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  • ross1948 7:23 am on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    INSANITY – ‘Asylum’ Savages Brutally Rape Swede, Get TWO YEARS! 

    No need to say very much about this.

    Prosecutors initially pushed for the two Afghans to be deported on conviction, but later changed their minds.

    Afghan Migrants in Sweden Jailed for Live-Streaming Woman’s Rape On Facebook

    And the Swedes won’t deport the pigs?



    • Penny 1:07 pm on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Two bloody years. It’s the Swedish judges should get two years behind bars for not giving them life without parole, and the prosecutors two more for not demanding deportation.

  • ross1948 10:24 am on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Another ‘French’ Swine ‘Previously Flagged?’ Take ‘Em Out! 

    Just woke up to more sickening news from beleaguered France, another innocent police officer murdered by Islamist swine, on the Champs Elysees, in the heart of Paris.



    The Deutsche Welle reporter says clearly the pig who killed the cop was both a ‘Frenchman’ and an ‘extremist’ who had been ‘previously flagged’ as such.

    Is it not time to round up ALL those similarly ‘flagged,’ just as Britain in World War II  interned all enemy aliens?



    Regardless of their birth certificates or passports, they are NOT French.

    Their allegiance is to the rape-gang caliphate. They have enjoyed all the privileges of French citizenship from free schooling onwards and chosen to spit in the face of France.



    Deport them as undesirable aliens or decapitate them as traitors. France does not need such vermin crawling around within its borders.


    Hasil gambar untuk solidarite francais


    France does need leadership prepared to fight!

    • Hanni 2:22 pm on April 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So much agree with you, and we all French, German, English, we need to get rid of the sickness the Islamists bring to our countries..

  • ross1948 8:39 am on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Rapists, Swedish Judges – Another Outrage – Where’s Da Media? 

    As you know, I try to use left-liberal media sources whenever possible. This is NOT because I like them, but simply for the reason that, if I use sources whose ideological tone is similar to my own, it’s just being repetitious and makes the news we cover less convincing.

    If, on the contrary, I take stories from, for example, pro-crimmigrant media, like the Guardian, or The Local or CNN, leftists denials are largely obviated.


    Sometimes, however, I need to use ‘right-wing’ media, because NOBODY else carries horrific news that people need to know.

    So today I read Breitbart, and recoiled in shocked dismay at –

    A – the vile savagery of another two ‘asylum-seekers’ in Sweden..

    B – the disgusting, pathetic, slap-on-the-wrist sentences handed down to the ‘asylum’ savages…


    C the paucity of coverage in other media

    I checked the pigs’ names via Google and ONLY Breitbart, MRCTV, Heat Street and one (Hungarian) blog –https://888.hu/article-csak-nehany-evet-kapott-miutan-eroszakolt-es-agykarosodasig-vert-sved-fiatalokat -appear to have the story. The blog also had a photo of one of the pigs. And there’s a German language source – http://www.freiezeiten.net/brutale-gewalt-und-vergewaltigung-als-jugendliche-zwei-afrikaner-zur-party-einladen

    None of the so-called mainstream media!

    This outrageous crime and equally outrageous sentencing should have saturation coverage.



    African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage

    Here’s the final paragraph – I leave you to use the link to read the full nauseating tale –

    the court sentenced Mwangi to just two-and-a-half years for his crimes, despite his having raped another woman in May 2016.

    The government will attempt to deport him afterwards – although he will be allowed to return to the country after ten years, and judges have prevented other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, from following through on deporting criminal migrants after their sentences in the past.

    Jarara, who has a string of previous convictions for crimes including theft, serious bodily injury, and resisting arrest, was given a slightly longer sentence – three years – but he will not be deported.      http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/14/african-migrants-brutally-rape-swedish-teen-leave-male-friend-brain-damage/

    These two vile swine deserve to die. In my view they deserve to die painfully. They scarcely qualify as human beings.



