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  • ross1948 00:02 on April 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Filthy Savages? More ‘Child’ Migrant News! 

    The two suspects previously escaped from a juvenile detention center. Due to their age, the case will be handled by the prosecutor’s office for minors


    The same old questions keep coming up.

    How do savage parasites, of all ages, get into a civilised country?

    If they’re being arraigned as ‘minors…’



    …the Fourth Reich’s sicko rules, indifferent, condescending and offensive to member-states’ national sovereignty…


    …will prevent their deportation.

    How long till Italy wakes up?

    I really don’t want to go into the details of the disgusting assaults with which these alien ‘minors’ in Italy are charged.

    If you want more details, they are available via the least nk above.

    As usual, our thanks to Remix, who picked up the story from a major local news outlet.

    Needless to say, no sign of it on the BBC.


  • ross1948 17:00 on August 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Like Merkel, Macron Has Bloody Hands 

    So a Rwandan ‘refugee’ –  already under suspicion for the arson attack…

    Another Grateful ‘Refugee?’ Rwandan Re-Arrested In Nantes! 

    ….in Nantes last year – showed France, and the world, the folly of sheltering lying savages, by murdering a priest in the religious community in which the vile primitive had been given sanctuary.

    France: Catholic priest murdered by suspected cathedral arsonist

    What the Hell?

    When the savage committed his act of arson at Nantes Cathedral, we actually asked a few questions, namely –


    Now, he IS going to be deported, isn’t he?

    Or will that European Court order Macron not to do the right thing?

    An order which, both as a subservient lackey of the ‘European Project…’


    ..and as an Open Borders fanatic, Le Muppet would quickly and contemptibly comply.


    That was then.

    So again, WHAT THE HELL?

    Well, I’m not the only one asking.

    . The man in question, named as Emmanuel A.,..reportedly a 39-year-old Rwandan.. had initially been placed under arrest before being freed under judicial control.

    He had recently been working as a volunteer at the local church, alongside the priest.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up!

    As Marine Le Pen, leader of the RN patriot party, summed it up..

    …in France “you can be an illegal migrant, set fire to a cathedral, not be expelled and then reoffend by murdering a priest”. https://www.rfi.fr/en/france/20210809-interior-minister-confirms-catholic-priest-murdered-in-western-france-immigration-le-pen-olivier-maire 

    Macron’s lapdog Interior Minister promptly accused her of ‘polemics,’ which actually means fighting talk!

    Fighting talk what’s needed!

    The French should blame Macron for this crime, and for every crime committed…



    ….by undeported undesirable aliens during Le Muppet’s time in the Elysee Palace.

    Had he any serious commitment to the safety of his people, he would start the round-up today.


  • ross1948 11:46 on March 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: deportation of dangerous aliens, , journo question -'rightwing extremist', Melbourne terrorist arrests, Police' Australia   

    It’s ‘Religious-Related!’ Truth Dragged Out Of Oz Cops! 

    Just saw a press conference, a senior cop in Australia, on the latest terrorism arrests in Melbourne.


    As to those detained, few details.

    Yet wasn’t it interesting, the first journo question on the arrestees’ motivations?

     ‘Is it extreme rightwing?’

    I wonder which journo from which section of the media asked that eager question.

    No, came the slowly and almost reluctantly enunciated response.

    It’s ‘religious related.’

    So we all sit back, wondering if it’s pesky presbyterians, or fanatic adventists?

    Then somebody asks the question we all want answered.

    Is it Islamic?”


    So now we wait.

    Although, bizarrely, one of those arrested is not waiting behind bars.

    He’s been sent home! No, I don’t mean whatever benighted country he or his family came from- I mean his house, in Melbourne!

    Of one thing we can be sure – IF they are convicted – there’s little chance they’ll get beheaded, alas. 



    But they should be deported ASAP to some dismal dump of a country where they’ll feel more at home.

    Why should Australian tax-payers have to feed, clothe and house them ( and provide tv, no doubt!) for decades?


    Or will it be decades, or just a few years with their snouts in the tax-trough?

    • Carly McLean 16:38 on March 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A lot of malarkey now from the police, so reluctant to be clear about the threat! If it’s this bad under Scomo, what will it be like if Labor and the Greens get in next time?


  • ross1948 14:38 on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Migrant Savages Amok – Yes, Again! 

    Is it not curious how some media take evil more seriously than others?

