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    Mental Health Special – ‘Pregnant Men?’ 

    Since Red China inflicted its foul plague on the rest of the world….



    …there’s been altogether too much blabber-mouth BS about mental health.

    And not just from twits like NutMegh…

    A NutMegh Nobel? The Ultimate Devaluation?. 

    …but from all sorts of folks, many misled by tv ‘experts…’




    …and shyster shrinks, into mistaking normal worries, domestic stress, even kids’ disappointment at missing school…

    .- although some children have had real mental health problems!

    …like the Addled Swede Brat


    …for ‘mental health’ maladies!

    But how about this alarming news, of genuine, disturbing, delusional mental health.


    Read on!
    More than one in five Democrats say that men can become pregnant, according to a new survey.

    ..  READ


    Aw, Man!


    Women identifying as Democrats were more likely to agree that men can become pregnant, including 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats..  READ


    Too easy just to blame the pinko creep college profs.

    Those fat-head female Democrats would surely not so easily have been brain-washed….


    ..if their brains were not already somehow afflicted.


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      How crazy can people get?


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    Democrat Finds Kyle Guilty- ‘This Person Murdered Two People!’ 

    “A murderer…”

    Was that a slip of the tongue I heard when Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s former Policy Adviser, a man named Jim Kessler…


    Jimkessler Website Full

    Jim Kessler’s old boss, Senator Charles Schumer, labeled Jim a “creative non-conformist.”


    ….was being interviewed on the Fox News Channel last night, at 00.05, Jakarta time, 31/8/20, when he pronounced 17-year-old Kyle Ritterhouse guilty of murder.

    That rather skips past the boring rigmarole of a trial, a judge, a jury, witnesses, evidence,etc.



    That can happen, when one’s discussing a criminal case, and we have probably all done it.

    I was curious when I composed my post on Kyle’s case…


    …but hoped such things wouldn’t happen.

    On TV, in an interview, there’s an opportunity to retrieve the situation, to say, aaah…”this man’s currently accused, but we must wait for the trial to determine guilt.” 

    But within minutes, still talking about young Kyle, Kessler very clearly did it again.

    This person murdered two people!”

    Will Democrats now call him out on this?


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    France 24 Rails At Trump’s “Scare Tactics!” But Not Biden’s! 

    That rather voracious-looking American hackette employed by France24….



    …Genie Godula opened their international news bulletin at 5pm (Jakarta time) on Tuesday. From Chicago, she has been living in France for 20 years, I believe.

    I’ve written about F24’s imported leftist hackettes often…

    BBC Is Atrocious, But France Is Similarly Afflicted! 

    France24’s Uncommon Disregard For Media Standards – ‘Encore!’ ..

    France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically! !

    Simpering Twit Fawns On Death-Wish Trump-Hater! 

    …but not yet about GG, so today it’s the turn of the Chicagoan, who prompted my critique by this sonorous intro, which some may consider rather hostile to the GOP!


    GOP convention showcases rising stars and dark warnings


    Republicans use scare tactics on Day 1 of their convention, sendng dark warnings about America’s future.’

    Uh, sorry, remind me!

    Were we not treated to ‘dark warnings’ from Democrats throughout their convention?

    Well, yes, actually!


    For Joe Biden, virtual DNC fit with stark warnings about voting, Trump

    Do those far-left ‘stark warnings’ aka ‘dark warnings’ not count as ‘scare tactics’ when deployed against Donald Trump?

    Did their news flunkey last week begin any bulletin by asserting that the Biden Bunch were engaging in ‘Scare Tactics?’

    Just asking!

    • Vinnie F 10:26 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Typical media bias.
      It’s no consolation to know rhar this French channel is as bad as CNN.


    • Geordie L 15:43 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      And do not ignore Pelosi’s latest hate speech, calling us enemies of the state if we support the GOP!


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    ’Maxi-Amnesty for 600,000 Illegals!’ Spot On, Matteo! 

    No wonder the rickety coalition running Italy cowers from facing the Italian people!

    Not only are they wasting resources on fresh batches of crimmigrants…

    …but now, instead of speeding up deportation for the more than half-a-million ( maybe a million, being illegal, it’s hard to keep track of the number – significantly, the pro-crimmigrant InfoMigrants…

    InfoMigrants” is an online project offering information for refugees and migrants.