    But Sweden, even if its legislators wanted to (which, being addicted to the toxic liberalism which has more or less ruined their country, they don’t) cannot execute filth like Mwangi and Jarara, because Brussels won’t let them.

    So life sentences? No, the Swedish judicial benches are infested with robed scum, who place little or no value on Swedish life and care even less about the violation of Swedish girls. This case is hardly a one-off.

    So why will they not at least expel these vermin, back to maraud in their own countries?

    Again, those courts.

    My immediate reaction was that if those judges had any conscience at all, they’d wake up today and hang themselves for handing down such pitiful ‘punishments.

    Gambar terkaitSweden’s elite

    If it’s Swedish law that’s at fault, the law-makers who leave it unreformed should be tried for treason.


    Heat Street adds more on the case –

    There is a third defendant in the case, a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant with Swedish citizenship. He’s being tried for filming the rape and not reporting it to the police. In addition, he also being charged with defamation as he livestreamed the ordeal on Facebook. Because he’s a Swedish citizen, he cannot be deported….https://heatst.com/life/asylum-seekers-who-allegedly-broadcasted-rape-on-facebook-wont-be-deported-from-sweden/

    • Mort 2:48 pm on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You’re right about the media black-out, if that is not considered a ‘racist’ word in our enlightened age!
      I just checked Google too, and not a word in other media except those you found.

      But there was another Breitbart report on another asylum rapist which was also not covered by many other media. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03/22/sweden-asylum-seeker-forced-10-year-old-watch-porn-raping/

      I I wonder how many criminal asylum rapists don’t get reported, thanks to police and media in Sweden being so dedicated to cover up what these ‘refugees’ do to their hosts.. .

  • ross1948 8:00 pm on April 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    After YEARS of Violent Crime, Swiss FINALLY Expel Evil Afghan! 

    How refreshing, in the wake of those idiotic, unpatriotic judicial rulings in the UK (Brexit) and the USA ( executive orders) …



    …to read that a court in the Swiss canton of Fribourg has confirmed the deportation of a vile Afghan thug.

    But looking at the glad tidings in The Leftal – sorry, The Local – that pro-crimmigrant part of the European media seems not to share the delight which such news must bring to normal people.

    Otherwise, why does its interesting report instead focus on the fact that the obnoxious recidivist rogue….

    -as a minor, the young man was three times convicted of violent offences, behaviour that continued into adulthood and led to a three-year prison sentence in 2010.
    A year after being released he reoffended and was handed another two-year sentence.
    Ruling on the man’s appeal against his deportation, the cantonal court said there was a high risk that he would reoffend, based on the speed of his previous reoffending, his aggressive behaviour in prison and the opinion of a psychiatrist.

    .….a clearly incorrigible 27-year-old hoodlum, has lived in Switzerland since the age of two!

    Should we feel sorry for the ratbag?

    Surely, on the contrary, all the more reason for the long-suffering Swiss to kick the lout out! He’s been brought up, after all, not exposed to the backward codes of whence he came, but in a civilised environment, in a country where violent crime is unacceptable.

    He’s got no excuse!

    Under Swiss law a refugee can be deported even after many years in Switzerland if he is deemed a threat to security or public order.

    Quite right!

    And who cares if the defendant said he had no relationship with Afghanistan, that he didn’t know the language or the country’s customs.



    Poor young savage!

    He’d best start learning!

    It appears that his origins…from an ethnic minority, also formed part of his argument against his deportation. 

    Who gives a tinker’s cuss if his tribal identity get him into trouble?


    • ==

    He’s an anti-social swine and if he gets shot as soon as he steps off the plane, the world would be none the worse for his sudden absence.

    In any case, if there are any of my readers who inexplicably suffer from bleeding-heart syndrome -unlikely!…



    …the Swiss migration office…said it found no reason to think the man would be treated inhumanely if he returned to Afghanistan…

    Actually, the report is not without merit, because it reminds us that it’s not only refugees who can be deported from Switzerland for committing crimes.

