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  • ross1948 00:01 on January 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Even In Jakarta, 'Rights' Prattle Audible! 


    Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission,  Komnas HAM, understands that if that Islamic boarding school ‘teacher, Herry Wirawan…’

    …gets convicted, punishment should be severe.

    That’s nice to know!

    But then HAM Commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara rather spoils his reaction to the depravity, the sheer depth of evil, involved in the crimes…



    …of which the man may be convicted, by trotting out the kind of tripe we usually hear from the likes of Shamnesty…

    …that the sensible penalties under discussion….


    .’death or castration.. ‘


    .. ( hopefully the latter inflicted prior to the former!)

    .. are unacceptable, ‘because this type of punishment is contrary to human rights!’

    Oh, for God’s Sake!

    Human rights by whose definition? Please don’t quote any UN Declarations on the subject, because the UN…

    UN’s ‘Rights’ Rats, Hand In Glove With Adolf? 

    ‘..the Human Rights Council was giving China the names of Uighur dissidents.’

    ….by its own base conduct, has devalued those words, below level zero!


    The problem with capital punishment in Indonesia is that there’s not enough of it!

    There’s not been a single jihadist swine executed since the Bali Pigs, over 15 years ago.


    Bali Bombing Pigs


    Sure, the anti-terror unit Densus88 takes out a few every so often, and good work that is…

    …but a far better indication of a healthy society is how many terrorists…

    …it puts up against a wall each year.

    Western countries, apart from the USA, have a dismal record, even seeking to promote……

    …their own indifference to the victims of bestial sectarian atrocities by neo-colonial nagging in Indonesia!

    Of course any found guilty of raping and impregnating schoolgirls should forfeit any claim to ‘human rights!’

    Same goes for terrorists!

  • ross1948 15:30 on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    A Mere TEN Years? Hang The German ISIS Sow! 

    Ten years?

    That’s the breaking news…

    That filthy sow in Germany should be taken out and hanged with a sh-t-stained rope.



    The specific crime, collaborating with her ISIS pig husband to let a little Yazidi girl die of thirst, tied out in the blazing sun, of course merits a death penalty.



    But what are we to make of the despicable defence proposal, that she get PROBATION on the charge of being part of the terrorist gang?

    What do we know of Jennifer Wenisch, who comes from a Protestant family in Bavaria, so it’s said, but who ‘converted to Islam in 2013 and travelled the following year via Turkey and Syria to Iraq where she joined IS.’

    ‘Joined IS?’

    Well, that should suffice for capital punishment!



    But there are plenty more details about this satanic sow!

    Recruited in mid-2015 to the group’s self-styled hisbah morality police, she patrolled city parks in IS-occupied Fallujah and Mosul.


    Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, a pistol and an explosives vest, her task was to ensure strict IS rules on dress code, public behaviour and bans on alcohol and tobacco.


    Ignorant savages deserve no mercy, much less any person born and raised in a civilised country.

    Death is the only fit punishment!

    • Amanda Adams 15:47 on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, and bring back Shamima Begum and hang her too.


    • Kresnar 17:05 on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Which channel did you watch this news on?
      I have watched the French and German English language channels, but the both of them witheld the criminal’s name.
      So thanks for being more informative.
      Probably it’s impossible to find a photograph but if I come across any, I will let you onow.


    • Vanessa R 17:38 on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Burning at the stake would be fair and just for that monster.


  • ross1948 13:00 on October 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    David Amess, Not Merely Good, But Wise! 

    It wasn’t till I read an extremely good article…

    Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism?

    … about the need to face up to the recurring evil of Islamist terror in Britain……

    ..that I learned that the name of the ‘British’ man detained after the foul murder of Sir David Amess…


    Official portrait of Sir David Amess MP crop 2.jpg

    Sir David Amess

    ….is said to be identical to that of a person referred to ‘Prevent,’ that scheme devised by ‘experts’ to stop ‘radicalisation.’

    Update – that name has just been published ‘Ali Harbi Ali… ‘

    As to him, we await prosecution, trial, verdict, but…

    How many pig-ignorant jihadists has the ‘Prevent’ scheme actually stopped…



    ….in their descent into rabid sectarian blood-lust?

    I have no idea.

