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    Talking Free Speech In Big Apple! 

    An interesting event next month, which those who believe in free debate on big issues might want to attend.


    Voltaire would be burned at the stake if HE stood up and said that in today’s Hollywood!


    In view of the clamp-down by (anti-) ‘social media’ leftist plutocrats on patriots, ‘populists,’ and conservatives…

    Circumvent Google Gag Order! ‘Russia Today’ OK! 




    …it’s important that this be kept in the forefront of public attention.


    Should we be free to hate?



    Tuesday, January 29, 2019 – 6pm-7.30pm

    Should we be free to hate?

    That’s the bracing question that will be asked, and hopefully answered, at the next event organised by Spiked US, at the New York Law School on 29 January. Should the principle of free speech cover hateful views? More to the point, who gets to define what is hateful?

    After all, one person’s idea of hate might be another person’s deeply held moral conviction. Featuring Nadine Strossen of the New York Law School and Paul Coleman of the Alliance Defending Freedom, and moderated by me, this promises to be an essential discussion. Get your tickets here.

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    Prick Up Your Ears When You Hear ‘Divisive!’ 

    The Equality Campaign has attacked a “divisive” advertisement that attempts to cast marriage equality supporters as intolerant by citing comments on social media labelling opponents “bigots.” 

    The poor little dears don’t want to divide Australians but warned the no campaign’s tactics could harm the country…

    Harm the country? .

    So the repellent witch-hunt waged against honourable Australians who won’t knuckle under, like Margaret Court, is not harmful?


    Margaret Court gay marriage controversy

    And the ‘gay’ threats and thuggery against Christians is not harmful?


    Christians threatened by same-sex hate-preachers | Herald Sun

    The pro-decency Coalition for Marriage apparently has an ad which offers screenshots of abuse on social media from people it suggests are marriage equality supporters including calling opponents “homophobic maggots,” “bigots” and expressing hope that “someone kicks your teeth in.”

    That’s a neat Guardian trick that, people it suggests are marriage equality supporters,  as if it wasn’t gaystapo bullies engaged in intimidation!

    Then we have a queer twit named Tim Wilson, one of Turnbull’s Liberal MPs…

    Gambar terkait

    ….who takes terrible exception to the Coalition for Marriage’s ad, because to feature the abuse in an ad “seeks to inflame discussion.”

    So the clown reckons gaystapo abuse should go unremarked, when we know that cowardly, vicious bullying is the hall-mark of the militant homo agenda?Incredibly, he claims the pro-decency  campaign is “trying to bait people into being ferocious in the debate, and that’s not what we should be doing.”

    At least we get a bit of sense from another MP, Eric Abetz..

    “Once again, this commentary is all one-way traffic, suggesting that the no campaign is inflaming a situation when it is exposing what is occurring and will occur in the event of the yes campaign being successful.”

    Oh, so that mangy thug said so, did he, and that’s the end of it?

    Get real, gaystapo bint.

    But let’s get real about and get rid of, that ridiculous word DIVISIVE!

    Here’s another, unrelated report.

    Swiss voters rejected on Sunday a divisive pension reform plan that the government proposed to address the needs of an ageing population.


    Fear not!



    Although I write about a lot of events all over the world, my aim today is NOT to debate the rights and wrongs of how Switzerland treats its oldsters.

    It’s that word ‘divisive!’

    Here’s a few instances, just from a casual surf round Google, of its use and misuse.

    The most obvious current example of the latter is the controversy raging about some scum in America.


    Foto Cynthia Marie.


    It Was Just Divisive.’ Tom Brady Speaks Out After Trump Slams NFL …

    For months now we have seen one oaf after another squatting instead of standing proudly for the Star-Spangled Banner at American sports events.

    There can be few forms of behaviour more divisive, reminiscent of the racist BLM, a gang motivated by sheer hate…

    – Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    ….which seeks to elevate one race above others!

    Yet klutzes like this Big-Mouth Brady and his running dogs 0n CNN etc. DARE call President Trump ‘divisive’ when he urges Americans to behave as good citizens always have done!


    Now an example of the word’s proper use.

    SIS: Launderette’s ‘Muslim only’ policy divisive

    A vicious sectarian bigot in Malaysia, backed by his malignant ‘mufti,’ thinks it’s AOK to turn customers away from his launderette if they don’t worship the way he does.