    This year a new law came into force which allows the deportation of any foreigner who commits a serious crime warranting at least a three-year sentence, such as murder, rape, violent acts, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

    Gambar terkait

    Would it not be a matter of pride to live in land where such common sense prevails? Such a bracing difference from the rotten ‘rights’ hogwash…

    Kicking Out The Grooming Pigs – Ten Years Hence? 

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 

    …which has brought British courts to dispense injustice after injustice when Brits suffer evil at the hands of aliens!  

    Moreover, Brits must envy the Swiss, living in a land where they can use democratic channels to thwart destructive liberalism, because that admirable law came to pass PURELY due to the Swiss democratic system….

    ….after the Swiss public approved a popular initiative on the subject in a 2010 referendum.

    Alas, there are still, in the Alpine confederation, some tendencies among politicians to treat the electorate with disdain, because we also read that, despite the clear expression of citizens’ will, the government deemed that the courts should have the power to make exceptions…


    ….if the expulsion puts the foreigner in a dangerous situation or if a reason for the person to stay outweighs the public interest for expelling them.


    What arrogance!


    If there are aliens put at risk by deportation, they should not have rendered themselves liable to deportation.

  • ross1948 10:31 pm on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Disregarded Deportation Order?’ Why Wasn’t The Uzbek Behind Bars? 

    No wonder ‘Dirt Dan’ Eliasson, Swedish Police Commissar, was so unwilling to divulge the truth about the Uzbek held on terror charges.

    NOW the cops have been forced to tell the truth that the undesirable alien should not have been in Stockholm, or anywhere in Sweden, at all!

    • =
    • On the news I just watched, it’s been revealed he applied for ‘permanent residence’ over two years ago but his application was rejected. The cops say they’d been looking for him because he had not complied with the consequent order to deport him.

    This is simply farcical.

    When was he told he had to leave? Was he called in, to be told face to face? Did they send him a letter saying ‘sorry but you’re out?’

    If he was advised in person, he should have at once been taken into custody and put behind bars until a plane out of Sweden was revving up on the runway.



    If a notice was sent, it should have been delivered by armed police, to detain him on the spot.

    Instead, the damfool Swedes gave him plenty of warning to drop out of sight.

    Or did he not bother to drop out of sight?

    We’re told also that he’d been heard expressing sympathy for the murderous rape-gang ISIS. When was this overheard? Why was he not at once hand-cuffed and hauled off to be incarcerated?

    It’s not the common constables who deserve condemnation. They have to do as they’re told.


    Länk till presentation av Dan Eliasson

    Dan Eliasson
    Rikspolischef, Rikspolisstyrelsen
    E-post dan.eliasson@polisen.se



    It’s left-liberal rats like Eliasson, and all his chums in the rotten establishment who  –

    A  = failed to enforce existing law, if that was adequate to apprehend the man, or, if it wasn’t… 

    B = failed to reform the law to enable the cops to grab this brute and secure him for deportation.

    WHAT was so hard about getting that done?

    Gambar terkaitSweden’s political elite


    WHY did the political class sit on their complacent, complicit backsides until terror struck this past few days?

    AND…am I right in thnking that even now they will decline to act? Will every alien who gets told he’s due for deportation be allowed to wander off and avoid it?

    Does Eliasson even care?

    Or can we expect him to make his true feelings known on the subject of this Uzbek? Will he regurgitate the sicko sentiments he vomited out up about how distraught we should be….



    …for a lone young boy who commits such a heinous incident. What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries?”

    Those were Eliasson’s words about a murderous alien savage who brutally killed a young Swedish girl. Of course Dirty Dan would have to adapt his script a little, since the Uzbek is 39 years old.

    But there’s no reason to think Sweden’ boss cop might feel any less sympathetic to a lawless fan of fanatic gangs than he felt for that younger blood-stained beast.


