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  • ross1948 23:37 on September 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Past-It Pinko Pop-Star Thrills Effete Young Creeps! 

    After applauding the decent young Dutch folk in our previous post, I was revolted to read of the effete young creeps in Ottawa who cheered the aged and abusive clown Geldof’s anti-democratic rant this week.

    They style themselves  ‘One Young World’  – ‘1,300 current and future young leaders‘  – so must clearly be blessed with the gift of prophecy – how do any of them know they’re future young leaders?

    Funnily enough, investigation reveals they are not ‘leaders’ at all, not elected by anyone! They’re simply uppities who get their names put forward and then have to be ‘approved’ by the in-crowd that runs the event. 

    One YOUNG World?

    So how come they had this gibbering old fart on their bandstand?


    If you saw something like that creature in the photo slumped at a corner outside a pub, you might throw him a coin.

    But not if he started running off at the mouth the way he did in Ottawa! The unkempt sad-sack hurled vile insults at a wide range of politicians, who won’t give a monkey’s because he’s a no-account with no mandate from anyone.

    But Geldof reserved his most insidious contempt  for the people  – ‘ an impatient electorate or distracted populace.’ who ‘leave us to fools like Trump, or Johnson in the UK…’

    Well, Hell, they’re just voters, using democracy as it’s meant to be used, not impatient or distracted, just voting for what they believe in after hearing all sides of the arguments.


    Unlike past-it pop-star know-alls with too much money and too little sense to retire gracefully.

    • Mike Hutchins 08:40 on October 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      How do any of them know they’re future young leaders?

      Because many of them are probably involved with Common Purpose, which is an evil organization, originating in Britain and supposedly a charity, CEO is Julia Middleton.

      For more info see http://www.cpexposed.com/


    • Dave Fraser 05:50 on October 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What a mess that Geldof is, and I don’t mean just how he looks that’s bad enough.
      We had him blustering round Britain during the referendum campaign, even tho he’s not even British. a foreigner like that Ryan Air joker, also a citizen of a foreign country that would be very unhappy if we British interfered in their politics.
      As for his audience, they were obviously very unrepresentative ‘leaders’ as you can hear on the video in that link you gave us, like a crowd of spoilt kids in a playground cheering on a noisy bully.
      I see that ‘One Young World’ is a registered ‘charity.’ I thought we had charity commissioners who investigate groups like that.
      What are they doing about it?


  • ross1948 19:09 on July 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Europhiliac View – Ask The People? That’s ‘Playing With Fire!’ 

    Europhilia, like demophobia, is not a form of mental aberration unique to the UK elite.

    Another shocking outburst hit the headlines last week from Vienna, where, exemplifying those who abhor the common people’s right to self-determination, a far-left Green in Austria was in extravagant rant mode.

    Alexander Van der Bellen’s short-lived ‘victory’ in the June Presidential election was overturned by the country’s highest court after major irregularities were uncovered.
    Now he and the FPO candidate, Norbert Hofer, are fighting a re-run in October.
    Austrian far-right 'playing with fire' over EU referendum
    Alexander Van der Bellen
    Maybe this Green geezer is simply ticked off with the nuisance value that voting represents to his chances of achieving his ambitions.
    Because, please note, it’s not just the idea of an Austrian exit from the EUSSR that Bellen abhors, but the very idea of ASKING the Austrian electorate what they think about that idea.
    FPO’s Hofer
    Herr Hofer has only mooted a referendum, saying that if Brussels rules continues to develop along current dangerously authoritarian lines, his fellow-citizens deserve to be consulted on the issue.  

    “…and if Turkey joins, then for me it would be time to say that Austrians must also be asked (about membership),” Hofer said after the “Brexit” vote.