    A better bet would be internment of anyone…



    …proven to have expressed support for satanic notions e.g  – that those who convert to a religion they prefer should be harmed.



    Same for the moral blights who think blasphemers should be killed, or even hurt.

    And same for those who praise terrorist scum.

    The slain MP himself once offered the House of Commons a much better scheme to handle the ‘radicalised.’



    A majority of MPs disagreed, nor have they ever allowed the British people to vote on what we should hail as the Amess Option…

    … or any variant thereof.

    Hanging, electrocution, firing squad, no matter!

     It’s called JUSTICE!

    I doubt today’s Commons will behave differently, even after one of their own has newly fallen pray to demonic forces.

    The remedy, dear Brits – and dear French, German, Spanish, Dutch etc. – lies in your own hands.

    Next time you get your chance to elect legislators, listen to the voice of wisdom from beyond the grave.


    • Mel Henderson 13:45 on October 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Those legislators will never admit their appeasement approach is wrong.
      A clean sweep, good men and women, a fresh start and wipe out the enemy


    • JazPen 14:03 on October 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I agree.
      We are at war but our leaders wont pick up the weapons we need to fight back.

      After this, I won’t vote for candidates who are opposed to capital punishment.


  • ross1948 08:05 on September 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Death To Corruptors, MUI? Why Not Terrorists? 

    It’s been a while since I wrote about the MUI…


    …Indonesia’s Council of ‘Scholars’ – a state-subsidised body with fancy premises in uptown Jakarta.

    But last week’s comments from Ikhsan Abdullah, their ‘Deputy General Secretary for Law and Human Rights, ‘ got my attention.

    The prominent ‘scholar’ is very upset by a case of alleged corruption involving ‘mosque grant funds.’

    If necessary, he said, corruptors should be sentenced to death in order to provide a deterrent effect




    There is much to be said for capital punishment, not least that it’s 100% a deterrent – how many executed crims have re-offended?

    Most Brits would love to see restoration of the death penalty, for various categories of atrocious crime, esp terrorism.

    But no way will the UK’s jellyfish elite allow a referendum.

    But strangely, here, where Indonesia’s excellent security forces do good work taking out jihadist scum, despite bitching from undesirables….

    Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?


    …the MUI has not so far called for evil sectarians to be put down.

    Quite the contrary, in the case of a particularly evil sectarian, not that long ago.



    In fact, when the authorities began talk of releasing the savage, what did the MUI have to say?

    A Wise And Noble Step?” Islamic ‘Scholars’ On Terrorist Unleashed In Indonesia! 

    Far wiser, surely, to do what was done, righteously, to the Bali Pigs…



    .. though sadly there’s been no terrorist executions since, as far as I know.

    • Linawati 08:26 on September 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You ask a very good questiion.
      Is MUI only in mood to kill if mosque money missing.
      Terrorist should all die, of course.


    • Kemangeroo 16:45 on September 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good question, mate. It took a long time for Indonesia to shoot those b. 3 Bali –tards that murdered so many Australians, but they did shoot them finally.
      But it’s a little tricky trying to explain why Australia doesn’t have the balls to shoot terrorists.
      I never heard a good argument why we shouldnt.


  • ross1948 08:20 on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Do Tell, Brussels – Chopping ‘Moderate,’ Hanging ‘Extreme?’ 

    Nothing wrong with the death penalty, if applied to grooming gangs in England, or terrorists anywhere.

    But with pig-ignorant savages in power…



    …it’s likely to be imposed on harmless Afghans who think for themselves and then get accused of ‘blasphemy!’

    As for amputation, targetting certain bodily parts among Taliban veterans might make the local goats feel safer.


    So now, in Brussels?


    Now we need clarification from the Fourth Reich.

    EU should ‘make sure’ moderate Taliban prevail, envoy says

    Which leap into the Dark Ages falls into which EU category?

    How To Spot The ‘Moderate’ Taliban?

    • Keith Milner 08:46 on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Meanwhile, Australia hasn’t banned Hizbut!


    • Carly McLean 09:18 on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply



  • ross1948 11:20 on September 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Begum The Sow Deserves To Die!. 