    InfoMigrants, for example, a collaborative publication funded by the Brussels Empire…



    ….sourced by the infamous DW German propaganda machine…

    ….and by guess who, France24…

    Financed by the EU, the project is a cooperation between Deutsche Welle, France Médias Monde and Italian news agency ANSA.

    InfoMigrants Latein

    Using EUSSR cash, involving DW and F24, two of the most biased pro-crimmigrant media in Europe? Handle InfoMigrants with care! Note the nice peaceful ‘migrants’ in the illustration – so unlike what we know of Italy’s torment at ‘migrant’ hands

    …reported in as low-key a manner as possible the latest amok-run by the notorious migrant rabble in Bosnia.

    Two police officers and an IOM employee suffered minor injuries in clashes at the Blazuj migrant reception center near Sarajevo on Wednesday….

    “During the intervention, migrants attacked police officers and damaged several police and International Organization for Migration (IOM) cars, as well as IOM offices,” police spokesperson Mirza Hadziabdic told the news agency AFP.

    Hadziabdic confirmed that two police officers and an IOM employee were slightly injured, and that the property damaged in the clash included computers and other equipment.

    Incredibly, ‘it was not immediately clear if anyone was arrested…’.

    However, somebody with InfoMigrants must have a conscience.



    After the softly-softly intro above, the real story followed!

    In Bosnian media, the incident was described as a major clash. The news platform Klix.ba published images of smashed cars and reported that police brought in members of special units with dogs. According to Klix.ba, around 2,000 migrants clashed with police and threw stones.

    And InfoMigrants also included another useful piece of information, again attributing it to Klix.ba, which has apparently done some real investigative journalism and found that the crimmigrant violence was not just another manifestation…


    ….of the characteristics most smart people now associate with ‘asylum’ parasites.

    It turns out that six persons involved in the scuffles had received deportation orders from the foreigners’ office and local authorities in the Sarajevo Canton. One Iranian national reportedly also received an an entry ban of three years and is due to be deported


    As we often say…


    …and add the 2000 riotous aliens to the deportation list!

  • ross1948 00:01 on November 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Too Should Put Pakistanis ‘Under Scrutiny!’ 

    An interesting piece in an Indian newspaper, about Pakistan’s Imran Khan reaping what he arrogantly decided to sow….


    ….but within that story, a few sentences of especial significance to British readers, and indeed to any people in any country which foolishly allows so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ to wander about uncontrolled….

    ….instead of confining them securely until rigorous vetting has established 100% that they are not carriers of the virus.

    Not the Chinese Virus, but the Jihadist Virus…



    …which has claimed so many innocent lives in many a land.

    Paris has already started putting the asylum requests from Pakistanis under detailed scrutiny in view of the strained ties between the two countries and the stabbing incident outside the former Paris office of the controversial Charlie Hebdo magazine. In September…

    As we noted at the time, there was some reluctance on the part of the usual suspects….

    BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France

    …to reveal that the absurd ‘asylum’ system was to blame, but truth will out!



    Ali Hassan, an 18-year-old of Pakistani origin, stabbed two persons with a meat cleaver outside the magazine’s previous office, unaware that the magazine had shifted out.

    So not just evil but stupid too!

    And equally as evil as the young pig in Paris is his filthy pig-ignorant parent, who wallowed in the innocent blood spilt on that Parisian street.

    His father, who lives in Pakistan, later told a local news channel that his son had “done a great job” and he is “very happy” about the attack.

    That country is steeped in such primitive hate-think…

    Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die? 

    Sectarian Barbarism – Alive And Thriving In Pakistan

    …and Macron is right to crack down, both on commercial connections thereto and on its demonic diaspora who have taken up residence, especially under false pretences – aka ‘asylum’ – in civilised countries.

    Given Pakistan’s position as a Commonwealth country, a situation we have long argued needs remedied..

    Land of Savagery – Expel Pakistan From the Commonwealth

    …there has long been a flow of migration thence into the United Kingdom.

    Some have no doubt behaved responsibly, abandoning the vile sectarian mind-set displayed to perfection by that Ali Hassan’s foul father.

    But many have not, and it’s not just migrants but their offspring too.


    Huge scale of terror threat revealed: UK home to 23000 jihadists  




    One imagines that the 25,000 Enemy Within whom Britain’s security services allow to roam freely include quite a lot of those.

    Time to introduce internment, with the alternative, if they don’t take to indefinite detention, of going home to the land of their forebears, where savage pigs fit in.



