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  • ross1948 19:55 on September 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Sloan’s Great, But Bernier’s ORGANISED! 

    On the great issues of the day, Derek Sloan is well worth voting for.

    Were I in his Alberta riding, I would most assuredly vote for him!

    The feeble excuses used by O’Toole’s so-called ‘Conservative Party of Canada’ to cast Sloan out were despicable.

    Petition – Stop Fake-Tory Witch-Hunt Against A Real Canadian Conservative! 

    He’s a damned good guy!


    Derek Sloan - Wikipedia

    Don’t Think Canada’s A Lost Cause… Suddenly It’s Sloan

    Never again could I stomach trusting the party which was once a bastion of good sense and decent values.


    …back when Dief the Chief was in charge, nor would Stephen Harper would never have stooped to embracing the gaystapo agenda, or bottling out of promises to curb the tax-funded CBC propaganda channel.

    But Mr. Sloan should not be standing alone.

    He should have joined Max Bernier’s PPC

    I may not see eye to eye with the People’s Party of Canada on every issue, but on the BIG issue, same as last time…

    Image result for bernier billboard


    …PPC is the ONLY party to make any kind of sense, the only possible choice!



    • Arnold 20:55 on September 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, unity is not only important but vital..
      The big parties are too powerful to take on single handed.


    • Marty 09:39 on September 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      PPC for me too but I would be happy if Sloan gets back into the House of Commons.


    • Barb Cassain 12:58 on September 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I agree withyou, as (almost 😉 ) always.
      Sloan would have been better to join PPC


  • ross1948 20:41 on January 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – Stop Fake-Tory Witch-Hunt Against A Real Canadian Conservative! 

    Remember this good guy?


    Derek Sloan - Wikipedia

    Don’t Think Canada’s A Lost Cause… Suddenly It’s Sloan! 

    Just when you think Canada is a lost cause….

    …a voice of reason is heard!


    Sloan accuses Liberals of ‘effectively putting into law child abuse’ with conversion therapy bill

    Canada’s Fake ‘Conservatives’ Witch-Hunt Their Honest MP 

    The fake-tories in Ottawa have been after his blood for a long time, but now that pliant tool of the left media, O’Toole, is putting the boot in.

    Sign the petition. Already it has 9,567 signatures
    Goal: 10,000 Signatures


    Former Conservative Party leadership candidate, Derek Sloan, was just thrown out of the Conservative caucus by avowed anti-cancel culture leader Erin O’Toole.

    His crime? Unknowingly accepting a trivial donation from a generally unknown extremist who (get this) used an alias to contribute.

    To make this circus even more embarrassing for the Official Opposition, the Conservative Party siphoned off 10% of this donation to fill their coffers – but don’t bother asking O’Toole about that, Derek Sloan is the evil social conservative on trial here!

    Following the passing of Michael Chong’s Reform Act, only the parliamentary caucus has the authority to eject one of their own – the leader can’t do it unilaterally.

    While O’Toole might be a lost cause, perhaps his caucus isn’t quite on board with his secret cancel culture addiction. That’s why we have issued this petition that will be sent to the Conservative Party headquarters and maybe even broken down riding by riding and sent to the respective personal inboxes of each Conservative Party MP.

    If you have the added misfortune of being represented by a Liberal, NDP or any other MP, we will make sure your name lands on O’Toole’s desk itself.

    SIGN the petition if you’d like to remind Erin O’Toole that he was given the privilege to lead the Conservative Party on a platform to stand against cancel culture, not for it.



  • ross1948 00:39 on July 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Remember Dominion Day? Hope Springs Eternal! 


    I haven’t written much about Canada recently but have been watching from afar, in particular the leadership election for the Conservative Party.

    There are two good candidates running, one of whom we did look at before…

    Don’t Think Canada’s A Lost Cause… Suddenly It’s Sloan

    …and my high opinion of the man gets higher with every nasty left-media sneer and smear he collects.

    The other one is a lady, who also holds sound views, but has not been subjected to the same levels of hate…


    Read this – a rare bit of fair media coverage!



    …perhaps because Leslyn Lewis is not only female but also black – though were she to win, those factors would not save her from attacks as vicious as those launched against Mr. Sloan.

    They will not win, not this time, either of them.

    But the fact that they have held high the truths and the values that once permeated Canadian society shows that there is still much good in the Dominion.

    Hence hope springs eternal!