    THAT is quintessentially ‘divisive,’ yes, and primitive!

    (As you probably expect, I have more to say on this, and will publish on the issue in the next ten minutes!)

    But many of the cases of misuse, indeed, abuse, of the word tend to crop up as complaints against democracy.

    That Swiss pension issue had a lot of people taking one side or the other in the debate.

    I hold no views, nor am I much interested, but when public opinion is divided, then the obvious, and honourable, way forward is debate and then vote.

    That’s the opposite of being ‘divisive.’

    Yet according to those dissatisfied with the outcome, or even with what they think may be the likely outcome, it’s democracy that’s divisive.

    Chaos at new airport pushes Berlin into divisive vote

    Government urges Sturgeon to drop ‘divisive‘ referendum plans

     Oh, and here’s a classic!

    However, given the experience that I have I can tell you that referendums are, by nature, divisive…When Can I Vote ‘No’ To More Referendums?

    I have never quite understood why democratic decision-making might be regarded as ‘divisive.’

    Again, the whole point of democracy is that when opinions are divided, as on most issues, in most countries, they usually are…


    …a free and fair vote is the proper way to settle the argument.

    Then we accept that we lost the argument, and unite behind the people’s decision, which, by having participated in the debate and the democratic process, we are morally obliged to do.

    In a free country,  it’s only divisive when the losers on the vote won’t accept the result.

    Of course, in due course, ten years or so, then a debate can be revived, and a campaign for another vote undertaken.

    Life will go on meantime…



    …but please note, ten years or so is a rational gap, surely, NOT the four decades plus ( 1975 – 2016) it took to get a re-run for Brits on the EUSSR.

    • Keith Milner 12:30 on October 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      A good read, Ross. Thanks.
      It is a shame the doctors were bullied into this.


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    Oz Gaystapo War On Free Speech – Canning Coopers Beer! 

    A sorry tale of gaystapo intimidation in Australia, where intolerant queers have bullied a beer company into servile submission.

    Mincing with fury, hysterical homos went into hyperdrive in their vendetta they waged against Coopers, a famous brew that featured in a debate between two MPs about the merits of ‘gays’ (aka bitter and vindictives) being allowed to ‘marry.’ 


    If you are planning a trip to Oz, here’s one intolerant bar you should definitely avoid.


    Hasil gambar untuk coopers beer gay

    Gaystapo boycotts and petitions erupted – Coopers did not take sides in the debate, but the mere mention of their product was enough.


    It seems that just debating the desirability of homo-weddings is asking for trouble. Sadly, Coopers caved in to the maladjusted minority.

    One hopes that sexually normal Australians will now begin a boycott of the craven company!

    The whole story is a disgrace to Australia – and to NZ, where Kiwi queers joined the Aussie shirt-lifters in paroxysms of rage!

    But as to telling it, I defer to the excellent spiked.com writer, Brendan O’Neill, whose article you can find here. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/thou-shalt-not-make-light-of-gay-marriage/19568?

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    Les Français d’abord? Not Aboard France 24’s Bias Express! 

    Just got up about half n hour ago, and having now had enough coffee -six cups of black!

    …I have masochistically tuned into France24’s incredibly mistitled ‘Debate!


    Hasil gambar untuk france 24 bias


    Certainly, there was debate, about the Merkelite candidate Macron’s rise to ‘front-runner’ status in the French presidential polls – or rather ONE poll.

    Plenty of others still have the patriot party’s Marine Le Pen ahead of the pack.

    So there is much to talk about, with Macron ‘leap-frogging‘ Marine… to a ONE PERCENT lead!

    Some leap!

    The poll suggests support for Macron at 26%, Marine at 25%, Fillon at 20% and the Socialist trailing FAR behind the rest at 13%

    Spokespersons for the top two were included, and maybe a good idea to have somebody from the third-placed candidate. And the insignificant Socialist? Well, why not, just to show fairness?

    BUT…ignore my excursion into fake news!

    That’s NOT what France24 did.

    We had a Macron gal, a Fillon bloke, and, indeed, a Socialist.

    But Marine’s party?




    NO alternative voice allowed to be heard amid the in-crowd din!

