that their followers put supranational sectarian allegiance before loyalty to Queen and Country…

    Hizbut Tahrir

    ….should also be handed a one-way ticket to  whatever cess-pool they originally oozed out of.

    It’s an agreeable thought that Ali the Animal is already writhing in Hellfire.

    It’s only fair to note at this point that death by cop-fire is alas the only way that jihadists get the proper punishment, until capital punishment is restored.

    Meanwhile, let’s not ignore the bravery of ordinary citizens, the two Melbourne men captured on camera, one using a chair and another with a shopping trolley  ( yes, a shopping trolley!) doing their best to hamper the pig’s attempts to murder police officers facing him.


    That’s real courage.

    And more, an example to every decent Aussie, and every decent Brit, Yank, Canuck…


    ….not necessarily to take on dangerously armed vermin, but at least to take a stand against scum who strut through their streets brazenly inciting murder.

    • Jay Jenkins 1:04 pm on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Funny how a lot of the media dont seem to be sure what that pig’s name actually is.
      The Age newspaper and msn call him Mohamed but most of the others do not.


    • Uncle Oz 1:57 pm on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Kick them all out if they wont behave like decent Australians.
      Polygamy, ‘marrying’ children, forcing stupid burkas on their wives and daughters, and then all that bloodthirsty stuff on top of all that.
      NOT Australian, so they should NOT be in Australia.


    • Keith Milner 2:54 pm on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Why was he all owed into Australia and why, if the police knew about him, as they did , was he not deported?
      Simple questions and as you say again, the politicians are unwilling to answer, or do anything about all the others like him.
      They have not even banned Hizbut Tahrir which I see the government where you live in Indonesia has already done.


    • Ferdy 4:30 pm on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wish we could shoot every jihadist


    • Errol C 5:51 pm on November 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I couldn’t have put it better.
      People with such twisted minds as ‘Ali the Animal’ should never have been let into Australia even as tourists.
      That photo you use, evil incarnate, screaming for blood, why were they never charged with ‘hate crimes?’


  • ross1948 6:09 pm on October 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Freiburg – Savages Deserve Not Deportation But Death! 

    Usually I take the view that ‘asylum’ pigs who commit crimes should simply be deported back to the countries they came from, where the mind-set that leads to sex offences is part of the culture.


    But this latest report on the horror that Mama Stasi Merkel has inflicted on yet another young German woman…


    …is so repulsive that the only proper punishment is death.

    Thanks to the German ruling class’s subservience to Brussels and Strasbourg, which both have diktats against capital punishment engraved on their respective anti-democratic tablets of stone, justice will not be done.

    So what I will focus on today is the question of paramount importance…

    The Syrian suspects are between 19- and 29-years old, while the German is 25, the police said, providing no further details of the suspects’ identities. “Almost all the… suspects have been previously known to police,” the statement said, without revealing the exact nature of their previous misdemeanors.

    Ill-written, yes, for to speak of ‘previous misdemeanours’ implies that the current crime (for which they may or may not be found guilty) is just the latest misdemeanour, rather than a gross and abominable gang-rape.

    merkel danger


    Why were these crimmigrants not deported the very first time they abused the hospitality of the German tax-payers?

    THAT would have precluded any further risk of them committing ANY further offences on German soil.


    • Annelie Neumann 8:55 pm on October 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Certainly the gang-rapers deserve to die but it is Merkel who has the true guilt for this.
      I do not mean only for opening Germany to so many dangers but also for her not deporting those who our police have known as criminal already.
      Germany was safe once but she has made it everywhere unsafe.


    • Jerry Jerman 10:33 pm on October 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Millions of us will never forgive Merkel for all this terror and violence she has invited into Germany.
      She should burn in hell for what she has done.


    • Inge S 12:04 am on October 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your words of support for us Germans.
      I dream of the morning when we may wake to read Merkel is no more the chancellor. She has been like a curse on our people.


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    Irfan And Asif, Two More Scumbags For Brussels To Save! 

    While some people may not agree with me on which particular categories of offender should be subject to the death penalty…




    …once sanity returns and it is restored in accordance with the will of the people ( not so? easily settled, just hold a referendum!) there can be few would say that Irfan and Arif Mewatu do not deserve to pay with their lives for the foul crime they committed against an eight-year-old schoolgirl.

