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  • ross1948 14:50 on January 17, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Tories Finally To Fight Freakification? 

    Before any premature rejoicing over the Telegraph headline..

    Government to crack down on trans athletes competing in female sports…

    …let’s not forget who got Britain into this quagmire in the first place, the vile elevation of maladjustery to parity of esteem with normality…

    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds .

    Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria!

    .. and the continuing war on normality waged by depraved ‘teachers…’

    Exposed! In Tory-Ruled GB, ‘Teachers’ Freely Spread Evil 

    …backed by the Tory government’s bureaucrats.

    So let’s see what legislative action the Tories will take…





    ( a real woman or a tranny man posing as a woman?)


    …to put rhe ugly genie back in its box!

    Culture Secretary calls meeting of sports executives and will urge them to ‘protect the integrity’ of women’s events… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2023/01/14/government-crack-trans-athletes-competing-female-sports/

    A Meeting?’

    ‘To Urge?’

    Impose A Trans-Ban!

    Pass A Law!

  • ross1948 20:06 on December 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    The War On Women’s Sports…Fightback! 

    To tell the truth, my marathon-running days are behind me, and, apart from swimming, I am not much into sports, least of all golf….



    …despite my once-frequent visits to a once-famous, now sadly defunct, bar in Jakarta’s Blok M district.

    Nor do I even know what ‘disc golf’ is, but. .

    …no matter, if the Professional Disc Golfer’s Association (PDGA), which previously celebrated a man claiming to be a woman who outperformed females in major women’s tournaments, has reversed course and instituted a new rule that will ban most males from playing in the women’s division.  READ

    Alas, as that word ‘most’ suggests, some fake-‘women’ will still be allowed to play against real women.


    But these days, any success against the transfreak foe is devoutly to be welcomed.

    PS. If you use the link, you can enjoy reading a tantrum from an excluded tranny!


  • ross1948 00:45 on November 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Lia?’ Don’t Call It By That Name! 

    It’s easy to make jokes about transfreak witch-hunts…


    ‘Admit it! You told a tranny bloke to use the Gents!’


     ….or used to be, until trannies were adopted as mascots by the Enemy Within.

    Sure, we may feel a tinge of pity for their delusions, but then we get a glimpse of the pain inflicted…

    The ‘WHAT’ Of The Year? Truth Twisted


    Lia Thomas (L) of the University of Pennsylvania stands on the podium after winning the 500-yard freestyle as other medalists (L-R) Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde, pose together in protest….

    Three college swimmers beaten by transgender rival Thomas protest – with Thomas booed loudly


    …as a consequence of trans-triumphalism….

    It felt,” she says, “like heartbreak. Women had dedicated their entire lives to this.

    “We had spent 5½ hours every day in the pool“To have it taken away from you by somebody who, only a year earlier, would never have even qualified for this competition as a man? It was a total slap in the face.”  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/swimming/2022/11/08/raced-lia-thomas-still-feel-burning-injustice/

  • ross1948 22:00 on June 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Let’s Declare WAR On ‘Inclusion’ – NO Trannies In Women’s Sports! 

    A welcome statement ( of what should of course be obvious!) from Sebastian Coe, saying that fairness trumps ‘inclusion.”

    Bout time!

    Surely we’ve gotten sick of hearing that imbecilic word ‘inclusion’ and its ugly sister ‘diversity!’

    And speaking of ugly sisters, no doubt that hefty brute Lia Thomas…


    Lia Thomas (L) of the University of Pennsylvania stands on the podium after winning the 500-yard freestyle as other medalists (L-R) Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde, pose together in protest….

    Three college swimmers who were beaten by transgender rival Lia Thomas staged a protest on the podium after being beaten, with Ms Thomas being booed loudly as she claimed first place.


    ( NB.   I am prepared to use ”Lia'” because that man has the right to change his name, even though he is a man  – and he can’t change that reality!)

    …will soon be belly-aching, as he has done before.

    However, pleasingly, other sports, very belatedly  are showing some signs of sense…

    …discussing new rules to turn back the tranny tide.

    Around 8.15am ( Jakarta time) this morning, BBC’s David Eades had yet another ‘guest…’ 

    BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    He has so many!

    This time it was a blonde bimbo named Anna Baeth….


    Anna Baeth


    …and if we prowl the internet, we read that “(she/her)is a critical feminist scholar and a cultural studies practitioner of sport. Her research centers on the gendering of sport spaces, the eternally moving body, and social movements and sport.”

    ….all the way from Washington…



    …..prattling about ‘women with intersex variations,’ boasting of her qualifications to hold forth on freakery -‘I’m a gender scholar!’

    A Gender Scholar?’

    Sorry, Anna, we don’t need scholars to tell the difference between men and women.

    It’s easy!


    • Petra Malley 23:26 on June 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That’s exactly what we need, a declaration of war on this madness.
      Exclusion of people who exclude themselves from the natural order is in no sense unfair or unreasonable.
      As you have said, more than once, I believe, discrimination was a quality once highly valued, the ability to recognise excellence, and its absence,


    • Oon 06:58 on June 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      If I had my way , I would send them ALL to Saudi Arabia. They would get ” straightened out ” in a hurry !