  • ross1948 21:30 on April 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Germany Bans IslamoNazis? Wunderbar! Now Deport Them! 

    Encouraging to read in RT that the Germans have ‘banned the Lebanese militant organization and political party, Hezbollah.’

    Better late than never!

    Hezbollah Is Untouchable, Says Mama’s Flunkey! 

    Mama Stasi Merkel had previously refused point-blank to ban the ‘political wing’ of the Islamist terror gang!



    Hezbollah demonstrate their IslamoNazi ideology


    However, since the nasty gang have not notably changed their character in the past decade, one might also say better had it been earlier, than so late in the day.

    Having said that…


    A spokesman for the Labour leader, who was photographed standing in front of a Hezbollah flag when he spoke at the pro-Palestinian event in 2012…



    ….maybe the slothful approach was linked to concerns that Corbyn, a big Hezbollah fan, might become UK PM!

    Or was it something to do with Mama Stasi Merkel’s odd relationship with the ayatollahs…


    …who are Hezbollah’s patrons.

    Wisely, German Police ‘descended on several mosques and cultural centers…flats occupied by their leaders, treasurers, and tax advisers were also searched.’ https://www.rt.com/news/487307-germany-bans-hezbollah-raids/

    All well and good, but no mention of how many undesirables were designated for immediate deportation!

    And what on EARTH are we to make of this?

    German authorities believe some 1,050 people in the country could belong to the group’s “extremist wing,” carrying out raids to sweep up the alleged members.

    Hezbollah is and always has been a vicious sectarian Enemy Within.



    ALL of its membership must be fully aware of its nature and purpose, so how can any reporter write as if there is more than one ‘wing?’

    Perhaps that’s a contorted reference to the fake distinction between its ‘political and armed’ sections.

    There’s no more a difference between the two than there is between the ideologies of Sinn Fein and the IRA!

    Evil by any name, motivated by hate.

    At least RT gives due credit to –

    ..US Ambassador Richard Grenell. The notorious envoy blasted the “artificial distinction,” insisting that “Hezbollah makes no such distinction.”

    Calling that prescient envoy ’notorious’ is absurd, a hang-up on the part of the editorial clique at RT? Grenell was quite right about that and about much else.

    Okay, let’s wait and see how many enemy aliens are booted out of Germany – and how many of the swine corralled are Mama Stasi ‘migrants,’

  • ross1948 22:49 on April 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Is Fahrudin Radoncic? He’s This Week’s Hero! 

    I expect that you, just like me, had never heard of the man…


    Security Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Radoncic –

    “We also want to psychologically discourage new migrants from coming here after the pandemic ends and borders open again.”

    Bosnian security minister wants thousands of migrants deported

    ….but – as an add-on to my personal self-isolation keep-fit routine – I stand to attention and applaud his excellent proposals!

    “[Migrants] who do not want to show their identity cards will not be allowed any more to use our migrant and refugee camps,” he said.

    “They will go straight to jail.




    And we will keep them there for one year to five years until we can establish their identity – this is our proposal for a new law.”

    The report is a joy to read,  but being Aljazeera, it describes the undesirables as ‘refugees,’ not illegals


    What wouldn’t Brits give to hear any UK government minister talk like Mr. Radoncic?

    What wouldn’t the French give to hear such sense from one of Macron’s flunkeys?



    Not a chance, nor is it any more likely that we’ll get any similarly patriotic declarations from the curs who currently rule Germany, or Italy!

    Meanwhile, the Bosnian Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA) is said to be ‘preparing a list of those slated for deportation…’

    But while such tidings do bring comfort and enjoy, we must note, again, that our source is the unwholesome Aljazeera…

    ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!

    ‘Walls of Shame?’ Al Jazeera’s Shameless Bias On Show Again! 

    ….so the background they insert comprises the big lie…

    Radoncic’s comments reflect growing frustration in the small Balkan country with the influx of those who are fleeing violence and poverty…

    Filthy migrant savages, bringing, not fleeing, violence

    .…in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and who hope to move on towards Western Europe.


    ….though those last five words handily prove their fakery, for real refugees would not be country-shopping, focused on which benefit trough is deepest and tastiest!





  • ross1948 19:50 on April 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Top Euro-Judges Safeguard Crimmigrant Rapists! 