    Establishment bias in France24 is so engrained that anyone who challenges that in-crowd does not get a look-in.



    Even though Marine is in first place, as most polls still say, or in second place, as in even their carefully selected poll.

    Why are France24 so TERRIFIED of letting the French electorate, or even the overseas audience, hear Marine Le Pen’s case?

    Hasil gambar untuk Les Français d’abord!

    Les Français d’abord? It means ‘PUT THE FRENCH FIRST!


    Presumably because, like the lady herself, it is so appealing. 


  • ross1948 00:30 on February 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Petty Pinko ‘Housing Campaigners’ Snub Marine! 

    The petty, nasty face of the French Left in-crowd was on display again this week, in Paris.

    Gambar terkait


    • ‘Housing campaigners’ working through something called the Abbe Pierre Fondation (FAP) are alarmed at homelessness in France, and released a report on the problem.
    • They assert that some 4,000,000 people either do not have a home or live in very poor housing conditions.
    • =========
    • I have no means of verifying those stats, but clearly the claim deserves attention. so…
    • =============
    • Presidential candidates Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron and Benoît Hamon were due to appear at a public debate in Paris on Tuesday. 
    • Homelessness in France still on rise as Hollande’s mandate ends
    • But why didn’t Marine Le Pen show up?
    • oo
    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • ooo
    • She is either ahead in the race to succeed the hapless Hollande in the Elysee  Palace, or at least in a strong second place.
    • ——–
    • Moreover, Marine has often expressed her enthusiasm for helping disadvantaged French folk.  
    • As leader of the patriot party in France, housing should be a natural issue for her to tackle – Hollande has spent millions of French tax-payers’ money, splurging their hard-earned cash on crimmigrants.
    • One of the worst examples of this wanton waste was the shameful imposition of unwanted alien squatters from Calais on innocent towns and cities all over France.
    • Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 


    • French Studies – Cartography and Crimmigrants! 
    • Hollande jack-booted this internal colonisation with NO popular mandate, no referendum, local or national.

      In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

    • =======================
    • So of course Marine Le Pen could have made a telling contribution to any debate on her country’s housing problems.
    • =
    • But she was absent on Tuesday!
    • 0000
    • Hasil gambar untuk pour quoi
    • 000
    • Has she suddenly lost interest?
    • HARDLY!
    • The ill-mannered leftists of the Fondation decided to put their political prejudices ahead of the issue they claim to be so concerned about.
    •  National Front candidate Marine Le Pen was not invited because of what the Fondation Abbé Pierre called its “profound disagreement” with her politics.
    • =
    • Charitable?
    • Self-righteous, arrogant, callous clowns!
    • Jeanne 02:32 on February 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This mentality of the FAP is not so very charitable or about caring for the poor people of Paris.
      The Fondation is making it a very open secret how far left they are and against the patriot Marine Le Pen.

      You are doing France a grand favor by telling your Anglopone audience.
      The Fondation Abbe Pierre put the politics first before trying to get wide support for homeless French.

      Merci and good night. .


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    Wow! Jakarta Debate – Ira Koesno Ain’t No Rotten Raddatz! 

    I tuned into the debate last night.

    The Jakarta gubernatorial election debate that is, and purely by accident, because it was on Trans TV and I was waiting to see which one of their tiresome repeats they’d present as our weekend treat. In the end it turned out be A Man Apart.

    I enjoyed that the first time I saw it, some years ago.

    Gambar terkait

    Now…not so much.

    Can’t Trans TV do better?


    But whilst awaiting cinematic delights, it was interesting to watch Ahok taking on his two rivals, and nice to see a cheering crowd of supporters among the studio audience.


    • ahok
    • Ahok
    • =

    Interesting also to learn that some 1700 police officers had been detailed to make sure all went safely, a wise precaution when so many Islamist fanatics have been heard demanding his death for no rational reason.

    So Has Indonesia Come To This? Paradise Lost? 

    The debate wasn’t as much fun as any of those Trump-Clinton clashes!

    Yet the moderator was a lot less biased than some of those individuals who filled that role in the recent US presidential election debates – one of those got all boo-hoo, when it was clear Trump was winning!