    They have been convicted of abducting, sexually assaulting and attempting to kill an eight-year-old girl in Mandsaur district of India – AND – have been sentenced to death under the country’s newly toughened anti-rape legislation.    https://www.rt.com/news/436536-india-rapists-death-sentence/


    Unfortunately, that few includes certain big names who are committed to safeguarding the scumbags…



    Related image

    Drunkard Juncker and his VP, Timmermans


    ….not merely by making personal representation on behalf of the child-rapists…


    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-and-human-.

    …but purporting to represent YOU, if you live in any of the nations currently within the boundaries of the Brussels Empire.



    There are many reasons why Brexit is a good thing, issues of sovereignty and economics, of course.

    But the moral imperative is most starkly illustrated by the shameless way that the anti-democratic commissars of the EUSSR deliberately misrepresent how MOST decent citizens in the UK, and likely in every European country, feel about capital punishment, the most effective remedy ever devised for vermin like that evil pair of pigs named Irfan and Asif.


    • Petra Malley 6:28 pm on August 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We should all email our nearest Indian Embassy to applaud this sentence and dissociate ourselves from Juncker’s “Save The Scum” campaign.


  • ross1948 8:15 pm on July 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Man Up, May! Those ISIS ‘Beatle’ Beasts Deserve To Die! 

    Now stand by for a cacaphony of rage and grief from every sicko left-liberal in the land.

    Yes! it’s already started.


    Related image

    Shadow attorney general, Labour’s Shami Chakrabarti, said: “Sajid Javid appears to have secretly and unilaterally abandoned Britain’s opposition to the death penalty.

    UK will not oppose US death penalty for Isis pair | UK news | 

    This woman has never been elected to speak for anyone- she’s a bloody baroness, who, as we read in her wiki entry, has long been a leading agitator against counter-terror legislation.



    Now she stridently seeks to rescue scum from a fair trial in one of the few Western countries where they may get a genuinely just sentence?

    And Shamnesty is shrilling along too, no surprise since they have a long record of desperate resistance to the idea of terrorists getting what they deserve.

    Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned! 

    After some circumspect criticism of the UK Home Secretary recently..Britain’s Home Secretary? What’s His Job Again?…it looks like he now merits a pat on the back, if the stolen (let’s not euphemise the theft by saying ‘leaked!’) communication is genuine.


    Related image


    Sajid Javid, told the US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, that the UK would not demand a “death penalty assurance” in the case, and indicated he believed there was more chance of a successful trial in the US than in UK courts.

    Only half a pat, though.

    He is right to give America cart-blanche if there’s a good chance the ISIS rape-gang scum called ‘The Beatles’ – very unfair on the Fab Four – could be executed in the USA.


    El Shafee Elsheikh (left) and Alexanda Kotey


    But he is quite out of order to maintain, in defiance of the electorate, who have never had any opportunity to vote on the death penalty, the disgusting EU policy of safe-guarding terror vermin wherever they may be.

    Yet not so fast!

    Brussels has flunkeys galore in the UK – and, it appears, at the very highest political levels.


    Theresa May REFUSES to back death penalty for ISIS Beatles 

    Nor is it only May who shrinks from the fight against terrorism.

    Another gutless wet weasel, unwilling to give his name to Sky News, “It must be reversed today. It is wholly unacceptable. [Mr Javid] has discredited himself.”

    And there are plenty of other ‘Conservatives’ who actually boast of how they interpose decadent  liberal ‘values’ on the application of common sense and justice…

    “This poses really difficult decisions that people have got to make about instinctively where they would want to be and actually a cold reflection on exactly the values we stand for.”

    …though at least Crispin Blunt MP, unlike the spineless minister, allows the media to put a name to his bizarre beliefs. .

    Some people are saying Javid spoke sense knowing he would be quickly undermined by May and her pinko bots, to keep himself high on the party activists’ popularity polls.  Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid is favourite to be next Conservative leader

    But we need to wait and see.

    If she does disown decency, as is her wont, and sends a message to sectarian fiends that they need not fear for their lives, no matter how many innocents they slaughter or how many little girls they rape…



    …, then Javid should defy the bitch, resign and make commn cause with real conservatives, inside or, if need be, outside, the ever more discredited Tory Party.

    As for the ISIS pigs?

    Beheading is no bad idea!

    Or hanging, or electrocution, a fine old-fashioned firing squad.

    If courts won’t order their deaths, there must be somebody out there who will ensure that justice is done. ;

    • Petra Malley 8:33 pm on July 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That makes sense to me.
      Thank you for taking my view into account.


