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    Florida Shows The Way, Okay! 

    What excellent news from Florida, where ‘a planned Tampa event that was being hailed as “one of the region’s largest pride celebrations” was canceled Thursday by its organizers in response to a new law that forbids exposing children to adult and sexually inappropriate displays…



    Before any pinko reader ( do we still have any?) gets his or her knickers in a twist about this, let’s just remind everyone that many deviants cannot keep themselves to themselves on these occasions….

    Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 

    …but often flaunt their dirtiest exhibitionist inclinations.


    Good for the Governor!

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the law the day before the cancellation was announced.

    “As the world goes mad, Florida represents a refuge of sanity and a citadel of normalcy,” he said.  READ

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    Guardian Gives Up On Fair Reporting? 

    I see the Guardian has finally scrapped that old-fashioned distinction between news and opinion.

    That’s the only possible conclusion one can draw from a diatribe (aka ‘report’) by a hack called Joseph Contreras…



    …on Governor DeSantis’ efforts to clean up far-left-infested educational institutions.

    Contreras’ notion of impartial reporting?

    Get this …



    …on the Governor’s “one fell swoop that was breathtaking in its scope, dog-whistle racism and naked ambition,”

    Actually, DeSantis has done excellent work, eg

    “... the abolition of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs…”

    He’s also out to get – or rather get rid of – the ridiculous tenure system, which has so often prevented dud profs getting well-deserved dismissal.

    They can be let go if they’re not performing to expectations,” observed DeSantis, adding that “the most significant dead-weight cost to a university is unproductive tenured faculty”.


    The best part, which inexplicably seems to make Contreras seethe, is how a ghastly outpost of leftery, the New College of Florida, is a target for cleansing.


    So here’s more of the warlike rhetoric which Comrade Contreras deems suitable for his report.

     “DeSantis’s opening salvo against NCF was fired on 6 January when his office announced the appointment of six rightwing allies of the governor to the college’s 13-member board of trustees.”


    How dare he exercise his right, as all governors of all parties would have the right, to choose people he thought would usefully contribute…

    …and boy-oh-boy, they wasted no time in getting to work.

    The bonfire of the universities that the governor ignited during the morning press conference yesterday then engulfed the NCF seaside campus within a matter of hours….

    FILE PHOTO: Republican Governor DeSantis holds 2022 U.S. midterm elections night party in Tampa, Florida FILE PHOTO: Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks as he celebrates onstage during his 2022 U.S. midterm elections night party in Tampa, Florida, U.S., November 8, 2022. REUTERS/Marco Bello/File Photo
    Ron DeSantis

    “During its first in-person meeting of 2023 on Tuesday afternoon, the freshly reconstituted board voted to fire the president of NCF, Patricia Okker, without cause and replace its general counsel, who had vetoed a request by one of the DeSantis-appointed trustees to open a pair of open meetings on campus last week with prayer.

    Well, of course a prayer would get a veto, in a wokoid swamp, but…


    Without cause?’

    They just woke up that day feeling grouchy, so took it out on Okker?

    I find that hard to believe.

    And a quick scan of other media indicates why most sensible people, e.g. tax-payers, might think new leadership might benefit the college.

    ‘Before the meeting, dozens of students held a rally outside to oppose major changes to the school and its mission, which is known for its open approach to coursework without specific grades, and being a safe place for many LGBTQ students who feel marginalized in other schools.’

    So these ‘dozens,’ and presumably many more like them, have congregated at NCF because it’s a congenial scene for sexual maladjusts, who don’t like the idea that whatever academic work they find time to do is graded as it would be in less lush pastures?



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    Hurray for Florida! ‘Shoot Looters!’ 

    What a refreshing change from the sicko smugs who rule California….

    moral cess-pool for years.

    Latest California Lunacy – Bribe Criminals Not To Kill! 

    Image result for california

    ..where criminals are allowed to run amok and, so far as I know, not one of the filthy savages caught on camera…

    ..pillaging businesses large and small..

    A Government With Gumption Would Shoot These Damn Looters

    ..has been shot down by what passes for ‘law enforcement’ in the ‘Golden State.

    In Florida, in glorious contrast…



    ‘You Loot, We Shoot’: DeSantis Warns Criminals Not to Target Hurricane Victims https://www.theepochtimes.com/you-loot-we-shoot-desantis-warns-criminals-not-to-target-hurricane-victims_4768271.html?

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    BBC LeftLine’s New Theme – Diss DeSantis? 

    Latika Bourke, of Australia’s major leftist newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, made the most of her guest status on BBC’s Leftist chat-show…




    ..to advance the Austrian anti-monarchy agitprop movement.

    The reason the monarchy stays is not because they love the monarchy...’

    Needless to say, UK Pravda had not one of the miilions of loyal Aussie royalists in the studio to balance the ex ABC pinko bint…


    The author herself

    Latika Bourke

    …whose only saving grace was a hint of cleavage!

    But we also had the horrid Guardian hag …


    Hasil gambar untuk polly toynbee

    A Guardian Hag And Her Sinn Fein ‘Saviours!’ 

    …Polly Toynbee, shrilling about Britain’s similar problems.

     ‘We need a written constitution, we need somebody to be in charge.’

    But unusually, not much Trumpophobia from her today, though the Dateline fanatics have never yet had a Trump defender since they issued their Big Lie..

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 

    …though towards the end today, we got a glimpse of the BBC’s new target.

    BBC Concept of ‘fair and balanced!’


    They had a typical pinko Yank, a sometime hack with the USA’s tax-leeching NPR…

    Author photo
    Michael Goldfarb

    …name of Goldfarb.

    He got into a kind of marathon rant….

    Yammer yammer yammer..

    …about how ‘hard rightwing governments have shredded‘ constitutional proprieties.

    “…we’ve seen what Trump did, Johnson did, Morrison did..


    …. since the 1980s, the Thatcher Reagan duopoly...

    I guess the leftist ranter didn’t have time to name all the objects of his partisan animosity…

    …but he sure hates anyone who vexes the Left, and…


    He quickly made time to identify a brand new tnreat –



    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a man who has done so much good…

    Teacher Demands ‘Right’ To Brainwash! 

    ….but whom pinko creeps like Goldfarb will doubtless be using BBC Dateline to disparage from now on.

    Get this.

    DeSantis is intelligent.. it’s shocking that intelligence could be so wasted…’

    Who does this Insolent podcaster nonentity think he is?

    Next the slimy bigots who run that propaganda show…

    …may have their flunkeys issue another Big BBC Lie – that ‘we will try to have DeSantis supporters on our show!’

    Don’t hold yer breath!

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    ‘Gender Cannot Trump Biology!’ Freak Sport Update… 

    I have not always agreed with things Sebastian Coe has had to say, but when he states a simple scientific truth, as in my headline, it’s impossible to disagree.


    And good too for Florida Governor DeSantis.

    Florida governor Ron DeSantis has signed a proclamation recognising runner-up Emma Weyant as the winner of the highest US national college swimming title 
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