    • Sven from Sverige 3:10 am on April 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That picture, Animal Farm, right?
      Good choice if you want to talk about the Swedish elite.
      They have done everything to destroy Sweden as a nation.

  • ross1948 10:32 pm on March 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    How Dare German Patriots Offer The People Democracy! 

    Have a look at Deutsche Welle’s typically impartial, objective headline!

    Germany’s rightwing AfD wants to jettison postwar safeguards

    Note well, please, NOT change the law or amend the rules, but jettison safeguards.

    Yet as it turns out, all that’s involved is a two-fold call by Alternative für Deutschland, the German patriot party, one concerned with removing some limits to executive powers and the other sensibly aiming to strip ‘criminal migrants’ of citizenship.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/11/germanys-rightwing-afd-wants-to-jettison-postwar-safeguards



    So exactly what’s amiss with moves to revoke citizenship of “criminal migrants” who join terror groups or criminal gangs within 10 years of becoming German nationals?

    Aaah, the left-lib scribblers breathlessly tell us, naughty AfD will act against undesirables even if this renders them stateless!

    Big deal, who cares, I hear you say, as I do. But DW and its ideological clones are fretty, because the reform would not only break with the German constitution but also international law.

    So the constitution is immutable?

    It cannot be amended?

    Was Germany’s Constitution even ratified by a vote of the German people?


    No, it’s not.  

    Yes, it can.

    No, the people never got to vote!

    …although the amended Basic Law was finally to be approved in 1990 by the full Allied Powers (who thereby relinquished their continued reserved constitutional rights); neither in 1949 nor in 1990 was it submitted to a popular vote.

    And ‘international law’ should over-ride the elected government of a nation state? Countries cannot withdraw from supranational conventions that they deem outdated or pernicious.

    Hell, Canada withdrew from that Kyoto cr-p deal. so why on earth can’t German legislators decide what’s best for the people they represent…



    …especially if the German people agree, in a free and fair referendum vote?

    And what other frightful threats does the AfD pose?

    ….further pledges…a Swiss system of direct democracy, whereby citizens can propose plebiscites on changes to the constitution, and

    Hasil gambar untuk referendum

    “a vote along the British model on whether Germany should stay in the eurozone and, if need be, the EU.”

    Democratic consultation!

    Whatever next?


    It’s fair to say the AfD won’t be forming a government after the elections. They’ve done well to advance so far so fast, but there’s a way to go before a parliamentary majority is attainable. 

    And in a echo of the Dutch in-crowd’s closing of ranks against the Freedom Party… …the bigger centrist parties have ruled out coalitions with the populist party.

    However, the political establishment has betrayed the citizenry at least as badly in Germany as in the rest of the West.

    Time will tell.

    And empty scare headlines like DW’s will make no difference to the voting intentions of the people.

    Indeed, the idea of being GIVEN a free and fair vote on issues of great importance may well boost AfD’s chances. 


    • Leo Cozijn 10:35 pm on March 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      *Yes, how dare they without consulting you!*

      • ross1948 11:34 pm on March 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Good evening, Comrade – sounds like you’ve been sampling that fine Dutch ginever again.
        Please explain!

  • ross1948 12:08 am on February 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Deport Brutal Bigots Who Beat Up Righteous Muslims! 

    Following Tuesday’s arrests, criminal proceedings have now been opened against nine adults and one juvenile for allegedly badly beating and threatening the two people suspected of having given the journalist information on the sermon, said prosecutors.




    The ‘sermon’ is now also a court case, concerning alleged incitement to murder by the ‘imam’ of the An Nur mosque in Winterthur.

    We have covered this before.

    Pray Or Die? C’mon, Swiss, Deport This Brute! 

    The victims of Islamist thuggery were two decent Muslims who dared spill the beans on the evil incitement that went on in that mosque.

    All credit to the patriotic pair, and I hope they are given both an AWARD for their honourable behaviour and also a handsome REWARD, as well. Otherwise, other honest Muslims will be left to think that doing the right thing only gets you beaten up!