    • Vicki 8:42 pm on July 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I really hope Petra is wrong about Javid. If he means what he says and gets his way,he will be the best home secretary since I don’t know when.
      Mrs. Thatcher always supported capital punishment. I think Major did too, until the European Court told him he was not elected to represent British people but to do their bidding.
      We need a government that puts Britain first. It has been SO long since we had one.


    • Edward L 9:22 pm on July 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It looks like this comments column is lively today so here’s my contribution.
      May is showing us once again how unfit she is to be in high office.
      Any person with even the tiniest bit of conscience would want those two ISIS monsters put to death.


    • Mack the Knife 10:57 pm on July 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Mark my words.
      She will see to it somehow that they avoid what they deserve.
      May is without conscience.


    • Keith Milner 12:32 pm on July 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Shoot on sight, that should be how any ‘foreign fighters,’ traitors that is, get treated.


    • Lex Armstrong 3:11 pm on July 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Now she says she supports him.
      Which u turn will May perform next?
      She once told us she wanted out of the ECHR. Then all at once, for no reason, she swivelled back and bowed down.


    • Jacko 5:42 pm on July 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      May is a tosser.


  • ross1948 10:49 pm on October 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Russian’ Asylumer (And Non-Bomb Maker!) ‘Avoids Terror Charge!’ 

    Always pull on your wellies when reading The Leftal, sorry, The Local, if the story relates to undesirable alien ‘asylumers.’




    Because you have to wade halfway down the page before you get a fully accurate account of what’s going on.

    Their report on a court case begins with – ‘A 17-year-old Russian citizen who caused a bomb scare in Oslo earlier this year will not face terror charges when his trial begins on Monday.

    OK, so is his name Boris, or Vladimir or Nikolai?

     That takes some serious wading, till we reach the end of the report and remain in the dark.

    No photo, either, of course!

    We must use our imaginations!

    It’s almost as long a slosh through the muddy waters of sloppy reporting before we find that he’s a Russian citizen with heritage in the North Caucasus region…


    North Caucasus includes Chechenya and Dagestan


    …the teenager arrived in Norway in 2010 with his family as an asylum seeker and has a Norwegian residency permit…


    So is he a Chechen, like the Boston Bomber, or from next-door Dagestan, also a frequent source of trouble?

    No info!

    How this  17-year-old alien repaid his host nation’s generosity is explained clearly enough, however.

    He was found in possession of a bomb-like device, which police later described as containing lighter gas and nails….

    Yet he ‘avoids terror charges?’

    After initially being charged using Norway’s terror paragraph, a much milder charge, relating to possession of explosive materials, is now being applied in the case.


    The question comes down to when is a bomb not a bomb.

    It is the view of the prosecuting authority that this object on its own was not as explosive as [terror] paragraph 142 stipulates,” state prosecutor Marit Bakkevig…

    Oh yeah? Not QUITE as explosive? Not NEARLY as explosive?



    How far did the poor teen’s toy fall short of the deadly definition?

    As for the defence case – the alien is pleading ‘not guilty,’ of course,  although the accused was known to Police Security Service (PST) before the incident. Naturally, he denies having been in contact with radical Islamist networks…

    So what was he KNOWN for?

    No answer…

    So let’s brighten our day by noting that his lawyer, a gent by the name of Javeed Shah, explains his client was “curious” about explosive devices like the one he later made after watching videos on YouTube.

    WHOSE videos?

    No info!

    Curiosly, the curious lad has not offered an explanation as to why he was carrying the device through a busy part of the Norwegian capital on a Saturday evening…


    Mr. Shah keeps us in paroxysms of mirth with this gem.

    “He is very unclear in his explanations in this regard. As previously mentioned, this is a 17-year-old boy who was curious about this and that. With regard to intent it is difficult for him to answer…


    On that last point, few of us will disagree with Mr. Shah!

    And who can doubt the attorney’s assertions that his client is  –


    Gambar terkait

    …incredibly happy not to have been charged with terror.

    I’ll bet he is!

    It seems we must wait till next week to learn what the court will do about this obnoxious ingrate slug.

    It will certainly not be punishment enough.

    I’m unsure whether I’d favour prompt deportation or the death penalty, but there’s no capital punishment available…


    • Eben Rumford 9:10 pm on October 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I like the way you think and I hate the way the Local rag hid the bomb.maker’s origins.
      He’s no more a Russian than those Roma bums we had coming into Canada were Hungarian. Jason Kenney stopped most of that but it will soon be starting all over with Pretty Boy in Ottawa.

