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Priti Patel is still new in her job as Home Secretary, but there’s an urgent need for her to knock heads together among her underlings.


Because the ‘Home Office does not have comprehensive records of the whereabouts of undocumented migrants in the UK….’

For God’s Sake – if they’re illegals, they should be corralled in detention camps, being processed for deportation!

Then the Home Office would have instant access to the crimmigrants’ whereabouts!

Common Sense!

But what most Brits surely think is bitterly opposed by the Common Enemy!

We covered this phenomenon recently, and since then we have learned that only 900 crimmigrants are detained, and no less than 300 have just been unleashed to roam among honest British citizens.


And again this week we have another leftist ‘charity’ leader ‘RAPAR’s chair of trustees, Dr Rhetta Moran’ telling us the crimmigrants should be made to feel at ease, ‘without fear of being locked up.’

RAPAR, fyi, is the ‘Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research.’

There is indeed a concerted effort by the Left to exploit the crisis…

….as noted several times already this month.

If illegal aliens don’t want to be locked up, let ‘em get on board a plane for home!

  • ross1948 18:24 on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Drain The School Swamp – Fire Bad Teachers! 

    Good to see that a ‘teacher’ who used social media to relish the thought of murdering Brett Kavanaugh is no longer employed.

    Better still to see that her gawping, vacuous face is now all over social media too.

    And her name.


    Image result for samantha Ness

    Samantha Ness.

    One hopes she will be greeted appropriately by decent Americans wherever she goes.


    But what about the British headlines a few days ago, some red nazi scumbag, another so-called ‘teacher,’ who victimised a school-boy, detention for saying he supported UKIP!


    bad teachers


    An apology is not good enough. This left bigot slug should have been dismissed at once.

    And what’s with the great UK media, whose ‘investigative journalism’ skills appear to be inadequate to their obvious duty to name and shame the swine.


    Related image

    Decent Brits should be in a position to recognise and address the swine by name every time it walks down any UK street.


    • Tony Morrell 19:50 on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      All these young millenials didn’t just wake up one morning with all the diversity amd multiculti rubbish floating around their tiny minds.
      Somebody put it there and in most cases it would not have been their parents.
      Kids dont spend a lot of time reading newspapers and while most tv, BBC etc is biased, I am convinced a lot of the problem is down to ‘education,’ or indoctrination. Look at the teachers unions in Britain, conference resolutions that are openly far left passed unanimously or close to.
      A good government education minister would weed out left teachers caught trying to influence the children.


    • Vanessa Reilly 20:15 on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If they had decent teachers in primary and secondary schools, they would have the strength of character to think for themselves and stand up to those marxist academics when they reached university.
      What is needed is an across-the-board culling, and the parents need to make sure that their children tell them what bias is being taught as fact.


    • Francine Lorrence 22:11 on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Those teachers are very bad with their political messaging but there are worse than that.
      Please use the news item I am sending you and expose how much worse it can get.


    • Augie Grenfell 08:35 on October 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You should read about the far-left thug in California, a ‘middle school teacher,’ named Yvette Felarca. And her ‘violent Antifa activism.’
      She has been trying to sue, to stop investigation into her activities but even a California court turned her down.
      She has not been kicked out by her school.


  • ross1948 00:01 on January 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    How DARE Canadians Say Illegality’s Against The Law? 

    Of course this left-liberal drivel just HAD to have been written by a professor!


    Electronically monitoring migrants treats them like criminals

     Leftist academics are not often noted for basic humour, never mind self-deprecation, but this strange woman, Stephanie Silverman ...


    an ‘Adjunct Professor’ at the University of Toronto – checking her out, we learn that her sociolegal research on immigration enforcement focuses mainly on detention practices in Canada, the US, and the UK –

    …might be interpreted as deploying a rare bit of self-mockery, because we are initially shown clear photographic evidence of migrant illegality, a big picture ==

    Hasil gambar untuk somali migrants manitoba railroad tracks

    ‘migrants from Somalia cross into Canada from the United States by walking down a train track towards Emerson, Manitoba in February 2017.

    Honest migrants arrive at border check-points, with passports and visas, etc., as I did, even though not a migrant, at Niagara, the last time I crossed from the USA to the Dominion of Canada.

    So these Somalis, scenting Turdo’s Trough, were not in any sense ‘refugees…’



    ….just crimmigrants keen to stick their snouts into Canadian tax-payers pockets.

    She’s upset that some of the few sensible people in Canadian law enforcement want to tag that sort of swine.

    Of course nobody’s proposing such treatment for honest migrants, those who have waited in the long queues for approval as legal immigrants.