    Yet even this basic acknowledgement of democratic principle provoked a bout of characteristic Bellen bleating.
    Even to think about escape from rule by the EuroCommissars…
     god of hellfire
    …if the patriot party “are going to fantasise about an EU exit – they are playing with fire!”
    So there’s the Left’s October platform, just so Austrians are under no illusions.
    If voters imagine it’s their country, not the property of the rotten political establishment (who are lining up to back Bellen’s bid) then…
    Schweigen Sie, Untermenschen!
    (Silence, Subhumans!)
    Not since Hitler’s 1938 Anschluss, the expansion of Nazi rule which annexed Austria to the Reich, has naked hatred for democracy had such currency in public debate.  
    The Fourth Reich mirrors the Third. 

    And just a little more insight into why this re-run, for a mostly ceremonial position, is said to be raising concern that apathy could result in a lower turnout than last time (about 73 percent).

    The biased journos on EU Observer ( and I say biased since they perpetually slur Hofer as far-right but never ID Bellen as the far-left fanatic he is) don’t explain why lower turnout enhances Herr Hofer’s chances.

    But they fear it could be a development that could play into the hands of the far right.  


    Maybe their bias arises because they see themselves among the ranks of the righteous in the apartheid-like ‘divide’ they describe.

    The electorate is divided between educated elites and the working class, the city and the countryside, liberal EU idealists and nationalist EU critics.

    Elites are not so much educated as indoctrinated, otherwise how could they write such pinko piffle, as if ‘idealists’ can only be found on the Europhiliac side.

    But never mind. Their minions on the EUObs pay-roll staff, by their final words…

    …the outcome of this election will determine whether Austria is fortified as a bastion of EU values, or becomes another domino waiting to fall.

    …may have given some European readers an incentive to take a late summer break in beautiful Austria…


    …and lend a hand to the FPO campaigners.

    But girls should bring pepper-spray….




  • ross1948 16:00 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Mars-Bar Marianne Disses Brits -‘Dreadful People!’ 

    How many of you are old enough to remember ‘Sixties legend Marianne Faithfull?’
    She was a ‘close friend’ of at least one member of the Rolling Stones and we teen fan-fellows envied Mick Jagger ferociously.
    Among other interesting aspects of their ‘scene’ was an urban legend ( vigorously denied by all concerned!) concerning Mars Bars…
    … which I won’t go into for fear of the Indonesian censors. She was the daughter of an Austrian aristocrat, which gave her an added exotic appeal.
    One hopes, assuming she’s still blonde, she minds how she goes when re-visiting the parental home-land. 

    One might also wish she’d mind her manners when talking of the people of the land which made her famous and fairly rich.
    She’s certainly old enough to know better than to insult all those Brits – the majority – who think differently from herself on the future of their country  – by abusing them as ‘dreadful people.’.
     “It is a disaster. I feel sick and very sad. We are back to where it used to be, the right-wing racist Little England, those dreadful people, they’ve always been there.
    Cheeky cow!
    She ought to apologise to the British majority for deploying this hate speech against them.
    • Jacko 23:52 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I was too young to appreciate Marianne but I have heard the Mars tales, Ross. She is a cheeky cow, though. Who does she think she is, telling us we’re dreadful.people. Over half the country, dreadful? I hope she doesn’t live in England anymore, rubbing shoulders with such a terrible race as the English.

      If she does, she won’t be mixing with the working class, not like she used to when Mick and the other Stones were on the rise. I suppose she thought it was cool to slum it.
      Am I right to say Mick was on the people’s side in the referendum?
      He may have riches and fame like her, but he’s no bloody snob like her!


    • Chaz 07:36 on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I enjoyed the photograph and searched for the Mars Bar story and that was very enjoyable too. She has denied it as you wrote but she did give the raiding London police a quick flash, she says herself..Very interesting post so thanks.
      But did you know that the Austrian noble family she descends from are the Sacher Masochs.
      It was one of them who invented masochism, You would think crunchy bars not mars bars!


    • JazPen 09:54 on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yes I can remember the scandal.
      I think the sales of Mars bars shot up at the time, although I was too young to understand. Kids were a lot more innocent then.
      Another celebrity who thinks her opinion matters.l


  • ross1948 23:08 on June 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Elite Enraged At Lippy Brits, So – NO More Referendums – Ever? 