      If the Norsemen won’t shoot bomb-makers then yes, they should be kicked out because otherwise they just get out of jail and start again, after a few years on the tax paying public’s gravy train.


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    Why Should Indonesia Answer To ‘Rights’ Hypocrites? 

    The UN Human Rights Universal Periodic Review (UPR) workgroup concluded a discussion on Wednesday (03/05) of a human rights report submitted by Indonesia. It advised the country on sustainable efforts to improve and protect human rights.


    It’s bizarre that Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi felt obliged to talk about ‘rights’ to a collection of UN sticky-beaks which, when last we checked, included countries in which any kind of rights are a sad sick joke –

    -like Saudi Arabia, misruled by the shariah code, hence a stranger to civilised values, let alone ‘rights!’


    devil destroyed


    And Red China, a totalitarian tyranny devoid of democracy since the tragedy of communist take-over in 1949.

    • communism tyranny

    And Retno’s colleague, Justice Minister Yasonna Laoly, was revelling in the fact that ‘‘there was a strong message that each delegation appreciated Indonesia’s progress, efforts and commitment to complete the challenges in human rights protection.”

    I’m certainly not saying Indonesia has an untainted record on certain issues.


    Minster Retno


    Retno told the media that her delegation had elaborated on several thematic human rights clusters – a bizarre turn of phrase, that, but never mind.

    What is more intriguing was the inclusion among those ‘clusters’ of ‘warranties on religious freedom!’

    Until the government in which Retno serves scraps the viciously discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree…



    …and enforces the Supreme Court ruling in favour of the persecuted GKI Yasmin Christians –

    Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 

     –  she needs to consider her words carefully when talking about ‘religious freedom.’

    For many tormented Christians  – Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks  – in Indonesia, as for Ahmadis, religious freedom is a mere dream.

    And what about the nightmare Jakarta’s Governor Ahok is currently undergoing, awaiting a verdict in the ‘blasphemy’ trial.




    How on earth can any country in this millennium  purport to have any interest in religious freedom when a clearly good man can be hauled into court for ‘offending’ fanatics by quoting a Koranic verse?

    Blasphemy? Rizieq Should NOT Be Prosecuted – Nor Ahok! 

    Real blasphemy is visible among the swarm of Islamist bigots, invoking the Name of God Almighty as they shuffled through Jakarta yesterday  – and repeatedly in recent months –Will Five MILLION Fanatics March This Friday! Jakarta Nightmare!  –  many of them howling like rabid wolves for Ahok to be put to death.



    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/14/thousands-hard-liners-march-against-ahok.htm


    I see Retno and Yasonna also explained Indonesia’s legal policies to the forum, regarding the death penalty…

    Instead of explaining it to this panel of wannabe meddlers, better they talk to President Jokowi and urge him to do something about the ludicrously soft sentences meted out to swine convicted of terrorist offences here in Indonesia.

    No great fan of his predecessor SBY, I have to say that at least he presided over the execution of the Bali Bomb Pigs.



    A lot of us have waited a long time to break out the beer and bacon sandwiches and celebrate a few more jihadist scumbags getting sent to Hell.

    But meantime, if Indonesia told the UN to take their double-standards and stick ’em where the sun never shines, that too would merit a raised glass.

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    ‘Asylum’ Rapists, Swedish Judges – Another Outrage – Where’s Da Media? 

    As you know, I try to use left-liberal media sources whenever possible. This is NOT because I like them, but simply for the reason that, if I use sources whose ideological tone is similar to my own, it’s just being repetitious and makes the news we cover less convincing.

    If, on the contrary, I take stories from, for example, pro-crimmigrant media, like the Guardian, or The Local or CNN, leftists denials are largely obviated.


    Sometimes, however, I need to use ‘right-wing’ media, because NOBODY else carries horrific news that people need to know.

    So today I read Breitbart, and recoiled in shocked dismay at –

    A – the vile savagery of another two ‘asylum-seekers’ in Sweden..