    Financed by the EU, the project is a cooperation between Deutsche Welle, France Médias Monde and Italian news agency ANSA.

    InfoMigrants Latein

    Using EUSSR cash, involving DW and F24, two of the most biased pro-crimmigrant media in Europe? Handle InfoMigrants with care! Note the nice peaceful ‘migrants’ in the illustration – so unlike what we know of Italy’s torment at ‘migrant’ hands!

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

    Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 

    7 Sep 2017 – Along some migrant routes, half or more of women surveyed reported experiencing sexual assault during the journey, and many take birth control to avoid becoming pregnant from rape. 


    …significantly, they publish the report I’m looking at.

    And they implicitly acknowledge that a huge number of the unwelcome aliens are not only crimmigrants but also have been into other kinds of crime too –

    The measure would have precise provisions blocking those with a criminal record.…so the numbers would be significantly lower than that of the 600,000 figure being circulated.
    How much lower?
    A hundred thousand?
    Two or three hundred thousand?
    How many of the aliens DO have a criminal record?

    But the bottom line is that…

     ‘Italy is considering legalizing migrant workers…’

    The mover and shaker behind this cave-in is a woman named Teresa Bellanova.

    She’s a thorough-bred leftist, her pedigree including Democrats of the Left, Red Renzi’s Democrats, and then Renzi’s new leftist vehicle, Italia Viva.


    Renzi is Italy’s political equivalent to swamp life!

    She followed her hero back into government and now serves as Minister of Agriculture, so her scheme is allegedly ‘aimed at farmworkers..

    But it’s a lot more than just a measure dealing with field-workers.

    Bellanova’s coalition comrade, Luciana Lamorgese, Interior Minister, has openly admitted that her amnesty ‘would be weighed ” in the framework of an overall revisitation of various measures involving migratory policy and the condition of foreigners in Italy.

    We have noted Lamorgese before.

    Italy’s Moral Compass, Awry Without Salvini! 

    Image result for lamorgese luciana

    The new interior minister, Luciana Lamorgese, a career civil servant and specialist in migration policy, has promised to revise Salvini’s hardline immigration measures.

    A ‘career civil servant?’

    Yet suddenly she’s into politics as a government minister?

    Her record, as the apparatchik –

    in charge of planning refugee and migrant reception centres in northern Italy…known for promoting integration events and policies…’

    …is disturbing.

    But thanks be, the leader of Italy’s patriotic resistance, Matteo Salvini, is fighting fiercely and volubly against the madness.

    The Lega leader has denounced the lunatic leftist plan as a “maxi-amnesty for 600,000 illegals to work in the fields.”

    As for the InfoMigrants claim that the number of illegals would be less than Salvini says, if we read on, we see that this is a classic ‘salami tactics’ scenario….


    Have you heard of SALAMI TACTICS?.

    To illustrate, I’ve found a link to a business site, no politics at all, just tells it like it is.

    Salami sausages are big things (often spicy) that are eaten a slice at a time, they would be indigestible if taken as a whole sausage. This aspect has led negotiators to use the name for a negotiating technique that tries to win things bit by bit: to win concessions in small doses (slices) when the other party would probably reject them if they were put on the table all at once. It is often used on a party that is mainly concerned with damage limitation. If that is your position – beware!


     ….the amnesty in this emergency phase limited to specific categories of workers, such as those in the agricultural production chain, without involving all irregular workers.

    NB ‘In this emergency phase!’

    But in the next phase?


    These violent aliens are in France, but illegals everywhere are much the same!


    NOT just agrarian labourers, but the whole damn pack!

    Without ideological uproar or hypocrisy, either the state takes charge of the lives of these people, or organized crime will exploit them,” Bellanova said.

    Either or? Only two options?

    The Leftist missed out the one that makes most sense!

    • Gina 19:59 on April 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      So many problems against Italy but they waste time to help illegals.
      Shame on the government.
      Salvini come back to power.


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    Kansas Dem Governor’s Gaystapo Diktat To Foster Parents – Petition! 

    This is horrific.

    It was sent to me yesterday and I am wasting no time in passing it on, urging my American readers to sign it and seek as many other signatures as possible.