    Shamima Begum tells UK: ‘I could help you fight terrorism because you clearly don’t know what you’re doing


    The sow knew what IT was doing, absolutely, when it joined the terrorists in their caliphate and served as a breeding animal for them.

    The 22-year-old, who left London for Syria at 15, said she wanted to be brought back to UK and face terror charges to prove her innocence

    The sow should be allowed back to Britain ONLY if and when capital punishment is reintroduced…



    ….and it can be strung up, as should all jihadists who went there to adhere to Britain’s – civilisations’s – deadly enemies.

    Capital punishment, by whatever means..

    …is the only fit response to such creatures.

    What they did was treasonous and they should forfeit their lives.

  • ross1948 17:25 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    A Reminder! Why Tories Are Worthless 

    Remember what we had to say back when the Tories were turning somersaults to save scumbags’ skins?

    UK’s JakartaRep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  –

    No, not back in Cameron’s era, but more recently! 


    Jellyfish Johnson was never recognisably conservative, while Priti ‘Useless’ Patel u-turned like a coiling snake on her purported support….



    ….for the death penalty, solely in order to gain preferment.

    They betrayed the victims of the ‘caliphate! ‘

    Evil ‘Beatles’ No-Death Deal – Brits ARE Ruled By Fake-Conservatives! 

    So this week I hope they and their lousy colleagues had at least a pang of conscience if they read a reminder…



    …of just how much those filthy jihadist pigs deserve to die!

    ALEXANDRIA, Virginia…
    Alexanda Anon Kotey, 37, pleaded guilty to all eight counts against him at a plea hearing in U.S. District Court… 

    He admitted guilt in connection with the deaths of four American hostages — journalist James Foley, journalist Steven Sotloff and aid workers Peter Kassig and Kayla Mueller — as well as European and Japanese nationals who also were held captive….

    He and another man, El Shafee Elsheikh, were brought to the U.S. last year to face charges…

    ….after the U.S. assured Britain that neither man would face the death penalt



    Shame on you, Johnson.

    Shame on you, Patel.


    Let’s hope some ‘ordinary decent criminal,’ in whatever penitentiary the satanic sectarians end up in…

    ..knows how to put a tooth-brush to good use!
  • ross1948 23:15 on May 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    In France, Another Rabid Pig Put Down! 

    The only way justice gets done in France is by means of police weaponry.

    In Nantes, the pig who wounded three police officers has been shot and, one is glad to hear, killed.

    Obviously one’s first thought is that the swine was another alien savage…

    …like so many of those involved in sectarian terror in France.

    But watching the BBC World News, I hear this latest specimen was born and grew up in France.

    Savages Attack French Police? Best Shoot The Scum! 

    A photo of the storming of the police station of Champigny-sur-Marne last night. Forty young rioters attempted to enter the police station with fireworks and metal bars.
    The police station of Champigny-sur-Marne under attack by savages last year

    Another banlieue brute, perhaps?

    That makes the deportation option more difficult.

    Had he been taken alive, all he’d suffer would be a number of years confinement, free board and lodging at France’s expense.



    A lot of good that would do anyone.

    ‘..a source close to the investigation told Reuters the suspect had been released from jail in March following a conviction for violence. He was reported by prison staff to have been radicalised in jail..’ https://www.france24.com/en/france/20210528-man-attacks-french-police-officer-with-knife-sparking-manhunt-in-western-france

    The sooner there’s a French President in the Elysee Palace who supports capital punishment for every terrorist captured…

    ..and is prepared to put such a refreshing reform to the French people in a referendum, the better!


    Vive Marine!

  • ross1948 00:05 on February 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Spain’s Red, Red Rapper Deserves All He Gets! 

    Hordes of red louts rampaging on Spanish streets – because what even UK Pravda acknowledged is a ‘communist rapper’ has been arrested.


    Image result for pablo hasel


    That bulletin at about 5-6pm Jakarta time Thursday on BBC World News expanded on the charges against the recidivist criminal – he’s behind bars not just for defaming members of the Royal Family but also for supporting terrorism.

    Image result for pablo hasel

    Pablo Hasel, a snotty little sh-t, whose support for terrorist murder-gangs deserves not jail but capital charges

    Frankly, rap music is a crime, against normal people’s ear-drums.