  • ross1948 00:03 on April 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Blow To Dotard’s Trans Plans! 

    In one state after another, decent people are fighting back, thwarting The Dotard’s “fawn-on-freaks’ agenda.

    • =

    Biden’s pro-pervert ‘Executive Orders.’

    Left’s War On Women! Sicko Biden’s Knock-Out Blow? 

    The latest good news has just come out of Kentucky, where Republican legislators have taught far-left Democrat Governor Andy Beshear a lesson in the limits of arrogance.

    The Biden-clone, as we regretfully reported not long ago….

    Kentucky Leftist Spurns Sports Fair Play!

    ….had used his power of veto to block fair play legislation.

    But with a thumping majority, the GOP law-makers over-ride Beshear’s veto, so now ‘male-born athletes cannot compete in girls’ and women’s sports.’

    The General Assembly stands with female athletes all over the state of Kentucky and everywhere in this nation, and we want to encourage their hard work and achievements,” said Republican state Sen. Robby Mills, the bill’s sponsor.

    For more details…READ

    • Des McAlpine 13:58 on April 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Every week another fight-back, usually successful.
      Every win inspires more resistance!


  • ross1948 19:47 on March 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Gender Cannot Trump Biology!’ Freak Sport Update… 

    I have not always agreed with things Sebastian Coe has had to say, but when he states a simple scientific truth, as in my headline, it’s impossible to disagree.


    And good too for Florida Governor DeSantis.

    Florida governor Ron DeSantis has signed a proclamation recognising runner-up Emma Weyant as the winner of the highest US national college swimming title 
  • ross1948 04:23 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Easy Answer To Uppity Tranny! 

    Transgender swimming champion:

    ‘I am female and deserve respect’


    No you aren’t and no you don’t!


  • ross1948 10:00 on March 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – No Guys In Girls’ Sports! 

    Here’s a good cause you can support quickly and easily.

    And also take some satisfaction in that it will vex undesirables like The Dotard…

    Biden’s Dirty War On Women – President For All The Freaks! 


    Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda?

    Please read and sign the AFA petition.


    Please forward this to your family and friends.

    Until January, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) promoted transgender ideology regardless of human biology. However, as pressure grew on the NCAA to reinstate protections for women’s sports, the organization punted, allowing individual collegiate sports to draft their own policies.

    Rather than return women’s sports to biological females, the NCAA chose the path of cowardice. In doing so, biological males will continue the process of increasingly dominating those sports in the name of transgender equity.

    The most egregious example of this can be found in Will Thomas, a biological male who decided to identify as a female, change his name to Lia, and compete as a woman. In the past week, Thomas won Ivy League championships in three different women’s events, breaking multiple NCAA records in the process.

    I believe the NCAA is in complete approval of what Thomas is doing –– a man who previously competed on the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s swim team. By doing nothing, the NCAA is recognizing and sanctioning his unfair shattering of women’s collegiate swimming records as a member of the women’s swim team.

    In realistic terms, true equality within the sport of NCAA women’s swimming no longer exists. By its cowardice, the NCAA is systematically destroying women’s sports by allowing natural-born males to compete in women’s sports.

    The NCAA should stop this farce by returning women’s sports to biological females.


    The NCAA has chosen to ignore pure logic and simple science when it comes to the physical differences between male and female.

    Sign our Petition to the NCAA, urging it to act now and keep biological males out of women’s sports.

  • ross1948 22:11 on September 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Women’s Sport- Taliban Rivals Biden? 

    ...the deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, said women’s sport was considered neither appropriate nor necessary....

    We expect no less from the pig-ignorant savages in Kabul!

    Listen to the drivelling barbarian!

    In cricket, they might face a situation where their face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this.. “



    He obviously hasn’t been to Indonesia, where only the most backward women cover their faces.

    But the primitives’ war on women is morally no worse…

    He appointed a transfreak to his  administration.

    Biden’s Dirty War On Women – President For All The Freaks! 

    He is making war on women….…


    Has BBC Covered Biden’s Under-Age Gender-Bender Agenda?

    …than Biden’s pandering to transfreaks!

  • ross1948 21:13 on July 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    A Good Book, Now Available As An Audio-Book! 

    Further to my suggestion that the Olympics be scrapped…

    IOC Crawls To Kneel-Creeps! 

    ….I just got an email ad passed to me so i am sending it on to all readers right now.

    Our new book, Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport, is now available as an audiobook!

    Unsporting was written by former Canadian track champion Linda Blade and renowned National Post columnist Barbara Kay, who deliver a compelling look at the dangerous push by gender activists to allow transwomen to compete with biological women.

    And since no one in the mainstream media dared to publish this book – we did!

    Click here to watch a short trailer about Unsporting:

    Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport

    You can visit Unsporting.com to purchase the book or click here to buy it directly from Amazon.

    Who knows how long we have before this book is banned — Amazon has a habit of banning our books (they banned China Virus twice!), so they might just ban this too.

    Click here to get your copy right now.

    Yours truly,

    Ezra Levant

    P.S. To read Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport, please visit Unsporting.com and purchase your copy today. If you already have the book, please let me know what you think by sharing your review on Amazon. Thanks.

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