    “How foul this referendum is. The most depressing, divisive, duplicitous political event of my lifetime.

    May there never be another.”


    So says a novelist, Robert Harris, whose story-books are quite readable, but who, we should not forget, is a former ‘BBC journalist’ ( if that’s not an oxymoronic term!)

    His opinions therefore are no more worthy of attention than that of the guys who sweep the streets or the girls who served me my cheap and cheerful meal late this afternoon in my usual eatery.

    His naked loathing of democracy is – or should be -remarkable.

    But the elite’s hangers-on have clearly been given the word to the wise –   curb the emergence of honest debate, especially that which disses the rancid political establishment.

    That in-crowd undoubtedly shares Harris’s tweet-trash call for the very idea of public consultation via the ballot-box to be discontinued….till the end of time! 


    elite arrogance-s


    May there never be another?

    Not just his country’s freedom but EVERY other issue must henceforth be kept untainted by the input of ordinary British people?

    Yet this demented, demophobic drivel has been quoted on several major media, a chorus of hysteria deploring the Leave campaign but almost oblivious to Camoron’s lies.

    Many ‘stars’ in the Remainiac camp have been not only duplicitous but damnably abusive towards Leave campaigners – yet  the report I took the Harris quote from focuses its most relentless rancour on Leave.

    Vote Leave, the official Out campaign, is likely to find that its heated attacks on the “elites” now look out of place. It has focused on David Cameron’s credibility, with videos such as “You can’t trust David Cameron on immigration.”


    Camoron IS a liar.

    He gave a ‘cast-iron’ pledge to hold a  referendum nearly TEN YEARS AGO – then broke his word, only forced to consult the nation by UKIP’s admirable campaigning.  

    Now he’s in a tight spot, relying on international banksters.

    Yet that FT report positively bristles with indignation against criticism of the arrogant elites by the pro-independence freedom-fighters.



    On Thursday morning it also stepped up its criticism of Mark Carney, Bank of England governor, for his past career at Goldman Sachs. “Meet Mark Carney, a close family friend of George Osborne,” began an official video published online. “Carney worked for Goldman Sachs for 10 years, earning millions in bonuses.”

    Well, hell, naughty old Leave, letting people know how the pro-Brussels plutocrats and politicians are tangled together in their cosy privileged word.

    But let’s not be too hard on the FT hack, some geezer named Henry Mmance, who wrote  that report.

    He DID mention a couple of criticisms made against Camoron, i.e.  scaremongering about the economic and security risks of leaving the EU.

    But then….get this !

    It seems, according to this man Mance. there’s one serious criticism levelled against Cast-Iron, one of Cast-Iron’s few rational observations, that the crimmigrant horde targeeting the UK were a “swarm.


    • Migrants-622855
    • 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
    • But the FT sees the perfectly legitimate use of the word ‘swarm’ as grounds for criticism!
    • Mance purrs at Camoron’s subsequent grovel for siding with Brits against barbarians.

    “I was not intending to dehumanise,” he said at the time.

    A typical Camoron duplicity, play to the patriot gallery then weasel back to the bosom of the decadent elite.

    Robert Harris’ horrendous demophobic quote, that NEVER AGAIN should British people be allowed a taste of direct democracy, is so sickening, so emblematic of the Enemy Within.

    That enemy has been terrified at the upsurge in protest, the sense of freedom of speech restored, which has accompanied the UK’s first exercise in true democracy for forty years. The rotten elite is determined to roll back the outbreak of patriotism.

    Don’t let it happen!

    • Fiona Fenton 03:07 on June 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Once a BBC drip, always a BBC drip. Harris doesn’t get paid any more by the BBC but he is still one of them at heart.

      I’ve been reading Breitbart and they are showing us what turn the debate will take from now to Thursday, down, down, down, smears and sneers, anything to deter British people from following their healthy instincts and getting Brussels off our backs.
      God forgive anyone who falls for it and votes against freedom.