    Like its repulsive cousin, hip-hop, it resembles the grunting of apes, not any kind of human harmony.
    But no, I’m not saying the red brute deserves prison for his inability to sing mellifluously.
    Nor am I especially aghast at anyone dissing royals.
    If you look at how certain young Brit royals let down our revered monarch, well…

    BUT – glorifying terrorism? 

    That should be a crime in any country, and not least in Spain…

    Blood-Beast Adams Applauds ETA Murder Gang 

    Gambar terkaitETA’s masked cowards,,,above…and below..something about their innocent victims

    The enduring pain of ETA’s victims: struck by terrorism, ignored by society…

    …where Sinn Fein’s Iberian heroes ETA waged savage war on both security forces and civilians for years.

    And where Islamist pigs have committed one atrocity after the other….

    Shouted What? Media Tells Us, Risking ‘Islamophobia’ Charges! 

    Why Barcelona, a tourist paradise, is a ‘Salafist city’ – France 24

    …thanks to an idiotic immigration policy.

    .Then there’s the cop-killer vermin called GRAPO!

    But few of the mainstream media were much interested in detailing which vermin gangs this slug Hasel has supported. 

    However a dip into wikipedia helped clarify how much he deserves jail – or worse. 


    Juanico Llumà, Núria (16 February 2021). “Les 10 claus per entendre el cas Pablo Hasél” [The 10 keys to understanding the Pablo Hasél case]. Ara (in Catalan). Retrieved 16 February 2021. Hasél té una condemna anterior, del 2014, per enaltir en cançons seves el terrorisme d’ETA, els Grapo, Terra Lliure i Al-Qaida. [Hasél has a previous conviction, from 2014, for praising in his songs the terrorism of ETA, GRAPO, Terra Lliure or Al Qaeda]



    And THAT over-fed uppity pig gets Amnesty International vocally supporting him?

    Well, of course!

    And, equally predictably, the ‘celebrity’ dregs are bleating too, as happens in most countries nowadays, ‘show-biz’ encompassing the most worthless, unpatriotic and unproductive elements in society!

    Spain’s leftist government plans to change the law, but I can’t see why – the BBC website cites as an example of objections to the law the 2018 case of another rat – the rapper Valtònyc had his jail term confirmed by Spain’s Supreme Court, for glorifying terrorism and insulting the monarchy with his promises of bullets for right-wing politicians and a noose for the king.


    Incitement to murder, whether set to music, or rap, or by any means, is clearly ‘hate-speech’ of the real variety, not democratic dissent. That Valtonyc was rightly convicted three years ago!

    And this year, Hasel, the scuzzy atonal ass, whose scumbag fans are rioting in Spain still, expressed support for terrorism, so it’s not the law that needs to be changed…

    …but the potential penalty. 


    • Petra Malley 01:19 on February 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The media have tended to emphasise the anti-monarchy theme of Hasel’s ‘music’ and when they do mention his pro-terrorist activity, they don’t give enough to show how bad he is.
      There’s no excuse for this, as the details you provide are very easy to find.
      It was clever of you to include the ETA/IRA links.
      That should reduce any misquided sympathy he might otherwise have aroused.
      Amnesty, very predictably as you say, seem to see nothing wrong about singing the praises of political murder.


  • ross1948 06:13 on February 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Sorely Missed, As Biden Rushes To Empty Gitmo! 

    ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!’



    So sang Joni Mitchell, and never have the words rung truer than these past few weeks, as that now-proven liar, Biden….

    Daffy Ducklo Debacle – Lying Biden’s Dishonour On Display! 

    ….paradoxically begins honouring his most dishonourable pledges, the latest being to ease the lot of the undesirable aliens detained in Guantanamo Bay.

    The Biden administration said that they intended to shutter the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba by the end of the president’s term. White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the intended closure during the media briefing on Friday. White House says Biden will shut down Guantanamo Bay prison by the end of his term

    We know how that will work out…


    …as it has worked out before.

    Release the evil-doers and they will swarm off to rejoin their murderous gangs.

    Transfer them to the USA, and legalice will swarm ever more busily to wherever the vermin are held, to whine about ‘rights’ rot.

    Far better to put them up against a wall and shoot them.

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