    While the EuroCommissars in Brussels babble and bicker behind closed doors about how to handle the corona plague…


    …the Brussels Empire’s judicial wing, the ECJ, has acted oh-so-decisively, a damnable ruling that no matter how evil a ‘refugee’ is proven to be, how many murders, sexual assaults…


    ECJ: Refugees cannot automatically be deported after committing crimes

    …or other heinous crimes he or she has committed, even, indeed, if he or she is shown not to be a ‘refugee’ at all, they may not be deported!

    • …..

    No, this insane court diktat hinges entirely on the Brussels Empire’s very own Charter of Fundamental Rights.


    The Charter prohibits, in absolute terms, torture and inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment, irrespective of the conduct of the person concerned, as well as removal to a State where there is a serious risk of a person being subjected to such treatment,” the Luxembourg-based court said in a statement.

    Torture and inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment?

    If there’s one thing most sensible people would agree on, it’s that any ISIS rape-gang adherents…


    …..who find themselves being subjected to such treatment have no grounds for complaint.


    Demand The Euro-Commissars Scrap That Mad Charter!

    • Amanda Adams 20:18 on April 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Torture is what ISIS supporters deserve.
      I’m no racist. I would say the same sbout the IRA .
      Those judges are bad but the EU is worse.
      When was that charter initiated? Which UK prime minister put his signature on that insane charter?


    • Eric J 20:54 on April 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Who hung that mill-stone around Europe’s neck?
      Why would any national leader put their name to something that makes no sense?
      I don’t know anyone who would object to terrorists, child-molesters or mass-murderers being on the receiving end of torture.


  • ross1948 19:12 on November 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    For Each Alien Out, Mama Stasi Imports How Many More?!? 

    While the the blame for the pathetic trickle of deportations must be shared between Mama Stasi Merkel, who has not only FAILED to kick out the vilest vermin, like these….


    Insurrection, As Savages Riot! Blood On Merkel’s Hands? 

    …but even seeks the return of scum like this..

    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 

    ….and Germany’s Enemy Within judiciary…

    Germany Ensures Jihadist Scum Don’t Get What’s Coming To Them! 

    …who let primitive beasts off with wrist-slap sentences…

    Wrist-Slap For German Apostate Sow – AND An Attempted Media Cover-Up! 

    …or simply let them off altogether….,

    ‘Asylum’ Thug-Scum Walk Free After Attacks On Germans – Flog The Swine!   

    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks

    ….only she, as head of government in Berlin, carries the guilt for the inportation of even more undesirable aliens into her sorely-afflicted country.

    EUObs reports that an ‘unknown’ -YES, ‘UNKNOWN’ – number of crimmigrants are newly arrived to Germany ( and Lithuania, and Romania) – the illegals who were ‘rescued’ by one of those far-left ‘NGO’ vessels in August.


    This latest betrayal of Europe is of course sponsored by Brussels, and it’s not the first time the EUSSR has facilitated this practice of importation instead of deportation, and God only knows how many evil aliens have already reached the continental mainland in consequence of this irresponsibility..

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see their amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot/


    Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers


    Exactly how many of these dangerous crimmigrants have been included among the batches merrily delivered into the midst of decent European citizens here there and everywhere?

    Angry Germans, Lithuanians and Romanians, however, have, like the rest of us, been kept in the dark, as the Time of Malta relates, on the scale of this scanda.

    “ ….the numbers of migrants transferred and those who remain in Malta are still unknown…”


  • ross1948 15:38 on October 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    After Red Tsipras’s Migrant Madness, Will Greece Grow A Set? 

    I was prompted to turn my attention to Greece again after reading an appalling report about ‘no-go’ zones in Athens, where cops are now looking for military back-up before undertaking normal law enforcement duties…



    …but have been dilly-dallying due to Brexit and other preoccupations, but today I spotted a snippet in EUObs, relating that there’s a ray of hope for sanity in that beleaguered nation!


    The spokesman of the Greek government, Stelios Petsas, said on Sunday that Greece wants to reduce migrants flows during this winter and increase the expulsions of those who are not considered refugees… https://euobserver.com/tickers/146434

    Greeks, move to the top of the class!

    That new government wouldn’t need to do a lot to be better than their predecessors under Red Tsipras…


    Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

    There’s NO excuse for allowing fakers to remain battened like leeches onto the public purse in countries that never invited them and that don’t deserve to be bled dry.


    Another Alien Ingrate Riot! Did You Even Hear About It? 

    While that applies to EVERY country in Europe, it should most powerfully apply to Greece, where alien swine have shown outstanding ingratitude to their long-suffering hosts.

    .Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

    Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 






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