    • Penny 10:28 on June 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      They want us to pipe down? They are p-ssed off because we are saying we’ve had enough of them?
      Let’s turn up the volume, till they get the message.
      We don’t want them saying what’s good for us.
      We’re a democracy and that means WE rule.


  • ross1948 09:36 on May 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Gruss Gott,Oesterreich! Please Deep-Freeze Demophobia! 


    Just up, Sunday morning, must get going as I have to meet somebody at 10am.

    But first a dishonourable mention to EuroNews, which has just told us that a victory for the Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer in today’s Austrian presidential election would ‘send a shiver through European capitals.’

    Quite the contrary!

    It would –  will, God willing! – send a thrill of hope through every European nation that, like Austria, has suffered rip-off, violence and rapine by the uninvited and heartily unwelcome alien migrant horde.


    • Migrants-622855
    • —————-
    • Shiver?

    Hoffentlich, when the votes are tallied, a win for Herr Hofer will mark the first major victory for democracy since the crimmigrant crisis began.

    The electorate can ensure no mere shiver but the despatch of the Eurocrat elite’s demophobia to the deep-freeze!

    Or better still, to the dust-bin of history.

    • Thomas Verner 11:18 on May 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I myself have now seen the Euronews you are writing about and I think they say ‘shudder’ not ‘shiver.’ Notwithstanding this mistaken hearing and probably even more so, the bias of Euronews is gross so I return your ‘Grüß Gott’ although it is early here. ,


  • ross1948 11:12 on May 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Gauche24! Herr Hofer Hammered by Paris Hack-Pack! 

    Good grief, or should I say Mon Dieu!

    What a gauche gathering of trendy ‘Paris-based journalists’ was on display on France 24’s World This Week – and I mean gauche as in LEFT, not its English meaning!

    grunstein Grunstein


    • We had one bone-headed left-liberal hack, Judah Grunstein, telling us that ALL the ‘migrants’ who’d entered Austria had moved on…




    • We also had a clueless black cutie named Julie Owono, telling us that Britain’s 1975 referendum was organised by Maggie Thatcher, who was still a shadow cabinet minister at the time! It was Labour’s Harold Wilson who staged that vote. 
    • ——
    • —-
    • All four panellists, obviously selected carefully to ensure total absence of balance, made clear their hostility to the surging Austrian patriot candidate Norbert Hofer. 



    Jackboot Juncker   “Ich mag sie nicht”: Juncker gegen FPÖ


    The Luxemburg Liar is, of course, only continuing the tradition of sticky-beak meddling exemplified by Brussels’ disgraceful ‘sanctions’ against Austria fifteen years ago, when the FPO joined a coalition government in Vienna.

    Bone-Head Grunstein (mentioned at the start of this post) actually lauded that episode, drivelling about how ‘The Union’ (Brussels) had retaliated against those wayward Austrians by ‘de-legitimising’ the democratically-elected Austrian government.


    • liberal-media-bias
    • ———————
    • The other two panellists, a Venezuelan named Sarai Suarez, and a blonde calling herself Erin Zaleski (of The Daily Beast -a website focusing on politics and pop culture with a liberal progressive slant) were not as shrill as Bone-Head but nevertheless showed their abhorrence at the prospect of a Hofer presidency.
    • oooooooooooooooo
    • oooooooooooooo
    • ——–—
    • ‘Your Homeland Needs You Now!’
    • ——–
    • Oya, and mention was made of Boris’ comparison of the EUSSR with Hitler.
    • Little Erin ridiculed Johnson’s remarks, showing again how ill-informed France24’s favourite media hacks really are.
    • Not every viewer may be aware of the ideological antecedents of the founding fathers of the Brussels Empire…
    • —-
    • nazi-eu-hitler

      Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

    • …but media scribblers like her have a duty to know what they’re talking about. 

    Could France24 find NOT ONE SINGLE journo from a conservative or nationalist source to offer at least a mild leavening of that bias-fest? 

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