    B – the disgusting, pathetic, slap-on-the-wrist sentences handed down to the ‘asylum’ savages…


    C the paucity of coverage in other media

    I checked the pigs’ names via Google and ONLY Breitbart, MRCTV, Heat Street and one (Hungarian) blog –https://888.hu/article-csak-nehany-evet-kapott-miutan-eroszakolt-es-agykarosodasig-vert-sved-fiatalokat -appear to have the story. The blog also had a photo of one of the pigs. And there’s a German language source – http://www.freiezeiten.net/brutale-gewalt-und-vergewaltigung-als-jugendliche-zwei-afrikaner-zur-party-einladen

    None of the so-called mainstream media!

    This outrageous crime and equally outrageous sentencing should have saturation coverage.



    African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage

    Here’s the final paragraph – I leave you to use the link to read the full nauseating tale –

    the court sentenced Mwangi to just two-and-a-half years for his crimes, despite his having raped another woman in May 2016.

    The government will attempt to deport him afterwards – although he will be allowed to return to the country after ten years, and judges have prevented other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, from following through on deporting criminal migrants after their sentences in the past.

    Jarara, who has a string of previous convictions for crimes including theft, serious bodily injury, and resisting arrest, was given a slightly longer sentence – three years – but he will not be deported.      http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/14/african-migrants-brutally-rape-swedish-teen-leave-male-friend-brain-damage/

    These two vile swine deserve to die. In my view they deserve to die painfully. They scarcely qualify as human beings.



    But Sweden, even if its legislators wanted to (which, being addicted to the toxic liberalism which has more or less ruined their country, they don’t) cannot execute filth like Mwangi and Jarara, because Brussels won’t let them.

    So life sentences? No, the Swedish judicial benches are infested with robed scum, who place little or no value on Swedish life and care even less about the violation of Swedish girls. This case is hardly a one-off.

    So why will they not at least expel these vermin, back to maraud in their own countries?

    Again, those courts.

    My immediate reaction was that if those judges had any conscience at all, they’d wake up today and hang themselves for handing down such pitiful ‘punishments.

    Gambar terkaitSweden’s elite

    If it’s Swedish law that’s at fault, the law-makers who leave it unreformed should be tried for treason.


    Heat Street adds more on the case –

    There is a third defendant in the case, a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant with Swedish citizenship. He’s being tried for filming the rape and not reporting it to the police. In addition, he also being charged with defamation as he livestreamed the ordeal on Facebook. Because he’s a Swedish citizen, he cannot be deported….https://heatst.com/life/asylum-seekers-who-allegedly-broadcasted-rape-on-facebook-wont-be-deported-from-sweden/

    • Mort 2:48 pm on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You’re right about the media black-out, if that is not considered a ‘racist’ word in our enlightened age!
      I just checked Google too, and not a word in other media except those you found.

      But there was another Breitbart report on another asylum rapist which was also not covered by many other media. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03/22/sweden-asylum-seeker-forced-10-year-old-watch-porn-raping/

      I I wonder how many criminal asylum rapists don’t get reported, thanks to police and media in Sweden being so dedicated to cover up what these ‘refugees’ do to their hosts.. .


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    Lone Wolf in Sumatra? Not Exactly Alone! 

    “By the time I got up, people were swarming the suspect; some were restraining him but others were so upset that the suspect managed to hurt the pastor they couldn’t contain themselves and beat the man..” http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/indonesia-terror-attack-at-catholic-church-in-medan/news-story/

    Good for them!

    And that ‘upset’ should set the tone for the courts here, if Ivan Armadi Hasugian is found guilty. 

    He’s being held as the only suspect after a priest was knifed at St. Joseph’s Church in Medan; a bomb in a bag didn’t explode.

    The police say he was allegedly inspired by an attack on a church in Rouen, Normandy, last month where a priest was killed and a parishioner wounded by Islamic State (IS) militants,


    • Bomb01
    • An underage boy? Indonesians aged 17 are entitled to vote! Hardly underage! 
    • Sounds like the stuff we hear about all those ghastly ‘unaccompanied migrants’ in Europe, like the savages we’ve covered before…
    • =============
    • evil children
    • ………………..
    • Why doesn’t President Jokowi make it clear that, whether a jihadist terrorist is in direct radio communication with the satanic ‘caliphate’ in Mosul…
    • =
    • devil destroyed
    • ——–
    • ….or whether he ( or she, given the news from Paris yesterday) just wakes up one morning with a fanciful whim to kill and maim, involvement in jihadist terror and/or treason ( the latter meaning declaring allegiance to a supranational ‘caliphate’ in preference to one’s own country)  should mean facing a firing squad. 
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    Devilish Islamist Plot? Erdogan’s Reichstag Fire? 