    This petition also asks the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas State Supreme Court to review this policy directive from the Governor, as it appears to be against state law – i.e., The Adoption Protection Act (2018), which should protect placement agencies from the state imposing policies which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs.


    Image result for laura kelly governor


    This ghastly gaystapo governor, Laura Kelly, in what was once a sensible civilised state, is no better than a bully and deserves to be impeached!

    But meanwhile, LSN has launched a petition.

    PETITION: Tell KS Governor to rescind outrageous foster family LGBT indoctrination program

    In an extremely offensive decision to huge numbers of families who have opened their doors to foster children in Kansas, the Democrat Governor, Laura Kelly, recently issued outrageous new policy guidelines on fostering which will require Christians (and, others who don’t want to enforce the state’s LGBT agenda in their own homes) to violate their consciences if they want to (continue to) foster in the state.

    The new policy will also require Church-affiliated placement agencies to violate their sincerely held beliefs, by explicitly promoting an agenda contrary to the Gospel.

    This petition, therefore, demands that Governor Kelly rescind this terrible policy, with immediate effect.

    This petition also asks the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas State Supreme Court to review this policy directive from the Governor, as it appears to be against state law – i.e., The Adoption Protection Act (2018), which should protect placement agencies from the state imposing policies which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs.

    The new harmful policy requires that placement agencies and families who help place and foster children must, for example, confirm gender-confused foster children in their confusion rather than try to lead them out of harm’s way.

    One of the most insidious parts of this radical new policy is the ‘Confidentiality’ provision, which will force placement agencies to conceal from foster families whether a foster child is suffering from gender identity dysphoria (i.e., is confused as to what sex he/she is).

    And then, if a foster child discloses (to the family) that they believe themselves to be the opposite sex to what they are biologically, this new policy will require the family to use forced language, calling the child by opposite sex pronouns.

    But, it gets worse. Far worse.

    Indeed, the new ‘guidance’ describes different, bizarre scenarios, in detail.

    Here is a direct quote from the new guidance’s Q&A section:

    “Q. A teen is biologically female but identifies as male but is sexually attracted to females. If there has to be a room share, do they share with other females because that is what they were born or males because that is who they identify with? If they are to share with females, then it can be an issue because they are sexually attracted to that sex. The easiest answer is they have to have their own room if possible but that isn’t always an option.

    A. In this example, the youth identifies as a male and should be treated as such. If there was a need to share a room, the case worker should ensure everyone involved is okay with the room share. In this case they identify as a male so sharing room with another male would be acceptable….”

    Dorothy…we’re not in Kansas anymore! We’ve obviously been transported to some other place, like New York City (birthplace of Governor Kelly…true)!

    Seriously…This is simply outrageous, and, obviously fraught with moral dangers for foster families, who, often, out of charity, are so gracious to open their doors to children who need a home AND who, moreover, need parenting.

    But, this is clearly not parenting; it is, rather, allowing the state to come into one’s homes and dictate a type of deviant sexual morality which is abhorrent to many, and from which many parents wish to protect their own children.

    Here, it’s worth quoting the entire first paragraph of the new state policy on Placement of foster children:

    “LGBTQ youth should be placed in in homes that respect their identities. Placements should not try to impose traditional gender roles on the youth. Foster homes should be offered additional training that will help them support and encourage LGBTQ youth to express themselves as they see themselves…”

    Hey, Governor Kelly………….

    What about RESPECTING THE IDENTITY OF THE FAMILIES who graciously accept children into their homes?!?!

    And, what about RESPECTING THE PLACEMENT AGENCIES who don’t believe in lying to families, or that pushing the LGBT agenda is good for child welfare?

    AND…what about RESPECTING THE LAW ((e.g., The Adoption Protection Act (2018)), which should protect placement agencies (who are Catholic, for example) from the state imposing policies which are against their sincerely held religious beliefs???

    This new policy needs to be firmly opposed precisely because it will force away Christian families from fostering, and others who don’t want to enforce the state’s LGBT agenda in their own homes…and, also, because it is very probably also against the law!

    If the Governor wants to change the law, then she should lobby the State Legislature of Kansas, rather than impose seemingly illegal directives designed to circumvent state law.

    Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, demanding that Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, rescind the harmful new policy on fostering children, with immediate effect.