  • ross1948 11:01 on June 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Think Canada’s A Lost Cause… Suddenly It’s Sloan! 

    Just when you think Canada is a lost cause….

    …a voice of reason is heard!


    Sloan accuses Liberals of ‘effectively putting into law child abuse’ with conversion therapy bill



    We reported on what this brave and honest Canadian conservative MP is up against not so long ago…

    Canada’s Fake ‘Conservatives’ Witch-Hunt Their Honest MP 

    …and sure enough, one of his leading rivals in the Tory leadership race is throwing faggots on the bonfire which the political-media ruling-class continues building around Sloan, furious that he speaks up for decency.


    Faggot definition. – a. A bundle of sticks, twigs, or brushwood tied together for use as fuel..https://www.oed.com/viewdictionaryentry/Entry/67623


    I refer to that abominable fake-conservative Peter MacKay, and here’s a picture of him.

    ‘Conservative?’ MacKay, Canada’s Stinking Albatross Man?


    He called Mr. Sloan ‘reprehensible’ but for my part I can see nothing reprehensible in Sloan’s stand for parents’ rights –


    Here’s just a part of what he said

    The Liberals have said ‘no, you can’t get counselling and if a parent, as a parent you take your kid to get counselling for this, you can go to jail for five years.’ That’s insane, that’s ridiculous…



    “But on the other hand you’re allowed to put your kid on these you know, invasive medical regimes, you’re allowed to you know, give them these puberty blockers, you’re allowed to literally cut off their healthy you know, breasts and other sex organs.

    “That is child abuse. And I accuse Justin Trudeau and his government right now, of child abuse, that’s what they’re putting into law,” Sloan said.

    “And we need to wake up, and I’m telling you there’s not a single person I know whether they’re Conservative, Liberal, whatever, that agrees with that policy, we can win on this issue, and we will win on this issue.”

    Needless to say, Pretty Boy Turdo is writhing wrathfully at the sheer effrontery of hearing somebody disagree with the cultural marxist agenda.


    Pretty Boy Turdo, revelling in the company of the sexually maladjusted


    His flunkey, aka ‘Communications Director,’ Cameron Ahmad seeks to dictate how other Tories respond –

     “…we certainly hope that Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party will roundly condemn what their caucus member and leadership candidate has said.”

    Proper answer to The Turd’s toady, unlikely to be heard from Scheer?


    • Chris Quillen 19:41 on June 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Canada wont be lost while we still have even one trustworthy MP and he is it.
      It’s a shame he is probably the only one.


  • ross1948 07:59 on May 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada’s Fake ‘Conservatives’ Witch-Hunt Their Honest MP 

    MPs threaten to remove CPC leadership candidate from caucus over remarks about Dr. Theresa Tam

    That’s the headline in an excellent article I just read.. 


    …and I recommend it to all my readers, and not just those in Canada.

    Since when is it grounds for expulsion for an MP to raise reasons for concern about the performance of a government official, especially one in such an influential position as that held by Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam.

    Since when, moreover, have MPs calling themselves conservatives felt obliged to perform like Pablov’s Dogs in response to slurs by Canada’s largely lousy left-liberal media?

    I won’t go through the whole story, which the True North link provides straightforwardly…



    But as soon as we read that ‘the mainstream media accused the rookie MP of racism,’ when all Mr. Sloan has done is publish a video, asking if Tam’s “working for Canada or working for China,” and pointing out that she “dutifully repeats the propaganda of a CCP government obsessed with political control and saving face,” we get the true picture!

    The Canadian Conservative Party should be busy calling out Communist China and W.H.O. collabos like that pathetic Canadian creep Aylward…

    Who Will Help Free China? Not Collabo W.H.O., Methinks! 

    • ..

      ….not organising a parliamentary lynching-bee!

    • BTW, all credit to TN, and I hope if you’re in Canada and not in financial dire straits due to Turdo’s management of the economy, you may donate to their funds.

    • Use that link!

    • Unlike much of the rotten media, they get no tax-funded bail-outs!

    independent media in Canada is more important than ever. If you’re able, please make a tax-deductible donation to True North today. Thank you so much.
    • Arnold 08:09 on May 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Naturally they will witch-hunt this man.
      He’s a conservative and the Conservative Party of Canada does not like those, not at all.


    • Marty N 08:16 on May 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If the Tam woman is so keen on WHO, she can get a job with them.
      I trust Sloan a lot more than I trust her.
      I never trust the Canadian media.


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