    Or worse!  

    Recall how the migrants in Germany had to have their identities kept quiet after notifying police of another sectarian scumbag’s whereabouts.

    NB – the hoodlum thuggery undoubtedly took place, but we must await the verdicts, to know if all or any of the charged men (and one ‘juvenile!’) were indeed the perps.


    • send-them-back
    • ————-
    • If they were, then the common-sense consequence should be deportation, instant and irrevocable.
    • Why should a lovely Swiss city be burdened with their noisome presence?
    • switzerland-flag-3x5ft-nylon
    • Why should Switzerland?
    • Since the Zurich Federation of Islamic organisations has suspended the mosque, who’s going to complain?
    • In Switzerland, as in every civilised country, the motto must be…
    • ……..
    • Image result for shape up or ship out idiom



    • Ati 12:12 pm on February 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      A very good thing to write about, Ross.
      Eventhough you always cleat that you attack bad jihadist Muslim, it is not always clear if you attack Muslim in general.
      I know you and read and listen to you and you never say Muslim are bad, only the shariah Islamiit extreme.

  • ross1948 10:18 pm on February 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Kicking Out The Grooming Pigs – Ten Years Hence? 

    Remember the Rochdale Scandal?

    C’mon,Cameron – Purge Pinko Police, Stand Up For Britain, Hang These Monsters! 

    Good to read this latest headline…

    Members of Rochdale grooming gang face deportation to Pakistan

    …except that the story below it includes these damnable words about the court ruling.

    …but it is only the first stage in what could be a protracted process.

    Members of Rochdale grooming gang face deportation to Pakistan …

    Shabir Ahmed (left) and Adil Khan

    Abdul Aziz (eft) and Abdul Rauf

    Four filthy pigs

    What in God’s Name are we to make of this –
     The decision on Thursday was the first step in what could be a drawn-out process, and the Home Office must fulfil a number of steps before the men can be lawfully deported. The four men can apply for permission to appeal against the judge’s decision.grooming gang face deportation to Pakistan.
    Few Brits have much faith in courts, and this healthy distrust is compounded by Theresa May’s irresponsible U-turn on the issue of UK subservience to the robed clowns on the European Court.
    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court
    True, one of them, that slimy old cur in the top left photo, has already tried and failed to  invoke  the men’s rights as EU citizens and  claims concerning human rights laws
    But there are lice aplenty in the legal profession who – no doubt at tax-payers’ expense- will toil diligently with appeals on behalf of evil. 

    And it’s hard not to recall the case of the scumbag Learco Chindamo, who murdered the blameless headmaster, what, six years ago?

    His expulsion was thwarted by ‘European human rights’ law.

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 

    Chindano is still prowling British streets, unless (fingers crossed) he’s since died – hopefully in agony!

    Nor can we forget that other alien warthog, the unkempt pig Qatada..



    …who eventually WAS kicked out, but not after years and years and MILLIONS from the public purse were wasted.

    Cameron’s Minion May Fails Again – Qatada Cancer Remains 

    Those cases were several years ago, and clearly nothing has been done to prevent what the report indicates will be a similar affront to justice.
    What’s the betting that this verdict will be a flash in the pan?
    PS, before anyone comments, yes, of course they should have been stoned to death.
    • Noreen Paterson 12:03 am on February 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I LOVE the way you always sum up so well what nost of us English people think, Ross. I look forward to reading your blog every day.
      Even the Indonesia news that i don’t really understand..
      They should all be executed, but thanks to the EU we can’t do that.
      The first referendum after Brexit should be on capital punishment.

    • Ben Baniek 5:56 pm on February 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why didnt the English people in this English town just get to work and clean out these Pakistani pigs when they realized what was happening to the girls?
      That was my first question.

      Then I read up about the town and its like its not English any more.
      Time running out for Dear Olde England?