    The petition will also be sent to the appropriate members of the Kansas State Legislature and the Kansas State Supreme Court to investigate any violation of state law.

    Thank you for SIGNING, TODAY!


    A devastating proportion of gender-confused adolescents attempt suicide in their lifetime. The figures run between 30-50+%, depending on the type of confusion suffered.

    With these appalling statistics, has anyone at Governor Kelly’s office thought about the real harm which forcing this kind of agenda will have on real children?

    It seems pretty clear that they have – but, they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand.

    Indeed, in an attempt to mask the harsh reality of what they are proposing, the authors of the new policy state, with Orwellian relish, numerous times that promoting gender confusion as normal is in the best interest of the “health and safety” of the children, and in maintaining “normalcy.”

    But, of course, they must realize that indulging these delusions –  for the children themselves, the placement services, and the families – is anything but normal, and is, rather, on the contrary, extremely dangerous!

    Indeed, what do the leading experts think about promoting this kind of gender confusion as normal to children?

    They think it’s child abuse!

    The American College of Pediatricians has issued a statement saying “gender ideology harms children,” and “urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.” In their statement, they go on to say “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.”

    These statements are supported by three leading medical doctors in the field, including Paul McHugh, M.D., University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    And, the statement goes on to say “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.” 


    Suicide Statistics: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/142/4/e20174218


    Relevant Policy Citation: https://familypolicyalliance.com/kansas/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/07/Prudent-Parenting-LGBTQ-003-1.pdf



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    USA Census – Some Baffling Questions? 

    The debate on the American census has me honestly baffled.

    It’s hard to be fair to the Democrats, given their eagerness to blur the differences between crimmigrants and honest immigrants who don’t seek to jump the queue.

    But let’s try.



    Pelosi’s pusillanimous pack object to the Trump Administration reform by which the census would once again include a question about citizenship.

    I’d have thought the more facts about the population the census can glean, the better.

    Democrats seem to find it difficult to articulate their reasons for objecting.  I’ve heard them say it would deter ‘immigrants’ from filling in the census form.

    Surely not, if they’re honest immigrants, legally resident in America?

    If they’re illegals,of course they will avoid advertising their unlawful presence.



    The Dems seemingly want immigrants to be counted, not, needless to say, to facilitate the capture and deportation of illegals, but because not including immigrants would ‘skew’ the totals – fewer federal funds to states, fewer congressional seats, if the recorded population is smaller than the real population.

    Quite true!

    But the problem should not arise – unless there’s something fishy about all those ‘legal’ immigrants, that stops them filling in a government form!

    Can some of my United States readers please help make sense of this puzzling situation?


    • Weyland 23:23 on June 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Dems are scared that when electoral districts are redrawn every so many years, it will be done on the basis of how many legal citizens entitled to vote are in each congressman’s district.
      The Dems hate that idea like poison.


    • Mort 03:25 on June 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The issue is simple, namely that the Administration wants to count how many of the population are American citizens and rhe Democrats do not.


    • Frankie Monet 09:33 on June 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Lefftists hate the idea of the American people knowing more about the number of foreign nationals present in the United States, which is why they oppose a census question about citizenship.’
      That one sentence from Judicial Watch answers your questions perfectly.


    • Bart Barles 19:57 on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I only now saw this question of yours and it can be hard for non-Americans to get why the citizenship question is so important.
      Trump understands this and that is why he is digging in his heels and trying hard to push it through.
      If you read this short article by Rachel Alexander, then it might be cleared up for you and others.
      Saying all that, the interest you show in US politics is appreciated.


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    A Petition For American Readers! 

    Once again, in accordance with our usual practice, we are offering a petition that’s been drawn to our attention, this one on the current clash over making the American Border effective against the sort of alien horde currently seeking to gate-crash the USA.

    The Democrats seem mesmerised by the crimmigrant cause, partly no doubt for the reasons entertainingly suggested by this cartoon…




    …but also due to a deeply ideological committment to multicult.

    Anyway, please read the petition and decide for yourselves.

    Instead of working with President Trump to fund the Wall and re-open the federal government, Pelosi and her liberal allies are stonewalling and blocking the President and his America First immigration efforts.