    Hasil gambar untuk martha raddatz tears————————–

    Hillary Shill Martha Raddatz Starts To Cry Over Trump Victory – YouTube

     Almost needless to say, ABC’s Martha Raddatz denied it!

    But you can be the judge!



    As for the Indonesian debate, I won’t say which candidate was most persuasive, as I only saw part of it. 

    That lady doing the moderating, however, was downright impressive, telling the turbulent fans, of all sides, to pipe down or the show would not go on!

    And who was this paragon of imperious impartiality?


    Hasil gambar untuk ira koesno


    Ira Koesno!

    English readers might like to know that she is apparently a Chelsea supporter!

    Incredibly, she is also forty seven years old, which you may or may not believe, but I can assure you that the photo above is an reflection of her appearance.

    She’s drop-dead gorgeous!

    And living proof of what I have often said, that Indonesian women are among the most lovely in the world..

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    Balanced Borders Debate? Not With THAT Audience! 

    A debate on the BBC, on the crimmigrant crisis, with both sides equally represented – a yummy treat on a Sunday morning after four black coffees. 

    But while the panel was balanced…

    ……..what about the studio audience?

    Hasil gambar untuk globsec debate april 2016


    It was staged by GlobSec, in Bratislava, but the BBC broadcast it, so they should be confronted with the question of the loaded dice which the panel got to play with.

    An excellent Hungarian lined up with a Dane to talk sense, whilst a Greek and a Turk  argued against them, but how was the audience chosen?

    That’s a question that urgently needs an answer, if GlobSec want to retain any credibility . We know what the man in the street thinks about the so-called ‘refugees’ that Brussels seeks to impose on them. Slovaks oppose accepting refugees – spectator.sme.sk

    But that audience was polled before and after the debate, and the percentages are most curious.


    For border controls    27

    Against border controls 52


    That’s just grotesque!  




    For border controls    14

    Against border controls 73


    • ——————————-
    • Did the organisers make ANY effort to ensure a fair reflection of popular opinion in Slovakia? Did they bring in normal people off the Bratislava streets?

    I’ll bet not.

    Did they make any effort to invite a fair cross-section of opinion in every European country?

    I’ll bet not.

    Did they trawl universities for callow undergrads and condescending academics?  Maybe.

    One of the last members of the audience to be asked for a contribution was clearly a typical arrogant elitist…


    ….yammering about how the ‘populists’ were ‘misusing the knowledge of ordinary people.’

    Plainly he reckoned his sort of people were extraordinary! 

    How do GlobSec recruit their pinkos?


    • Andrea S 13:01 on April 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that too, loaded dice as you put it, very carefully chosen by Globsec..
      How they selected such an unrepresentative audience in Bratislava of all places, it must have been hard work, or did they just go to the local EU Office and drag all the employees along?


  • ross1948 22:32 on January 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Debate With AfD Patriots? Red/Green Comrades Bottle Out! 

    Although the AfD is currently hovering around 10% in German polls, chances are it will rise and rise after the horrendous news of sex crimes by Mama Stasi’s migrants finally got out, despite the establishment media’s cover-ups.



    Their growing threat to the collaborationist elite is confirmed by both the far-left Greens and the Socialist SPD’s chicken-sh+t refusal to face them live on TV.

    Odd, how these arrogant pinko creeps say the patriots are clueless and without a logical leg to stand on – easy to rip apart their arguments, then, surely?

    But given the opportunity to expose AfD’s alleged shortcomings in open, cut-and-thrust debate?


    They shudder and shrink back from confrontation.


    Jorg Meuthen


    • Even from such a cheery-looking sort as Jorg Meuten, AfD’s man in the southern federal state of Baden Wurttemberg!

    I hitched through there in my student years.

    It’s a nice place, lots of beautiful Black Forest scenery, but with several important cities, too, which may well have been afflicted recently by crimmigrant savagery of the sort seen in Koln.


    • hands off
    • ————
    • Certainly the citizens in B-W are well aware of the menace Merkel’s phoney refugees’ pose to their wives and daughters, which is why AfD, as the only pro-German party, is likely to do well in the state elections exactly one month hence. 


    If Jorg Meuthen, AfD’s Baden-Württemberg state spokesman, is invited to the March round-table by Südwestrundfunk (SWR – the state broadcasting network), the Green Party state premier, Winfried Kretschmann (Green) and his deputy Nils Schmid (SPD) will stay away….