  • ross1948 2:31 pm on February 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Vienna ‘Refugee’ Wannabe Assassin – A ‘Trouble-Maker?’ 

    A dirty ingrate Chechen savage, with a nasty record of violence (against a girl for removing her head-scarf) threatens to murder a government minister on sectarian grounds… 

    …after the government announced its plan to ban Muslim women from wearing the full face veil in public. The 17-year-old described Kurz as the “son of a whore” and threatened to kill him.

    …yet The Leftal, sorry, The Local, describes the brute, ‘who came to Austria as a refugee,’ in a headline as a – 

    ‘Teen Trouble-Maker?’


    That’s a term you might apply to minor vandalism, pushing and shoving in a queue, cursing at passers-by in the street…



    More reasons to ban – male Chechen killers could wear one!


    …but NOT to sectarian death-threats, surely?

    Fortunately, the Austrian Police seem to take a more responsible view of the scum’s declared intention to assassinate Minister Kurz..

    …the youth was arrested early on Thursday morning, after armed police stormed his apartment.


    • Gambar terkait
    • ———-

    • But shockingly, the police were unable to confirm whether he should be kept in police custody.
    • This piece of garbage is not Austrian.
    • His previous behaviour (see the linked article  http://www.thelocal.at/20170209/teenage-troublemaker-arrested-after-death-threats-against-foreign-minister) shows he is as undesirable an alien as one might hope never to encounter.
    • No matter he may not have the means, nor the skills, to kill Kurz, such a declaration of intent proves clearly…
    • =====
    • prisoners
    • ——–
    • …that he’s unfit to live in a civilised country.
    • kick-him-out
    • He should be kept under lock and key until appropriate transportation is arranged to get him back to Chechenya.
    • —–
  • ross1948 9:55 pm on January 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , blasphemers, , deportation, , Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, ,   

    ‘Take Islamophobia Seriously?’ Yes, By Disowning Bigotry! 

    I see that the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland has demanded the authorities ‘take Islamophobia seriously’http://www.thelocal.ch/20161221/islamic-council-switzerland-must-take-islamophobia-seriously  – after a young man opened fire at a mosque.

    Turns out he was a total nutter, an occult-addict who had just killed an old friend for no reason to do with religion. He had no connection with any political organisation and committed suicide after the mosque incident.

    In other words, little if anything to do with Islamophobia!


    • islamophobia-21


    But yes, it is important to take Islamophobia seriously.

    More to the point, it’s important for the Islamic Central Council – and every Islamic body in every country – to do so.

    They could make a useful start by telling obnoxious bigot brats to shake their teachers’ hands, as normal Swiss school-children do every day.

    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    Some sensible Muslims condemned the brat in that story – did the Central Council?

    They could, moreover, and should, disown  – condemn – the sort of thing we here in Indonesia hear from the state-funded Council of Indonesian ‘Scholars’ (MUI)….


    • ma'arruf amin

    • Ma’aruf
    • ——-

    It was MUI’s Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf, who kindly advised everyone that FGM is a ‘human right!’  


    And here’s another of their ‘scholars’ talking. 


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta

    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.


    …and the Central Council would win wide approval, for sure, if they went on to request the authorities to round up and deport any and every cleric who refuses to denounce dangerous drivel about harming ‘apostates’ and killing cartoonists and other so-called ‘blasphemers.’

    ‘Islamophobia’ as a concept is a fairly recent invention coined by fanatics to intimidate critics of jihadist hate.

    What decent Muslims should be doing is to take the steps I’ve outlined above, and brand as HERETICS those responsible for provoking anti-Muslim feelings by offensive sermons which incite violence.

    Oh yeah – last but not least.

    The ICC should repudiate any suggestion that solidarity with co-religionists in foreign parts should take precedence over allegiance to Switzerland.

    • switzerland-flag-3x5ft-nylon
    • That kind of sectarian supranationalism, so reminiscent of communist internationalism, affronts EVERY patriotic citizen – and not just in Switzerland!



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