    You and I both know that the liberals’ open-borders agenda is one of our country’s greatest threats right now… illegal immigrants, drug dealers and notorious MS-13 gangsters, even terrorists are pouring into the country via our insecure southern border.


    That’s why it’s crucial you and I both take action today and petition Congress — with special attention to the House of Representatives — to pass a federal appropriations bill that includes full funding for President Trump’s Wall!

    Act now! Sign and send your personalized petitions to the U.S. House and Senate right here…

    (For a greater impact, Blast Faxes to ALL members of the U.S. Congress right here.)

  • ross1948 21:16 on December 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Good For Trump! What A Contrast To The Swine Obama! 

    Why is it that Donald Trump has such a hold on his base?

    Probably because, unlike so many other politicians, he talks like real people talk and says what so many normal people think.

    Like this week, when he called out that verdict in California for what it was. 

    Trump condemns ‘disgraceful verdict’ in Kate Steinle murder case



    The filthy illegal alien savage who has just got off on the murder charge will now enjoy a year or two of tax-funded board and lodging, while the degenerate Democrats…



    ….in power at state and municipal level in California continue to do all they can to obstruct the federal authorities who are trying to roust out and expel vile crimmigrants.

    It’s a great pity no order has been given to border patrols to shoot those illegally violating the USA/Mexican frontier on sight.

    That would deter the vermin who repeatedly how contempt for the law, like the crimmigrant in question, who illegally entered America half-a-dozen times!

    But meantime, as poor Kate Steinle’s death goes unpunished, let those who will criticise Trump’s comments go ahead and do so.

    Decent Americans will remember Obama’s racist bleating…




    ….about the undesirable delinquent Trayvon Martin’s demise, and think back to what the swine then in the White House had to say about Kate.


    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama! ..

    Meanwhile, one must hope that there are a few ‘honest decent convicts’ in California’s “correctional facilities” who may take it upon themselves to attempt to achieve something more like justice than the California court did this week.

    • Marty Nagel 00:06 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I sure wish we had a Trump in Ottawa instead of that Turd. who is bringing in thousands of aliens just to get them voting Liberal.
      I would love to see a shoot to kill rule for illegals at our borders but here in Canada they get free tents and then nice little homes provided.
      It makes me sick.


    • Vinnie Fiore 00:19 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Obama was a disgrace with his racism and his biases.

      Not one word did he say about the murder of that poor girl and I dont beleive he ever said or sent sympathy to ANY victims of illegals alien criminal activity.
      That was because Obama never FELT any such sympathy. He was and is a mean miserable SOB.

      Donald Trump speaks like an American and speaks for us Americans.


    • Dwayne Smitt 07:41 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you very much for this.
      The only fault-finding that can be made with your posting on the subject is not your words but that cartoon of the clown judges.
      It was a jury that let the illegal off on the murder charge. It makes me think of the OJ Simpson case but I am not going to get into that.
      Besides any fault on judge and juries, the real guilt and shame must be placed on some people who never
      feel shame or guilt, the ‘sanctuary’ squad who run most of California,.
      I give you a quote from the Washington Times.about what happened when the federal government

      • “asked for custody because of an outstanding warrant in a drug case. Upon taking custody, though, local prosecutors decided not to pursue the old case.

      Instead of turning Garcia Zarate back to federal deportation authorities, who had requested him, San Francisco released him into the community.
      Months later his path would collide violently with Steinle, leaving her dead and reigniting a national debate over immigration.”

      Liberals in the USA should take responsibility for ALL the deaths and maimings suffered by Americans at the hands of alien criminals illegally residing in the country.


    • Earl Nelson 13:45 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Obama brought nothing but shame to America!
      Thank God we have a President now who cares about our country and its people. .
      Thank you too for being a friend to the USA.


    • Lorne Marzio 14:46 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish California would secede and then we could seal that border with a wall too.
      The loyal Americans there we could bring in and trade off with all the illegals in the next-door states.


  • ross1948 09:45 on October 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Weinstein’s Woes And Democrat Double Standards! 

    For a few days now I’ve been looking at the controversy over Weinstein’s generosity to various Democrat politicians…

    Clinton Ridiculed for Calling Out Weinstein Five Days Late | Vanity Fair

    …and wondering if their belated ( ?) awareness of his proclivities – an alleged enthusiasm for taking sexual advantage of ambitious young women – would result in their repudiation of his support and the repayment of his large cash contributions.