    …SPD and the Greens want – in spite of the refugee crisis and although the AfD are at eight percent in the opinion polls – to avoid public “showcase discussion” with the AFD, if possible at all events.




    Craven Kretschmann, above, and Spineless Schmid, below




    “We won’t appear with the AFD on the podium,” said the SPD state chairman Nils Schmid, “because that’s a party that despises freedom and democracy and rejects our system.”

    If AfD are truly so indefensible, why cower so cravenly when there’s a chance to challenge them?

    But who says they despise democracy, or freedom?

    That’s rich from a comrade of those Red Nazi SPD authoritarians we posted on just a week ago, who want the state media (and presumably all media) to censor the only real opposition party in the country.  

    And one would hope every German patriot rejects the system.


    • As currently constituted, it’s a system that favours undesirable aliens over honest citizens,that is sustained by a pack of dishonest media hacks and a police force infested with liars, increasingly exposed for bare-faced suppression of facts on the rapacious savages imported by the political in-crowd.
    • A system well worth rejecting!

    Now we read that the SWR is puzzling over how to handle the anti-democratic boycott.  http://www.tagesspiegel.de/politik/debatte-um-tv-runde-in-baden-wuerttemberg-mit-der-afd-nicht-zu-diskutieren-ist-unsouveraen/12808960.html


    That report says the SWR faces a dilemma. But it also reminds us they have an obligation to afford all parties a fair hearing.

    There’s no dilemma – and no excuse for cancelling the debate.

    Just make sure all parties get an invitation.


    …empty chairs topped by dunces’ caps, maybe with yellow stripes blazoned across them, should be displayed prominently, to highlight Greens and SPD ignorance of democratic principles  –  and their political cowardice.

    The AfD should then proceed – with any other fair-play parties that attend – to present their policies and answer questions.

    No doubt outside the studio the Un-German Antifa hoodlum mob would shrill and shrill – but they’d have no rational grounds for complaint.


  • ross1948 22:13 on November 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    In A London Borough, Appeasement Monkeys Censor UKIP MEP! 

    A disturbing report from the London Borough of Croydon, where the mealy-mouthed management of a PUBLIC hall has shut down a debate to avoid offending Islamists.



    UKIP MEP George Batten was due to take on a Liberal Democrat on the referendum issue, but suddenly he was told at short notice that the venue, Fairfield Hall, long booked for their clash, was no longer available.


    Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece


    The collaborationist cowards had bottled out, it seems, because Batten spoke up strongly on the migrant menace last week.

    An unidentified ‘spokeswoman’ tried to justify the shut-down with this drivel. –

    “We took the decision to postpone Monday’s debate following the terrible events of the weekend and their impact on victims, families and the wider society in France, the UK and the rest of Europe. 




    The management of the Fairfield Halls feels we must be sympathetic to the international situation and to these events. “There are some exceptional circumstances taking place at the moment and we must be aware of this…”  http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/book-Fairfield-Halls-says-UKIP-MEP-debate-EU/story-28190165-detail/story.html

    What a craven cow!

    • melissa-zombie Croydon spokeswoman?
    • What a load of mealy-mouthed, meaningless ROT!

    She also lied in her teeth, claiming they’d discussed the censorship decision with the organiser – Batten has heard no such explanation.

    OF COURSE the Labour Party, which controls Croydon Council, denies all responsibility for their pinko hirelings’ appeasement action.

    But is it not unutterably sad that, while Parisians are making a point of going out and about in defiance of the Forces of Darkness, a pack of pinko pip-squeaks in England choose to crawl on their bellies to avoid giving a platform to a patriot who’s known for his assertive verbal onslaughts against undesirable aliens.



    Sounds like the Croydon appeasement monkeys aim to silence him – but on past form, he’s not easily muzzled!

    • K. Garner 00:46 on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Actually the Fairfield Halls did “discuss” the issue with the local representative, but one could hardly call it a discussion since they had already made up their minds and simply wanted the organiser to agree with them – which of course did not happen.


      • ross1948 01:16 on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, I figured their idea of discussion would be a one-way street.
        If it resembled that gunk quotation, it hardly counts as a discussion, never mind an explanation.


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