    Not too frequently do I find myself nodding sagely at the words of an Austrian EuroCommissar!




    But Brussels Commissioner Johannes Hahn may be onto something when he hinted that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan knew more than he has let on about the shocking events that unfolded on Friday.  .https://euobserver.com/foreign/134388


    Historians mostly think that the Reichstag Fire, blamed on a Communist, was used by Hitler as the flimsiest excuse to justify his complete machtergreifung, the seizure of power by the Nazi Party.

    Further, I recall from my Soviet Studies post-grad time how the Bolshevik NKVD infiltrated and took command of a monarchist resistance movement and actually recruited Russian patriots who wanted their country restored to its traditions, a Tsar back on the throne.


    Needless to say, when it was time to strike, the Reds were fully prepared. The brave Tsarist resistance movement was stillborn, its members captured and killed.

    Ring a bell?

    I was certainly shocked by the speed with which Erdogan’s gang rounded up not only military dissenters but also several thousand ‘judges and prosecutors.’

    Were these legal functionaries supposed to have been in on the ‘plot?’


    Or is this just a handy opportunity to rid the Turkish judiciary of people committed to the Ataturk vision of a civilised secular state?

    No doubt the Islamist regime will replace the prisoners with sectarian hacks inclined towards the iniquitous shariah system, so lacking in justice, that obtained in the Ottoman Empire…




    …. whose flags, I heard, were borne high by pro-Erdogan agitators in the wake of the failed coup.


    Herr Hahn said that Erdogan’s crackdown “is exactly what we feared…it looked “like something that had been prepared. That the lists [of judges] are available after the events indicates that this [the crackdown] was prepared and that at a certain moment it should be used”.

    Typically, however, the insipid in-crowd in Brussels seem more concerned about the reintroduction of capital punishment than the installation of a new caliphate.


    Belgian foreign minister DidierReynders said he “can’t imagine” that Turkey could ever become an EU member if Erdogan jailed judges or reinstated the death penalty.

    Well, nobody in his or her right mind wanted Turkey brought further into Europe.


    Executing convicted criminals is hardly equivalent to jailing judges for no reason. Only a dumbo EUSSR apparatchik would equate the two as the Belgian has done.

    Turkey has an absolute right to restore capital punishment.


    • gallows
    • ————————————–

    It was abolished, without any referendum, purely as a negotiating sop to Brussels. Erdogan is not a nice man but he can’t be faulted for his latest assertion.

    “In a democracy, whatever the people want they will get. We cannot ignore this demand.”

    Would that governments in France or Britain or Sweden, inter alia, could say the same!

    That’s not to say the Turkish regime should put the coup detainees to death. There’s a huge doubt about the truth in the current case.

    But certainly, there are terrorist prisoners galore who’d be none the worse for a hanging.

    But then if they are affiliated to ISIS, or some other sectarian slaughter-house crew, we’d be naive to think Erdogan might put them down. Erdogan is a dyed-in-the wool Islamist fanatic.

    Erdogan, Cameron’s Comrade, ISIS Collaborator, Yelps At Europe! 

    There’s no way he’d dispense true justice to scum like that.



  • ross1948 12:58 am on July 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , death penalty., , , , ,   

    Tory Hopeful Andrea Offers Hope, Briefly… 

    I have been paying somewhat desultory attention to the Tory leadership battle in the UK and, as readers noted yesterday…

    Any Card-Carrying British Tories Out There? 

    …I am marginally more at ease with the prospect of Andrea Leadsom taking over than with the shuddery thought of a machtergreifung by pro-EuroCourt turncoat Theresa May.


    Andrea Leadsom, right, suggested in an interview published on Saturday in national newspaper The Times, that her status as a mother gives her an advantage over rival Theresa May, who does not have children.


    So when when I spotted, on a quick flick through the Google News Search, that Andrea had said there was a “need to exterminate vermin,” I flicked back expectantly -an extremely pleasing image had sprung to mind…


    .B-PJ6gkIMAA2mpRshoot terrs


    …but alas, when I read on, it was some very much smaller, and less malodorous, and VERY much less death-deserving, ‘vermin’ that she had in mind.



    “…which foxes are….”.Andrea Leadsom’s leadership pitch aimed at rightwing 

    Oh, well, it was a delightful, albeit transient, thought, at least.
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