    I use that question mark after ‘belated’ because a glance at a cross-section of the American media suggests his unwholesome activities were something akin to an open secret.

     George Clooney ‘heard rumors’ for years about Harvey Weinstein’s .

    It’s hardly unique in the history of the Anglo-Saxon World that the political/media in-crowd have known about scandalous behaviour among powerful notables and yet continued to interact happily with those involved, whilst collaborating to keep the common people in the dark.

    Weinstein is unluckier than others, in that his variety of ‘outreach’ has gone public during his lifetime.

    In the UK, it’s only recently that Brits have been allowed by the media to learn of what many in politics and the press undoubtedly knew about Heath The Homo.

    Ted Heath would be interviewed over sex abuse allegations – Daily Mail

    Same cover-up applied years before in the case of Labour Party Chairman Tom Driberg, a vile queer predator.

    ‘Sleaziest, Most Disreputable’ Media in the World? Britain’s! 

    But reverting to today’s scandal, let’s just ask the obvious question, or that which should be obvious.

    If Ms. Clinton is, quite correctly, disavowing the support of Weinstein for his sexual exploits…



    …will she follow the logical – and honourable – path and disavow the support of even more prominent people with a proven, not alleged, record of similarly scandalous activity?


  • ross1948 10:45 on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump? Putin? The Villains Are The Democrats! 

    Vastly incredulous I am, as I read all the sound and fury emanating from the usual suspects, about the hacking and leaking that may or may not have helped Donald Trump win.

    Just woke up, here in Jakarta, and, bad for my enjoyment of any brunch I might have contemplated, France24 had a talk-show…

    Gambar terkait

    …aka a Trump-bashing show, with two guests in the studio, plus various people from outside, one of them being a pinko clown who referred to Russia as a ‘petro-fascist’ state, whatever that means.

    The studio guests were a woman named Anne Krantz, an ‘historian…’

    • Hasil gambar untuk democrats abroad france
    • …and -wait for it! –  Specialist in US foreign affairs for Democrats Abroad -France – not sure if France24 bothered to mention that!
    • She was perhaps the most ‘moderate,’ but at one point began speculating about how and/or when it might be time to ‘unseat’ the President-Elect!
    • ————-
    • trump
    • =======-
    • My God, he’s not even entered the White House and they’re talking about regime change!
    • ………….
    • The other was a young geezer – André Loesekrug-Pietri, holding both French and German nationalities – so my research reveals…
    • ———-


    …who runs something called ‘A CAPITAL.’ 

    He ended by expressing his anxieties about how the ‘populists’ might win power in France.

    Turns out he is a member of the Eiffel Group (for a political union of the Euro) http://www.globalteacherprize.org/academy-member/andre-loesekrug-pietri/

    – a supranationalist par excellence,

    • Nobody to make the populist case, to express hopes for that patriotic consummation devoutly to be wished for, the victory of Marine Le Pen, leader of the French patriot party, in next year’s elections.
    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • So typical France24 slanted style! 
    • If there’s cause for concern about Putin, it’s that he served the cause of communism for years.
    • putin35portrait
    • ——-
    • But no sane person ever believes in communism, so neither, probably, did he.
    • Let’s leave that issue aside. 


    Gambar terkait

    Conspiracy theory’: Trump dismisses CIA claim of Russian hacking

    The one glaringly obvious truth we have to grasp is that the Democrats, the Clinton Democrats, were, and are, the bad people in the story.

    Those in the DNC eager to echo the Nazis in their quest to undermine poor old Bernie Sanders…Wikileaks Shows DNC Was Ready To Play the Jew Card on Sanders…deserved to be exposed. 

    If the revelations hacked then leaked were not true, that Debbie Wassermann-Schulz would not have been shamed into quitting.


    Gambar terkait

    As head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz violated the neutrality demanded by the DNC Charter, and fostered an environment that functioned as an arm of the Clinton Campaign rather than an impartial entity meant to promote and ensure democracy in the primaries.

    Doubling Down on Denial: the Delusions of Debbie Wasserman

    Same with much of the other stuff. The info made public was largely accurate info.

    And it showed the depths of dirty politics the left-liberals were prepared to plumb.

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