    In times past, they were welcomed by Canadian leaders, but these days?

    Justin wants to welcome blood-stained jihadists from the ISIS rape-gang! Plus the sort of Somali crimmigrants caught on camera, sneaking in along the tracks.

     What’s being mooted is a way of keeping track of those who delight Justin Turdo, not decent migrants.

    And Little Steph is horrified.

    …Canada is a “destination state,” and most migrants who have made the long journey here would prefer to live openly and co-operatively with authorities and their communities.




    Like, uh, Steph, who gives a tinker’s cuss what these arrogant illegal aliens ‘PREFER?’ 

    Most normal Canadians – those who don’t lurk in ‘intellectual’ isolation on campuses – would ‘prefer,’ surely, that they be kicked back across the border they violated at dead of night.

    Or at least lock ’em up til deportation can be organised.  But our pinko prof is not having any of that!



    …this program is a step backwards as an alternative to the inhumane practice of detaining migrants, sometimes in provincial jails.


    Throw money at the uninvited intruders. Steph’s best alternative is quality support and services to migrants based on their individual needs…

    It gets worse when she tires to pretend she cares about the tax-payer, when she expresses her abhorrence of  immigration detention or coercive monitoring practices.

    Such “case management” techniques even lead to increased rates of voluntary deportation, a costly problem for Canada where most deportees are “forced to leave with escorts or (have their transportation costs paid by the government…”

    Use RCAF transports, load them on in batches, and despatch them with gun-toting reliables! Give the crew and the guard a week’s leave somewhere nice on the way back!

    Money well spent!

    Let’s be realistic. She doesn’t care about wasting public money – she whines on about how tagging will criminalize, stigmatize and alienate migrants…

    Heck, they are illegal – self-criminalised!

     And if the aliens are that alienated, then they can make their way back to the alien lands they belong in!

    But not in her view – she even expands on her hand-out plans,  demanding – release…with free access to high-quality legal counsel and social welfare services for a financial cost that is much lower than imprisonment.


    I keep reading about homeless vets and old folks, and LOTS of REAL Canadians who are facing REAL troubles and THAT’S where tax dollars should be directed.



    Put her best alternative to a referendum, alongside options like electronic tags, detention in jail and/or deportation…

    …then let democracy decide!

  • ross1948 20:29 on May 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Mediterranean Crimmigrant Tsunami – UN Wants To Unleash MORE! 



    We have long understood that the United Nations is undeniably on the other side, as Europe faces massive invasion.

    Now anyone who thought otherwise has to face that truth, with the news that the head of the United Nations refugee agency on Sunday urged Libyan authorities to free all asylum seekers and refugees from its detention centers…U.N. refugee chief visits Tripoli, urges Libya to free asylum seekers 

    The villain in the story is of course that same Filippo Grandi, we’ve exposed as our common enemy before…


    • It’s not as if High Commissioner Grandi is unaware of the effect of unleashing this horde.

    • “I fully appreciate that the government has security concerns.”

    • Too damned true!

    • ————
    • These thousands are detained because they were caught trying to gate-crash Italian territorial waters. They had no qualms about violating the sovereignty of countries where they’ve no right to be. Many of them have been exposed as pure evil.Pray to Allah or drown, Muslims ordered Christians | The Times


    • Of course if Grandi gets his way, they will resume their illegitimate expeditions, but all the turncoat can mumble in defence of his irresponsible exhortation is that “other solutions” could be found.

    • If only he were to suggest that the obvious solution is to send them back, as that rare voice of sense out of Belgium suggested this month…

      Boat-Bludger Push-Back? A Wee Bit Belgian Sense, At Last! 

      …but the chances of that kind of rational response from Grandi or any other overpaid UN flunkey are about as likely as me going tee-total!

  • ross1948 10:43 on March 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Out! US Charity Abhors Corralling Crimmigrants! 

    So the International Rescue Committee is ‘boycotting refugee facilities in Greece,‘ because the so-called ‘refugees’ are to be kept in detention while their cases are examined.



    • After an illegal was shot dead, by security forces acting against the Brussels terror network, and after all the heinous crimes committed by undesirable aliens who have ‘asylumed’ to Germany, France and other civilised countries….
    •  ‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic NEWS.com.au




    … it would surely be a a sign of rank insanity NOT to hold these intruders until they’ve been interrogated and their backgrounds thoroughly investigated.

    So good riddance to these pinkos and their pro-crimmigrant biases. 

    Whose game are the do-gooders playing, with their lame-brained assertion that they could not transport vulnerable people to camps “where their freedom of movement is in question…”  .https://euobserver.com/tickers/132788


    A score or more of innocents, murdered whilst going about their lawful business at an airport this week, were ACTUALLY ‘vulnerable,’ as proven when they fell prey to sectarian gangsters!

    Safeguarding decent people’s freedom of movement and preserving their lives from a similar fate takes an infinitely higher priority than the pouting prejudice of the IRC!

  • ross1948 17:57 on December 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘That’s Racist!’ PC Gestapo in Britain Exposed! 

    A reign of terror? Maybe that’s overstating the case, but when people are afraid to speak on a matter of national importance, it’s not THAT much of an exaggeration.

    How often do Brits these days preface their comments on some new affront to British values (I mean real British values, not Cameron’s sicko PC ideology that derives from Brussels’ cultural marxist agenda) with those pathetic words ‘I’m not racist, but…?’


    Thats Racist! Book Cover

    When  discussions of plain facts are hindered by fear of arrest or, at the least, police attention, the death of free speech has to be recorded in the national annals.

    Even if the cops don’t drag the victim to court, the very fact that open talk on an issue might result in a visit by the police, a talking-to, time wasted in explaining what you did or did not say to your family, friends or colleagues, never mind a letter to the editor or a Facebook post…




    ….THAT’S a war of attrition against individual liberty.

    And, incidentally, against humour. I’m sure that good old joke about why Jesus wasn’t born in Ireland (God unable to locate three wise men or a virgin!) would be actionable these days.


    • laughing
    • ===================
    • Some Indonesian guys nearly fell of their chairs recently when I told it – when we parted, they were already planning to adapt it, to poke fun at various of the many ethnicities who inhabit their huge archipelago!

    But I did advise them, to their bafflement, that such witty words would not be well-received in the PC West these days! Po-faced pukes now rule the roost there. 

    We saw it most recently when that old guy was seized by gestapoid buffoons at a UK airport after making a joke about being asked to take off his shoes at a security gate. Referring to the well-known practice of Muslims, removal of footwear on entering a mosque, he joked that ‘Im not Muslim.’

    And some nasty little clown on duty had him detained for ‘racism.’ Even though, as any Muslim will tell you, Muslims are NOT a race!

    • badcops
    • Sure, in the end, no charges were brought.
    • But his holiday was ruined, and undoubtedly considerable alarm engendered, by the authorities’ actions, which would be unsurprising if perpetrated by the East German Stasi…
    • voltaire
    • ….but in the country once sung of as ‘Mother of The Free?’
    • ———–
    • Nor should we forget those marxist social workers, who deny decent UKIP folk the right to foster kids because those folk are proud patriots, yet take no action to remove kids from evil parents who encourage their young to think beheading of ‘blasphemers’ and/or ‘apostates’ is acceptable.
    • Imagine, had that wise Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford’s sensible educational prescriptions been adopted nationwide – he aimed to have his school turn out loads of little brown Britons…BUT….
    • ==================
    •   Ray Honeyford
    • How to be a Conservative, by Roger Scruton
      Times Higher Education19 Nov 2014
    • (BRILLIANTLY prophetic article, written by Honeyford almost THIRTY years ago!)
    • 000000000000000000000000000
    • …instead, thanks to multicult poison policies, we have jihadist ratbags lining up to war down the West, including the country to which they owe everything.
    • ——————————
    • Anyway, a book has been published, which I want for Christmas. Here’s an extract from, and the link to, the order form. 
    • …in recent years, playgrounds and classrooms have endured unprecedented interference in the form of official racist-incident reporting, training on the importance of racial etiquette, and the reinforcement of racial identities.
    • In workplaces and public institutions, self-styled ‘anti-racist’ campaigns seize on bad jokes, playground insults, and clumsy behaviours as evidence that racism is on the rise, and that more rules are needed to control people’s attitudes and behaviours.
    • In That’s Racist! Adrian Hart reflects on his experience of anti-racist campaigning in 1980s East London, and his later studies of allegedly racist behaviour among primary school children, to show how the language of anti-racism has been co-opted by a divisive new policy agenda…
    • As we try to navigate this new landscape, the first casualty is freedom of speech.  http://www.thatsracistbook.com/#book-overview
    • oooooo
    • aa-cultural-marxism-good-indoctrination-poster-300x288
    • ooooo
    • I hope to start reading it at Jakarta’s airport whilst waiting for my flight to Bali in the near future.
    • Sammy T 12:56 on December 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I read the article by Honeyford. He was SO true in his vision of the hell being created, which British people are only now beginning to fight back againt. Vote Ukip!


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